Marina HS (Huntington Beach, CA)

Scouting reports from the 2014 Ryan Lemmon Foundation Invitational

#29 Moore, Austin | RHP | 6’3/175 | R/R | 2015
4/12: Long, lean frame. Naturally gifted athlete and capable two-way player. 4.3 down the line from the right side. Fastball touched 88, sat in 84-85 range with good arm side run. Breaking ball had slider shape with some depth in the upper 70s. Turned change over some, has makings of quality three pitch mix. Arm works well once he gets it turned over and moving forward, delivery is more athletic than sound.
4/14: Naturally capable baseball player with usable hit and field tools. Posted a couple more home to 1B times in 4.3 range. Has room to develop in terms of approach to hit, but has knack for getting barrel to the ball and for making things happen. Instinctual player with upside.

#26 Sebby, Chase | C | 5’9″/180 | R/R | 2015
4/14: Talented defensive catcher with a good feel for the game and well rounded skills. Sat low and easy, hands worked well to receive. Solid arm strength and catch & throw skills. Need longer look at bat.

#34 Ohl, Riley | RHP | 6’5″/170 | R/R | 2016
4/14: Slender build with long limbs and features. Featured some arm speed and ability to leverage the ball down the slope of the mound. Fastball 81-83 with arm side run, pounded the zone early in the game. Showed feel for upper 60’s breaking ball and low 70’s change, both pitches more usable than dynamic at this point. Arm worked well from glove all the way thru finish, delivery had good sequence and finish. Projectable young RHP.

#14 McCollum, Connor | RHP/INF | 6’2/225 | R/R | 2015
4/12: Big, thick, large frame, aggressive, line drive, balanced at the plate, agile at 3B
4/15: FB: 84-86mph, run, CB: 71-73mph, sound mechanics, directional, tight and sharo breaking ball, sink on FB, clean delivery, bulldog on the mound, kept velocity up through 5+ innings

#19 Ryan, James | RHP | 6’2/170 | R/R | 2015
4/15: Tall, lean, long levers, over the top delivery, FB: 84-87mph, easy arm stroke, clean mechanics, CH: 74 with some run, good command

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