Kyle Molnar Tops at 92, Blake Sabol Is A Future Standout

Aliso Niguel HS Junior right hander Kyle Molnar (UCLA commit, and one of the first 10 players announced for the 2014 Under Armour All-America Game) started the first game of the day for the Wolverines.

He touched 92 and pitched in the 88-90 range. Fastball had some arm side run from a three quarters angle, and went with a breaking ball from a little higher slot with 11-5 shape in the low to sometimes mid-upper 70s, and a very good change in the low 80s.

He had excellent feel for the change in particular, and at times turned it over for diving sink action. It is uncommon to see strong armed pitchers offer evidence of a CH, normally an offering some 8-10 mph off a low 90s fastball is simply a gift to HS hitters – but that isn’t the case with Molnar, and he’s only a junior. He was able to add and subtract with his breaking ball some as well, generating a shorter break with plane from his hand a little nearer his fastball when he dialed it up to 76.

He is very patient with his delivery, taking his time to gather his core. He remains very stable over the rubber, and lands under control as well – the potential to eventually command all three pitches is founded in this for me. He already has a great feel for pitching, and is a talented and capable athlete with arm strength and a quality three pitch mix.

Sophomore Blake Sabol has a long, lean frame that looks taller than the 6-foot-2 and 175 pounds he is given on the roster. He doesn’t appear to have much strength yet, but his hands work to hit and he is a versatile defender capable of playing 1B and OF in addition to what appears to be his natural spot behind the plate. As he matures and fills out it is easy to imagine him developing into a top guy in the 2016 class.

Over the course of two days and parts of three games, senior SS Justin Fowler (Dartmouth College commit) has grown on me. He has a calm and mature approach to the game, along with solid and usable hit and field tools. He has a good feel for the game, plays a dependable shortstop and hits in the middle of the order.

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