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July 16-18, 2021
Various High School & College Fields – Southern California

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Athletic Testing

Teams have the option to participate in a series of athletic tests on Thursday, July 15 at Vanguard University.
— 60 Yard Dash
— Raw (arm) Velocity
— Exit (bat) Velocity

Testing Leaders

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16u Division Rosters
Schedule & Scores | Top Velos

* PLEASE NOTE: Players written up on the scouting blog were identified by our scouting staff based on the demonstration of notable tool(s) and/or skill(s). While WE DO NOT KEEP STATS, we are watching for standout performers on the mound, at the plate, in the field and on the bases. However, a performance WITHOUT the presence of requisite tool(s) and/or skill(s) IS NOT considered standout — we are looking for players with the tool(s) and/or skill(s) to play beyond the high school level.

Bandits Baseball

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#33 Jose Perez – POS 2024
Physical frame. Stays balanced through his swing. Good path with above average bat speed. Projects to hit for some big time power down the road.

#66 Jordan Davis – IF 2023
Quick transfer; strong arm; more suitable at 3B; also had some good actions on the mound and featured a plus Changeup

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BPA Black

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#7 Riley Bramel – 1B 2024
Fast. He can swing it at the plate, finds a way to barrel the baseball up, hard contact. Line drive hitter, drives gaps. Still a raw talent. Projectable player as a 2024. Power will continue to develop as player matures.

#13 Joey Hagen – 1B 2024
Big left-handed bat with loud contact; drive the ball to all fields; defensively sound at first base.

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Brea Stars

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#4 Jack Meek – LHP 2022
Loose lefty. Arm works effortlessly with good hand speed. Very athletic lower half. Attacks with his fastball at 83-84 and has flashed up to 86mph. With a tight breaking ball that he was able to command well early.

#22 Hector Manzo – POS 2023
Compact left handed swing showed some power to the pull side for an RBI double. Also showed off his base running ability on the very next pitch stealing third.

#2 Josh Delgado – POS 2023
Quick arm. Attacked hitters with his fastball that was up to 82mph. Was able to locate a breaking ball with slurve action for a strike.

#41 Mulival Levu – 1B/3B 2023
Good size. Solid build. Good infield instincts and actions. Good glove, can pick it at 3B. + arm across the diamond. Confident presence in the box. Crouched open stance. Easy swing, explosive, drops the head of the bat on the ball. Barrels everything. Power to pull side. HR to Right. Athletic enough to stay at 3B and mix in at middle infield spot.

#1 Bruno Banuelos – RHP 2023
Thicker frame. Repeatable mechanics. FB 80-81, touched 82-84. FB has a natural cut movement to it. + command to glove side part of the plate. FB is his best pitch, fills up the zone with it. Ability to throw secondary pitch for strikes to keep hitters honest. Tends to fall off towards 1st, effecting location.

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California Bears 16U

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#37 Ty Vann – 1B/RHP 2024
Tall slender frame at 6’3”. Projectable size. Good athlete, + speed, glides around the bases. Gap to gap approach at the plate. Not stuck at 1B, Athletic enough to play OF or 3B. Room for body development and weight added to frame.

#1 Aidan Milan – 2B/RHP 2022
Gritty grind it out player. Shorter athletic frame. Inside out easy lefty swing. Barrels the ball. Competes all the time.

#8 Adiel Torres – POS 2023
Good frame. Very athletic. Good approach at the plate with a balanced and smooth swing. Paired up with his sub 7 speed and above average arm he projects very well.

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California Sand Dawgs

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#2 Garrett Patterson – RHP 2023
Quick tempo; pounds The zone ; fastball up to 82; hard slider with depth; plays the game hard

#1 Austin Ziello – SS 2024
Shows plus range to his right and left; sure handed at shortstop; shows the ability to throw on the run.

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CBA Bears 16

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#14 Lucas Scott – SS 2023
Excellent athleticism; Quick hands as a hitter; sure-handed at SS; showcases range to his left and right; High ceiling.

#34 Carson Lane – RHP 2023
Good athlete with repeatable mechanics; Heavy fastball up to 85 with a slider that bites; Doesn’t back down from the good hitters; very high ceiling has a pitcher with added maturity.

#29 AJ Cappel – SS 2024
AJ has a next level body strong lean look and plays to his body. He does a good job loading against his backside but does not lunge forward, aggressive hitter as he has a hit to take mentality. He has plus speed and light feet in the infield. His bat will play at the next level.

#15 Bradley Navarro – OF 2023
Does a good job staying in inside pitches on the inside half, as this is his second double in just as many at bats. He has plus speed in the outfield. Good strong body and looks like he can be at the next level right now with a plus arm.

#12 Logan Brady – RHP 2023
Completed his tail off all afternoon; pounded the zone; high intensity athlete. Hi upside. FB 78mph.

#23 Davin Vazquez – INF 2023
Smooth defender with good actions at third. Elite first step and good arm across the diamond. Has the ability to play anywhere on the infield.

#16 Matthew Thomas – OF 2023
Double down the left field line. Protectable frame. Quick twitch with a good bat path. Covers the plate well and has showed pull side power.

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CBA Summit

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#27 Cole Decastro – POS 2024
Athletic balanced hitter. Stays inside the baseball well. Good approach at the plate. Above average bat speed. Flashed some power to the pull side.

#16/20 Logan Leavitt – RHP 2024
Athletic delivery with an efficient arm path. Good ASR/sink on the fastball up to 80mph paired with a breaking with east to west action. Very projectable young arm.

#65 Matt Hazzard – LHP 2023
Good height and size. Long over the top delivery. Mechanics are a little robotic and jerky. FB 80-83 touched 84-85. Also features a sharp 12/6 Curveball that plays off FB and arm slot. More velo in there with smoothed out mechanics. Also an athlete off the mound fielding his position.

#17 Myles Topham – RHP 2023
Tall long frame. Good arm action and whip. FB 79-82, can touch up to 84-85. Arm side run/sink. Trouble with location when long levers are out of rhythm and out of sync. Good potential with size and mechanics. FB plays in the zone.

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CBA Titans

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#5 Ben Kim – RHP 2023
Kim is in his element when he is on the bump. Fastball is up to 85 with an elite slider. Uses his lower half well. Efficient and attacks hitters. Great athlete with repeatable mechanics mechanics

#8 Alejandro Diaz – POS GRAD
Showed well at the plate today finding barrel multiple times. Path is good and stays through baseball well.

#7 Pablo Hidalgo – POS 2023
CG. Shutout through 6 innings. Only allowed 1 run. FB up to 77 mph.

#24 Marcos Armenta – POS 2023
Solid build with above average bat speed. Had a calm controlled approach at the plate. Seems to find barrel a lot.

#11 Cameron Trevino – POS 2024
Quick twitch with a good path. Gives himself a chance to be a very consistent hitter moving forward

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Crush Baseball

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#28 Korbin Fricket – C 2023
Strong tall atheltic body behind the dish who catches a great game with a plus arm. That’s not the focal point though, this kid covers all parts of the zone and is a tough out. He has the leadership role on this team and you can see it.

#33 Lucas Zack – LHP 2023
Big lengthy frame, sits at 6’4 and has room for growth. Topping out 82 he has great arm action on all 3 pitches and attacks zone producing contact. Keeps hitters off balance and throws a heavy ball with some natural sink.

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Dolphins Black

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#13 Nico Savage – 3B 2023
Excellent athletic build. Big time pop; shows the ability to drive the ball to all fields. Multiple barrels all weekend. Showcased a good arm at third

#12 Ashton Kanegae – RHP 2023
Long and lanky body; quick and efficient with simple mechanics; fastball up to 82; slider tunnels well with fastball.

#18 Caden Shaffer – 3B 2022
Sure handed at third base; raw power to all fields, has a quick bath and uses his lower half well.

#96 James Derflinger – SS 2023
Athletic, fit frame. + speed. Power fade approach at the plate, inside out swing. Fast twitchy type of athlete. Good arm from SS. Decent footwork, can improve footwork to evolve into elite defender. FB up to 86mph.

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ICON Baseball Inc

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#16 Rudy Cisneros – RHP 2022
Good build and size. Repeatable mechanics, in line to home. FB 79-81, touched 82. Curveball and slider has good shape and bite to them. Able to throw all pitches for strikes. Curveball backs up on itself a bit. Good presence on the mound, competes. Fields his position. Inside out stroke at the plate, power fade approach. Room for more velo and strength with his frame.

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OC Premier Gray

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#54 Benji Vargas – RHP 2023
Very clean smooth delivery. Body rotates tight with a quick arm fastball has been up to 82 mph today with a good 3 pitch mix for strikes.

#24 Jeremiah Guerra – CF 2023
Athletic build; moves well in the outfield; gets on base a lot; Very high ceiling with added weight

#17 Gabe Garcia – RHP 2022
Long and lanky body with an over the top arm slot; fastball was up to 84; hammer curve with a plus change up. High ceiling.

#15 Jake Amundson – SS 2023
Excellent hustler; savvy baseball IQ; smooth at short stop with excellent range on both sides; features a very strong arm.

#31 Tyler Eastham – RHP 2023
Quick tempo but still stays in control; lots of armside run and light life on fast fall; pounds the zone and Misses barrels; gets his team back into the dugout. Fastball up to 81mph

#22 Andrew Parker – 2B 2023
Plays the game hard and as a vocal leader; Aggressive hitter, drives the ball to all fields.

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OC Premier Navy

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#35 Caiden Kirk – OF 2024
Quick hands at the plate; poolside power; smooth lefty swing

#33 Jackson El-Farra – OF 2024
Big athletic build with raw power; Quick hands through the zone; multiple barrels today

#20 Zach Ocampo – LHP 2024
Has competed his tail off all afternoon. Has an excellent pickoff moved already picked 2 guys; also mixes his delivery well, messes with hitters’ timing.

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RC Bulldogs

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#17 Jonathan Manuel – RHP 2024
Very young athlete with lots of room to grow; efficient and attacks the hitter; fastball up to 81 today; Competing his tail off.

#44 Angelo Rizzo – INF 2024
Angelo is a big strong kid with a strong stature. Swings a tremendous bat that gets through the zone and stays for a long time. He does also pitch and has a loose arm that whips. He has tremendous upside and is still young.

#4 Luke Mendoza – INF 2025
Small stature but good strong body gets through the zone after contact. Aggressive hitter and is selective at the same time. Young athletic kid who has potential at the plate.

#34 Christian De Oca – Util 2024
Good lean build that has the ability to grow and get stronger. Good simple swing, quiet load with quiet hands which allows him to fight off good pitches as well as covers the zone. Scrappy guy and has potential to be a next level bat.

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Rios Baseball 16

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#44 Matthew Geller – OF 2024
Matthew is a strong big kid, it relates to his swing with minimal effort. Geller does a good job getting through pitches up in the zone and continuously stays on plane with the pitch he loves. Outfield could use some work but his bat will play big at the next level.

#24 Ryan Farias – SS 2025
Good small strong body, gets through the baseball extremely well and has shown pop for as small as he may be. Strong arm across the diamond and has good reactions on Defense. Has room to grow into his body and compete anywhere he goes.

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Sandlot Baseball Club

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#20 Jacob Shannon-Wilkerson – SS 2024
Simple swing. Stays inside the ball very well and carries the barrel through contact. Uses the whole field. Also a threat on the bases as both a base stealer and an all around heads up runner.

#34 Justin Frohn – RHP 2025
Long lanky frame. FB 75-78, slight run/sink. Throws a ton of strikes. Hitters are out or on in 3 pitches or less. Can add velo with a cleaned up arm path, room for development on frame. Has a short term memory on the mound, good composure, not bothered by mistakes or miscues.

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SGV Arsenal Black

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#46 Moses Escoebedo – RHP 2023
Good frame with room to grow. Athletic delivery. Up to 82 mph with the fastball. Has shown a slider but struggled with command.

#8 Joey Esquivel – 3B 2023
Athletic CIF with good actions. Showed really good glove work with a plus arm across the diamond

#22 Nathan Boyce – 1B 2023
Big body LHP with a funky delivery. Floods the zone with strikes and attacks hitters with his fastball. Up to 82 mph.

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So Cal Bulldogs

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#50 Manuel Villalobos – RHP 2023
Threw an absolute gem. 6 IP 1 ER and 12 punch outs. Absolute competitor on the mound. Up to 73 mph with the fastball. Worked ahead of hitters and effectively used every pitch to get outs all day.

#35 Justin Tillar – POS 2024
Big time bat. 2-2 today with a HBP, pull side solo HR , and this backside 2 RBI 2B. Good path and very strong especially for a 24 grad.

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TB SoCal Baseball

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#18 Mark Fedro – INF/OF 2023
Good size with room to develop, athletic frame. +speed, good strides while running. Quick bat, gets extension through contact able to drive ball into gaps. Good athlete, can play both OF and INF. Good pre pitch movement, active defender.

#99 Lucas Dixon – RHP 2023
Good build. Long lanky arms. Good arm action/whip. FB 84-85, Touches 87. Live arm, explosive, ball jumps out of hand. FB has good arm side run/sink to it. Does a good job of reaching out and getting good extension on pitches. Features a slow CB to compliment FB.

#29 Andrew Bertolette – C 2023
His pop to all fields; defensive leader behind the plate; good receiving and blocking skills; 2.03 and 2.10 pop times

#81 Dylan Immel – 2B 2024
Has a solid approach in mindset as a hater; stays middle away and made heart contact all day; sure handed at second base

#50 Nate Snakenborg – C/1B 2023
Great athletic build; explosive pop; stance gets him to use his lower half; very high ceiling

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TB SoCal Navy

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#70 Carter Speights – RHP 2023
FB 81-83 touches 84-85. Throws strikes. SL has good shape to it. Sometimes Falls off to 1st in delivery causing inconsistency in location and lack of life on his ball. Good size, room to add muscle and weight to frame, look for an increase in velo as athlete matures.

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The Lot Eveland

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#19 Esteban Sepulvada – C/OF 2024
Strong kid that sits at about 5’8. What really impressed me was the ability to manage the game. Defensively he did very well with balls in dirt, and showed off an impressive arm. Offensively he does a good job staying through the middle and keeping his inside the ball wherever it may be.

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Trosky Redbirds White

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#11 Payton Rodgers – P 2023
High 3/4 slot works across his body. Good feel for a sweeping slider and fastball that’s he’s ran up to 83mph. Sits 80-82 with some ASR.

#8 Cole Rozenko – POS 2023
With a grand slam in the last inning. Balanced swing stays through it well. Big time pullside power.

#21 Luke Siebert – P 2023
Lanky frame up to 79 mph. Fastball had some late ASR. Breaking ball showed good depth and was able to throw it for a strike.

#25 Dunlop – RHP 2023
Nice easy delivery; fastball up to 85 today. Kept jamming hitters and made them uncomfortable at the plate all day long.

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Top 16u Fastball Velocities


MPH Name Team Name YOG
87 Lucas Dixon TB SoCal Baseball 2023
86 James Derflinger Dolphins Black 2023
86 Jack Meek Brea Stars 2022
85 Gabe Garcia OC Premier Gray 2022
85 Matt Hazzard CBA Summit 2023
85 Carson Lane CBA Bears 16 2023
85 Carter Speights TB SoCal Navy 2023
85 Myles Topham CBA Summit 2023
84 Jake Amundson OC Premier Gray 2023
84 Bruno Banuelos Brea Stars 2023
83 Cayden Cincis The Lot Eveland 2024
83 Dillon O'Neill TB So Cal 2023
82 Nathan Boyce SGV Arsenal 2023
82 Rudy Cisneros ICON Baseball 2022
82 Josh Delgado Brea Stars 2023
82 Ashton Kanegae Dolphins Black 2023
82 Lucas Zach Crush Baseball 2023

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Testing Leaderboards
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Top 60 Yard Dashes

Sec Name YOG Team Name
6.80 Adiel Torres 2023 CA Bears

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Top Raw Velocities

MPH Name YOG Team Name
93 James Derlinger 2023 Dolphins Black
92 Mulivai Levu 2023 Brea Stars
88 Garrett Patterson 2023 CA Sand Dawgs
87 Adiel Torres 2023 CA Bears
86 Rudy Cisneros 2022 ICON Baseball
86 Ty Cowley 2023 OC Premier Gray
86 Izaak Fernandez 2023 Brea Stars
85 Jacob Gudino 2022 ICON Baseball
84 Daylen Aragon 2023 ICON Baseball
84 Christian Altamirano 2023 Brea Stars

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Top Bat Exit Velocities

MPH Name YOG Team Name
91 James Derlinger 2023 Dolphins Black
91 Mulivai Levu 2023 Brea Stars
89 Ty Cowley 2023 OC Premier Gray
89 Izaak Fernandez 2023 Brea Stars
86 Grant Cowles 2023 CBA Titans
86 Adiel Torres 2023 CA Bears
85 Garrett Patterson 2023 CA Sand Dawgs

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