2021 BF Thanksgiving Classic – Tournament Hub

November 19-21, 2021
Orange County Great Park – Irvine, CA
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Rosters & Scouting Reports

Underclass Division | Upperclass Division

Rosters published Friday 11/19/21 at 12:05  pm.

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Athletic Testing

Teams have the option to participate in a series of athletic tests.
— 60 Yard Dash
— Raw (arm) Velocity
— Exit (bat) Velocity

Testing Leaders

Underclass Division Rosters
Schedule & Scores | Top Velos

* PLEASE NOTE: Players written up on the scouting blog were identified by our scouting staff based on the demonstration of notable tool(s) and/or skill(s). While WE DO NOT KEEP STATS, we are watching for standout performers on the mound, at the plate, in the field and on the bases. However, a performance WITHOUT the presence of requisite tool(s) and/or skill(s) IS NOT considered standout — we are looking for players with the tool(s) and/or skill(s) to play beyond the high school level.

** Roster data is provided by coach or team official **[attr colspan=”3″],
Bakersfield Starz,CBA Highlanders,MVP Hustle
California Bulldogs 2024/2025,Dirt Dawgs Lopez,So Cal Black Aces 15U
CBA Dirtbags,,[/table]

Bakersfield Starz

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Bakersfield Starz Roster

0,Marco Rodriguez,OF,5’8”/133,R/R,2024,Stockdale ,Bakersfield,CA,
4,Andrew Minnear,SS/2B,5’8”/145,R/R,2025,Bakersfield Christian,Bakersfield,CA,
5,Logan Templeton,1B/RHP,6’0”/175,R/R,2024,Bakersfield Christian,Bakersfield,CA,
8,Luke Mann,2B/CF,5’9”/130,R/R,2024,Bakersfield Christain,Bakersfield,CA,
9,Landon McDonald,3B/SS,5’10”/155,R/R,2025,Centennial ,Bakersfield,CA,
11,Carson Eldridge,OF,5’8”/140,L/L,2025,Centennial High Chool,Bakersfield,CA,
15,Ricky Pech,SS,5’9”/120,R/R,2024,Bakersfield Christian,Bakersfield,CA,
16,Andrew Witt,SS,5’10”/150,R/R,2024,Garces ,Bakersfield,CA,
26,Aj Mosqueda,C/OF,5’7”/110,R/R,2025,Stockdale ,Bakersfield,CA,
30,Jaime Alcantar,3B/RHP,5’10”/182,R/R,2024,West ,Bakersfield,CA,
32,Emilio Anguiano,C,5’6”/135,R/R,2024,Ridgeview ,Bakersfield,CA,
48,Brayon Shepherd,RHP,6’2”/158,R/R,2025,Frontier ,Bakersfield,CA,
64,Cooper Carter,C,5’10”/135,R/R,2024,Bakersfield Christian,Bakersfield,CA,
99,Bernardo Garcia,OF,5’6”/155,R/R,2024,Arvin ,Arvin,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#16 Andrew Witt SS 2024
Explosive lower half, can drive the ball to the opposite field gap, controlled aggression at the plate, can be a next level hitter with continued growth and development, assertive on defense, natural leader on the infield, enjoys the game, high follow

Luke Mann 2B/CF 2024
Plays with passion. Aggressive and all on defensive. Made a nice diving catch. Good lower half + fast hands. Leadoff single and clutch triple late in game. Plus speed

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California Bulldogs 2024/2025

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California Bulldogs 2024/2025 Roster


#14 Matthew Martinez – 2024 IF, RHP
Strong lead off hitter, hits for contact and gets on base. Level swing through the zone. Speed on the bases.

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CBA Dirtbags Under

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CBA Dirtbags Under Roster

4,Niko Lopez,SS/1B,/,,2025,Huntington Beach,,,
4,Brenden White,1B,/,,2024,Corona Del Mar,,,
5,Matthew Holguin,C/OF,/,R/R,2024,Los Alamitos,,,
8,Jarret Nielsen,SS/2B,/,R/R,2025,,,,
11,Gabriel Rodriguez,IF,/,,2024,Cypress,,,
13,Quinn Hartman,IF,/,,2024,Marina,,,
14,Daniel Hernandez,2B/CF,/,S/R,2024,Los Alamitos,,,
16,Mason Valbuena,RHP/OF,/,L/R,2024,Marina,,,
22,Drake Kellen,1B,/,R/R,2024,Marina,,,
33,Rudy Carlos Jr.,1B/LHP,/,L/L,2025,Wilson,,,
35,Omar Khan,IF/OF,/,R/R,2024,Cypress,,,
58,Ashton Arroyo,1B,/,,2025,Marina,,,
58,Carter Salinas,SS/2B,/,R/R,2025,Fullerton Union,,,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#16 Mason Valbuena 2024 RHP/OF
SP- 5 inning CG 8Ks 1R
Tall, lanky build. Will grow into frame and develop more power.
2 base knocks at the plate. Plus speed

#13 Quinn Hartman IF,OF 2024
Quick and athletic. Aggressive at the plate w/ turn n burn pop. Doesn’t get beat inside. Good leadoff hitter

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CBA Highlanders

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CBA Highlanders Roster

0,Jaren Benavides,C/OF,5’7”/141,R/R,2023,South Hills,West Covina,CA,
2,Jared Mendoza,2B/SS,5’6”/135,R/R,2024,Citrus Valley,Highland,CA,
4,Manolo Aguilar,OF/IF,5’8”/130,L/R,2023,Northview,West Covina,CA,
5,Nathan Swan,1B/3B,6’0”/245,R/R,2024,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
6,Joseph Kelm,1B/RHP,6’2”/150,R/R,2024,Rancho Cucamonga,Fontana,CA,
8,Jeremiah Ventura,RHP/IF,5’11”/220,R/R,2023,Sotomayor ,La Puente,CA,
13,Roberto Perez,SS/2B,5’7”/130,R/R,2024,Jurupa Hills,Fontana,CA,
14,Jerry Zavala,IF/OF,5’7”/135,R/R,2023,South Hills,West Covina,CA,
23,Dustin Yela,LHP/OF,5’8”/130,L/L,2024,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
27,Beau Wright,OF/RHP,5’9”/160,R/R,2024,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
44,Rosyvette Garcia-Pacheco,OF/C,5’5”/125,R/R,2024,Rancho Cucamonga,Highland,CA,
55,Andrew Daste,2B/OF,5’5”/140,L/R,2025,Alta Loma,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
72,Christian Rizo,RHP/OF,5’10”/125,R/R,2024,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
73,Ethan Swan,OF,5’10”/140,R/R,2025,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
77,Evan Witherspoon,OF/RHP,6’3”/160,R/R,2024,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#0 Jaren Benavides- C 2023
Backpicked 2 runners at 2nd, strong arm. Quick swing back up the middle

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Dirt Dawgs Lopez

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Dirt Dawgs Lopez Roster

0,Kevin Gaxiola,IF/OF,5’5”/120,R/R,2025,Jurupa Hills ,Fontana,CA,
5,Isaiah Casas,SS/IF,5’4”/137,R/R,2024,Kaiser ,Rialto,CA,
8,Malachi Maestas,1B/OF,6’3”/209,R/R,2023,Barstow ,Barstow,CA,
10,Christian Eaton,SS/RHP,5’9”/135,R/R,2025,Etiwanda ,San Bernardino,CA,
12,Aj Dogoldogol,3B/OF,6’0”/200,R/R,2024,Etiwanda ,Fontana,CA,
14,Elizer Gonzalez,2B/IF,5’7”/144,R/R,2024,Kaiser ,Fontana,CA,
18,Sky Donaldson,RHP/C,6’1”/180,L/R,2025,Roosevelt ,Ontario,CA,
21,Christopher Romo,3B/RHP,5’11”/153,R/R,2025,Elenor Roosevelt ,Chino,CA,
24,Samuel Fotinos,IF/RHP,5’11”/160,R/R,2025,Elenor Roosevelt ,Eastvale,CA,
25,Tylor Copeland,RHP/2B,5’5”/145,R/R,2025,Liberty ,Menifee,CA,
41,Aditya Modi,LHP/1B,5’5”/135,L/L,2025,Elenor Roosevelt ,Chino,CA,
77,Jayden Avina,3B/RHP,6’3”/174,R/R,2025,Bishop Amat ,Pomona,CA,
99,Ryan Shankle,C/RHP,5’10”/150,R/R,2025,Rancho Cucamonga High,Fontana,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#12 Aj Dogoldogol 3B/OF 2024
Squared the ball up all day long. Multiple RBIs. Power + Quickness. Great baserunning IQ

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MVP Hustle Under

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MVP Hustle Under Roster


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So Cal Black Aces 15U

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So Cal Black Aces 15U Roster

1,Kenneth Park,CF/RHP,5’9”/135,R/R,2025,Unknown,Irvine,CA,
3,Andrick Isais,1B/LHP,5’7”/165,L/L,2025,San Jacinto,San Jacinto,CA,
4,Ramon Amezcua,IF,5’8”/155,R/R,2025,Unknown,Los Angeles,CA,
5,Paul Romo,2B,5’7”/140,R/R,2025,Aquinas,Redlands,CA,
8,Aiden Reyes,3B,6’1”/155,R/R,2025,Unknown,Santa Ana,CA,
10,Christian Robinson,CF/IF,5’8”/140,R/R,2025,Norco,Corona,CA,
13,Nathan Chen,1B/OF,6’1”/160,R/R,2025,Unknown,Irvine,CA,
15,Zachary Stein,C/1B,5’11”/150,R/L,2026,Unknown,Lake Forest,CA,
21,Andrew Aguirre,RHP/SS,5’9”/145,R/R,2026,Unknown,La,CA,
22,Omar Barrientos,SS/RHP,5’11”/140,R/R,2025,Unknown,La,CA,
24,Isaiah Reveron,SS,6’1”/160,R/R,2025,Unknown,Hesperia,CA,
35,Ryan Oneil,1B,6’1”/164,R/R,2024,Unknown,Lake Forest,CA,
42,Blake Rajan,CF/RHP,5’10”/145,L/R,2025,El Toro,Lake Forest,CA,
44,Arthur Chavez,C/3B,6’1”/170,L/R,2025,Aquinas,Colton,CA,
50,Khaleb Colman,C,6’1”/160,R/R,2024,Unknown,Lake Forest,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#44 Arthur Chavez C 2025
Athletic catcher, naturally smooth player, great receiver, soft hands, moves well laterally, good hitting approach, smooth/ powerful swing through the zone, can be in time with his leg kick, explosive lower half, player to watch, potential next level talent with continued growth and development behind the plate, can play catch, hard worker, sets a great tempo, high follow.

#42 Blake Rajan CF 2025
Great hitting approach from the left side, tough out, competitive at bats, hit the inside part of the baseball, can hit to all powers, middle approach, threat on the base paths, plays the game hard, next level talent with continued growth and development, will make things happen on the base paths, high follow.

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Top Underclass Fastball Velocities

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MPH,Name,Team Name,Pos,YOG


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Upperclass Division Rosters
Schedule & Scores | Top Velos

* PLEASE NOTE: Players written up on the scouting blog were identified by our scouting staff based on the demonstration of notable tool(s) and/or skill(s). While WE DO NOT KEEP STATS, we are watching for standout performers on the mound, at the plate, in the field and on the bases. However, a performance WITHOUT the presence of requisite tool(s) and/or skill(s) IS NOT considered standout — we are looking for players with the tool(s) and/or skill(s) to play beyond the high school level.

** Roster data is provided by coach or team official **[attr colspan=”3″],
CBA Dirtbags,North County United,So Cal Samurai Romero
Monarchs Baseball South,Pico Rivera Baseball Academy,USA Prime Clippers SD
MVP Hustle,Pirahnas Baseball,West Coast Blackdogs
Nevada Crew,So Cal Samurai 2022,[/table]

CBA Dirtbags Upper

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CBA Dirtbags Upper Roster

0,Jake Beauchaine,OF/C,/,R/R,2023,Capistrano Valley Christian,,,
8,Brandon Abernathy,SS/2B,/,,2023,Woodbridge,,,
11,Austin Rabago,IF/C,/,L/R,2022,Servite,,,
12,Jaysen Armas,2B/3B,/,,2023,Sunny Hills,,,
12,Jacob Grunseich,3B/1B,/,R/R,2022,Millikan,,,
13,Noah Lomeli,C/SS,/,S/R,2022,Millikan,Lakewood,CA,
16,Ayden Gomez,1B/2B,/,R/R,2022,Cypress,,,
23,Aj Lee,LHP/1B,/,L/L,2022,El Dorado,,,
24,Aiden Eisel,RHP,5’8”/110,R/R,2022,Los Alamitos,Buena Park,CA,
25,Owen Eisen,RHP,/,R/R,2023,Ocean View,Huntington Beach,CA,
35,Tyler Wilson,LHP/OF,/,L/L,2023,Marina,Huntington Beach,CA,
40,Rizal Collado,2B/OF,/,R/R,2022,Ocean View,Huntington Beach,CA,
55,Quentin Custodio,1B/3B,/,,2022,Ocean View,,,
71,Collin Miskelly,LHP/1B,/,L/L,2023,Marina,,,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#55 Quentin Custodio -2022 1B/3B.
Strong lefty. Sprays ball to all parts. Disciplined and confident at the plate.

#12 Jacob Grunseich 3B/1B 2023
Quick reflexes at 3rd, smooth hands, strong arm. Comfortable at the plate.

#25 Owen Eisen RHP 2023
SP- 7 inning CG. Lows 80s, arm side run, effective offspeed. Slider + CH. Clean, fluid mechanics with a great mound presence.

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Monarchs Baseball South

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Monarchs Baseball South Roster

3,Luis Sanchez,SS/OF,5’9”/150,R/R,2023,Elysian Ct,Eastvale,CA,
4,Pat Stoltz,2B,5’9”/150,R/R,2023,Redondo Union,Redondo Beach,CA,
5,Parker Harrison,SS,6’1”/165,R/R,2023,Adrienne Nelson ,Happy Valley,OR,
6,Dylan Murphy,RHP/2B,5’9”/165,R/R,2022,La Costa,Carlsbad,CA,
7,Blaine Mitchell,C,6’0”/185,R/R,2023,San Lorenzo,Felton,CA,
9,Noah Benavides,OF/RHP,5’10”/185,R/R,2023,Murrieta Valley,Temecula,CA,
16,Cian Phillips,SS/RHP,5’8”/145,R/R,2023,Wheat Ridge Hs,Wheat Ridge,CO,
17,Jake Carmean,C,5’11”/175,R/R,2022,La Costa,Carlsbad,CA,
18,Zach Gessay,2B,5’10”/155,R/R,2023,Canyon,Anaheim,CA,
21,Brayden Chan,OF,6’0”/175,R/R,2023,Beckman,Irvine,CA,
23,Dylan Fishbough,OF/SS,6’0”/175,R/R,2022,La Costa,Carlsbad,CA,
25,Josh Siegel,3B/RHP,6’0”/180,R/R,2023,Redondo Union,Redondo Beach,CA,
29,Roni Chutke,RHP,6’1”/180,R/R,2022,La Costa,Carlsbad,CA,
30,Andy Baltgalvis,OF/LHP,5’10”/155,S/L,2024,Poway,Poway,CA,
33,Wyatt Piersall,C,6’1”/185,R/R,2022,Broomfield,Broomfield,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#24 Cian Phillips RHP 2023
Great presence on the mound. Competes and attacks hitters. Locates well with the fastball and has late arm action. Spins a sharp breaker with feel. Drives pretty well in the legs towards home. Good potential.

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MVP Hustle Upper

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MVP Hustle Upper Roster


#13 Hauze Fargso RHP
Tall frame. Very deceptive fastball with good downhill plane. FB sat 84-85 T87 but got on hitter quick with effective natural cut. Sharp 12/6 curve at 73-74 with a change up at 77-78.

#15 Felipe De Alba- C 2023
Stocky build and athletic. Compact, powerful swing. Big time pull power, double and single into pull gap. 2 RBI’s

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Nevada Crew

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Nevada Crew Roster


#28 Ronnie Forslund 2022
Solid frame and confident presence on the mound. Drives through the legs well. FB at 84 but deceptive and plays faster. Showed trust in all pitches with a CB at 68, SL at 71, and good run on the change up at 78. High ceiling.

#12 Noah Tschopp RHP 2022
Tall and lanky frame but uses to advantage. Very live arm. Struggled with command early but figured it out and threw up zeros. Was almost strictly FB up to 90 and lived 86-88. Flashed a 12/6 curve at 71. High ceiling. Worth keeping an eye out for.

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North County United

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North County United Roster

0,Owen Mounier,RHP,6’4”/200,R/R,2022,Clairemont,Carlsbad,CA,
4,Tanyon Smith,2B,5’11”/165,R/R,2023,Fallbrook,Carlsbad,CA,
5,Noah Sharar,C,5’10”/185,R/R,2022,Sage Creek,Carlsbad,CA,
6,Jaydon Boone,SS,5’11”/170,R/R,2022,Carlsbad,Carlsbad,CA,
8,Ryan Rivera,3B,6’1”/180,R/R,2022,San Marcos,Carlsbad,CA,
11,Peter Knorr,RHP,6’4”/210,R/R,2022,Carlsbad,Carlsbad,CA,
17,Jo Thompson,RHP,6’2”/175,L/R,2022,Sage Creek,Carlsbad,CA,
22,Marcus Metz,LHP,6’1”/170,L/L,2022,Rancho Buena Vista,Carlsbad,CA,
24,Luke Caruso,SS,5’10”/170,R/R,2023,Sage Creek,Carlsbad,CA,
25,Jackson Friend,RHP,6’6”/225,R/R,2022,Sage Creek,Carlsbad,CA,
27,Anthony Pacino,CF,5’9”/165,R/R,2022,San Marcos,Carlsbad,CA,
30,Colby Kiesling,1B,6’3”/205,L/R,2022,Sage Creek,Carlsbad,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#6 Jaydon Boone- 2022 SS/RHP
FB 80-81 CB-66-67. Good tempo on the mound. Command with fastball and curveball. Challenges hitters on inside part of plate.

#0 Owen Mounier- 2022 RHP
FB- 85-87 CB- 78-80
Running fastball with a sharp breaking ball. Live arm with a smooth arm path. Good tempo.

#32 Ryan Rivera- 2022 3B
Tall strong build, fast hands with a smooth level swing through the zone. Speed on the base paths. Fundamentally sound third baseman with power at the plate.

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Pico Rivera Baseball Academy

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Pico Rivera Baseball Academy Roster


#14 Daniel Cuadras C 2022
Mature catcher with good footwork. Good weight transfer into his throw with a strong arm. Threw out multiple guys at second. Gets out of the squat good and fields his position well. High follow for teams looking for a catcher.

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Pirahnas Baseball

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Pirahnas Baseball Roster

2,Dylan Maxwell,RHP/OF,6’1”/160,R/R,2022,Em Speed & Training,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
5,Adam Abboud,1B/OF,6’1”/135,R/R,2023,Diamond Bar ,Diamond Bar,CA,
6,Ethan Aleman,OF,5’6”/145,R/R,2023,South Hills ,Covina,CA,
7,Maddox Bernardino,OF/3B,5’10”/145,R/R,2023,Diamond Bar ,Diamond Bar,CA,
8,Rene Smith,OF/RHP,6’4”/197,R/R,2022,Diamond Ranch ,Pomona,CA,
14,Julian Barajas,RHP,6’0”/195,R/R,2023,Arroyo ,El Monte,CA,
16,Justin Welch,OF/RHP,5’8”/160,R/R,2022,Montebello ,Montebello,CA,
19,Christian Alinas,IF/OF,5’11”/160,R/R,2023,Diamond Bar ,Diamond Bar,CA,
23,Sean Gonzalez,RHP/SS,6’2”/185,R/R,2023,Diamond Bar ,Diamond Bar,CA,
24,Jose DE Luna,C/RHP,6’4”/260,R/R,2022,Montebello ,Montebello,CA,
42,Matthew Sanchez,3B/SS,5’8”/170,R/R,2023,San Dimas ,San Dimas,CA,
47,Colin Olsen,LHP/IF,6’2”/218,L/L,2023,Damien ,Glendora,CA,
50,David Fiallo,3B/RHP,5’9”/195,R/R,2023,Diamond Bar ,Diamond Bar,CA,
66,Estevan Rosales,2B/RHP,5’6”/140,L/R,2023,San Dimas ,Covina,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#7 Maddox Bernardino CF 2023
Very athletic frame with plus speed. Disciplined hitter and hammers mistakes. Level swing through the zone. Drove two baseballs deep to center field. Plus defender with good reads off the bat. Shifts on his own based off batter. High follow.

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November 20, 2021

So Cal Samurai 2022

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So Cal Samurai 2022 Roster

1,Jeremiah Gonzalez,SS/RHP,5’9”/160,R/R,2024,Lakewood High,Long Beach,CA,
4,Albert Andrade,IF/OF,5’8”/110,R/R,2023,South ,Wilmington,CA,
5,Christopher Corrales,C/3B,5’7”/175,R/R,2022,Mayfair ,Lakewood,CA,
7,Ryan Deleon,CF/3B,5’8”/150,R/R,2022,South ,Torrance,CA,
7,Marai Shimano,CF/LF,5’10”/157,R/R,2022,North Torrance,Torrance,CA,
9,Noah Cardenas,RHP/OF,5’9”/195,R/R,2022,South Torrance High,Torrance,CA,
10,Jaime Quezada,3B/RHP,5’11”/220,R/R,2023,Carson ,Los Angeles,CA,
12,Mario Sanchez,CF/SS,5’11”/180,R/R,2022,Lennox Academy,Inglewood,CA,
15,Juan Garcia Jr,SS/RHP,6’3”/205,L/R,2022,Narbonne ,Gardena,CA,
17,Cross Cuadra,3B/RHP,5’7”/135,R/R,2023,Phineas Banning ,Wlimington,CA,
20,Logan Johnson,RHP/OF,6’1”/160,R/R,2022,South Torrance High,Torrance,CA,
21,Connor Moromisato,OF,5’8”/145,L/R,2022,North Torrance,Torrance,CA,
34,Diogo Gallegos,OF/C,5’9”/150,R/R,2023,Carson ,Gardena,CA,
44,Gabriel Ramirez,RHP/C,5’7”/155,L/R,2023,South ,Torrance,CA,
54,Masanobu Sasaki,RHP/IF,5’7”/150,R/R,2022,South ,Torrance,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#54 Masanobu Sasaki 2022 RHP
Strike thrower. Has the ability to go deep into games. Located well with the fastball topping 81 and good feel for a 12/6 curveball at 65 while showing a splitter occasionally. Sound pitcher with a high ceiling.

#15 Juan Garcia Jr- 2022 SS
Left Handed. Wide open stance with a strong lower half
Level Swing through the zone.
Gap to Gap power. Confident and disciplined at the plate.

#34 Nicholas Han -2023 RHP/3B
FB-77-78 CB-57-58. Confident on the mound, Strong lower half. Drives toward home plate. Ground all pitcher with great command. Smooth arm action.

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So Cal Samurai Romero

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So Cal Samurai Romero Roster

2,Nicholas Petryshyn,RHP/2B,5’10”/170,R/R,2022,North Torrance High,Redondo Beach,CA,
9,Kevin Pena,RHP/OF,5’9”/160,R/R,2022,North Torrance,Gardena,CA,
11,Joseph Funes,LHP/1B,5’9”/200,L/L,2023,Narbonne,Compton,CA,
14,Luis Funes,OF/2B,5’6”/147,R/R,2022,Narbonne High,Compton,CA,
15,Isaiah Aguilar,C/3B,5’7”/175,R/R,2024,North Torrance,Paramount,CA,
16,Nikko Remigio,OF/C,5’9”/160,R/R,2023,Torrance ,Torrance,CA,
19,Jack Kagimoto,C/1B,5’10”/200,S/R,2022,West Torrance High,Torrance,CA,
21,Christopher Meraz,RHP/OF,6’0”/215,R/R,2023,Torrance,Torrance,CA,
23,Khaleb Romero,SS/2B,5’10”/180,L/R,2024,Gardena Serra,Inglewwod,CA,
24,Micheal Montoya,2B/RF,5’3”/125,R/R,2022,Hawthorne High,Lawndale,CA,
31,Elijah Vazquez,1B/RHP,6’2”/254,R/R,2022,North Torrance High,Gardena,CA,
34,Nicholas Han,RHP/3B,5’11”/138,R/R,2023,Torrance High,Torrance,CA,
42,Evan Sandoval,RHP/3B,5’10”/190,R/R,2023,Verbum Dei,Gardena,CA,
55,Evan Saito,SS/RHP,6’0”/145,R/R,2023,Torrance,Torrance,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#34 Nicholas Han -2023 RHP/3B
FB-77-78 CB-57-58. Confident on the mound, Strong lower half. Drives toward home plate. Ground all pitcher with great command. Smooth arm action.

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USA Prime Clippers SD

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USA Prime Clippers SD Roster

2,Jaydon Boone,2B/RHP,5’10”/170,R/R,2022,Carlsbad,Poway,CA,
3,Joaquin Medina,C/OF,5’10”/175,R/R,2022,Carlsbad,Poway,CA,
4,Jacob Ronalds,OF/RHP,5’10”/175,R/R,2022,Classical Academy,Poway,CA,
5,Tyler Hakes,C/LHP,5’10”/190,R/R,2022,Valley Center,Poway,CA,
6,Taylor Diaz,RHP,6’3”/210,R/R,2023,Cathedral Catholic,Poway,CA,
7,Peter Knorr,RHP/OF,6’4”/210,R/R,2022,Carlsbad,Poway,CA,
8,Jeremiah Goodwin,OF,5’10”/170,R/R,2022,Oceanside,Poway,CA,
9,Luis Acevedo,IF/RHP,5’11”/180,R/R,2022,Temecula Valley,Poway,CA,
9,Matt Steele,RHP/OF,6’2”/190,R/R,2022,Sage Creek,Poway,CA,
10,Koehn Thomas,LHP/OF,6’2”/175,L/L,2022,Carlsbad,Poway,CA,
11,Ethan Luna,1B/RHP,6’3”/215,R/R,2023,Mission Vista,Poway,CA,
12,Wyatt Thornbury,RHP/OF,6’0”/170,R/R,2022,Carlsbad,Poway,CA,
13,Ryder Walken,RHP/OF,5’11”/165,R/R,2022,Carlsbad,Poway,CA,
14,Angel Torres,IF/OF,5’7”/165,R/R,2022,El Camino,Poway,CA,
15,Jet Crews,LHP/OF,5’10”/175,R/R,2022,Sage Creek,Poway,CA,
17,Gavin Gregory,RHP/OF,6’0”/180,R/L,2022,Mission Hills,Poway,CA,
18,Diego DE La Rosa,IF/RHP,5’10”/180,R/R,2023,Classical Academy,Poway,CA,
18,Matthew Delvecchio,IF/RHP,6’0”/170,R/R,2023,Mission Hills,Poway,CA,
19,Cody Delvecchio,LHP/OF,6’1”/175,L/L,2022,Mission Hills,Poway,CA,
19,Nathan Sally,RHP/IF,6’0”/180,R/R,2022,Mission Hills,Poway,CA,
20,Nathan Sally,C/RHP,6’0”/180,R/R,2022,Mission Hills,Poway,CA,
20,Joey Stover,LHP/1B,6’0”/170,L/L,2022,Temecula Valley,Poway,CA,
22,Ethan McNish-Heider,IF/RHP,6’3”/215,R/R,2022,Granite Hills,Poway,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#74 Ryder Walken -2022 RHP/OF
FB-77-78 CB-65-66. Confident and efficient on the mound. Good tempo and controls his game. Challenges hitters.

#14 Ray Hernandez- 2022 RHP
FB- 85-86 CB- 78-80
Smooth mechanics with quick arm action. Sharp breaking ball. Able to pound inside and outside parts of the zone.

#6 Taylor Diaz 2023 RHP/IF
Quick and short to the ball. Tall stance with a big build. Pull and oppo power.

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West Coast Blackdogs

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West Coast Blackdogs Roster


#5 Fredy Turcious -2022 RHP
Live fastball at 85-87. Slider 73-75. Change up 78-80. Strong lower half. Quick arm action
Consistently throws strikes. Confident on the mound.

#27 Gurnea – 2022 RHP
Came in late in game throwing firm. Has life on his fastball, 84-89. Sharp SL. Can swing it too

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Top Upperclass Fastball Velocities

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Testing Leaderboards
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Click here to see National Leaderboards by test and year of graduation. Results from all Factory Athletics events (including this one) are considered, and will appear if the minimum qualification is met for each test.

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Top 60 Yard Dashes

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”100|250|250|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
Sec,Name,YOG,Team Name
6.22,Rene Smith,2022,Pirahnas Baseball
6.44,Evan Saito,2023,So Cal Samurai Romero
6.50,Nikko Remigo,2023,So Cal Samurai Romero
6.53,Maddox Bernardino,2023,Pirahnas Baseball
6.60,Jacob Johnson,2022,Nevada Crew
6.63,Ryan Deleon,2022,So Cal Samurai 2022
6.72,Dylan Maxwell,2022,Pirahnas Baseball
6.72,Albert Andrade,2023,So Cal Samurai 2022
6.75,Diogo Gallegos,2023,So Cal Samurai 2022


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Top Raw Velocities

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”100|250|250|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
MPH,Name,YOG,Team Name
92,Evan Saito,2023,So Cal Samurai Romero
92,Rene Smith,2022,Pirahnas Baseball
90,Ronald Forslund,2022,Nevada Crew
88,Brayden Somers,2024,Nevada Crew
86,Masanobu Sasaki,2022,So Cal Samurai 2022
86,Jaime Alcantar,2024,Bakersfield Starz
85,Gabriel Ramirez,2023,So Cal Samurai 2022
85,Nicholas Petryshyn,2022,So Cal Samurai Romero
85,Jack Kagimoto,2022,So Cal Samurai Romero


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Top Bat Exit Velocities

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MPH,Name,YOG,Team Name
91,Rene Smith,2022,Pirahnas Baseball
90,Christian Alinas,2023,Pirahnas Baseball
89,Evan Saito,2023,So Cal Samurai Romero
88,Jack Kagimoto,2022,So Cal Samurai Romero
87,Nikko Remigio,2023,So Cal Samurai Romero


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