2021 BF Southwest Championships 17U – Tournament Hub

July 30 – August 3, 2021
Orange County Great Park – Irvine, CA
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Schedule & Scores (as of 7/26)

Rosters & Scouting Reports

Rosters published 7/29 at 9:35 am.

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Athletic Testing

Teams have the option to participate in a series of athletic tests on Thursday, July 29 at Orange County Great Park.
— 60 Yard Dash
— Raw (arm) Velocity
— Exit (bat) Velocity

Testing Leaders

Time slot reservations for July 29 are required, and are issued on a first come, first served basis. Click here to submit your reservation request.

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July 29 Testing Schedule

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July 29 (Thursday),Team 1,Team 2,Team 3
4:00 pm,CA Bears,CA Armada,CBA Warhawks
4:30 pm,Blue Wave Baseball,BR Baseball,CBA American
5:00 pm,NorCal 2022 Blue, NorCal 2022 White, NorCal 2023 Cardinal
5:30 pm,GBG Renegades,Brushback,MVP Red Sox
6:00 pm,Prevail,West Coast Kings,Redlands Bulldogs
6:30 pm,Trosky American 23,CA Bulldogs,TKB

17u Division Rosters
Schedule & Scores | Top Velos

* PLEASE NOTE: Players written up on the scouting blog were identified by our scouting staff based on the demonstration of notable tool(s) and/or skill(s). While WE DO NOT KEEP STATS, we are watching for standout performers on the mound, at the plate, in the field and on the bases. However, a performance WITHOUT the presence of requisite tool(s) and/or skill(s) IS NOT considered standout — we are looking for players with the tool(s) and/or skill(s) to play beyond the high school level.

** Roster data is provided by coach or team official **[attr colspan=”3″],
Baseball Factory Black,Dukes Baseball,San Diego Gamers
Baseball Factory Gray,Easton Prime Navy,SGV Arsenal Black
Baseball Factory Navy,Easton Prime Red,SM Outlaws
Baseball Factory Red,EL Monte Dukes,So Cal Birds Orange
Blue Wave Athletics,GBG Renegades,So Cal Bulldogs
BR Baseball Blue 17,GBG San Diego,So Cal Dukes Scout
Brushback Baseball,Highlanders Baseball Academy,So Cal Sun Devils
California Armada 2022,Inland Empire Express,So Cal Warriors
California Bears 17U,Legacy Baseball Group 17U Black,Team California 17U White
California Bulldogs,MVP Red Sox 16,Team California Black 16U
CBA American,NC Valley Baseball 16,TKB 17U A
CBA Bears Gold,NC Valley Baseball 17,TKB 17U B
CBA Bears Navy,NC Valley Baseball Utah,Trosky American 2023
CBA Dirtbags,NorCal 2022 Blue,Trosky Redbirds White
CBA Marucci 2022,NorCal 2022 White,Tustin Scorpions
CBA Marucci 2023,NorCal 2023 Cardinal,Valley Baseball Club
CBA National,OC Premier Navy,West Coast A’s 17U Green
CBA Warhawks,PFA Central Valley,West Coast Kings Baseball
CBA Wave Blue,PFA Oxnard,Whitecaps Baseball Academy 17
CBA Wave Navy,Playa Vista Orioles Select,Whitecaps Baseball Academy 18
Central Valley Naturals,Prevail Baseball,Wrecking Crew
Crush Baseball,Redlands Bulldogs Black,ZT Baseball

Baseball Factory Black

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Baseball Factory Black Roster

1,Lucas Brennan,SS/RHP,5’8”/155,R/R,2022,Northfield ,Denver,CO,
5,Alex Dolan,2B/OF,5’10”/155,S/R,2022,Arcadia, Hs,Arcadia,CA,
6,Anthony Vargas,SS/RHP,5’9”/160,R/R,2022,Chino ,Chino,CA,
9,Caden Byers,1B/RHP,6’3”/190,R/R,2021,Murrieta Mesa,Murrieta,CA,
10,Bridger Coleman,C/OF,5’8”/185,R/R,2022,Lompoc ,Lompoc,CA,
11,Dale Fry,RHP/3B,6’5”/195,R/R,2022,Northwest Christian Highschool,Glendale,AZ,
12,Adam Greenawalt,OF,5’9”/165,L/L,2022,Santiago,Corona,CA,
13,Jackson Snitko,1B/LHP,5’10”/160,S/L,2022,Beckman ,Tustin,CA,
14,Trevor Steele,OF/RHP,6’0”/195,R/R,2022,El Segundo ,El Segundo,CA,
15,Jacob May,OF/2B,5’10”/170,L/R,2021,Turlock,Turlock,CA,
18,Nicholas Arnett,3B/OF,6’3”/195,R/R,2022,Ponderosa Highschool,Placerville,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#14 Trevor Steele – RHP 2022
Good size, strong frame. FB 87-88, touches 89-90, with slight cut movement. Just scratching the surface of his potential. Still a lot of growth to occur as a pitcher. Firm off speed at low to mid 70s. Has a live power arm.

#18 Nicholas Arnett – 3B/OF 2022
Big tall frame. Good first step reactions at 3B. Can throw from multiple arm angles, has the arm strength to make all the plays from 3B. Throws are on time and on target to 1B. Athletic, Everything looks smooth, nothing robotic or out of control.

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Baseball Factory Gray

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Baseball Factory Gray Roster

4,Evan Smith,SS,5’8”/150,R/R,2022,Hilldale ,Muskogee,OK,
5,Cade Parks,2B/OF,5’9”/150,R/R,2023,Frontier,Bakersfield,CA,
6,Derek Von Allman,RHP/OF,5’10”/170,L/R,2022,Dos Palos,Dos Palos,CA,
8,Tanner Roberts,SS/OF,5’10”/155,S/R,2022,Battle Mountain ,Avon,CO,
9,Jackson Maples,OF/2B,6’0”/165,R/R,2022,Desert Mountain,Scottsdale,AZ,
10,Aiden Gebhard,OF/LHP,5’8″/170,L/L,2022,Redmond ,Redmond,OR,
11,Jaron Ross,3B/RHP,6’0”/215,R/R,2022,Richfield Highschool,Richfield,UT,
12,Curtis McKoy,C/3B,6’0”/205,L/R,2022,West Allis Central,Milwaukee,WI,
13,Taylor Sittser,OF,5’9”/180,R/R,2022,Borah Senior ,Boise,ID,
15,Alex Pelaez,C/3B,6’0”/188,R/R,2022,Long Island Lutheran Middle And ,North Baldwin,NY,
16,Cole Bettencourt,OF/1B,6’0”/170,L/L,2022,California ,San Ramon,CA,
19,Matthew Walkup,1B/RHP,6’3”/210,R/R,2022,Laguna Creek ,Elk Grove,CA,
20,Elijah Morales,3B/OF,6’0”/177,R/R,2022,Battle Mountain ,Avon,CO,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#8 Tanner Robert – RHP 2023
Attacks hitters, competes in and out of the zone, shows good potential to be a solid all around d pitcher with continued development, firm fastball, sits 74-78, deceptive curveball sitting 63-66, locates off speed well, bright future.

#4 Evan Smith – SS 2022
Quick hands at the plate. Had a lead off hit the other way off a really good pitcher. Plays with lots of energy.

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Baseball Factory Navy

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Baseball Factory Navy Roster

1,Kendyn Fredieu,OF,6’0”/150,R/R,2022,Holland Hall,Bixby,OK,
4,Eric Taylor,SS,5’10”/145,L/R,2022,Temple City ,Monrovia,CA,
5,Angel Torres,SS/2B,5’5”/135,R/R,2022,El Camino ,Oceanside,CA,
6,Henry Kern,OF/LHP,6’2”/165,L/L,2022,Mcdaniel (Formerly Madison),Portland,OR,
8,Brandon Hanley,C/3B,6’0”/185,R/R,2022,Huntley ,Huntley,IL,
10,Bret Housel,SS/RHP,6’2”/180,R/R,2022,Eagle ,Eagle,ID,
11,Christopher Uchio,RHP,5’11”/165,R/R,2022,St.john Bosco ,Los Alamitos,CA,
15,William Campagna,OF/1B,5’11”/190,R/R,2022,Wando ,Mount Pleasant,SC,
16,Casey Leavitt-McGee,LHP/OF,6’1”/195,L/L,2022,Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory,San Francisco,CA,
19,Ryan Farrell,3B/1B,6’1”/195,R/R,2022,Ojai Valley School,Ojai,CA,
20,Peter Pappalardo,LHP/1B,6’0”/210,L/L,2022,Damien Memorial ,Kaneohe,HI,
21,Tyler Johnson,1B/C,6’0”/190,R/R,2022,Palo Verde,Las Vegas,NV,
22,Pierson Cooper,C/OF,6’1”/205,R/R,2023,Georgetown Day School,Bethesda,MD,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#16 Casey Leavitt-McGee – LHP 2022
Broad frame, FB: 81-83mph, 3 pitch mix, utilized breaking ball to induce soft contact, W 4inn pitched

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Baseball Factory Red

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Baseball Factory Red Roster

3,Naithan Chavez,2B/SS,5’10”/145,R/R,2021,Buena ,Ventura,CA,
7,Thomas Robles,C/2B,5’4”/140,R/R,2022,Bonita,La Verne,CA,
8,Gary Bricker,SS/RHP,6’1”/175,R/R,2021,Valley,Las Vegas,NV,
9,Daidan Glenn,OF,5’11”/160,R/R,2022,Nampa Christian ,Nampa,ID,
10,Connor Hilbert,SS/OF,6’2”/185,R/R,2022,Grace Brethren,Simi Valley,CA,
11,Aidan Lambert,OF/RHP,6’3”/200,R/R,2022,Murrieta Valley,Murrieta,CA,
12,Vance Sartor,C/SS,5’11”/155,R/R,2022,Bradshaw Mountain ,Prescott Valley,AZ,
13,Jayden Hwang,RHP/OF,6’2”/185,R/R,2022,Loma Linda Academy,Loma Linda,CA,
14,Ryland Randall,SS/2B,6’1”/160,L/R,2022,Enterprise High,Enterprise,UT,
15,Brooks Davis,OF/RHP,5’11”/155,R/R,2024,Heritage,Brentwood,CA,
16,Tyler Gagnon,OF/RHP,6’1”/185,R/R,2022,California ,San Ramon,CA,
19,Steven Verespey,3B/RHP,6’2”/220,R/R,2022,California ,San Ramon,CA,
21,Gabriel Hirzel,1B/OF,5’11”/195,R/R,2022,Lompoc ,Lompoc,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#19 Steven Verespey – 3B/RHP 2022
Decent frame with room to fill. Fastball 81-84. Curveball with 12-6 break at 62-64. Threw strikes and maintained velocity throughout the game. Works the edges of the plate. Look for velocity to increase as he develops.

#11 Aidan Lambert – OF/RHP 2022
Shorter arm path. Gets good separation. Fastball consistent 82-85. Touched 86. Curveball at 66 with 11-5 break. Throws strikes.

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Blue Wave Athletics

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Blue Wave Athletics Roster

6,Bryan Hernandez,CF/2B,5’9”/140,R/R,2022,University,Los Angeles,CA,
7,Ivan Ramirez,IF/OF,5’7”/145,R/R,2023,Segerstrom,Garden Grove,CA,
9,Austen Barnett,RHP/1B,6’0”/200,R/R,2024,University,Irvine,CA,
9,Hayden Marsh,POS,6’0”/155,R/R,2022,Pacifica,Alhambra,CA
10,Dennis Fitzpatrick,IF,6’0”/150,R/R,2023,Cdm,Newport Beach,CA,
14,Noah Collado,OF/LHP,5’6”/135,L/L,2022,Pacifica,Cypress,CA,
15,Pedro Damian Nunez,1B/3B,6’2”/195,R/R,2022,Pacifica,Stanton,CA,
17,Dean Berrett,OF/RHP,6’0”/160,R/R,2023,Yorba Linda,Yorba Linda,CA,
21,Jacob George,C/IF,5’11”/165,R/R,2022,Ocean View,Huntington Beach,CA,
22,Jake Garcia,1B/LHP,5’10”/185,L/L,2023,Cdm,Irvine,CA,
24,Anthony Sanchez,C/OF,5’8”/170,R/R,2022,Capistrano Valley,Mission Viejo,CA,
25,Benny Aguilar,RHP/1B,6’3”/210,R/R,2022,Segerstrom,Santa Ana,CA,
28,Tommy Goodin,1B/3B,6’3”/230,L/R,2024,Camarrillo,Thousand Oaks,CA,
29,Devon Minney,IF/OF,5’10”/150,R/R,2022,Ocean View,Huntington Beach,CA,
34,Sei Bermejo,IF/OF,5’8”/169,R/R,2023,Beckman,Irvine,CA,
50,Deven Landrum,LHP/OF,5’9”/130,L/L,2022,Segerstrom,Santa Ana,CA,
54,Sage Nelson,RHP,6’3”/155,R/R,2024,Orange Lutheran,Newport Beach,CA,
57,Parker Allard,3B/RHP,6’2”/170,R/R,2022,Beckman,Irvine,CA
97,Scott Moore,RHP,6’3”/165,R/R,2023,Cvcs,Rancho Santa Margarita,CA,
99,Kaulin Post,C/3B,6’1”/180,R/R,2023,Cdm,Newport Beach,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#50 Deven Landrum – LHP/OF 2022
Left handed that makes hitters uncomfortable. Longer hands over head delivery. Lots of moving parts. Fastball 78-80 with slider at 67.

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BR Baseball Blue 17

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BR Baseball Blue 17 Roster

1,Jayden Sanchez,CF,5’9”/150,R/R,2023,Arlington ,Eastvale,CA,
3,Christian Takahashi,SS/2B,5’6”/165,R/R,2023,Chino Hills ,Corona,CA,
7,Jacob Kruswicki,1B,6’0”/190,L/R,2022,Norco ,Corona,CA,
8,Jason Arriola,,2B/C,5’9”/165,S/R,2023,Norco ,Corona,CA,
11,Kyle Day,RHP,6’4”/200,R/R,2023,Hesperia Christian,Corona,CA,
12,Mitchell Labuda,,LHP,5’8”/150,L/L,2023,Norco ,Corona,CA,
14,Hunter Carter,2B/3B,5’9”/150,R/R,2023,Santiago ,Corona,CA,
15,Juan Jimenez,3B/2B,5’11”/188,R/R,2022,Arlington ,Corona,CA,
16,Trysten Eddy,RHP,6’2”/170,R/R,2022,Norco ,Corona,CA,
17,Bryant Poland,1B/LHP,5’8”/200,L/L,2023,Norco ,Corona,CA,
21,Ryan Jenkins,RF/RHP,6’2”/200,R/R,2023,Norco ,Corona,CA,
24,Ryan Kitchen,LHP,6’1”/185,L/L,2023,Arlington ,Corona,CA,
25,Justin Modini,OF,5’11”/175,R/R,2023,Norco ,Corona,CA,
28,Drew Fielder,OF/C,5’10”/168,R/R,2022,Centennial ,Corona,CA,
29,Lucas Romero,C/OF,6’1”/165,R/R,2023,La Sierra ,Corona,CA,
34,Ryan Han,1B/RHP,6’2”/205,R/R,2023,Ontario Christian ,Corona,CA,
35,Jacob Wible,LHP,5’11”/170,L/L,2023,Arlington ,Corona,CA,
55,Preston Anderson,RHP/3B,6’1”/191,R/R,2022,La Sierra ,Corona,CA,
55,Ethan Barela,3B/RHP,5’9”/190,R/R,2023,Norco ,Corona,CA,
77,Shane Roney,LHP,6’0”/165,R/L,2023,Norco ,Corona,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#17 Bryant Poland – 1B 2023
Square frame, Thick build. Upright/Even stance, Wags bat, Slightly vertical bat at load, Sound middle approach, Level bat plane, Gap power, RBI machine, Good hitting ability.

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Brushback Baseball

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Brushback Baseball Roster

1,Rowan Sims,3B/RHP,5’10”/155,R/R,2023,Los Altos,Mtn View,CA,
5,Corey Wang,OF,5’9”/140,R/R,2022,Mtn View,Mtn View,CA,
6,Matt Garcia,SS/2B,5’8”/150,R/R,2023,Branham,San Jose,CA,
12,Chase Yocum,RHP/RF,6’0”/175,R/R,2022,Mtn View,Los Altos,CA,
13,Austin Sands,1B,6’1”/230,R/R,2023,Santa Clara,Santa Clara,CA,
14,Shota Fletcher,SS/OF,5’8”/150,L/R,2022,Mtn View,Mtn View,CA,
20,Trevor Polk,2B/SS,5’10”/150,R/R,2023,Kings Academy,Scotts Valley,CA,
23,Cam Wang,LHP,5’11”/145,L/L,2022,Mtn View,Mtn View,CA,
25,Jasper Wilfrid,OF/3B,5’10”/160,L/R,2023,Mtn View,Mtn View,CA,
28,Riley Cobar,C,5’11”/155,R/R,2022,Mountain View,Mtn View,CA,
29,Orlando Jones,C/OF,5’10”/155,L/R,2023,Santa Clara,Santa Clara,CA,
42,Liam Barrett,CF/RHP,5’10”/165,L/R,2024,Mountain View,Mtn View,CA,
55,Evan Williams,RHP/OF,5’11”/175,R/R,2023,Branham,Mtn View,CA,
66,Jason Kapi,RF,6’1”/225,R/R,2022,Kings Academy,San Jose,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#23 Cam Wang – LHP 2022
Crafty left handed pitcher. Velocity between 76-80 but very effective. Mixes in a big sweeping slider at 68 that is tough on lefty hitters. Throws tons of strikes. Eats up innings. Would be an extremely effective lefty specialist.

#66 Jason Kapi – 3B/OF 2022
Large frame. Power hitting potential. Simple stance and compact swing. Can still drive the ball. Lots of power to the pull side when on time. Moves well on the bases for his size.

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California Armada 2022

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California Armada 2022 Roster

0,Diego Frey,SS,6’1”/180,R/R,2022,Norhview Hs,Covina,CA,
2,Doug Pyle,OF/RHP,6’3”/185,R/R,2022,La Salle Prep,Sierra Madre,CA,
4,Xander Douglas,RHP,5’11”/160,R/R,2023,St. Francis Hs,Pasadena,CA,
4,Daniel Latshaw,2B,5’8”/140,R/R,2022,Maranatha Hs,Sierra Madre,CA,
5,Anthony Vasquez,3B,5’11”/180,R/R,2023,Charter Oak Hs,Covina,CA,
7,Evan Coad,SS,5’11”/180,R/R,2022,Pasadena Hs,Sierra Madre,CA,
7,Vincent Hudson,SS/RHP,6’2”/175,R/R,2024,Ayala Hs,Hacienda Heights,CA,
9,Evan Nahra,C,6’2”/190,R/R,2022,La Salle Prep,Altadena,CA,
10,Tyler McEvoy,C,6’0”/195,R/R,2023,Etiwanda Hs,Fontana,CA,
12,Dominc Svagdis,LHP,6’2”/190,L/L,2022,Glendora Hs,Glendora,CA,
13,Adrian Roman,LHP,5’11”/170,L/L,2023,Schurr Hs,Montebello,CA,
14,Caleb Plascencia,C,5’10”/180,R/R,2022,South Hills Hs,West Covina,CA,
17,Jake Entrup,C/RHP,5’11”/175,R/R,2022,Claremont Hs,Claremont,CA,
22,Lorenzo Gomez,LHP,5’11”/150,L/L,2022,Bishop Amat Hs,La Habra,CA,
24,Justin Santiago,RHP,6’1”/180,R/R,2023,Bonita Hs,La Verne,CA,
35,Tyler Shigenaka,OF,5’9”/165,R/R,2023,Eitwanda Hs,Alta Loma,CA,
45,Ben Griffith,RHP,5’11”/150,R/R,2022,Pasadena Hs,Pasadena,CA,
58,Jonnyray Valdez-Cortes,CF,5’11”/150,R/R,2022,Woodcrest Christian Hs,Moreno Valley,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#7 Vincent Hudson – SS/RHP 2024
Simple delivery. Live arm. Fastball sat 85-88 and touched 90. Slider 70-72. Good tempo and looks to go right after hitters.

#2 Doug Pyle – OF/RHP 2022
Good frame. Longer arm action with over the top arm slot. Fastball sat 83-86 with ease. Mixed in curveball 11-5 break at 65. Repeats mechanics well and throws strikes.

#24 Justin Santiago – RHP 2023
Fastball consistent 82-84. Will be tough to hit when command increases.

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California Bears 17U

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California Bears 17U Roster

1,Aidan Millan,2B/SS,5’8”/150,L/R,2022,Bonita Vista,Chula Vista,CA,
2,Daren Chapman,SS/OF,6’0”/160,R/R,2022,Temecula Valley,Temecula,CA,
7,Bowen Sanford,2B/OF,5’10”/150,R/R,2022,Santana,Santee,CA,
14,Daniel Leon,SS/OF,5’9”/150,R/R,2022,Otay Ranch,Chula Vista,CA,
16,Glen Huggins,RHP,6’2”/165,/R,2022,Bonita Vista,Chula Vista,CA,
17,Tyler Begg,OF/1B,6’4”/185,R/R,2022,Santana,Santee,CA,
19,Adam Amaro,OF/1B,6’0”/190,L/R,2021,Olympian,Chula Vista,CA,
19,Chase Taylor,RHP/C,6’2”/200,R/R,2022,Bonita Vista,Chula Vista,CA,
20,David Whittle,C/RHP,6’1”/175,R/R,2022,Valley View,Moreno Valley,CA,
21,Hunter Kaul,C/OF,6’2”/185,R/R,,,El Cajon,CA,
26,Josh Bruce,1B/3B,6’3”/210,R/R,2022,Bonita Vista,Chula Vista,CA,
31,Gio Armas,C/RHP,5’10”/160,R/R,2021,Bonita Vista,Chula Vista,CA,
35,Koda Alto,RHP/3B,6’2”/210,R/R,2022,Santana,Santee,CA,
44,Slater Theisen,RHP/OF,6’1”/190,R/R,2022,Chapparrel,Temecula,CA,
50,Jason Gonzalez,3B/RHP,5’10”/170,R/R,2022,Santana,Santee,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#16 Glen Huggins – POS 2022
Shows confidence, quick delivery, lots of arm side run, locates fastball at 83mph well to both sides of plate, Pitch types: 4seam, 2seam, curveball, change up

#20 David Whittle – C/RHP 2022
Athletic. Very strong arm. 80 mph on throw to second. Pop time consistently between 1.90 and 2.00 in between innings. Quick reactions and moves well laterally. Centers ball on blocks. Receives well out of a one knee stance.

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California Bulldogs

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California Bulldogs Roster

0,Michael Singleton,RHP,6’2”/140,R/R,2022,Valley Christian,San Jose,CA,
1,Nick Herreria,OF,5’11”/170,R/R,2022,Archbishop Mitty,San Jose,CA,
2,Jacob Zandate,IF/OF,5’7”/130,L/R,2022,Willow Glen,San Jose,CA,
3,TJ Hays,OF,5’9”/160,R/R,2022,Archbishop Mitty,Campbell,CA,
5,Sam Butler,IF/RHP,5’7”/115,R/R,2022,Pioneer,San Jose,CA,
6,Anthony Sweet,2B/SS,5’8”/140,L/R,2023,St Francis,San Jose,CA,
12,Kyler Bittner,SS/3B,5’9”/150,S/R,2022,St Francis,Los Gatos,CA,
13,Alex Babusis,OF,5’10”/170,L/R,2022,St Francis,Sunnyvale,CA,
18,Nathan Miller,3B/RHP,5’10”/155,R/R,2023,Leigh,San Jose,CA,
23,Derek Izumi,C,5’8”/135,R/R,2023,Pioneer,San Jose,CA,
24,Ethan Payne,C,5’10”/150,R/R,2022,Bellermine,San Jose,CA,
29,Kobe Gong,RHP/OF,6’0”/165,R/R,2022,Westmont,Los Gatos,CA,
35,Daniel Major,IF/RHP,5’8”/130,R/R,2022,Pioneer,San Jose,CA,
36,Nolan Fales,1B/RHP,6’2”/230,R/R,2022,Branham,San Jose,CA,
40,Andrew Wilford,OF,6’0”/165,R/R,2022,Pioneer,San Jose,CA,
43,David Hsiao,3B/RHP,5’10”/175,R/R,2022,Leland,San Jose,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#29 Kobe Gong – RHP 2022
Lanky, arm side run, good tempo, sound mechanics, FB: 78mph, curveball at 68mph, change at 70mph, only allowed 4 hits

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CBA American

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[peekaboo_content name=“54”]

CBA American Roster

1,Diego Garcia,IF/OF,5’9”/130,R/R,2022,Etiwanda,Jurupa Valley,CA,
4,Michael McQueen,OF,5’11”/180,R/R,2022,Cajon,San Bernardino,CA,
9,Kaden Reyes,OF,5’4”/135,R/R,2023,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
9,Quinten Terrell,C,6’0”/180,R/R,2023,Foothill,Henderson,NV,
11,Owen Dunn,RHP/OF,6’0”/140,R/R,2023,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
12,Israel Espinoza,IF,5’8”/140,R/R,2024,Warren,Lynwood,CA,
14,Andrew Thornburg,OF/RHP,6’0”/150,R/R,2022,Los Osos,Fontana,CA,
15,Kaedon Mas,IF,5’11”/170,R/R,2022,Etiwanda,Alta Loma,CA,
17,Jeremiah Jacobo,C,5’10”/165,L/R,2024,Los Osos,Fontana,CA,
18,Cole Flores,IF,5’11”/180,R/R,2024,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
22,Ian Salcedo,3B/OF,6’0”/180,R/R,2022,Bishop Amat,Chino,CA,
28,Ivan Salas,RHP,6’2”/228,R/R,2022,Temescal Canyon,Perris,CA,
31,Chase Ingram,RHP,5’9”/185,R/R,2022,Ontario,Ontario,CA,
66,Jordan Carrington,1B,6’4”/200,L/L,2022,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#9 Quinten Terrell – C 2023
Extremely athletic catcher. On time with pitches and gets left side rotated early. Catches ball deep and has a quick release. Flashed a 1.87 pop time in game. Above average arm. Effective communicator. Leader behind the plate.

#17 Jermaiah Jacobo – C 2024
Natural catcher, soft hands, receives well, smooth transfers, blocks anything in the dirt, can pick it, plays catch, stays poised, leader on the field, stays in control of every situation, assertive, next level catcher, poptime 2.2, smart player, takes care of the baseball, true baseball player.

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CBA Bears Gold

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[peekaboo_content name=“22”]

CBA Bears Gold Roster

2,Trevor Monteleone,OF/RHP,6’1”/195,R/R,2023,Cypress,Cypress,CA,
3,Henry Whelan,OF,5’8”/135,R/R,2023,Wilson,Cypress,CA,
5,Evan Chavez,IF,5’9”/150,R/R,2023,St John Bosco,Cypress,CA,
7,Noah Stockman,C,5’10”/165,R/R,2023,Huntington Beach,Cypress,CA,
8,Jace Orozco,C,5’8”/140,R/R,2023,Wilson,Long Beach,CA,
10,Myles Fendrick,OF,5’9”/140,R/R,2023,Cypress,Cypress,CA,
14,Lucas Scott,3B,6’0”/155,R/R,2023,Long Beach Poly,Cypress,CA,
15,Bradley Navarro,2B,5’8”/140,R/R,2023,Huntington Beach,Huntington Beach,CA,
16,Matthew Thomas,OF,6’1”/170,R/R,2023,Cypress,Cypress,CA,
22,Ethan Emami,OF,5’9”/160,R/R,2023,Millikan,Long Beach,CA,
23,Davin Vazquez,3B/IF,6’0”/175,R/R,2023,Bosco,Cypress,CA,
26,Luke Matlock,SS/RHP,5’10”/180,R/R,2023,Cypress,Cypress,CA,
27,Gavin Piechota,3B,5’9”/140,R/R,2023,Wilson,Long Beach,CA,
32,Sam Hentges,LHP,6’1”/170,L/L,2023,St John Bosco,Cypress,CA,
34,Carson Lane,OF,6’2”/180,R/R,2023,Huntington Beach,Cypress,CA,
46,Max Senesac,C,6’0”/185,R/R,2023,St John Bosco,Costa Mesa,CA,
50,Isaac Salazar,C,5’9”/145,R/R,2023,Mater Dei,Cypress,CA,
55,Gavin Pacheco,RHP,6’1”/170,R/R,2023,Huntington Beach,Cypress,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#46 Vincent Rakosky – LHP 2022
Good height, slender frame. Repeatable mechanics, good tempo. FB 85-86 touched 87-88. Slider has a good sweeping shape to it. Gets good extension and reach on pitches. Throws both pitches for strikes and fills up the zone. Challenges hitters with FB, doesn’t hold back.

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CBA Bears Navy

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CBA Bears Navy Roster

3,Caleb Milanes,IF,5’10”/185,R/R,2022,Bosco,Signal Hill,CA,
4,CJ Brown,IF,6’2”/170,R/R,2022,Pacifica,Cypress,CA,
5,Jack Eckenrode,RHP,6’1”/180,R/R,2022,Wilson,Long Beach,CA,
7,Danny Rodriguez,IF,5’9”/140,R/R,2022,Cypress,Cypress,CA,
8,Sam Decarlo,2B,6’0”/165,R/R,2022,Millilkan,Cypress,CA,
9,Charlie Royle,RHP/IF,6’0”/155,R/R,2022,Wilson,Cypress,CA,
11,Bren Wilkinson,C/IF,6’0”/165,R/R,2022,St John Bosco,Cypress,CA,
12,Jake Ellison,OF,6’1”/195,R/R,2022,Bosco,Long Beach,CA,
14,Neil Jansen,OF/RHP,5’11”/155,R/R,2022,Cypress,Cypress,CA,
15,Alfred Saenz,LHP,5’8”/160,L/L,2022,Bosco,Lakewood,CA,
16,Caleb Brandon,OF,6’1”/150,L/L,2022,Millikan,Cypress,CA,
19,Nathan Gardenswartz,C,6’2”/170,L/R,2022,Wilson,San Pedro,CA,
20,Adam Cramer,OF,6’0”/165,R/R,2022,St John Bosco,Cypress,CA,
21,Ryan Geck,1B/3B,6’3”/230,R/R,2022,Millikan,Cypress,CA,California State University – Long Beach
22,Myles Patton,LHP/OF,6’1”/185,R/L,2022,Millikan,Cypress,CA,
25,Ryan Bobich,LHP,5’9”/175,L/L,2022,Mary Star,Cypress,CA,
27,Ryan Burack,IF,6’0”/165,S/R,2022,Wilson,Cypress,CA,
31,Ryan Skjonsby,RHP,6’3”/195,R/R,2022,Poly,Long Beach,CA,
32,Niko Riera,RHP,6’4”/185,R/R,2022,Bosco,Cypress,CA,
46,Vincent Rakosky,LHP,6’2”/175,L/L,2022,Bosco,Playa Del Rey,CA,
47,Chris Uchio,RHP,5’11”/165,R/R,2022,Bosco,Cypress,CA,
48,Zack Wakefield,C,6’1”/180,R/R,2022,Wilson,Long Beach,CA,
50,Robert Voss,3B,6’0”/155,R/R,2022,Millikan,Cypress,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#9 Charlie Royal – RHP 2022
Athletic right handed, firm fastball, deceptive off speed, attacks the zone, can locate fastball in and out the zone well, puts guys away, next level pitcher, fastball topped at 89.

#8 Sam Decarlo – MIF 2022
Soft hands, works well with his lower half, moves well laterally, smooth hands, sure handed, quick arm, great actions, fundamentally sounds, great rhythm.

#31 Ryan Skjonsby – IF 2022
Long and lanky build; tall open stance from the left side;Here he rips a double down the line

#9 Charlie Royle – RHP 2022
FB up to 88 with lots of arm side run. Pounds the zone and flashes an elite slider. Incredibly high ceiling, and can still put on lots of weight

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CBA Dirtbags

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CBA Dirtbags Roster

2,Nicholas Dumesnil,OF,/,,2022,Huntington Beach,,CA,
3,Cristian Landeros,SS/RHP,/,S/R,2022,Cypress,,CA,
4,Liam Taylor,2B,/,,2022,Edison,Huntington Beach,CA,
7,Dylan Richardson,SS/RHP,/,,2022,Edison,Huntington Beach,CA,
11,Austin Rabago,IF/C,/,,2022,Servite,Cypress,CA,
16,Ayden Gomez,1B/2B,/,R/R,2022,Cypress,,,
23,Aj Lee,LF/1B,/,L/L,2022,El Dorado,,CA,
24,Aiden Eisel,RHP,5’8”/110,R/R,2022,Los Alamitos,Buena Park,CA,
27,Hunter Drake,RHP/OF,/,R/R,2022,Huntington Beach,,,
40,Rizal Collado,2B/OF,/,R/R,2022,Ocean View,Huntington Beach,CA,
55,Quentin Custodio,1B,/,,2022,Ocean View,,,
91,Tanner Gerosa,C,/,,2022,Edison,Huntington Beach,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#40 Rizal Collado – UTL 2022
Extremely athletic. Plays with a ton of confidence. Consistently makes solid contact. Line drive approach with good carry. Good first step on defense. Shows the ability to throw from multiple arm slots. Maintains accuracy and velocity from a low 3/4 slot. Speedy runner.

#2 Nicholas Dumesnil – OF 2022
Big build, true hitter, wide stance, minimal stride to the ball, sees the ball well, finds barrels consistently, quality ab’s, power to the gaps, huge lower half, east power, short compact swing to the ball, next level hitter.

#91 Tanner Gersora – C 2022
Strong athletic build, hard worker, plays catch, great tempo behind the plate, smooth receiver, one knee stance, fundamentally sound on defense, great blocker, plus arm, plus accuracy, 2.2 pop time, gap to gap power, explosive lower half.

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CBA Marucci 2022

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CBA Marucci 2022 Roster

2,Andrew Nykoluk,SS/2B,5’11”/160,R/R,2022,Simi Valley ,Simi Valley,CA,
4,Ethan Swidler,C/1B,6’1”/180,R/R,2022,Canyon Crest Academy,San Diego,CA,
7,Cade Martinez,SS/3B,6’1”/175,R/R,2022,St. Augustine,El Cajon,CA,
12,Harrison Bodendorf,LHP,6’5”/170,R/L,2022,Temecula Valley,Temecula,CA,
12,Jesse Espinoza,OF/1B,5’10”/175,S/L,2022,La Sierra Highschool,Corona,CA,
12,Bode Grieve,OF/1B,6’3”/180,R/R,2022,Bishops,La Jolla,CA,
15,Ryan Kittredge,RHP/RHP,6’0”/190,R/L,2022,Rancho Bernardo,San Diego,CA,
15,Jack Salmon,CF/RF,6’3”/190,L/R,2022,Corona Del Mar ,Newport Beach,CA,
21,Anthony Dominguez,OF/RHP,5’10”/165,L/R,2022,Ayala,Chino Hills,CA,
21,Nevan Noonan,SS/2B,6’0”/170,R/R,2022,Francis Parker School,San Diego,CA,
27,Jake Adams,C/3B,5’10”/175,R/R,2022,Murrieta Valley,Moreno Valley,CA,
29,Connor Abadie,LHP/OF,6’0”/165,L/L,2022,Serrano,Apple Valley,CA,
54,Trevor Fox,1B/LHP,6’7”/225,L/L,2022,St. Augustine ,San Diego,CA,
,Wade Duncan,RHP,6’1”/195,R/R,2022,Los Osos,Chino Hills,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#21 Nevan Noonan – SS/2B 2022
Great actions in the infield. Good footwork, works to always get the top of the hop. Athletic build. Can throw from all angles across the diamond. Does a great job of just playing catch and putting the ball where it needs to be. Potential to be an everyday player up the middle of the field.

#15 Ryan Kittredge – RHP 2022
Projectable body, big build, big legs, hard throwing righty, fearless, fastball sits 85-88, touched 89mph. curveball sits, 76, deceptive off speed, command progresses once he’s settled in, can locate his off speed consistently, great tempo, fields his position, smooth swing from the left side, through the roof potential.

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CBA Marucci 2023

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CBA Marucci 2023 Roster

1,Lawson Minshew,RHP/LF,6’0”/195,R/R,2023,James Madison ,Lakeside,CA,
2,Manoah Chapman,SS/2B,5’10”/173,R/R,2023,James Madison ,Chula Vista,CA,
2,Austen Roellig,SS/RHP,5’9”/160,R/R,2023,Etiwanda,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
3,Boston Bateman,LHP/1B,6’6”/255,R/L,2024,Adolfo Camarillo ,Camarillo,CA,
3,Jake Jackson,CF/RF,6’5”/185,R/R,2023,James Madison ,El Cajon,CA,
4,Dane Lee,2B/OF,5’11”/175,R/R,2023,Santa Fe Christian,Encintas,CA,
5,Aiden Nykoluk,OF/RHP,6’0”/155,R/R,2023,Simi Valley,Simi Valley,CA,
11,Nico Libed,C/OF,5’8”/160,R/R,2023,Eastlake ,Chula Vista,CA,
11,Brandon Winokur,SS/CF,6’4”/190,R/R,2023,Edison ,Huntington Beach,CA,
20,Luke Scherrer,C/RHP,6’2”/200,R/R,2023,Yucaipa,Yucaipa,CA,
23,Vaughn Major,SS/RHP,6’3”/165,R/R,2023,Christian Unified,La Mesa,CA,
27,Jake Adams,C/3B,5’10”/175,R/R,2022,Murrieta Valley,Moreno Valley,CA,
41,Austin Castillo,RHP/IF,5’10”/165,R/R,2023,Martin Luther King ,Riverside,CA,
43,Sterling Patick,LHP/CF,6’1”/155,L/L,2023,South Hills ,West Covina,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#3 Boston Bateman – 1B 2024
6 feet 6 inches, 255 pounds. Aggressive hitter with incredible power. Pulled a ball well over the left field fence

#5 Aiden Nykoluk – RHP 2023
On the shorter side for a pitcher but makes up for it with lots of explosive movements. FB is up to 86 with a Hammer CB that he can land in for a strike too. Great runner control

#41 Austin Castillo – RHP/RF 2023
Live arm. Delivery is simple and repeatable. Fastball sat 82-85. Slider at 72. Works down in the zone. Arm also projects well in the outfield.

#1 Lawson Minshew – RHP/LF 2023
Works out of the stretch. Simple delivery with an efficient arm path. Fastball 83-86. Hard slider with some depth 75-77. Pounds the zone and not afraid to throw inside.

#23 Vaughn Major – RHP 2023
FB up to 85; features a hammer CB and what looks like a slurve. Long and lanky body with natural athleticism. Very high ceiling

#20 Luke Scherrer – C 2023
Big body with athleticism; Quick transfer and good foot work on throwdowns; One knee down stance; 2.08 pop time

#2 Austen Roellig – SS 2023
Comes in a compact frame but carries himself with confidence. Quick hands and a good base in his stance, here he is lacing a 3 RBI double.

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CBA National

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CBA National Roster

6,TY Thomas,3B,6’0”/180,R/R,2023,Cajon,San Bernardino,CA,
9,Kody King,1B/LHP,6’3”/220,L/L,2024,San Dimas,San Dimas,CA,
13,Tate Shimao,IF/OF,6’0”/185,R/R,2022,Iolani,Honolulu,HI,
14,Noah Hata,OF,5’8”/160,L/R,2022,Maryknoll,Kaneohe,HI,
14,Shane Ingrin,1B,5’11”/185,R/R,2022,South Hills,West Covina,CA,
16,Caleb Kim,IF,5’10”/180,R/R,2023,Christian Academy,Honolulu,HI,
22,Alejandro Blanquet,C,5’9”/185,R/R,2022,Charter Oak,La Puente,CA,
35,Dakota Gray,RHP,5’10”/145,R/R,2022,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
36,Seth Barden,RHP/1B,6’0”/195,R/R,2022,Bishop Gorman,Las Vegas,NV,
50,Willson Dunn,IF,6’0”/170,R/R,2022,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
55,Isaiah Walz,IF/OF,5’8”/140,R/R,2023,Yucaipa,Yucaipa,CA,
99,Bryden Bull,LHP,6’2”/155,L/L,2025,Las Vegas,Las Vegas,NV,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#28 Noah Hata – 2B/OF 2022
+speed. Runs the bases well. Aggressive approach, solid contact, finds barrels. Drives ball to opposite field. Scrappy infielder. He is a baseball player, gamer, play maker. Always involved in the action.

#13 Tate Shimao – SS 2022
Nice soft hands. Strong athletic build. + glove work in the infield, especially on tags. Barrels up the baseball, strong enough to push mis hits to OF. Runs well. Confident presence on the field, is a tone setter.

#22 Alejandro Blanquet – C 2022
Pop time 1.97-2.09. Quick transfer, fast feet, +arm. Solid lower half build. Blocks and receives well, able to grab strikes. Soft quiet body, keeps ball in front. Plays big behind the plate.

#35 Dakota Gray – RHP 2022
Small lean frame. Throws hard for size. FB 85-86 touched 87-89. Velocity is just scratching the surface, a lot room to develop and add weight to frame. Over the top delivery, gets good drive with legs and good arm whip. Live arm, ball jumps out of hand.

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CBA Warhawks

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[peekaboo_content name=“33”]

CBA Warhawks Roster

1,Jordan Treadwell,IF,5’8”/150,S/R,2023,Murrieta Valley,Quail Valley,CA,
2,Kaden Millar,OF,6’0”/175,R/,2022,Paloma Valley,Menifee,CA,
3,Matt Tylman,IF,6’1”/160,R/R,2022,Temecula Valley,Temecula,CA,
4,Collin Boulware,OF,6’1”/185,R/R,2022,Temecula Valley,Temecula,CA,
6,Erik Jeong,IF,5’7”/140,R/R,2023,Temecula Valley,Temecula,CA,
9,Zackariah Reyes,1B,5’9”/190,R/R,2022,Palm Desert,Thousand Palms,CA,
13,Jaime Luna,IF,5’7”/155,R/R,2022,Murrieta Valley,Wildomar,CA,
14,Devon Goset,RHP,6’0”/150,R/R,2022,Temecula Valley,Temecula,CA,
15,Matthew Mautte,LHP,5’8”/150,L/L,2022,Temecula Valley,Temecula,CA,
16,Charlie Combs,RHP,6’2”/205,R/R,2022,Temecula Valley,Temecula,CA,
19,Grant Yzermans,OF,5’8”/150,R/R,2023,Temecula Valley,Murrieta,CA,
22,Darren Verdugo,OF,6’0”/165,R/R,2022,Temecula Valley,Temecula,CA,
24,Isaac Estrada,C,5’8”/175,R/,2022,Elsinore,Wildomar,CA,
26,Dakota Henson,RHP,6’4”/170,R/,2022,Chaparral,Temecula,CA,
40,Adler Cecil,LHP,6’4”/170,L/L,2023,Temecula Valley,Temecula,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#7 Eric Jeong – MIF 2023
Natural athlete, sure handed, works well with his lower half, fundamentally sounds defensive player, plays the game at one speed, covers ground, can pick it, middle approach at the plate, will score if he gets to 1st base, threat in the bases, all around ball player, bright future, player to watch.

#40 Adler Cecil – LHP 2023
Projectable body, wide wing span, throws like a young Chris Sale, attacks hitters, pounds the zone, overpowering fastball, locates in and out of strike zone well, fastball topped at 82, deceptive off speed, curveball sits 67, next level guy.

#16 Charlie Combs – RHP 2022
Multi-sport athlete (quarterback); Fastball up to 86 with command; Elite CH with a sharp CB has made hitters look foolish all morning; Very high ceiling.

#3 Jordan Treadwell – MIF 2023
Stud at SS and moved over to 2B later; has a cannon for an arm; is quick and showed the ability to throw on the run; flashy with the glove and fun to watch.

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CBA Wave Blue

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[peekaboo_content name=“37”]

CBA Wave Blue Roster

,Jodi Macias,C,Ht/Wt,B/T,YOG,School,Hometown,St,College
,Grant MacArthur,Pos,Ht/Wt,B/T,YOG,School,Hometown,St,College
,Leyton Wirschem,Pos,Ht/Wt,B/T,YOG,School,Hometown,St,College
,Weston Clark,OF,6’0”/170,R/R,2022,Steele Canyon,San Diego,CA,
,Spencer Davis,2B,6’0”/170,L/R,2022,Granite Hills,San Diego,CA,
,Mason Dirkes,LHP,6’1”/175,L/L,2022,Grossmont,San Diego,CA,
,Christopher Gaudio,RHP,6’3”/195,R/R,2022,Notre Dame Prep,San Diego,CA,
,Brayden Grantham,IF,5’10”/170,R/R,2022,Red Mountain,San Diego,CA,
,Hunter Kates,RHP,6’1”/170,R/R,2022,Bishops,San Diego,CA,
,Gavin Lass,OF,6’0”/175,R/R,2022,Madison,San Diego,CA,
,Cody Macias,C,5’9”/180,R/R,2022,Granite Hills,San Diego,CA,
,Ivan Motas,IF,6’0”/170,R/R,2022,Rancho Bernardo,San Diego,CA,
,Matthew Rosello,OF,5’8”/140,R/R,2022,Rancho Bernardo,San Diego,CA,
,Landry Spitler,IF,6’0”/160,R/R,2022,Red Mountain,San Diego,CA,
,Caden Thiele,C,6’0”/175,R/R,2022,Desert Vista,San Diego,CA,
,Tanner Vielguth,1B,6’2”/205,R/R,2022,Granite Hills,San Diego,CA,
,Luke West,RHP,5’10”/160,R/R,2022,Madison,San Diego,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#26 Grant MacArthur – 3B 2022
Big frame. Taller stance and vertical bat. Lots of power potential. Line drive approach and will make pitchers pay for mistakes. Strong enough to still make decent contact when late. Good mobility for his size on defense.

#28 Cody Macias – C 2022
Strong catcher. Good lower half. Does a good job of letting the ball get deep on throws. Pop time as low as 2.04 in between innings. Large blocking range laterally. Good receiver out of various stances. Does not get beat on tough pitches. Slightly open stance and gets on base.

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CBA Wave Navy

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[peekaboo_content name=“41”]

CBA Wave Navy Roster

,Chopper Correia,RHP,6’0”/160,R/R,2023,Mater Dei Catholic,San Diego,CA,
,Nick Fahme,OF,5’10”/160,R/R,2023,Francis Parker,San Diego,CA,
,Jake Frost,RHP,5’9”/160,L/R,2023,Point Loma,San Diego,CA,
,Frankie Giacolone,3B,6’3”/195,R/R,2023,St. Augustine,San Diego,CA,
,Liam Herrera,3B,5’9”/185,R/R,2023,San Marcos,San Marcos,CA,
,William James,OF,5’8”/150,R/R,2023,Steele Canyon,San Diego,CA,
,Dane Lee,IF,5’10”/170,R/R,2023,Sante Fe Christian,San Diego,CA,
,Tommy Molina,C,6’0”/170,R/R,2023,Steele Canyon,San Diego,CA,
,Braxton Ohton,RHP,5’11”/165,R/R,2023,Grossmont,San Diego,CA,
,Sebastian Osorio,OF,5’10”/150,R/R,2023,Eastlake,San Diego,CA,
,Cole Thomson,C,6’0”/155,R/R,2023,Cathedral Catholic,San Diego,CA,
,Joshua Villegas,LHP,6’0”/60,L/L,2023,Madison,San Diego,CA,
,Sebastian Villegas,SS,5’10”/150,R/R,2023,Kofa,San Diego,CA,
,Donovan Ward,SS,5’10”/140,R/R,2023,Ramona,San Diego,CA,
,Jace Weckmann,C,5’8”/160,R/R,2023,Mira Mesa,San Diego,CA,
,David Zayachkowsky,OF,5’9”/150,R/R,2023,Eastlake,Chula Vista,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#22 Sebastian Osorio – CF 2023
Good FB hitter with pull side power; quick hands at the plate; good defensive presence; plus range and above average arm from CF.

#51 Cole Thomson – OF 2023
Smooth swing from the left side; doesn’t miss his pitch; nice college hitter with added size; covers ground in the outfield

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Central Valley Naturals

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[peekaboo_content name=“38”]

Central Valley Naturals Roster

1,Diego Alvardo,SS,5’11”/175,L/R,2021,Redwood Hs,Bakersfield,CA,
1,Lee Trevino,SS/2B,5’11”/185,R/R,2021,Redwood Hs,Bakersfield,CA,Cal State Dominguez Hills
3,Daryl Tillman,CF/LHP,5’10”/175,L/L,2023,Redwood Hs,Bakersfield,CA,
4,Broc Redinius,RHP/3B,6’1”/170,R/R,2023,Bakersfield Christian Hs,Bakersfield,CA,
5,Nicholas Martin,2B,5’6”/145,L/R,2024,Liberty Hs,Bakersfield,CA,
9,Hudson Barrett,LHP/1B,6’4”/210,L/L,2022,Frontier Hs,Bakersfield,CA,Uc Santa Barbara
10,Trent Martin,C,5’8”/165,R/R,2024,Bakersfield Christian Hs,Bakersfield,CA,
11,Larry Ayala,1B,5’11”/210,L/L,2023,Stockdale Hs,Bakersfield,CA,
12,Ruben Rodriguez,SS/2B,5’9”/165,R/R,2023,Stockdale Hs,Bakersfield,CA,San Diego State University
13,JD Fritch,CF,5’10”/175,L/R,2021,Bakersfield Christian Hs,Bakersfield,CA,Wabaunsee Cc
16,Andrew Witt,SS/2B,5’9”/165,R/R,2024,Garces Memorial Hs,Bakersfield,CA,
19,Austin Miller,RHP,HT/WT,B/T,2021,Bakersfield Christian,Bakersfield,CA
20,Dominic Alvarado,1B,5’10”/190,L/R,2023,Redwood Hs,Bakersfield,CA,
22,Manny Herrera,SS,6’2”/190,R/R,2022,Bakersfield Christian Hs,Bakersfield,CA,
23,Daniel Aguirre,C,5’11”/165,R/R,2024,Bakersfield Christian Hs,Bakersfield,CA,
24,Dylan Wilson,RHP/CF,6’1”/165,R/R,2023,Bakersfield Christian Hs,Bakersfield,CA,
27,Chano Gonzalez,SS/2B,5’9”/160,R/R,2023,Bakersfield Christian Hs,Bakersfield,CA,
31,Jacob Minear,CF,5’9”/160,R/R,2022,Bakersfield Christian Hs,Bakersfield,CA,
45,Spencer Jenkins,LHP/OF,HT/WT,2021,Centennial HS,City,CA[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#22 Manny Herrera – RHP 2022
Lanky, good build, FB: 85mph, good control, sound mechanically

#4 Broc Redinius – 3B 2023
Athletic build with room to add some lbs; very sure-handed at 3B; athletic actions all around the diamond. Lots of tools on this guy with a high ceiling

#11 Larry Ayala – 1B 2023
Aggressive swing from the left side with pull side pop; open stance with strong lower half; high ceiling once he matures physically.

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Crush Baseball

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[peekaboo_content name=“42”]

Crush Baseball Roster

0,Augie Cowan,RHP,6’2”/200,R/R,2023,Arrowhead Christian Academy,San Bernardino,CA,
2,Niko Morse,C,5’8”/156,R/R,2024,Yucaipa ,Yucaipa,CA,
3,Bradley Gilbert,RHP,5’11”/150,L/R,2024,Arrowhead Christian Academy,Redlands,CA,
7,Gama Martinez,C,5’6”/138,R/R,2024,Arrowhead Christian Academy,Highland,CA,
8,Grant Davari,CF,5’9”/138,L/R,2023,Arrowhead Christian Academy,Yucaipa,CA,
11,Diesel Toth,SS,5’11”/150,R/R,2025,Arrowhead Christian Academy,Highland,CA,
13,Nicolas Martinez,CF,5’8”/151,L/R,2022,Arrowhead Christian Academy,Highland,CA,
18,Ethin Bingaman,2B,5’9”/145,R/R,2025,Arrowhead Christian Academy,Redlands,CA,
24,Cole West,OF,5’10”/145,L/L,2025,Citrus Valley,Highland,CA
27,Isaiah Sanchez,C,5’11”/152,R/R,2024,Arrowhead Christian Academy,Riverside,CA,
28,Korbin Fickett,C,6’0”/150,R/R,2023,Yucaipa ,Yucaipa,CA,
33,Lucas Zack,LHP,6’4”/160,L/L,2023,Arrowhead Christian Academy,Redlands,CA,
34,Jacob Cook,1B,6’1”/150,R/R,2025,Citrus Valley ,Highland,CA,
99,Deivien Ramirez,3B,5’6”/155,R/R,2024,Hemet ,Hemet,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#3 Bradley Gilbert – RHP 2024
Small frame, Slender build, Young features. H3/4 Arm slot, Fluid mechanics, Loose Arm, Works fast, Aggressive in the strike zone, Goes after hitters, 3 Pitch mix/Throws all secondary pitches for strikes anytime in the count. FB: 81-84 MPH Run. 72-74 MPH Slider +Sweep (Out Pitch). CH: 77-78 MPH Sink

#13 Nicolas Martinez – CF 2022
Small Frame, Rangy Build, Flat Bat, Weight Back with Leg Kick, Uppercut Bat Plane, Loft Power, Stays Up the Middle Type Hitting Approach. Runs OK.

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Dukes Baseball

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Dukes Baseball Roster

1,Rocco Regan,IF/OF,5’9”/150,L/R,2024,San Dimas,Wc,CA,Long Beach State
5,Ryan Castro,SS/IF,6’1”/175,R/R,2024,San Dimas,Wc,CA,Santa Barbara
15,Kasen Khansarinia,IF/OF,6’2”/180,R/R,2024,San Dimas,Wc,CA,Ucla
21,Noah Alvarez,OF/IF,6’1”/165,L/R,2023,Home School,Wc,CA,
21,Joshua Dinisi,IF/OF,6’1”/180,L/R,2022,South Hills,Wc,CA,
21,Daniel Marguez,RHP/OF,5’10”/165,L/R,2022,Loyola,Wc,CA,
23,Maximo Newhart,1B/RHP,6’3”/185,R/R,2022,Pasadena,Wc,CA,
26,Jonathon Rodriguez,C/OF,5’7”/155,R/R,2022,Bishop Amat,Wc,CA,
29,Landon White,3B/1B,5’11”/185,R/L,2024,San Dimas,Wc,CA,
30,Kyle Calzadiaz,RHP/OF,6’2”/170,R/R,2022,Walnut,Wc,CA,Cal State Fullerton
30,Brendan Rodriquez,OF/LHP,5’7”/155,L/L,2022,Bishop Amat,Wc,CA,
31,Mark Manual,C,5’10”/175,R/R,2022,Covina,Wc,CA,
32,Andrew Garcia,IF/OF,5’9”/170,R/R,2023,Gahr,Cerritos,CA,
32,Randy Limon,RHP,6’2”/185,R/R,2022,Ayala,Wc,CA,
33,Elijah Bechtel,C/RHP,6’1”/180,R/R,2025,Damien,Upland,CA,
37,Jude Favela,C/1B,6’1”/195,R/R,2024,San Dimas,Wc,CA,
38,Vaugh Coleman,CF/OF,5’10”/160,R/R,2025,San Dimas,Upland,CA,
38,Vaughn Coleman,OF/RHP,5’10”/165,R/R,2025,San Dimas,Wc,CA,
49,Iam Wolski,C,5’9”/165,R/R,2022,Alta Loma,Wc,CA,
50,Nick Sartor,IF/OF,6’0”/190,R/L,2022,Maranantha,Wc,CA,
53,Adrian Lopez,SS/OF,6’3”/205,R/R,2023,Maranatha,Wc,CA,Long Beach State
65,Luke Mistone,RHP/IF,6’2”/190,R/R,2022,Bonita,West Covina,CA,
72,Dylan Esquival,LHP,6’3”/180,L/L,2023,South Hills,Wc,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#65 Luke Mistone – IF 2022
Big strong athletic build, sure handed middle infielder, speed on the bases, patient at the plate, understands the game, processed at the plate, executes with runners on, power to the gaps.

#15 Kasen Khansarinia – IF/OF 2024
Huge build, makes hard contact, stays behind the baseball, middle of the field approach, plays the game hard, processed hitter, smooth swing, explosive lower half, player to watch.

#53 Adrian Lopez – SS 2023
Big solid athletic frame. 6’3”shortstop that plays with a sense of confidence and swagger, savvy and instinctual player. Sure handed at SS. His size doesn’t hold him back at the position. Swings hard, makes a lot of hard contact, patient and disciplined at the plate. Runs well, very active ball player.

#29 Landon White – 3B/1B 2024
Good size. Solid lower half build. Wide no stride stance at the plate. Aggressive and hunts his pitch. Easy short stroke, able to keep hands inside and drive the baseball. Good base running instincts and jumps. Plays hard.

#30 Kyle Calzadiaz – RHP 2022
Cal st. Fullerton commit. FB 87-89 touches 90. Tall lanky frame. Good arm action and whip. Nice and loose, velocity looks effortless. Very quiet and simple delivery. Firm SL at 76-77. Mainly throws out of the stretch.

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Easton Prime Navy

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Easton Prime Navy Roster

2,Dylan Bargery,LHP,5’11”/175,L/L,2022,Beaumont,Highland,CA,
3,Aaron Whobrey,SS,5’10”/160,R/R,2022,Rancho Cucamonga,Highland,CA,
4,David Perez,RHP,6’0”/190,R/R,2022,Citrus Valley,Highland,CA,
8,Seth Cesena,3B,6’0”/180,R/R,2022,Aquinas,Highland,CA,
8,Tyler Nelson,C,6’0”/180,R/R,2022,Centennial,Highland,CA,
15,Trevor Sides,RHP,6’2”/185,R/R,2022,Beaumont,Highland,CA,
16,Andrew Garcia,,5’10”/160,L/L,2022,Valley View,Highland,CA,
17,Elijah Avalos,LHP,5’9”/175,R/L,2022,Canyon Springs,Highland,CA,
18,Max Ryan,RHP,5’11”/160,R/R,2022,Aquinas,Highland,CA,
21,Christian Miesen,RHP,6’5”/175,R/R,2022,Etiwanda,Highland,CA,
24,Jacob Horner,OF,5’11”/165,R/R,2022,Citrus Valley,Highland,CA,
37,Kenneth Ramos,2B,5’10”/180,R/R,2022,Beaumont,Highland,CA,
38,Shea Lewis,3B,5’10”/180,S/R,2022,Highland,Highland,CA,
48,Shaun Pope,OF,6’0”/180,L/L,2022,Beaumont,Highland,CA,
65,Cade Nolan,SS,6’2”/180,R/R,2022,Aquinas,Highland,CA,
75,Jacob Lara,C,5’9”/165,R/R,2022,Riverside Poly,Highland,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#8 Seth Cesena – 3B 2022
Good size, good build in the legs. Can swing it, quick bat, works gaps, line drive hitter. Balanced at the plate. +Arm from 3B, also has good first step reactions. Good with the glove, catches everything. Is always talking and communicating on defense and in the dugout.

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Easton Prime Red

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[peekaboo_content name=“39”]

Easton Prime Red Roster

0,Carter Herrera,RHP,5’10”/165,R/R,2022,Yucaipa,Highland,CA,
2,Frankie Peralez,SS,5’9”/145,R/R,2022,Bishop Amat,Highland,CA,
2,Josh Torres,SS,5’10”/165,R/R,2023,Citrus Valley,Highland,CA,
5,Alex Pintal,RHP,5’11”/180,R/R,2022,Woodcrest Christian,Highland,CA,
7,Wyatt Doty,RHP,6’2”/205,R/R,2022,Yucaipa,Highland,CA,
7,Ivan Rodriguez,SS,5’10”/170,R/R,2023,Citrus Valley,Highland,CA,
9,Eddy Alfaro,SS,5’10”/175,R/R,2022,Canyon Springs,Highland,CA,
9,Jase Evangelista,RHP,6’1”/180,R/R,2023,Mlk,Highland,CA,
10,Eric Bitonti,SS,6’5”/210,L/R,2023,Aquinas,Highland,CA,
12,Jesse Alfaro,RHP,6’0”/175,R/R,2022,Canyon Springs,Highland,CA,
12,Abraham Zapata,C,6’2”/195,R/R,2022,Etiwanda,Highland,CA,
13,Riley Hunsaker,RF,5’11”/165,R/R,2023,Citrus Valley,Highland,CA,
14,Harrie Stewart,RHP,6’2”/250,R/R,2022,Summit,Highland,CA,
20,Ian Umscheid,C,5’10”/190,L/R,2022,Beaumont,Highland,CA,
23,Alfredo Capacete,3B,6’1”/185,R/R,2022,Etiwanda,Highland,CA,
50,Landon Greenhouse,CF,6’0”/175,R/R,2023,Mlk,Highland,CA,
99,Angel Alamelia,SS,5’8”/165,R/R,2022,Indian Springs,Highland,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#5 Alex Pintal – RHP 2022
Athletic build, loose arm, fluid mechanics, great command of secondary pitches, FB: 80-83, touched 84mph, CB: 64-68

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EL Monte Dukes

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EL Monte Dukes Roster

2,Austin Lopez,LHP/OF,5’8”/165,L/L,2022,Damien Hs,Claremont,CA,
5,Gabriel Martinez,C/OF,5’9”/170,R/R,2022,Northview Hs,Covina,CA,
8,Bryce Blanset,RHP/1B,6’3”/190,L/R,2022,Glendora Hs,Glendora,CA,
9,Kai Penuelas,CF/RHP,6’1”/160,R/R,2022,South Hills Hs,Covina,CA,
10,Michael Salcedo,2B/SS,5’10”/140,R/R,2022,Sierra Vista Hs,Baldwin Park,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#9 Kai Penuelas – CF 2022
Assertive in the outfield, plays the game at one speed, gives his team quality ab’s, simple approach at the plate, finds barrel, fundamentally sound ball player, with continued progress he will be a player to watch.

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GBG Renegades

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GBG Renegades Roster

3,Sean Sullivan,IF/RHP,6’0”/160,R/R,2023,Fountain Valley,Fountain Valley,CA,
5,Johnny Long,IF/RHP,5’8”/140,R/R,2024,Cypress,Buena Park,CA,
10,Frank Estrada,SS/2B,6’1”/155,R/R,2023,Kaiser,Jurupa Valley,CA,
13,Gavin Egan,RHP/OF,5’11”/155,R/R,2025,Yucaipa,Yucaipa,CA,
15,Myles Johnson,RHP/3B,6’0”/220,R/R,2022,Katella,,,
20,Landon Runyan,1B/LHP,5’11”/180,L/L,2023,Ocean View,Huntington Beach,CA,
21,Chris Ouellette,OF,5’8”/163,L/R,2022,Fountain Valley,Fountian Valley,CA,
23,Cole Blumenthal,SS/RHP,5’10”/160,R/R,2023,Bishop Montgomery,Redondo Beach,CA,
25,Austin Calzadiaz,LHP,5’10”/160,L/L,2023,Walnut,Walnut,CA,
31,Andrew Frausto,IF/RHP,5’10”/160,R/R,2024,El Dorado,Placentia,CA,
40,Carlos Montiel,LHP/CF,5’9”/135,L/L,2024,Mater Dei,Orange,CA,
42,Joseph Ledesma,IF/RHP,5’8”/150,R/R,2026,Mater Dei,Santa Ana,CA,
55,Thomas Tarango,OF,5’8”/165,R/R,2023,Damien,Glendora,CA,
69,Andres Pasillas,LHP/1B,6’1”/180,L/L,2022,Ayala,Mira Loma,CA
99,Owen Egan,OF/RHP,6’1”/200,R/R,2023,Yucaipa,Yucaipa,CA,
,Jett Hernandez,C/OF,5’11”/170,R/R,2023,Damien,Chino Hills,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#99 Owen Egan – OF 2023
Good size and build. Power to pull side. A lot of hard contact, able to drive the ball. HR to left. Athletic in the OF. Potential to be a very big bat. Physical tools play.

#29 Blake Wentz – RHP 2022
Solid frame and lower half build. Over the top arm slot. FB 82-84 topped 85. Attacks hitters with the fastball, trusts his FB. Good secondary, able to locate it for a strike. Tunnels FB and Secondary stuff very well off of over the top arm slot. Lives in the zone and is able to make adjustments pitch to pitch

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GBG San Diego

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GBG San Diego Roster

0,James Whitman,1B,6’3”/190,R/R,2022,Helix,Spring Valley,CA,
2,Brady Page,IF,5’10”/150,R/R,2022,Astascadero,Ventura,CA,
2,Demarae Woods,OF,6’1”/190,R/R,2022,Helix Hs,Spring Valley,CA,
4,Ryan Albano,OF,5’9”/160,R/R,2022,Eastlake,Chula Vista,CA,
10,Ryan Espinoza,IF,5’10”/165,R/R,2023,Eastlake Hs,Chula Vista,CA,
13,Matthew Hasten,OF,5’9”/175,R/R,2022,Hoover Hs,San Diego,CA,
17,Nico Villalobos,IF,5’10”/170,R/R,2022,University City,Chula Vista,CA,
19,David Gordon,1B,5’3”/250,L/R,2022,Vallahala Hs,San Diego,CA,
20,Peerce Gurrola,IF,6’1”/165,R/R,2022,Mater Dei Catholic (Chula Vista),Chula Vista,CA,
22,Eros Castaneda,IF,/,R/R,2022,Mater Dei Catholic (Chula Vista),Chula Vista,CA,
25,Ivan Ayala,C,5’10”/165,R/R,2023,Mater Dei,San Diego,CA,
27,Vincent Diana,IF,5’9”/160,R/R,2022,Point Loma,San Diego,CA,
33,David Vargas,RHP,5’11”/150,R/L,2022,Eastlake Hs,Chula Vista,CA,
55,Sebastian DE La Toba,1B/RHP,6’1”/190,R/R,2022,Olympian,Chula Vista,CA,
57,James Taylor III,OF,5’10”/165,R/R,2022,Granite Hills Hs,Alpine,CA,
99,Miguel Covarrubias,IF,5’8”/150,R/R,2023,Patrick Henry,San Diego,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#3 Miguel Covarrubias – SS 2022
Lots of pure athleticism; plays the game hard; needs to improve arm to stay at short, but overall good smooth actions

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Highlanders Baseball Academy

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Highlanders Baseball Academy Roster

0,Shane McGrath,OF/IF,6’0”/270,R/R,2022,Granite Hills,Apple Valley,CA,
0,Tony Topete,C/IF,5’11”/165,R/R,2022,Hesperia,Hesperia,CA,
1,David Terrones Jr.,C/1B,6’1”/180,R/R,2022,Rancho Cucamonga,Fontana,CA,
2,Jared Mendoza,IF/OF,5’5”/155,R/R,2024,Citrus Valley,Highland,CA,
4,Jake Taylor,C/RHP,6’1”/165,R/R,2022,Granite Hills,Apple Valley,CA,
5,Dylan Wedge,OF,6’1”/200,R/R,2023,Granite Hills,Apple Valley,CA,
7,Shane Ingrin,OF/1B,5’11”/185,R/R,2022,South Hills,Covins,CA,
9,Richard Carrillo Jr.,RHP/IF,5’8”/172,R/R,2022,San Gorgonio,San Bernardimo,CA,
18,Evan Witherspoon,OF,6’3”/140,R/R,2024,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA
21,Adam Orser,IF/OF,5’9”/125,R/R,2022,Granite Hills,Apple Valley,CA,
23,Dustin Yela,LHP,5’8”/125,L/L,2024,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
24,Evan Robinson,RHP/IF,5’11”/160,R/R,2022,Santiago Hs (Corona),Corona,CA,
27,Beau Wright,OF/RHP,5’9”/150,R/R,2024,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
28,Jayden Rodriguez,LHP/OF,5’11”/150,S/L,2023,Granite Hills,Apple Valley,CA,
33,Isaac Gonzalez,IF,5’9”/140,R/R,2024,Rancho Cucamonga,Fontana,CA,
51,Nicolas Cataldo,LHP/1B,6’6”/245,L/L,2022,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
56,Brody Jerrold,OF,5’8”/140,R/R,2024,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
72,Christian Rizo,RHP/OF,5’9”/130,R/R,2024,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#27 Beau Wright – 3B 2024
Medium frame, Rangy build. Slightly wide stance, High bat to start, Flat bat at load, Short step stride, Level bat plane, Alley power. Playable hands as an infielder. Future 2B/LF.

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Inland Empire Express

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[peekaboo_content name=“24”]

Inland Empire Express Roster

0,Adan Farias,RHP/OF,6’3”/193,R/R,2022,Valley View ,Moreno Valley,CA,
2,Landon Clayton,OF/RHP,6’0”/160,R/R,2022,Woodcrest Christian,Riverside,CA,
3,Anthony Serrato,OF/LHP,5’8”/125,R/L,2025,Moreno Valley High,Moreno Valley,CA,
5,Camden Kraus,2B/OF,5’11”/140,R/R,2023,Martin Luther King ,Riverside,CA,
7,Grant Price,3B/OF,6’1”/186,R/R,2023,Mission Vista Academy,Moreno Valley,CA,
9,Ethan Blumetti,C/3B,5’11”/205,R/R,2022,Beaumont High,Beaumont,CA,
9,Logan Burgess,C/3B,6’2”/250,R/R,2023,Valley View ,Moreno Valley,CA,
11,Erick Ybarra,3B/RHP,6’0”/220,R/R,2022,Beaumont ,Beaumont,CA,
12,Simon Stoffel,C/OF,5’11”/153,R/R,2022,Martin Luther King High,Riverside,CA,
14,Tyler Soren,3B/RHP,6’1”/185,R/R,2022,Mesa Grande Academy,Cherry Valley,CA,
21,Shaun Hughes,2B/3B,5’10”/180,R/R,2022,Beaumont High,Beaumont,CA,
33,Samuel Osborn,LHP/1B,6’4”/180,R/L,2023,Yucaipa ,Yucaipa,CA,
34,Wyatt Cannell,LHP/1B,5’11”/175,L/L,2023,Martin Luther King,Riverside,CA,
55,Matthew Hudson,RHP/SS,5’10”/150,R/R,2022,Martin Luther King High,Riverside,CA,
66,Sebastian Osornio,SS/RHP,5’4”/115,R/R,2025,Banning `,Cabazon,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#55 Matthew Hudson – RHP/SS 2022
Bright future on the mound. Violent delivery with fastball consistent between 86-87. Top 88. Throws a hard slider/cutter 78-79. Sharp 12-6 curveball at 72. Does a good job maintaining arm speed on off speed pitches. Tough to hit. Competes down in the zone. High follow.

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Legacy Baseball Group 17U Black

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Legacy Baseball Group 17U Black Roster

4,Daniel Oneil,C/OF,5’10”/165,R/R,2022,Solano,Canyon Country,CA,
8,Madden Ocko,SS,6’1”/175,R/R,2023,Notre Dame,Canyon Country,CA,
9,Ben Reimers,RHP/3B,6’3”/185,R/R,2023,Jserra,Canyon Country,CA,
11,Vincent Cervantes,SS/2B,5’10”/165,R/R,2023,Birmingham,Canyon Country,CA,
12,Jake Bourne,OF,5’10”/160,R/R,2023,Jserra,Canyon Country,CA,
15,Owen Carlson,SS/IF,5’9”/160,L/R,2023,Harvard-westlake,Canyon Country,CA,
21,Hunter Watkins,RHP/1B,6’8”/205,R/R,2023,Grace Bretheran,Canyon Country,CA,
21,Davis White,RHP/OF,6’1”/170,R/R,2023,Harvard-westlaske,Canyon Country,CA,
22,Matthew Radogna,SS/2B,5’9”/155,R/R,2023,Jserra,Canyon Country,CA,
24,Noah Nichols,OF/RHP,5’11”/170,R/R,2022,Valencia,Canyon Country,CA,
25,Lucas Ragusin,RHP,5’8”/155,R/R,2022,Crespi,Canyon Country,CA,
30,Mark Baca,OF/1B,6’3”/205,L/R,2022,Bullard,Canyon Country,CA,
35,Bear Harrison,C/1B,6’3”/205,R/R,2023,Jserra,Canyon Country,CA,
38,Dominic Smaldino,IF/RHP,6’4”/200,R/R,2023,Jserra,Canyon Country,CA,
42,David Lozano,2B/RHP,5’10”/160,R/R,2023,Harvard-westlake,Canyon Country,CA,
45,Aric Berg,RHP,6’1”/175,R/R,2022,Chaminade,Canyon Country,CA,
47,Aidan Jbara,1B/OF,6’4”/200,R/R,2022,Palisades,Canyon Country,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#38 Dominic Smaldino – RHP 2023
Extra large frame, Strong build, Projectable pitchers’ body. H3/4 Arm slot, East/West back arm swing, Loose arm action. Has more in him. FB: 82-84 MPH Downhill Run & Some sink. CH: 76-78 MPH + Sink CB: 66-67 MPH Slides

#9 Ben Reimers – RHP 2023
Tall frame, Well proportioned build. OH arm slot, High kick, Long arc in the back, Cuts of extension. FB: 84-86 MPH Slight Run. CB: 67 MPH Slurve

#35 Bear Harrison – C 2023
Large frame, Stocky build. Upright open stance, Vertical bat, High back elbow, Down bat plane, Backspin for carry power. Playable arm behind the plate.

#45 Aric Berg – RHP 2022
Thin frame, athletic build, room for added development, high 3/4 arm slot, medium kick, controlled mechanics, fluid arm action. Fb: 81-84mph.

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MVP Red Sox 16

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MVP Red Sox 16 Roster

2,Jeremy Neinstein,2B/SS,5’5”/116,R/R,2023,De Toledo High,.,CA,
3,Liam Flanders,OF/1B,6’2”/208,R/R,2022,El Camino High,.,CA,
3,Emmanuel Urteaga,1B/LHP,5’6”/140,L/L,2024,Camarillo High,.,CA,
5,Cameron Kahira,SS/RHP,5’6”/125,R/R,2024,Chaminade,.,CA,
7,James Heller,C/RHP,6’0”/160,R/R,2024,De Toledo High,.,CA,
8,Ryan Weiss,2B/SS,5’9”/145,R/R,2023,Oak Park High,.,CA,
10,Paul Lizzul,1B/3B,6’0”/160,L/R,2024,Westlake High,.,CA,
12,Michael Leddy,1B/OF,6’0”/160,L/L,2024,Moorpark High,.,CA,
13,Ryan Schenck,OF/RHP,6’0”/175,R/R,2023,De Toledo High,.,CA,
16,Austin McNeil,2B/SS,5’9”/150,R/R,2023,Newbury Park High,.,CA,
17,Kaden Rizzo,RHP/OF,6’0”/145,R/R,2023,Notre Dame High,.,CA,
24,Zachary Grundfest,3B/C,5’10”/175,R/R,2023,De Toledo High,.,CA,
28,Blake Kang,C,6’1”/210,R/R,2024,Newbury Park High,.,CA,
30,Max Amador,RHP/3B,6’2”/210,R/R,2023,Newbury Park High,.,CA,
51,Camron Muldoon,RHP,5’7”/140,R/R,2023,Camarillo High,.,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#10 Paul Lizzul – 3B 2024
Tall frame, Athletic build, Projectable body. Even stance, High back elbow, Rocks back to load, Vertical bat, Slight uppercut bat plane, Alley power. Good actions at 3B, Accurate arm.

#30 Max Amador – RHP 2023
Bigger body. Simple delivery with an over the top arm slot. Room for more velocity as he develops. Fastball 81-83 with light run. Breaking ball at 70.

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NC Valley Baseball 16

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NC Valley Baseball 16 Roster

2,Andrew Balentine,1B,5’10”/180,L/L,2023,.,Ceres,CA,
7,Max Martinez,OF,5’8”/165,R/R,2023,.,Modesto,CA,
11,Joel Roberts,IF,5’10”/180,R/R,2023,.,.,CA,
22,Landon Chamberlain,3B/C,5’9”/175,R/R,2023,.,Manteca,CA,
22,Landon Stone,RHP,5’7”/150,R/R,2023,.,Salida,CA,
28,Cristian Jacinto,IF,5’7”/140,R/R,2023,.,Modesto,CA,
48,Heston Blom,RHP,6’0”/160,R/R,2023,.,Modesto,CA,
57,Brandon Leon,RHP/OF,5’9”/150,R/R,2023,.,Turlock,CA,
,Alex Lopez,IF,5’10”/210,R/R,2023,.,Ceres,CA,
,Marcus Perez,IF/C,5’7”/150,R/R,2023,.,Riverbank,CA,
,Derek Pham,SS,5’9”/160,R/R,2023,.,.,CA,
,Ryan Silva,C,5’9”/150,R/R,2023,.,Riverbank,CA,
,Tyler Story,OF,5’9”/150,R/R,2024,Bonneville ,Riverdale,UT,
,Grant Veneman,RHP,6’2”/175,R/R,2023,.,Modesto,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#11 Joel Roberts – CF 2023
5’11” Athletic build, Projectable body. Upright and open stance, High bat, High back elbow, Down bat plane with some bat speed, Run producer. Runs OK/Long strides.

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NC Valley Baseball 17

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NC Valley Baseball 17 Roster

5,Andrew (Aj) Hutcheson,RHP/IF,5’10”/160,L/R,2022,Elk Grove High,Wilton,CA,
35,Ryan Zamora,RHP/IF,6’0”/180,R/R,2022,Elk Grove ,Eastvale,CA,
47,Eric Valdez,RHP/3B,6/185,R/R,2022,Damonte Ranch,Reno,NV
50,Dylan Fuller,OF/1B,5’10”/180,L/L,2022,Pitman ,Modesto,CA,
51,Nolan Anderson,RHP,6’1”/185,R/R,2022,Central Catholic,Oakdale,CA,
52,Nathan Criswell,RHP/OF,6’2”/185,R/R,2022,Oakdale ,Escalon,CA,
55,Korey Williams,SS/IF,6’1”/180,R/R,2022,Elk Grove ,Elk Grove,CA,
,Fernando Alaniz,C/IF,5’8”/185,R/R,2024,Central Catholic,Modesto,CA,
,Noah Canter,C/OF,5’8”/180,R/R,2022,Elk Grove ,Elk Grove,CA,
,Adrian Garcia,RHP/SS,5’10”/170,R/R,2024,Central Catholic,Modesto,CA,
,Mateo Garcia,IF,6’0”/175,L/R,2022,Pitman High,Turlock,CA,
,Logan Gibson,OF/RHP,5’9”/155,R/R,2022,Enochs,Modesto,CA,
,Kody Sims,IF,6’1”/175,R/R,2022,Turlock High,Turlock,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#5 AJ Hutcheson – RHP/IF 2022
Left handed hitting infielder. Slightly open stance with a quiet lid. Consistently made hard contact. Got the barrel on time every at bat. Looks to attack the fastball early in the count.

#50 Nathaniel Criswell – RHP 2022
FB 89-91. Live arm. Good build. Tend to pull off and yank glove side Fastball. Firm curveball. Has success in the zone when gets gathered on back side, good rhythm, and is not too quick to home. When mechanics get in sync, stuff plays. Next level pitcher, only going to get better when mechanics sync consistently.

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NC Valley Baseball Utah

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NC Valley Baseball Utah Roster

1,Jaden Gines,OF,6’0”/165,R/R,2021,Woods Cross High,Woods Cross,UT,
2,Taylor Ayala,2B/OF,5’8”/155,R/R,2022,Woods Cross ,Bountiful,UT,
6,Quincy Judd,OF,5’10”/165,R/R,2022,Herriman High,Herriman,UT,
7,Truman Duryea,OF/LHP,5’8”/160,L/L,2022,Bountiful High,Bountiful,UT,
9,Kade Larson,3B/RHP,5’10”/175,R/R,2022,Jordan High,Riverton,UT,
11,Jack Bell,OF/3B,5’9”/165,R/R,2022,Woods Cross High,Bountiful,UT,
15,Micah Mortensen,OF,6’0”/175,L/L,2022,Woods Cross High,Bountiful,UT,
19,Mason Kent,OF/RHP,5’9”/150,R/R,2022,Mountain Ridge High,Herriman,UT,
20,Luke Workman,3B,6’1”/180,R/R,2022,Farmington High,Farmington,UT,
28,Isaac Bateman,RHP/3B,6’0”/170,R/R,2022,Mountain Ridge High,Herriman,UT,
32,Blake Stanger,RHP/1B,6’2”/180,L/L,2022,Woods Cross High,N Salt Lake,UT,
44,Brody Barker,C/OF,6’0”/165,R/R,2022,Herriman High,Herriman,UT,
82,Drew Beck,OF/RHP,5’8”/185,R/R,2022,Bountiful ,Bountiful,UT,
83,Isaac Canelon,C/OF,6’1”/180,R/R,2022,Woods Cross High,Nsl,UT,

#83 Isaac Canelon – C/OF 2022
Athletic actions behind the plate. Sits low in multiple stances. Receives pitches on the edge well. Quick release with a strong arm. Pop time ranged 1.99-2.04 in between innings. Catches ball deep with good rhythm.

#7 Truman Duryea – OF/LHP 2022
Athletic build. Gets behind balls well in the outfield. Catches ball high and gets rid of it quickly. Very strong and accurate throws to bases. Confident hitter at the plate. Good approach and loads on time with the fastball.

#32 Blake Stanger – LHP 2022
Big body, big lower half, wide wing span, potential to be a dominating pitcher, attacks hitters, doesn’t back down, fastball topped at 86, slider sits 73-75, curveball sits 72 -74, potential to be special.

#44 Brody Barker – C 2022
Natural baseball player, assertive catcher, strong build, hard worker, communicates well, plus arm, plus accuracy, throws through his targets, blocks very well, keeps the ball centered off his chest protector, moves laterally smoothly, 2.2 pop time, processed on offense and defense, next level player.

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NorCal 2022 Blue

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NorCal 2022 Blue Roster

,Snodgrass,Miles,2B,R/R,/,2022,Analy Hs,,
,Sherell,Andrew, ,/,/,,,,
,Vargas,Jace,RHP,R/R,5’11”/150,2022,Central Valley Christian,Visalia, CA
11,Wood,Tyler,RHP,R/R,6’2”/175,2022,Delasalle,Danville, CA
13,Menesini,Justin,SS,R/R,/,2022,Vacaville Hig,,
14,Price,Porter,OF,R/R,/,2022,Oakridge Hs,,
19,Defeo,Dominic,C,R/R,5’11”/190,2022,Palo Alto High,Palo Alto, CA
20,Saavedra,Alex,RHP,R/R,/,2022,Marin Catholic,,
22,Amborn,Cal,RHP,R/R,6’4”/190,2022,Sir Francis Drake,Larkspurb, CA
33,May,Michael,SS,R/R,/,2022,,, CA
88,Cole,Michon,OF,R/R,5’6”/158,2022,Freedom High,Oakley, CA

#25 Miles Snodgrass – C/UTIL 2023
Athletic catcher. Feet move quick. Lets the ball travel and makes clean exchanges. Pop time ranged 2.01-2.14 in between innings. Athletic enough to play various positions. Good plate discipline.

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NorCal 2022 White

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NorCal 2022 White Roster

4,Evan Merz,SS,5’9”/170,L/R,2022,Freedom Hs,Oakley,CA,
10,Kyle Pusich,RHP,5’9”/165,R/R,2022,Amador Valley Hs,Pleasanton,CA,
16,Lucas Marlowe,C,5’10”/190,R/R,2022,California Hs,San Ramon,CA,
21,Dylan Fanelli,2B,5’10”/165,R/R,2022,California Hs,San Ramon,CA,
24,Dylan Anderson,RHP,6’0”/185,R/R,2022,Kimball Hs,Tracy,CA,
25,Brayden Mathews,SS,5’9”/170,R/R,2022,Branson Hs,San Francisco,CA,
26,James Salapare,SS,5’9”/165,L/R,2022,James Logan Hs,Union City,CA,
27,Geno Baffico,C,6’1”/175,R/R,2022,Freedom Hs,Oakley,CA,
28,Andre Hyrkin,OF,5’11”/175,R/R,2022,Palo Alto Senior Hs,Palo Alto,CA,
31,Markis Sanders,OF,5’11”/175,R/R,2022,Mcqueen Hs,Reno,NV,
32,Andrew Sapwell,SS,6’0”/155,R/R,2022,Oakdale Hs,Oakdale,CA,
34,Jason Smith,C,6’2”/205,R/R,2022,Rio American Hs,Carmichael,CA,
35,Dante Black,OF,5’10”/160,R/R,2022,Palo Alto Senior Hs,Palo Alto,CA,
36,Nikolas Ruden,SS,6’0”/175,R/R,2022,International Hs,San Francisco,CA,
39,Aiden Leggett,LHP,5’7”/135,R/L,2022,Amador Valley Hs,Pleasanton,CA,
41,Cruz Quezada,C,6’2”/180,R/R,2022,Marin Catholic Hs,Mill Valley,CA,
98,Dylan McShane,RHP,6’85”/210,R/R,2022,St. Mary’s Hs,Stockton,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#27 Geno Baffico – C 2022
Athletic. Good rhythm and lets the ball travel. Gets right foot down quickly. Pop time was as low as 2.01 in between innings. Good receiver. Beats the ball to the spot and works back to the zone.

#26 James Salapare – IF 2022
Compact build. Fields ball out in front with quick transfers. Above average arm strength. Very accurate. Defensive abilities project at both shortstop and third base. Shows power potential to the pull side gap. Gets barrel one the zone on time.

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NorCal 2023 Cardinal

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NorCal 2023 Cardinal Roster

3,Isaac Gala,CF/RHP,5’10”/165,R/R,2023,Home Schooled,Antioch,CA,
6,Tre’von Jones,OF/IF,6’1”/190,R/R,2023,Heritage,Brentwood,CA,
8,Jack Lazark,IF/RHP,6’1”/185,R/R,2023,Cardinal Newman,Santa Rosa,CA,
12,Ethan Winslow,OF/IF,6’1”/190,R/R,2023,Kingsburg Hs,Kingsburg,CA,
14,Trent Malik,C/OF,5’10”/180,R/R,2023,Bellarmine,San Jose,CA,
19,Carter Stoltz,RHP/OF,6’0”/170,R/R,2023,Davis Senior High,Davis,CA,
21,Brendan Comerford,SS,5’10”/170,R/R,2023,Foothill ,Pleasanton,CA,
25,Ajay Griffin,LHP/OF,5’9”/160,L/L,2023,Saint Francis,San Jose,AR,
26,Justice Brinson,C,5’9”/175,R/R,2023,Cardinal Newman,Windsor,CA,
32,Dylan Rodgers,RHP/3B,6’0”/180,R/R,2023,Damonte Ranch,Reno,NV,
34,Andrew Zheng,RHP/OF,5’11”/185,R/R,2023,Monte Vista,Danville,CA,
35,Tyler Ness,SS/2B,6’0”/180,L/R,2023,Home Schooled,Turlock,CA,
36,Alessandro Shinn,RHP,6’3”/170,R/R,2023,Saint Francis,San Mateo,CA,
41,Aiden Henderson,C,6’0”/210,R/R,2023,Broken Arrow s,Broken Arrow,OK,
44,Angelo Luna,1B,6’0”/200,L/L,2023,Pittsburg,Pittsburg,CA,
52,Zane Baltz,SS,6’2”/210,R/R,2023,Heritage- Brentwood,Brentwood,CA,
53,Bo Rico,C/OF,6’2”/200,L/R,2023,Redwood High,Visalia,CA,
55,Warren Vercher,RHP,6’5”/220,R/R,2023,Edison ,Fresno,CA,
59,Nick Alkire,1B,6’0”/220,L/R,2023,Jesuit,Folsom,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#55 Warren Vercher – RHP 2023
Huge body, strong athletic build, explosive lower half, attacks hitters m, sets the tone, dominating fastball thrower, will challenge guys in and out the zone, fastball sits 83-86, deceptive curveball ball, fields his position, potential to be next level gamer.

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OC Premier Navy

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OC Premier Navy Roster

0,Carter,Ryan,OF/LHP,L/L,5’11”/165,2022,Brea Olinda,Brea, CA
5,Avichouser,Aiden,C,R/R,5’10”/180,2022,Servite,Yorba Linda, CA
11,Lee,Peyton,2B/3B,R/R,5’10”/165,2022,La Habra,La Habra, CA
11,Gonzalez,Ernesto,RHP/OF,R/R,6’1”/160,2023,Foothill,Sanata Ana, CA
14,Burke,Jack,C/2B,R/R,5’10”/175,2022,Villa Park,Villa Park, CA
17,Garcia,Gabe,RHP/OF,R/R,6’1”/160,2022,Foothill,Santa Ana, CA
17,Lane,Max,CF/2B,R/R,6’0”/170,2022,Corona Del Mar,Corona Del Mar, CA
20,Ocampo,Zach,LHP/1B,R/L,5’9”/155,2024,Cypress,Cypress, CA
21,Swain,JT,3B/1B,R/R,5’11”/180,2022,Brea Olinda,Brea, CA
22,Parker,Andrew,SS/2B,R/R,5’11”/175,2023,Foothill,Santa Ana, CA
24,Moncada,Sal,RHP/3B,R/R,6’2”/170,2022,Esperanza,Yorba Linda, CA
25,Kirk,Ryan,2B/CF,R/R,5’11”/170,2022,Esperanza,Yorba Linda, CA
35,Cowley,TY,1B/LHP,L/L,6’2”/175,2023,Foothill,Santa Ana, CA

#5 Aiden Avichouser – C 2022
Good pre-pitch rhythm behind the plate. Let’s the ball get deep and uses its momentum on transfers. Easy arm action with pop time 2.00-2.03. Primary works out of a left knee down stance. Plus receiver.

#14 Jack Burke – C/2B 2022
Extremely athletic. Stays low on tough hops. Fields backhands and short hops well. High 3/4 arm slot with some velocity. Gets barrel in the zone on time. Line drive approach. Ball jumps off his bat.

#22 Andrew Parker – SS 2023
Sure handed, great awareness, always one step ahead, knows how to take care of the baseball, takes what the game gives him, simple approach, processed at the plate, great hands, smooth hands through the zone, bright future.

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PFA Central Valley

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PFA Central Valley Roster

0,Miguel Barraza,LF/RHP,5’7”/140,R/R,2023,Robert F. Kennedy ,Delano,CA,
0,Chris Flores,OF,5’11”/153,R/R,2022,Clovis West ,Fresno,CA,
1,Jeremiah Guerra,2B,5’6”/125,R/R,2023,Delano ,Bakersfield,CA,
3,Dominic Dominguez,LF,6’0”/155,L/L,2022,Robert F. Kennedy ,Wasco,CA,
4,Jonathan Torrez,SS/CF,5’9”/160,R/R,2022,Tulare Western ,Visalia,CA,
5,Jacob Haros,SS/2B,5’11”/160,R/R,2022,Clovis ,Fresno,CA,
7,Ever Murguia,1B/RHP,6’1”/235,R/R,2023,Robert F. Kennedy ,Delano,CA,
9,Edwin Solis,2B/RHP,5’7”/190,R/R,2022,Shafter ,Shafter,CA,
10,Jordan Mora,3B/RHP,5’11”/190,S/R,2023,Centennial ,Bakersfield,CA,
12,Sabastian Orozco,RF/LF,5’11”/180,R/R,2022,Cesar E. Chavez ,Delano,CA,
14,Jason Smith,C,6’0”/180,R/R,2023,Garces Memorial ,Bakersfield,CA,
15,Matthew Arismendez,1B,6’1”/235,L/R,2022,Shafter ,Bakersfield,CA,
22,Hernin Luna,CF/RHP,5’7”/160,R/R,2022,Corcoran ,Corcoran,CA,
27,Trevor Hampel,RHP/RF,5’11”/170,R/R,2023,El Diamante ,Visalia,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#10 Jordan Mora – RHP 2023
Big build, big lower half, throws a heavy fastball, attacks the zone, executes is pitches, doesn’t get tired, makes pitching look effortless, can locate off speed in and out the zone, can put guys away, topped at 86.

#5 Jacob Haros – SS/2B 2022
Slightly Tall Frame, Slender Build, High Waisted. Even Stance, Vertical Bat, Toe Tap Stride, Down Bat Plane. Long Running Style, Will Steal a Bag, Sure Hands on the INF, Accurate Arm.

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PFA Oxnard

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PFA Oxnard Roster

12,Nic Reyes,SS/IF,5’8”/140,R/R,2022,Oxnard ,Oxnard,CA,
14,Joseph Ortiz,OF/RHP,5’7”/153,R/R,2023,Oxnard ,Oxnard,CA,
15,Eric Rodriguez,RHP/OF,5’10”/150,R/R,2023,Oxnard ,Oxnard,CA,
16,Arturo Menchaca,IF/OF,5’6”/135,R/R,2023,Oxnard ,Oxnard,CA,
17,Jagger Pena,SS/RHP,6’1”/150,R/R,2023,St. Bonaventure,Santa Paula,CA,
19,Alan Sanchez,3B/OF,5’8″/170,R/R,2023,Oxnard ,Oxnard,CA,
23,Noah Aguiar,LHP/OF,5’8”/140,L/L,2023,St. Bonaventure , Ventura,Oxnard,CA,
32,Jake Reyes,C/OF,5’8”/165,R/R,2022,Oxnard ,Oxnard,CA,
34,Jayden Macias,3B/IF,6’2”/160,R/R,2024,St. Bonaventure,Camarillo,CA,
40,Nolan Moreau,LHP/1B,5’11”/154,L/L,2022,Oxnard ,Oxnard,CA,
41,Jacob Stringer,C/OF,6’1”/165,R/R,2024,Oxnard ,Oxnard,CA,
47,Angel Cano,OF/SS,6’2”/141,R/R,2023,St. Bonaventure,Oxnard,CA,
49,Brendan McBride,1B/RHP,6’0”/166,R/R,2023,St. Bonaventure,Ventura,CA,
60,Matias Quintana,RHP,6’1”/205,L/R,2022,St. Bonaventure , Ventura,Oxnard,CA,
62,Jalen Patton,1B/OF,6’2”/225,R/R,2022,St. Bonaventure,Oxnard,CA,
63,Brandon Flores,3B/C,5’8”/195,R/R,2022,St. Bonaventure,Oxnard,CA,
70,Ian Contreras,RHP/IF,6’1”/195,R/R,2023,Oxnard ,Oxnard,CA,
72,Bryce Zavala,RHP/1B,6’4”/220,R/R,2023,Santa ,Santa Paula,CA,
75,Ryan Reyes,C/1B,5’7”/180,R/R,2025,Oxnard ,Oxnard,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#72 Bryce Zavala – RHP 2023
Extra large frame, Sturdy build. In between H3/4 & 3/4 Arm slot. High kick out of the wind-up, Fair mechanics, Short arc in the back, Slight cut off on extension. FB: 82-84 MPH Side Run with some sink. SL: 73-74 MPH 3/4 Rotation. CH: 77-78 MPH Fades.

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Playa Vista Orioles Select

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[peekaboo_content name=“44”]

Playa Vista Orioles Select Roster

1,Kyle Rosenfeld,IF,5’6”/145,R/R,2022,Valencia,Valencia,CA,
3,Matt Delgado,C,/,,2021,Monrovia,Monrovia,CA,
8,Jasper Adlerman,IF,6’2”/185,L/R,2023,Img,West Hollywood,CA,
13,Ricardo Ojeda,LHP,/,L/L,2023,Valencia,Valencia,CA,
15,Skyler Chang,IF,6’0”/155,R/R,2022,Windward School,Pacific Palisades,CA,
15,Julian Mangas,RHP/1B,6’5”/185,R/R,2022,Salesian,Los Angeles,CA,
17,Tyler Biggs,RHP,6’3”/175,R/R,2022,Valencia,Valencia,CA,
17,Jake Fogel,LF,/,L/L,2022,Palos Verdes,Rancho Palos Verdes,CA,
19,Tyler Utz,IF,5’9”/175,R/R,2022,Valencia,Valencia,CA,
24,Luka Brancato,LHP,6’1”/205,L/L,2022,Redondo Beach,Redondo Beach,CA,
27,Tommy Peacock,OF/RHP,5’10”/185,R/R,2022,Culver City,Culver City,CA,
33,Kaden Shields,OF/RHP,6’2”/175,R/R,2022,Valencia,Valencia,CA,
48,Tanner Carranaza,OF/C,5’10”/190,R/R,2023,Brawley Union,El Centro,CA,
65,Will Stanley,1B,6’2”/185,R/R,2022,Valencia,Valencia,CA,
67,Jorge Martinez,1B/LHP,5’11”/25,L/L,2023,Los Angeles Poly,North Hollywood,CA,
74,Jayce Fine,IF/C,5’10”/160,R/R,2023,Hart,Valencia,CA,
99,Elijah Salgado,1B/LHP,5’9”/185,R/L,2022,Brawley,Brawley,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#45 Hannoh Seo – POS GRAD
Athletic build, loose arm, solid mechanics, good command of offspeed. FB: 82-85. Top: 88. CB: 72-73

#15 Skylar Chang – SS 2022
Thin Frame, Wiry Build, Projectable Growth Potential, Vertical Bat, Controlled Approach, Good Bat Speed, Plus Bat Control, Slightly Uppercut Bat Plane, Gap Power. Quick First Step, Plus Actions at SS, Quick Release Arm, Future SS.

#33 Kaden Shields – OF/RHP 2022
Slightly Tall Frame, Athletic Build, Room for Added Development. Open Stance, Upright Bat, Balanced Stride, Down Bat Plane, Run Producer Type Power, Good Hitting Ability. Throws for Carry Type Arm.

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Prevail Baseball

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Prevail Baseball Roster

5,Kent Nguyen,IF,5’7”/125,S/R,2023,None,Huntington Beach,CA,
8,Kaleb Fiscus,RHP,6’3”/170,R/R,2024,Huntington Beach,Hb,CA,
9,Gavin Clarke,OF/1B,6’4”/170,L/L,2023,Mater Dei,Hb,CA,
10,Jake Russell,C/IF,6’1”/160,R/R,2025,Marina,Hb,CA,
11,Evan Van Holt,RHP/C,6’5”/180,R/R,2024,Huntington Beach,Hb,CA,
13,Braden Clark,OF,6’0”/160,R/R,2023,Mater Dei,Hb,CA,
14,Jack Baron,OF/RHP,6’1”/160,R/R,2023,Newport Harbor,Hb,CA,
20,Slater Vaughan,RHP,6’0”/165,R/R,2023,Huntington Beach,Hb,CA,
22,Rocco Bollini,RHP/IF,5’10”/160,R/R,2024,None,Hb,CA,
23,Gavin Johnson,1B/LHP,5’7”/175,L/L,2025,Edison,Hb,CA,
24,JM Harduvel,RHP,6’5”/210,L/R,2023,Mater Dei,Hb,CA,
25,Caleb Smallwood,IF/RHP,5’8”/170,L/R,2023,Marina,Hb,CA,
28,Dominic Riola,C,5’9”/160,R/R,2023,Marina,Hb,CA,
29,Jack Pinkert,IF/RHP,6’1”/170,R/R,2024,Newport Harbor,Newport Beach,CA,
32,Owen Glascoe,IF/OF,5’6”/130,R/R,2022,Huntington Beach,Hb,CA,
33,Jacob Menard,IF,5’10”/150,R/R,2024,Mater Dei,Hb,CA,
33,Jacob Menard,IF,6’0”/160,R/R,2023,Mater Dei,Hb,CA,
34,Maddox Vermeeren,IF/RHP,5’8”/135,R/R,2024,Oceanview,Hb,CA,
44,Trent Johnson,C/IF,6’0”/150,R/R,2023,Edison,Hb,CA,
48,Jack Kamalski,OF/RHP,6’3”/185,L/R,2023,Edison,Hb,CA,
70,Robert Villa,RHP,6’3”/160,R/R,2023,Marina,Hb,CA,
90,Dustin Soto,C/IF,5’8”/150,R/R,2024,Marina,Hb,CA,
99,Wyatt Thomas,IF/RHP,6’1”/176,R/R,2023,Huntington Beach,Huntington Beach,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#99 Wyatt Thomas – RHP 2023
Projectable body, big lower half, firm fastball, competes within the zone, can put guys away, potential to be a gamer at the next level with continued progress, can field his position, great tempo on the mound, stays composed, topped at 81.

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Redlands Bulldogs Black

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Redlands Bulldogs Black Roster

1,Timothy Monaghan, Jr,OF/LHP,5’10”/155,L/L,2022,Yucaipa,Highland,CA,
2,Cody Lemler,IF/RHP,5’9”/145,R/R,2023,Citrus Valley,Redlands,CA,
3,Dane Lujan,C/OF,5’7”/195,R/R,2023,Citrus Valley,Highland,CA,
4,CY Robertson,IF/OF,5’10”/155,R/R,2022,Citrus Valley,Highland,CA,
6,Aaiden Yusuf,C/OF,6’2”/170,R/R,2023,Classical Academy,El Cajon,CA,
8,William Vandyke,2B/RHP,5’10”/160,R/R,2023,Citrus Valley,Highland,CA,
12,Aden Cowie,3B/RHP,5’9”/185,R/R,2023,Citrus Valley,Redlands,CA,
22,Cameron Sousa,RHP/1B,6’1”/225,R/R,2023,Yucaipa,Yucaipa,CA,
27,Evan Stratton,RHP/SS,6’1”/165,R/R,2022,Redlands,Highland,CA,
30,Marc Dicarlo,IF/RHP,6’4”/180,L/R,2023,Citrus Valley,Highland,CA,
36,Tyler Klezovich,C/LF,6’0”/185,R/R,2022,Redlands,Redlands,CA,
36,Jamil Mouri,C/OF,5’10”/165,R/R,2022,Redlands East Valley,Redlands,CA,
38,Ethan Izumi,SS/2B,5’9”/150,R/R,2023,Ayala,Eastvale,CA,
48,Jayson Nace,RHP/1B,6’1”/185,R/R,2022,Yucaipa,Yucaipa,CA,
49,Tyler Albanese,RHP/1B,6’5”/235,R/R,2023,Redlands East Valley,Mentone,CA,
50,Devynn Heller,RHP,6’4”/225,R/R,2022,Beaumont,Highland,CA,
51,Hayden Coon,RHP,6’0”/205,R/R,2021,Yucaipa,Redlands,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#30 Marc Dicarlo – RHP 2023
Well proportioned build, Room for added development. H3/4 Arm slot, Throws slightly across his body, Easy arm action. 4 Pitch mix. FB: 82-84 MPH Downplane Sink. CB: 65-67 MPH 12/6 Rotation Strike zone bite at times (Out Pitch). SL: 69-71 MPH Short break. CH: 74-75 MPH Deceptive & Fades.

#48 Jason Nace – RHP 2022
Threw complete game, FB: 85mph, good tempo on the mound, sound mechanics, works stronger as game progressed

#4 CY Robertson – INF 2022
Smooth fielder, plus arm, quick hands, works through ball well and is very poised on field and in batters box. Good bat speed, up the middle, short-to/long-through swing. Good speed on bases.

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San Diego Gamers

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San Diego Gamers Roster

4,Dylan McEvers,OF,5’11”/175,R/R,2021,Paloma Valley,Menifee,CA,
7,Hudson Castillo,OF/LHP,6’0”/170,L/L,2022,Vista Murrieta,Murrieta,CA,
10,Jake Ledford,OF,5’7”/130,R/R,2023,Vista Murrieta,Murrieta,CA,
11,Walker Bush,SS/2B,5’10”/185,R/R,2023,Paloma Valley,Menifee,CA,
12,Aj Kendall,C/OF,6’2”/160,R/R,2022,Paloma Valley,Menifee,CA,
13,Matthew Gaunt,3B/RHP,5’10”/175,R/R,2021,Paloma Valley,Menifee,CA,
16,Jaydon Thompson,OF,5’6”/150,R/R,2023,Great Oak,Temecula,CA,
22,Angel Barrientos,LF,5’8”/160,L/L,2023,Paloma Valley,Menifee,CA,
23,Isaac Gutierrez,2B/SS,5’9”/140,R/R,2023,Vista Murrieta,Murrieta,CA,
25,Joshua Mongomery,3B,5’10”/165,R/R,2022,Paloma Valley,Menifee,CA,
33,Elijah Karney,RHP,6’1”/175,R/R,2023,Paloma Valley,Menifee,CA,
34,Ryan Shubert,C/RF,5’10”/150,L/R,2022,Paloma Valley,Menifee,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#15 Lucas Perko – RHP 2023
Strong athletic body type, explosive lower half, firm fastball, challenges hitters, great tempo, competes within the strike zone, gets ahead of hitters, fastball sits 77-80, slows the game down, stays in control of his game, bright future.

#33 Elijah Karney – RHP 2023
Good frame. Longer arm path and uses body well. Fastball consistent 83-86. Mixes in breaking ball with slurve action 66-70. Good tempo and demeanor.

#34 Ryan Shubert – C/RF 2022
Thinner build. Loose arms. Typically preferred to use “load and throw” technique on throws to second. Had a quick release in game and flashed a 2.06 on a caught stealing. Very accurate.

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SGV Arsenal Black

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[peekaboo_content name=“47”]

SGV Arsenal Black Roster

1,Aeden Alexander,SS/RHP,5’9”/165,R/R,2022,St. John Bosco,San Dimas,CA,
2,Nicholas Cook,2B/IF,5’9”/160,R/R,2022,Maranatha,Pasadena,CA,
3,Damien Cornejo,OF,5’11”/165,R/R,2022,South Hills,West Covina,CA,
5,Brian Leith,LHP/OF,6’0”/135,L/L,2022,Bonita,La Verne,CA,
6,Ethan Morales,RHP,6’2”/190,R/R,2022,St. Paul,Temecula,CA,
7,Matthew Lorenzano,RHP/2B,5’11”/150,R/R,2022,South Hills,West Covina,CA,Long Beach State
8,Matthew Yanez,OF/RHP,6’2”/160,R/R,2022,South Hills,Hacienda Heighs,CA,
10,Zachary Nava,RHP/OF,5’11”/155,R/R,2022,South Hills,West Covina,CA,
13,Evan Burns,3B/RHP,6’2”/165,R/R,2022,South Hills,Covina,CA,
14,Michael Ramirez,SS/2B,5’4”/135,L/R,2022,Torrance,Torrance,CA,
15,Ethan Lee,3B/RHP,5’8”/170,R/R,2022,South Hills,West Covina,CA,
16,Jace Padares,1B/RHP,6’3”/175,L/R,2022,St. John Bosco,Whittier,CA,
17,Gilbert Morales,1B/OF,5’10”/165,L/L,2022,South Hills,La Puente,CA,
18,Robert Linares,RF/1B,6’3”/170,R/R,2022,Warren,Downey,CA,
19,Adam Marquez,2B/3B,5’8”/150,R/R,2022,South Hilla,Montebello,CA,
20,Landan Nissim,LHP,5’6”/150,L/L,2022,Newbury Park,Newbury Park,CA,
21,Carlos Castellanos,RHP/LHP,6’0”/175,R/R,2022,Salesian,Alhambra,CA,
22,Nathan Boyce,LHP/1B,5’6”/190,L/L,2023,St. John Bosco,Norwalk,CA,
31,Alejandro Morales,LHP,5’11”/165,L/L,2022,Bishop Amat,La Puente,CA,
33,Logan Hamrick,OF/RHP,6’0”/160,R/R,2022,Edison,Huntington Beach,CA,
33,Nickolas Moreno,C/OF,6’0”/150,R/R,2023,Maranatha,Los Angeles,CA,
44,Jack Stipa,RHP/IF,6’1”/180,R/R,2022,Maranatha,Pasadena,CA,
45,Will Allen,1B/OF,6’3”/180,L/R,2022,Maranatha,Alta Dena,CA,
46,Moe Escobedo,RHP/1B,6’1”/180,R/R,2023,Bishop Amat,La Puente,CA,
51,Noah Sharar,C/OF,5’9”/170,R/R,2022,Sage Creek,San Diego,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#15 Ethan Lee – 3B 2022
Vocal leader; hustles; standout at 3B with excellent range and a plus arm; good baseball instincts; smooth swing from the right side

#18 Robert Linares – RF 2022
Excellent athletic build; looks extremely comfortable at the plate. Has all the tools to succeed at the next level

#16 Jace Padares – 1B 2022
Big tall lefty bat. Big time pop to pull side. Quick hands. Nice short easy swing. Power looks effortless. Great angle to the baseball. Runs well, not stuck at 1B, Possible corner outfielder player.also hit a HR to RF

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SM Outlaws

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SM Outlaws Roster

5,Aidan Moore,2B,5’10”/135,R/R,2023,Righetti ,Santa Maria,CA,
9,Adrian Santini,CF,5’10”/140,R/R,2023,Righetti ,Santa Maria,CA,
13,Alex Robles,C,5’9”/138,S/R,2023,Righetti ,Santa Maria,CA,
18,Gabriel Moralez,RHP,6’0”/184,R/R,2024,Righetti,Guadalupe,CA,
18,Benjamin Munoz,3B,5’10”/182,R/R,2023,Righetti ,Santa Maria,CA,
22,Jacob McMillan,C,5’8”/145,R/R,2025,Righetti ,,CA,
23,TY Scrudato,SS,5’7”/160,R/R,2023,Arroyo Grande High,Arroyo Grande,CA,
24,Jayden Perez,SS,6’0”/175,R/R,2024,Righetti ,Santa Maria,CA,
28,Ethan Estrada,IF,5’10”/185,R/R,2023,Righetti ,Santa Maria,CA,
32,Isais DE La Cruz,2B,5’7”/155,R/R,2022,Orcutt Academy,Santa Maria,CA,
35,Logan Halsell,1B,6’0”/170,R/R,2024,St Joseph,Santa Maria,CA,
42,Richie Robles,CF,5’9”/175,L/L,2022,Pioneer Valley ,Santa Maria,CA,
43,Omar Reynoso,LHP,5’10”/260,L/L,2023,Righetti ,Santa Maria,CA,
44,JJ Ughoc,3B,6’0”/220,R/R,2023,Righetti ,Ocutt,CA,
47,Jakob Garcia,RHP,5’9”/250,R/R,2023,Righetti ,Santa Maria,CA,
49,Ezekiel Yanez,RHP,5’8”/215,R/R,2024,Righetti ,Santa Maria,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#37 Alex Robles – RHP/C 2023
Decent build with room to fill. Fastball 78-82. Curveball at 66. Pounds the zone and willing to pitch to contact. Works the edges of the plate and keeps hitters off balance. Should see a decent jump in velocity as he continues to develop.

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So Cal Birds Orange

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So Cal Birds Orange Roster


#26 Johny-Dre Morales – IF/RHP 2022
Higher leg kick. Live arm with little effort. Fastball 82-84. Devastating 12-6 curveball at 72. Also a solid defender. Gets around balls well and consistently makes backhand plays look easy. Quick release and accurate throws.

#18 Austen Mojarro – IF/RHP 2022
Spark plug type player. Aggressive at the plate and on defense. Quick feet and gains ground toward first when fielding. Brings ball to the center of his body and has an efficient arm path. Attacks fastballs when hitting and has some pop to the pull side.

#56 Zack Sutherland – C/OF 2022
Athletic build with some muscle. Quick feet and efficient transfers. Pop time 2.01 at one point in between innings. Sets up late and reacts to pitches quickly. Strong glove and keeps tough pitches in the zone.

#29 Colin Galvin – RHP 2023
Good built, projectabale frame, locates well, FB: 83-87mph, good off speed, fields position well, good mound presense and composure

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So Cal Bulldogs

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So Cal Bulldogs Roster

1,Izaiah Olguin,RHP,5’10”/160,L/R,2023,Santa Fe ,Santa Fe,CA,
2,Sonny Rios,IF/OF,6’0”/150,R/R,2023,Anaheim Hs,Anaheim,CA,
5,Jacob Rodriguez,C/1B,5’9”/175,R/R,2023,Los Altos,Whittier,CA,
9,Chase Bernal,OF/RHP,5’10”/150,R/R,2023,La Serna ,Whittier,CA,
11,Carlos Barrios,1B/RHP,5’9”/170,R/R,2024,Fullerton ,Fullerton,CA,
16,Adrian Cedeno,C/OF,5’7”/135,L/R,2023,Wca,La Verne,CA,
21,Isaac Sithavanh,OF,5’10”/150,R/R,2023,Kennedy – La Palma,Buena Park,CA,
24,Robert Mejia,1B/RHP,5’9”/183,R/R,2023,Kennedy – La Palma,Anaheim,CA,
25,Ethan Rivas,C/OF,5’7”/130,R/R,2023,Kennedy – La Palma,Buena Park,CA,
31,Felipe Ochoa,SS/IF,5’7”/140,R/R,2024,Anaheim ,Anaheim,CA,
35,Justin Tillar,3B/1B,5’10”/200,L/R,2024,Kennedy ,Anaheim,CA,
36,Nicolas Aguilar,IF/RHP,5’9”/140,R/R,2023,Kennedy – La Palma,Cypress,CA,
44,Jakob Ortega,C/CF,5’10”/160,R/R,2024,La Mirada,Cypress,CA,
50,Manuel Villalobos,2B/RHP,5’10”/150,R/R,2023,Kennedy – La Palma,Cypress,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#2 Sonny Rios – 3B 2023
Good size, room to fill out frame. Smooth catching the ball on defense. Needs to increase arm strength to stay on the left side of the infield. Potential Middle INF, more a 2B type of player.

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So Cal Dukes Scout

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So Cal Dukes Scout Roster

2,Noah Camonte,OF,5’10”/170,R/R,2022,Maranatha,Los Angeles,CA,
7,Braden Lowe,RHP,6’2”/190,R/R,2022,Cleveland (La),La Crescenta,CA,
8,Justin Lee,RHP,6’2”/184,R/R,2022,Maranatha,Sierra Madre,CA,
10,Ian Parris,OF,5’9”/175,R/R,2022,Maranatha,La Crescenta,CA,
12,Jason Tricarico,RHP,5’8”/165,R/R,2022,Maranatha,San Gabriel,CA,
14,Donovan Gonsal,2B/3B,5’10”/180,R/R,2022,Maranatha,Pasadena,CA,
15,Pedro Rodriguez,C/IF,5’10”/170,R/R,2022,Maranatha,Altadena,CA,
17,Adam Arther,LHP/1B,6’3”/170,L/L,2023,Pasadena Poly,San Marino,CA,
18,Camden Andrews,C,6’0”/190,R/R,2022,Maranatha,Duarte,CA,
19,Sebastian Garcia,SS,5’10”/160,R/R,2022,Granada Hills,North Hills,CA,
20,Andrew Jensen,C/3B,6’1”/190,R/R,2023,Camarillo,Camarillo,CA,
22,Travis Delgado,3B/RHP,5’11”/175,L/R,2022,Marshall (Pas),Altadena,CA,
23,Parker Lemus,2B,5’11”/175,R/R,2024,Campo Verde (Az),Chandler,AZ,
25,Jameson Ferraro,RHP/3B,6’2”/185,R/R,2022,Crescenta Valley,Arcadia,CA,
26,Colin Devereux,OF/RHP,6’0”/175,R/R,2023,Loyola,Manhattan Beach,CA,
27,Blake Lemus,OF,6’0”/170,R/R,2022,Campo Verde,Chandler,AZ,
27,Anthony Villalobos,3B/RHP,6’1”/185,R/R,2022,Canoga Park,Canoga Park,CA,
30,Justin Goldman,RHP/1B,6’4”/198,R/R,2022,Pasadena,Monrovia,CA,
62,Myles Smith,OF/LHP,5’10”/165,R/L,2022,Beverly Hills,Los Angeles,CA,
63,Jackson Podrebarac,RHP/OF,5’10”/160,R/R,2022,Maranatha,Sierra Madre,CA,
67,Alden Quintanilla,1B/LHP,5’11”/190,L/L,2022,Cleveland,Reseda,CA,
68,Jack Esguerra,2B/SS,5’9”/160,R/R,2022,Arcadia,El Monte,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#7 Braden Lowe – RHP 2022
Large frame, Durable build. OH arm slot, Polished mechanics, Quick thru release arm action. 4 Pitch mix. FB: 83-86 MPH Slightly Straight with Bore. SL: 73-75 MPH D3/4 Tilt at times. CB: 65-69 MPH Some strike zone bite. CH: 76 MPH Keeps arm speed.

#14 Donovan Gonsal – MIF 2022
Big athletic build; quiet hands at the plate; made loud contact consistently

#25 Jameson Ferraro – RHP 2022
Big and Athletic build; incorporates lower half well on the mound; has late life on fastball that’s up to 90 today. Also featuring a hard SL that he can throw for strikes

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So Cal Sun Devils

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So Cal Sun Devils Roster

2,Ian Blauser,SS/RHP,5’7”/135,R/R,2023,Alta Loma,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
7,Colin Amaya,1B,5’9”/160,R/R,2023,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
10,Anthony Collazo,IF,5’7”/130,R/R,2023,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
13,Jake Mayer,RHP,5’10”/220,R/R,2023,Alta Loma,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
14,Nicholas Hernandez,OF/IF,5’3”/130,R/R,2022,Damien,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
18,Jonas Deleon,3B,6’1”/160,R/R,2023,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
21,Isaias Nuno,OF/RHP,6’0”/180,R/R,2022,Rancho Cucamonga,Rialto,CA,
22,Bret Amaya,OF,5’7”/150,L/R,2023,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
23,Melecio Picazo,OF,5’6”/155,R/R,2022,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
24,RJ Jurado,1B,5’10”/225,R/R,2023,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
32,Jacob Orta,IF,5’6”/125,R/R,2023,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
34,Dominic Paris,RHP/IF,5’10”/220,R/R,2023,Alta Loma,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
54,Benjamin Lautenslager,C,5’9”/160,R/R,2023,Alta Loma,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
88,Mikey Berumen,RHP,5’9”/155,R/R,2022,Los Osos,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#21 Isaias Nuno – OF/RHP 2022
Slightly Large Frame, Strong Build. Wide Stance, Rocks Back to Load, Short/Balanced Stride, Flat Bat on Load, Good Bat Speed, Level Bat Plane, Gap Power, Will Steal a Base.

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So Cal Warriors

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[peekaboo_content name=“32”]

So Cal Warriors Roster

2,Nathan Dowell,CF,5’9”/155,R/R,2023,Los Alamitos,City,CA,
3,Ryan Reyes,C,5’11”/185,R/R,2023,Los Alamitos,City,CA,
4,Cody Hearn,CF/LHP,5’9”/155,L/L,2023,Los Alamitos,City,CA,
5,Cole Tryba,LHP,6’0”/170,L/L,2023,Los Alamitos,City,CA,
6,Gavin Porch,SS/OF,5’9”/160,R/R,2023,Los Alamitos,City,CA,
8,Alex Romo,C,5’9”/175,R/R,2022,Los Alamitos,City,CA,
10,Jake Fowler,3B/RHP,5’9”/140,R/R,2024,Los Alamitos,City,CA,
11,Derick Valdez,LHP/1B,6’2”/180,R/L,2023,Los Alamitos,City,CA,
12,Robert Mollison,2B/RHP,6’1”/165,R/R,2023,Los Alamitos,City,CA,
14,Michel Pirello,RHP/RF,6’1”/175,R/R,2022,Los Alamitos,City,CA,
17,Matt Kaiser,RHP/1B,6’0”/170,R/R,2023,Los Alamitos,City,CA,
18,Blake Cousimano,LHP/1B,5’10”/160,L/L,2023,Cypress,City,CA,
21,Adrian Castillo,SS/3B,5’9”/155,R/R,2023,Los Alamitos,City,CA,
22,Gary Voigt,RHP,6’3”/210,R/R,2022,Los Alamitos,City,CA,
23,Conner Greene,LF/RHP,6’0”/195,R/R,2022,Los Alamitos,City,CA,
24,Lance Pixa,2B,5’11”/155,R/R,2023,Los Alamitos,City,CA,
25,Jax Brutan,OF,5’10”/140,L/R,2023,Los Alamitos,City,CA,
26,Josh Donagan,RHP/3B,6’1”/180,R/R,2023,Los Alamitos,City,CA,Long Beach State
27,Dylan Voss,RHP/3B,6’0”/155,R/R,2024,Los Alamitos,City,CA,
29,Justin Stembridge,1B,6’1”/223,L/R,2022,Los Alamitos,City,CA,
30,Wyatt Maddison,LHP/OF,5’10”/155,L/L,2023,Los Alamitos,City,CA,
33,CJ Berthon,RHP/1B,6’0”/180,R/R,2024,Los Alamitos,City,CA,
34,Jaden Alba,RHP/3B,6’3”/197,R/R,2023,Gahr,City,CA,
94,Matt Wurmlinger,RHP,6’0”/175,R/R,2023,Los Alamitos,City,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#14 Michel Pirello – RHP/RF 2022
Long and lanky. Whippy arm action. High 3/4 arm slot. Fastball consistent 86-88 and touched 90. Hard slider with late break 81-83. Competes in the zone.

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Team California 17U White

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[peekaboo_content name=“51”]

Team California 17U White Roster


#13 Aiden Nett – RHP/1B 2022
Good frame. Gets barrel out on time. Shows the ability to drive pitches to pull side gap. Finds the sweet spot and gets good extension. Moves well

#19 Josh Ferry – LHP 2022
Left handed pitcher with fastball 81-84 early on. Mixed in change up and breaking ball. Threw frisbee like slider that started off the plate and finished as a strike 67-70. Good tempo. Works quick and makes hitters uncomfortable.

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Team California Black 16U

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[peekaboo_content name=“59”]

Team California Black 16U Roster


#23 Matt Fimbres – LHP 2022
Strong lower half and incorporates it well in his delivery. Pitches across his body; leads to more deception out of the hand. Pounds the zone; can locate his FB 83mph anywhere. Plus change up

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[peekaboo_content name=“36”]

TKB 17U A Roster

1,Noah Pang,SS/RHP,5’9”/165,R/R,2023,Mitty,Santa Clara,CA,
8,Dylan Cordeiro,SS/OF,5’7”/135,R/R,2023,Bellamine,San Jose,CA,
9,Kyle Dyer,C/3B,5’10”/155,R/R,2023,St. Francis,Santa Cruz,CA,
10,Hunter Yates,C/IF,5’10”/145,R/R,2023,Piedmont,San Jose,CA,
16,Troy Frazier,RHP/1B,5’10”/180,R/R,2023,Fremont Christian,Fremont,CA,
20,Drake Smart,C/IF,6’0”/180,R/R,2022,Clearlake,Lakeport,CA,
28,Nicholas Swee,CF/IF,5’9”/145,R/R,2022,Sequoia,San Carlos,CA,
33,Dylan Montague,RHP/3B,6’3”/155,R/R,2023,Kennedy,Fremont,CA,
35,Franco Commisso,LHP/CF,6’0”/150,L/L,2023,Bellamine,San Jose,CA,
36,Nathan Lee,RHP/3B,5’11”/175,R/R,2024,Saratoga,Saratoga,CA,
40,Brad Ayers,RHP/1B,5’11”/165,R/R,2022,Carlmont,San Carlos,CA,
50,Matthew McDonald,RHP/IF,6’0”/150,L/R,2022,Piedmont,San Jose,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#20 Drake Smart – C 2022
Assertive behind the plate, leader on the field, great teammate, enjoys playing the game, great tempo behind the plate, plays catch, big athletic build, plus arm accuracy, works well with his lower half, great blocker, next level catcher, 1.9 pop time.

#1 Noah Pang – SS 2023
Hard worker, fundamentally sound footwork, attacks the hop, gains ground with his legs, great approach at the plate, quick hands through the zone, understands the game, processed, drives the ball to e right side, player to watch!

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[peekaboo_content name=“56”]

TKB 17U B Roster

5,Dillon Hsiao,C/IF,5’6”/140,L/R,2025,Incoming Freshman At American,Fremont,CA,
6,Nikhil Newman,RHP/IF,5’10”/140,R/R,2023,Berkeley,Berkeley,CA,
8,Dylan Cordeiro,SS/RHP,5’7”/130,R/R,2023,Bellamine,San Jose,CA,
10,Hunter Yates,C/SS,5’8”/140,R/R,2023,Piedmont,San Jose,CA,
12,Michael Del Santos,RHP/OF,6’0”/140,R/R,2022,Carlmont,Belmont,CA,
15,Paul Ureno,RHP/OF,1’30”/,R/R,2023,Kennedy,Fremont,CA,
21,William Henry,C/3B,5’10”/175,R/R,2024,Upper Lake,Upper Lake,CA,
30,Elijah Hernandez,RHP/2B,5’7”/135,R/R,2023,Piedmont,San Jose,CA,
31,Jordan Tonna,OF/2B,5’8”/135,R/R,2023,Kennedy,Fremont,CA,
36,Nathan Lee,RHP/IF,5’11”/180,R/R,2024,Saratoga,Saratoga,CA,
39,Ben Wengrow,1B/3B,5’8”/160,R/R,2024,American,Fremont,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#5 Dillon Hsiao – 2B 2025
Small frame, Slender build, Young features. Quick first step, Good instincts, Soft hands on the INF, Proper arm action. Lead off type hitter, Will drop a drag for a hit at anytime.

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Trosky American 2023

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[peekaboo_content name=“61”]

Trosky American 2023 Roster

2,Alek Naran,RHP,5’11”/170,R/R,2023,San Luis Obispo,San Luis Obispo,CA,
3,Cal Wipf,IF,5’11”/170,R/R,2023,Santa Barbara,Santa Barbara,CA,
4,Brad Cekada,OF/C,6’0”/170,R/R,2023,San Marcos,Santa Barbara,CA,
7,Roman Myers,C/3B,6’2”/190,R/R,2023,Temecula Prep,Murrieta,CA,
10,Jacob Charlson,IF/OF,5’9”/170,R/R,2023,Canyon Del Oro,Tucson,AZ,
12,Rocco Muccilli,IF/RHP,5’10”/165,R/R,2024,Valley Christian,San Jose,CA,
16,Riley Ricken,LHP/1B,6’6”/190,L/L,2023,Great Oak,Temecula,CA,
20,Kevin Ferguson,1B/RHP,6’4”/190,R/R,2023,Battle Ground,Battle Ground,WA,
22,Brendon Cekada,OF,6’0”/175,R/R,2023,San Marcos,Santa Barbara,CA,
28,Isaiah Herrera,OF/RHP,5’9”/165,R/R,2023,Valley Christian,San Jose,CA,
32,Josh Heard,1B/C,5’10”/180,R/R,2023,Valley Christian,San Jose,CA,
33,Brady Birdsong,OF/RHP,6’3”/190,R/R,2023,San Luis Obispo,San Luis Obispo,CA,
33,Caleb Cassidy,RHP/OF,6’3”/170,R/R,2023,Santa Ynez,Santa Ynez,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#33 Brady Birdsong – 3B 2023
Ideal frame of a college 3B. Has lots of range and a plus arm to show off at third. At the plate he has the potential to be a real power threat. Strong base, fast hands.

#7 Roman Myers – C 2023
Slightly Tall Frame, Lean Build, Projectable Athletic Catcher. Even Stance, Vertical Bat, Controlled Leg Kick Stride, Sound Approach, Level Bat Plane, Run Producer Type Power. Future Catcher: Works Hard Behind the Plate, Receives Well, Quick Release Arm (2.0 POP TIME)/Much More In There.

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Trosky Redbirds White

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[peekaboo_content name=“8”]

Trosky Redbirds White Roster

8,Cole Rozenko,1B/OF,6’2”/190,R/L,2023,Rancho Christian ,Temecula,CA,
10,Andrew Romero,RHP/OF,5’10”/160,R/R,2022,Westview ,San Diego,CA,
21,Luke Seibert,RHP,6’6”/185,R/R,2023,San Marcos High,San Marcos,CA,
26,William Ramos,SS/RHP,6’3”/170,R/R,2023,Rancho Christian ,Temecula,CA,
35,Aj Klubeck,CF/IF,6’0”/160,L/R,2023,Westview,San Diego,CA,
37,Zeke Smith,C/1B,6’2”/170,R/R,2024,Classical Academy,Vista,CA,
44,Luka Shah,RHP/OF,5’10”/135,R/R,2024,Sage Creek Hugh School,Carlsbad,CA,
47,Rylen Miyasaki,SS/RHP,5’9”/155,R/R,2023,‘Iolani School,Honolulu,HI,
55,Ethan Nakamura,SS/2B,5’8”/160,R/R,2023,‘Iolani School,,,
59,Sage Sturgeon,LHP/CF,6’0”/140,R/L,2023,Santa Fe Christian,Solana Beach,CA,
65,Gavin Strup,3B/RHP,5’11”/165,R/R,2023,Torrey Pines (San Diego),San Diego,CA,
66,Nick Medrano,OF/RHP,6’0”/205,R/R,2022,Valhalla ,San Diego,CA,
75,Spencer Dicken,RHP,6’3”/185,R/R,2022,Canyon Crest Academy,92130,CA,
89,Chase Klemke,SS/2B,5’9”/155,R/R,2024,Torrey Pines ,San Diego,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

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Tustin Scorpions

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[peekaboo_content name=“60”]

Tustin Scorpions Roster

4,Geoffrey McArthur,OF/RHP,6’2”/165,R/R,2023,Villa Park,Orange,CA,
24,Jake Fuentes,3B/1B,6’2”/200,R/R,2023,Orange Lutheran,Tustin,CA,
,Matthew Rezkalah,C/3B,5’11”/190,S/R,2023,Linfield Christian,Murrietta,CA,
,Gabe Rodriguez,SS/2B,5’11”/170,R/R,2023,Orange Lutheran,La Habra,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#4 Geoffrey McArthur – RHP 2023
Great composure, great location with off speed, FB: 87mph,

#13 Jacob Pereda – 3B 2022
Medium frame, Compact build, Wide stance, Slight Crouch, High back elbow, Slightly wraps his bat, Quiet stride, Down bat plane, Gap power, Good hitting ability & Strike zone knowledge. Playable arm at 3B.

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Valley Baseball Club

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[peekaboo_content name=“49”]

Valley Baseball Club Roster

,Cooper Bobbitt,OF/RHP,5’10”/175,R/R,2022,Calabasas,Los Angeles,CA,
,Damian Chaure,IF/SS,5’7”/165,R/R,2024,Cathedral,Encino,CA,
,Tyler Grenn,RHP,6’4”/180,L/R,2022,Crespi,Encino,CA,
,Brandon Holt,IF/SS,5’9”/175,R/R,2022,Crespi,Encino,CA,
,Morgan Jennings,C/OF,5’10”/185,R/R,2021,Granada Hills,Encino,CA,
,Zach Keenan,LF/RHP,6’0”/185,R/R,2021,Granada Hills,Encino,CA,
,Jordan Orona,OF/IF,5’9”/175,R/R,2021,Simi Valley,Encino,CA,
,Carlos Palmer,OF/OF,5’10”/200,R/R,2022,Calabasas,Los Angeles,CA,
,Max Rivera,CF/RHP,5’10”/185,R/R,2021,Calabasas ,Encino,CA,
,Jacob Rosenfeld,IF/RHP,6’5”/185,R/R,2023,El Camino Real,Encino,CA,
,Casey Skett,C/IF,5’8”/175,R/R,2022,Pasadena,Los Angeles,CA,
,Will Sperling,IF/2B,5’10”/175,R/R,2023,Chaminade,Encino,CA,
,Jacob Triessl,C/RHP,5’8”/170,R/R,2022,Calabasas,Los Angele,CA,
,Kevin Vazquez,IF/RHP,5’09”/175,R/R,2023,El Camino Real,Encino,CA,
,Nathan Weiner,1B/RHP,6’5”/205,R/R,2023,El Camino Reak,Encino,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#28 Casey Skett – C/IF 2022
Good actions behind the plate. Gets good rhythm prior to catch. Lets the ball get deep and makes clean exchanges. Pop time 2.01. Plus receiver.

#24 Jacob Rosenfeld – INF/RHP 2023
Large/Tall Frame, Durable Build. Crouch Stance, Upright Bat with Slightly Low Hands at Load, Uppercut Bat Plate, Choppy Running Style. Playable Hands on the INF, Good Arm/Throws Carry. Future Corner Position Player.

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West Coast A’s 17U Green

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[peekaboo_content name=“63”]

West Coast A’s 17U Green Roster

,Colby Corlett,,/,,,Clairemont,,,
,Jonathan Scott,,/,,2022,St. Augustine,,,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

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West Coast Kings Baseball

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[peekaboo_content name=“64”]

West Coast Kings Baseball Roster

1,Jacob French,IF/RHP,6’0”/165,L/R,2023,Benicia High,Benicia,CA,
2,Elijah Scott,C/IF,5’7”/140,R/R,2023,Concord High,Concord,CA,
4,Ivver Vertulfo,IF/RHP,5’9”/165,R/R,2024,Berean Christian,Pleasant Hill,CA,
5,Daniel Polasek,IF/RHP,5’10”/155,L/R,2024,Alhambra,Martinez,CA,
7,Riley Pimentel,C/1B,6’0”/170,R/R,2023,Heritage,Oakley,CA,
8,Michael Baker,RHP/IF,5’11”/165,R/R,2023,Liberty,Oakley,CA,
9,Toby Schwing,LF/C,5’10”/190,R/R,2023,Acalanes,Lafayette,CA,
10,Zach Vassel,OF/RHP,6’2”/180,L/R,2023,College Park,Pleasant Hill,CA,
11,Myles Walton,CF/OF,6’0”/150,R/R,2023,Clayton Valley Charter,Clayton,CA,
12,Charlie Malton,IF/RHP,6’0”/165,R/R,2023,College Park,Pleasant Hill,CA,
13,Nathan Leffel,IF/RHP,5’10”/160,L/R,2024,College Park,Concord,CA,
15,Ross Kobayashi,IF/OF,5’8”/160,R/R,2023,Amador Valley,Pleasanton,CA,
16,Kevwe Ojo,CF/1B,6’2”/180,R/R,2023,College Park,Benicia,CA,
19,Jaylen Kang,RHP,5’7”/165,R/R,2023,De La Salle,Pittsburg,CA,
21,Will Craft,RHP,5’10”/165,R/R,2023,De La Salle,Pleasant Hill,CA,
63,Sam M. Lapping,C/1B,6’2”/205,R/R,2023,Las Lomas,Walnut Creek,CA,
68,Harry Tooze,RHP,6’0”/180,R/R,2023,De La Salle,Concord,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#16 Kevwe Ojo – CF/1B 2023
Slightly tall frame, Wiry build, Room for added development, Raw baseball player. Slightly wide/open stance, Upright bat, Level bat plane, Run producer, Better first to third running style. Playable arm in the OF.

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Whitecaps Baseball Academy 17

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[peekaboo_content name=“65”]

Whitecaps Baseball Academy 17 Roster


#24 Dimitri Susidko – OF 2024
Athletic body. Quality jumps in the outfield. Above average range in center field. Fields the ball with confidence and is not afraid to lay out. Crowds the plate and lays off tough pitches. Aggressive with a slightly steep bat path.

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Whitecaps Baseball Academy 18

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[peekaboo_content name=“28”]

Whitecaps Baseball Academy 18 Roster


#11 Cooper Allen – 3B 2022
Good size. Lean build. Keeps hands inside the ball, able to keep the ball fair on the inside pitch. Power to pull side, HR to left field. Accurate throws to 1B from 3B.

#67 Jackson Temper – RHP GRAD
Long and lanky build; fastball up to 84 with a sharp slider; Pounds the zone and Misses barrels

#12 Cole Strane – IF 2025
Younger infielder with extremely mature actions. Good first step on defense and showed the ability to make tough plays in the hole and on the run. Brings ball to the center of his body with consistent clean transfers. Over the top arm slot with some carry. Looks to attack fastballs early with a middle of the field approach.

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Wrecking Crew

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[peekaboo_content name=“66”]

Wrecking Crew Roster

,Angel Gonzalez,3B/MIF,6/185,R/R,2022,Torrance,Torrance,CA,LBSU
2,Masanobu Sasaki,RHP/OF,5’7”/150,R/R,2022,South Torrance,Torrance,CA,
3,Ben Wendell,C/RHP,5’10”/180,R/R,2022,Alexander Hamilton,Los Angeles,CA,
6,Gota Okawa,OF/RHP,5’8”/145,L/R,2022,West Torrance,Torrance,CA,
7,Marcelo Long,C/IF,5’8”/160,R/R,2022,Redondo Union,Redondo Beach,CA,
8,Matt Borges,IF/RHP,5’10”/180,R/R,2022,San Pedro,San Pedro,CA,
13,Jake Hicks,RHP,5’10”/155,R/R,2022,West Torrance,Torrance,CA,
14,Cameron Bracewell,RHP/OF,5’10”/185,R/R,2022,Redondo Union,Redondo Beach,CA,
23,Justin Clapp,OF,5’9”/150,L/L,2022,Redondo Union,Redondo Beach,CA,
24,Ray Heinonen,1B/IF,6’1”/175,R/R,2022,West Torrance,Torrance,CA,
25,Nathan Torres,C/1B,5’11”/165,R/R,2022,Torrance,Torrance,CA,
27,David Chase,OF/RF,6’3”/160,R/R,2022,Mira Costa,Manhattan Beach,CA,
32,Addison Lee,RHP,5’11”/200,R/R,2022,Mira Costa,Manhattan Beach,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#6 Gota Okawa – 2B 2022
Potential utilityman at the next level; sure handed at second base with athletic movements; carries himself well; smooth swing from the left side. Vocal leader in the infield.

#32 Addison Lee – RHP 2022
Physical righty with a long arm path and good incorporation of lower half. FB up to 84 with a hammer CB. Quick tempo and attacks the hitter, constantly showing swing and miss stuff.

#24 Ray Heinonen – 1B/INF 2022
Tall Frame, Athletic Build, Room for Added Development. Good Hitting Ability, Even Stance, Vertical Bat, Controlled Approach, Slightly Uppercut Bat Plane, Gap Power. Runs Well.

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ZT Baseball

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[peekaboo_content name=“46”]

ZT Baseball Roster

2,Eduardo Castro,C/3B,5’7”/198,R/R,2023,Shadow Hills ,Indio,CA,
4,Mark Mendoza,2B/SS,5’11”/160,R/R,2023,La Quinta High,La Quinta,CA,
8,Jacobi Goodman,IF/CF,5’6”/140,R/R,2022,Shadow Hills Hs,Indio,CA,
9,Zachary Watson,RF/2B,5’5”/130,R/R,2023,Shadow Hills Hs,Indio,CA,
11,TY Vela,2B/RHP,5’7”/130,R/R,2023,Shadow Hills Hs,Indio,CA,
16,Ramon Macias,C/3B,6’0”/160,S/R,2022,Rancho Mirage ,Cathedral City,CA,
17,Jose Ramos,C/3B,5’10”/170,R/R,2022,Shadow Hills ,Whitewater,CA,
23,Caleb Ortiz,RHP/OF,5’10”/140,R/R,2024,Shadow Hills ,Indio,CA,
24,Daniel Briceno,3B/RHP,5’8”/155,R/R,2022,Shadow Hills ,Indio,CA,
27,Gabriel Nunez,3B/C,5’9”/235,L/R,2022,Palm Desert,Indio,CA,
34,Brayan Doran,1B/RHP,6’2”/290,R/R,2021,Shadow Hills Hs,Indio,CA,
48,Tyler Huffman,SS/RHP,5’5”/140,R/R,2022,Shadow Hills Hs,Indio,CA,
58,Jordan Watson,LHP/1B,6’2”/180,L/L,2022,La Quinta High,Indio,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#16 Ramon Macias – CF 2022
Smooth swing from the left side; middle approach and barrel stays through the zone; plus arm and covers ground in center

#23 Caleb Ortiz – RHP 2024
Competitor; pounds the zone and doesn’t waste pitches; Fastball up to 76 with a solid curveball. Bright future

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Top 17u Fastball Velocities

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”100|250|250|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
MPH,Name,Team Name,Pos,YOG
91,Nathaniel Criswell,NC Valley 17,RHP,2022
90,Kyle Calzadiaz,Dukes Baseball,RHP,2022
90,Jameson Ferraro,So Cal Dukes Scout,RHP,2022
90,Vincent Hudson,CA Armada,RHP,2024
90,Michael Pirello,So Cal Warriors,RHP,2022
90,Trevor Steele,BF Black,RHP,2022
89,Dakota Gray,CBA National,RHP,2022
89,Ryan Kittredge,CBA Marucci 17,RHP,2022
89,Charlie Royal,CBA Bears Navy,RHP,2022
88,Hayden Coon,Redlands Bulldogs Black,RHP,2021
88,Matthew Hudson,IE Express,RHP,2022
88,Vincent Rakosky,CBA Bears Gold,LHP,2022
88,Charlie Royle,CBA Bears Navy,RHP,2022
87,Colin Galvin,So Cal Birds,RHP,2023
87,Geoffrey McArthur,Tustin Scorpions,RHP,2023
86,Charlie Combs,CBA Warhawks,RHP,2022
86,Elijah Karney,San Diego Gamers,RHP,2023
86,Aidan Lambert,BF Red,RHP,2022
86,Braden Lowe,So Cal Dukes Scout,RHP,2022
86,Lawson Minshew,CBA Marucci,RHP,2023
86,Jordan Mora,PFA Central Valley,RHP,2023
86,Aiden Nykoluk,CBA Marucci 2023,RHP,2023
86,Ben Reimers,Legacy Baseball,RHP,2023
86,Blake Stranger,NC Valley Baseball Utah,LHP,2022
86,Warren Vercher,NorCal 2023 Cardinal,RHP,2023
85,Manny Herrera,Central Valley Naturals,RHP,2022
85,Vaughn Major,CBA Marucci 2023,RHP,2023
85,Jason Nace,Redlands Bulldogs,RHP,2022
85,Austin Castillo,CBA Marucci 2023,RHP,2023
85,Blake Wentz,GBG Renegades,RHP,2022


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Coaches & Scouts in Attendance

Arizona Diamondbacks
Arizona State University
Azusa Pacific University
Cal Baptist University
Cal Berkeley
Cal State Fullerton
Cal State Northridge
Cal State San Bernardino
Concordia University
Corban University
East LA College
Pasadena City College
Pomona Pitzner
Providence College
Rio Hondo College
San Diego State University
San Jose State University
Toronto Blue Jays
UC Irvine
UC Riverside
UC San Diego
UC Santa Barbara
University of Hawaii
University of La Verne
University of Oregon
University of Redlands
University of Washington
Valley City State University
Vanguard University
Westcliffe University

Testing Leaderboards
Top 60 Yard Dashes | Top Raw Velo | Top Exit Velo

Click here to see National Leaderboards by test and year of graduation. Results from all Factory Athletics events (including this one) are considered, and will appear if the minimum qualification is met for each test.

PLEASE NOTE: The system does not update automatically, please allow 2-3 weeks for database updates following the completion of this event.

Top 60 Yard Dashes

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”100|250|250|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
Sec,Name,YOG,Team Name
6.55,JJ Menesini,2022,NorCal 2022 Blue
6.60,Trevor Steele,2022,BF Black
6.62,Kendyn Fredieu,2022,BF Navy
6.68,Brendan Clark,2023,Prevail Baseball
6.72,Rizal Collado,2022,CBA Dirtbags
6.72,Logan Gibson,2022,NC Valley 17U
6.74,Eric Taylor,2022,BF Navy
6.75,Kyler Bittner,2022,CA Bulldogs
6.75,Dante Black,2022,NorCal 2022 White
6.75,Andre Hyrkin,2022,NorCal 2022 White
6.75,Evan Smith,2022,BF Gray
6.75,Chase Yocum,2022,Brushback Baseball
6.76,Korey Williams,2022,NC Valley 17
6.79,Cy Robertson,2022,Redlands Bulldogs
6.80,Alex Dolan,2022,BF Black
6.83,Austin Calzadiaz,2023,GBG Renegades
6.83,Frank Estrada,2023,GBG Renegades
6.84,William Campagna,2022,BF Navy
6.86,David Whittle,2022,CA Bears
6.88,Noah Canter,2022,NC Valley 17
6.88,Aidan Lambert,2022,BF Red
6.89,Jaden Gines,2021,NC Valley Utah
6.89,Christian Takahashi,2023,BR Baseball
6.90,Truman Duryea,2022,NC Valley Utah
6.93,Pierson Cooper,2022,BF Navy
6.94,Michael McQueen,2022,CBA American
6.95,Marcus Sanders,2022,NorCal 2022 White
6.95,Ryan Zamora,2022,NC Valley 17
6.97,Tyler Begg,2022,CA Bears
6.97,Aidan Gebhard,2022,BF Gray
6.98,Anthony Sweet,2023,CA Bulldogs
7.00,Tyler Huffman,2022,ZT Baseball
7.00,Johnny Long,2024,GBG Renegades
7.00,Elijah Morales,2022,BF Gray
7.00,Ryan Silva,2023,NC Valley 16
7.00,Kody Sims,2022,NC Valley 17
7.00,Sean Sullivan,2023,GBG Renegades
7.00,Andrew Willford,2022,CA Bulldogs
7.01,Porter Price,2022,NorCal 2022 Blue
7.02,Rowan Sims,2023,Brushback Baseball
7.03,Cole Blumental,2023,GBG Renegades
7.03,William Vandyke,2023,Redlands Bulldogs
7.05,Daniel Major,2022,CA Bulldogs
7.06,Taylor Ayala,2022,NC Valley Utah
7.06,Drew Fielder,2022,BR Baseball
7.06,TJ Hays,2022,CA Bulldogs
7.08,Tanner Gerosa,2022,CBA Dirtbags
7.08,Camden Kraus,2023,IE Express
7.09,Jack Bell,2022,NC Valley Utah
7.09,Jayson Nace,2022,Redlands Bulldogs
7.10,Mason Kent,2022,NC Valley Utah


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Top Raw Velocities

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”100|250|250|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
MPH,Name,YOG,Team Name
97,David Whittle,2022,CA Bears
94,Dale Fry,2022,BF Black
94,Logan Gibson,2022,NC Valley 17U
94,Elijah Morales,2022,BF Gray
94,Aidan Lambert,2022,BF Red
93,Trevor Steele,2022,BF Black
93,Eric Valdez,2022,NC Valley 17
92,Jason Gonzalez,2022,CA Bears
91,Cole Blumental,2023,GBG Renegades
91,Cadon Byers,2021,BF Black
91,Rizal Collado,2022,CBA Dirtbags
91,Andre Hyrkin,2022,NorCal 2022 White
91,Anthony Vargas,2022,BF Black
90,Jason Arriola,2023,BR Baseball
90,Liam Barrett,2024,Brushback Baseball
90,Isaac Canelon,2022,NC Valley Utah
90,Myles Johnson,2022,GBG Renegades
90,Ty Thomas,2023,CBA American
90,Chase Yocum,2022,Brushback Baseball
89,Isaac Bateman,2022,NC Valley Utah
89,Truman Duryea,2022,NC Valley Utah
89,Andrew Hutcheson,2022,NC Valley 17
89,Trent Johnson,2023,Prevail Baseball
89,Quincy Judd,2022,NC Valley Utah
89,Cristian Landeros,2022,CBA Dirtbags
89,Cam Wang,2022,Brushback Baseball
89,Korey Williams,2022,NC Valley 17
88,Zane Baltz,2023,NorCal 2023 Cardinal
88,Tyler Begg,2022,CA Bears
88,Noah Canter,2022,NC Valley 17
88,Alex Dolan,2022,BF Black
88,Justin Modini,2023,BR Baseball
88,Roman Myers,2023,Trosky American
88,Doug Pyle,2022,CA Armada
88,Kody Sims,2022,NC Valley 17
88,Rowan Sims,2023,Brushback Baseball
88,Tyler Wood,2022,NorCal 2022 Blue
87,Taylor Ayala,2022,NC Valley Utah
87,Dylan Fuller,2022,NC Valley 17U
87,Tommy Goodin,2024,Blue Wave Baseball
87,Richard Gonzalez,2023,NC Valley 16
87,Jack Kamalski,2023,Prevail Baseball
87,Cody Lemler,2023,Redlands Bulldogs
87,JJ Menesini,2022,NorCal 2022 Blue
87,Ethan Payne,2022,CA Bulldogs
86,Drew Beck,2022,NC Valley Utah
86,Kyler Bittner,2022,CA Bulldogs
86,Dominic Defeo,2022,NorCal 2022 Blue
86,Troy Frazier,2023,TKB 17U
86,Mateo Garcia,2022,NC Valley 17
86,Tanner McDonald,2023,NC Valley 16
86,Michael McQueen,2022,CBA American
86,Joel Roberts,2023,NC Valley 16
86,Anthony Sweet,2023,CA Bulldogs
86,Liam Taylor,2022,CBA Dirtbags
86,Wyatt Thomas,2023,Prevail Baseball
86,Evan Williams,2023,Brushback Baseball
85,Darin Eales,2022,NorCal 2022 Blue
85,Matt Garcia,2023,Brushback Baseball
85,Hunter Kaul,2023,CA Bears
85,Jason Kapi,2022,Brushback Baseball
85,Noah Messner,2023,NC Valley 16U
85,Devon Minney,2022,Blue Wave Baseball
85,Tyler Story,2024,NC Valley 16


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Top Bat Exit Velocities

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”100|250|250|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
MPH,Name,YOG,Team Name
99,Dylan Fuller,2022,NC Valley 17U
98,William Campagna,2022,BF Navy
97,Brayan Doran,2021,ZT Baseball
97,Trevor Steele,2022,BF Black
95,Sam Lapping,2023,West Coast Kings
95,Nikolas Ruden,2022,NorCal 2022 White
94,Nolan Fales,2022,CA Bulldogs
94,Jayson Nace,2022,Redlands Bulldogs
92,Jaden Gines,2021,NC Valley Utah
92,Aidan Lambert,2022,BF Red
92,Korey Williams,2022,NC Valley 17
91,Zene Baltz,2023,NorCal 2023 Cardinal
91,Dominic Defeo,2022,NorCal 2022 Blue
91,Drew Fielder,2022,BR Baseball
91,Tommy Goodin,2024,Blue Wave Baseball
91,Andre Hyrkin,2022,NorCal 2022 White
91,Michael McQueen,2022,CBA American
91,JJ Menesini,2022,NorCal 2022 Blue
91,Elijah Morales,2022,BF Gray
91,Doug Pyle,2022,CA Armada
91,Cruz Quezada,2022,NorCal 2022 White
91,Andrew Sherell,2022,NorCal 2022 Blue
91,Drake Smart,2022,TKB 17U
91,David Whittle,2022,CA Bears
91,Ryan Zamora,2022,NC Valley 17
90,Andrew Balentine,2023,NC Valley 16U
90,Noah Canter,2022,NC Valley 17
90,Joel Roberts,2023,NC Valley 16
90,Wyatt Thomas,2023,Prevail Baseball
90,Chase Yocum,2022,Brushback Baseball
89,Jayden Hwang,2022,BF Red
89,Dane Lujan,2023,Redlands Bulldogs
89,Nathan Miller,2023,CA Bulldogs
89,Bryant Poland,2023,BR Baseball
89,Ryland Randall,2022,BF Red
89,Steven Verespey,2022,BF Red
88,Adam Amaro,2021,CA Bears
88,Jason Arriola,2023,BR Baseball
88,Isaac Bateman,2022,NC Valley Utah
88,Tyler Begg,2022,CA Bears
88,Isaac Canelon,2022,NC Valley Utah
88,Logan Gibson,2022,NC Valley 17U
88,Trevor Hampel,2023,PFA Centrak Valley
88,Cade Hart,2022,CBA Dirtbags
88,Myles Johnson,2022,GBG Renegades
88,Justin Modini,2023,BR Baseball
88,Gabriel Nunez,2022,ZT Baseball
88,Toby Schwing,2023,West Coast Kings
88,Kody Sims,2022,NC Valley 17
87,Darin Eales,2022,NorCal 2022 Blue
87,Frank Estrada,2023,GBG Renegades
87,Dylan Fanelli,2022,NorCal 2022 White
87,Troy Frazier,2023,TKB 17U
87,Tanner Gerosa,2022,CBA Dirtbags
87,Jack Kamalski,2023,Prevail Baseball
87,Noah Messner,2023,NC Valley 16U
87,Ivan Ramirez,2023,Blue Wave Baseball
87,Jose Ramos,2022,ZT Baseball
87,Tyler Wood,2022,NorCal 2022 Blue
86,Kyler Bittner,2022,CA Bulldogs
86,Mateo Garcia,2022,NC Valley 17
86,Jason Gonzalez,2022,CA Bears
86,Lucas Marlowe,2022,NorCal 2022 White
86,Tanner McDonald,2023,NC Valley 16
86,Roman Myers,2023,Trosky American
86,Bowen Sanford,2022,CA Bears
86,Evan Williams,2023,Brushback Baseball
85,Daniel Briceno,2022,ZT Baseball
85,Austin Calzadiaz,2023,GBG Renegades
85,Truman Duryea,2022,NC Valley Utah
85,Kobe Gong,2022,CA Bulldogs
85,Jason Kapi,2022,Brushback Baseball
85,Cody Lemler,2023,Redlands Bulldogs
85,Caleb Ortiz,2024,ZT Baseball
85,Porter Price,2022,NorCal 2022 Blue
85,Austin Sands,2023,Brushback Baseball
85,Christian Takahashi,2023,BR Baseball
85,Ty Thomas,2023,CBA American


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