2021 BF National Florida Showcase – Event Hub

Saturday, May 29 & Sunday, May 30
IMG Academy – Bradenton, FL

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Saturday, May 29

See below for report time by team, and report to:

IMG Baseball Stadium
5650 Bollettieri Blvd
Bradenton, FL 34210
Map & Directions

Saturday, May 29

– (1) round of (6) swings
– (1) round of (8) swings

– Run home to 1B (timed) on last swing of first round
– Pitcher Only (PO) DO NOT hit

Teams #1 & #2

8:30 am – Teams #1 Check-in: Social distanced, Temps Taken, Waivers Dropped in Box, Hat & Jersey Picked Up
8:45 am – Teams #2 Check-in: Social distanced, Temps Taken, Waivers Dropped in Box, Hat & Jersey Picked Up
9:30 am
– Batting Practice (Team #1)
10:00 am – Batting Practice (Team #2)
10:45 am – Controlled game | Team 1 and Team 2
– Team #1 Pitchers: Ross | Hodges | Dobias | Aycock
– Team #2 Pitchers: Denison | Hunt | Perez | Tejeda
1:30pm –
Situational At Bats and Defense

– PO report only on the day of scheduled outing
– PO report approx. 1 hour prior to start of scheduled game
– PO are free to leave upon completion of outing

Sunday, May 30

– Players may workout at ONE POSITION ONLY
C – 5 throws to 2B, 2 block and recover
OF – 5 throws to Homeplate
3B – 2 at, 1 f/h, 1 b/h, DP feed, slow roller
MIF – 2 at, 1 f/h, 1 b/h, DP feed, DP turn, slow roller
1B – 2 across to 3B, 2 deep DP feeds, 1 3-6-3 holding runner, slow roller to 3B

Teams #2 & #1

8:30 am – Teams #2 Check-in: Social distanced, Temps Taken
8:45 am – Teams #1 Check-in: Social distanced, Temps Taken
9:30 am – Defensive Workout and 60 Yard Dash by Position
10:45 am – Controlled Game and defense – Team 2 and Team 1
– Team #2 pitchers: Crowther | Clemente | Cijnte | J. Howell
– Team #1 pitchers: Hickson | Brackin | Donay | Crews

– PO report only on the day of scheduled outing
– PO report approx. 1 hour prior to start of scheduled game
– PO are free to leave upon completion of outing

Team Rosters | Back to Top

* Roster as of 5/27

[table]#,Prim/Sec,Last Name,First Name,Grad,HT/WT,Bats/Throws,School,City,State,College Commitment
17,RHP/3B,Aycock,Grant,2022,6’6”/200,Switch/Right,High Point Wesleyan Christian Academy,Greensboro,NC,East Carolina University
18,RHP/OF,Brackin,Sullivan,2022,6’5”/220,Left/Right,The Bolles,Jacksonville,FL,University of Florida
32,OF/,Bravo,Edward,2022,6’0″/200,Right/Right,Somerset Academy,Pembroke Pines,FL,
20,RHP/,Crews,Jacob,2022,6’5″/240,Right/Right,TNXL Academy,Winter Garden,FL,
12,RHP/,Dobias,Evan,2022,6’1”/175,Right/Right,American Heritage School,Sunrise,FL,University of Virginia
30,C/RHP,Donay,Brody,2022,6’5”/215,Right/Right,Lakeland Christian,Lakeland,FL,Virginia Tech
29,C/,Fawley,Austin,2022,6’2”/200,Right/Right,Park Vista Community,Boynton Beach,FL,University of Kentucky
27,OF/,Harrelson,Gage,2022,6’3”/175,Left/Left,Houston County,Kathleen,GA,Texas Tech University
16,C/,Heyman,Luke,2022,6’3”/202,Right/Right,Lake Brantley,Longwood,FL,University of Florida
11,RHP/,Hickson,Davion,2022,6’4”/205,Right/Right,Img Academy,Palmetto,FL,Florida State University
28,LHP/,Hodges,Bradley,2022,6’0”/185,Left/Left,St. Johns Country Day,Fleming Island,FL,University of Virginia
7,1B/,Kohn,Simon,2022,6’0”/200,Left/Left,Oakleaf High School,Jacksonville,FL,
2,OF/,Oquendo,Freddy,2022,6’0”/175,Left/Left,Miami Christian,Hialeah,FL,Florida International University
1,SS/,Parker Jr.,Darnell,2023,6’0”/170,Right/Right,IMG Academy,Carrollton,VA,Georgetown University
6,SS/,Pena,Jesus,2022,6’2”/210,Right/Right,Miami Springs Senior High,Miami,FL,Wake Forest University
14,OF/,Pompa,Cadmiel,2022,6’0”/180,Right/Right,Montverde Academy,Lakeland,FL,Bethune-Cookman University
4,SS/,Puckett,Stewart,2022,5’11”/185,Left/Right,Hagerty High School,Deleon Springs,FL,University of South Florida
19,RHP/,Ross,William,2022,6’7”/245,Right/Right,West Orange,Winter Garden,FL,University of Florida
15,3B/,Rudisill,Bryce,2023,6’1”/195,Left/Right,Gettysburg Area High School,Gettysburg,PA,University of Pittsburgh
3,SS/,Schupmann,Kyle,2022,6’1”/190,Right/Right,Luther Prep High School,Geneva,IL,University of Cincinnati
10,SS/,Shelton,Colby,2022,6’0”/190,Left/Right,Bloomingdale Senior High School,Lithia,FL,Clemson University
9,SS/,Smith,Marcus,2022,5’10”/184,Right/Right,All Hallows’ High School,New York,NY,University of Cincinnati
13,OF/,Specht,Tommy,2022,6’3”/195,Left/Right,Wahlert Catholic High School,Dubuque,IA,University of Kentucky
31,3B/,Toman,Tucker,2022,6’1”/185,Switch/Right,Hammond School,Columbia,SC,Louisiana State University (LSU)
8,SS/,Zayas,Bryant,2022,6’0”/175,Right/Right,Miami Christian High School,Hialeah Gardens,FL,North Carolina State University[/table]

[table]#,Prim/Sec,Last Name,First Name,Grad,HT/WT,Bats/Throws,School,City,State,College Commitment
30,OF/,Allende,Giullianno,2022,6’2”/165,Left/Left,International Baseball Academy,Carolina,PR,Florida International University
29,OF/,Anthony,Roman,2022,6’3”/195,Left/Right,Marjory Stoneman Douglas,North Palm Beach,FL,University of Mississippi
16,RHP/3B,Barrett,Ben,2022,6’4”/210,Right/Right,The First Academy,Orlando,FL,Florida State University
4,OF/,Caro,Jameson,2022,6’1”/198,Right/Right,Miami Christian School,Hialeah,FL,Florida International University
3,RHP/,Cijntje,Jurrangelo,2022,5’11”/168,/,Champagnat Catholic,Pembroke Pines,FL,Stetson University
13,RHP/OF,Clemente,Jake,2022,6’4”/202,Right/Right,Marjory Stoneman Douglas,Coral Springs,FL,University of Florida
31,LHP/,Crowther,Ashton,2022,6’3”/197,Left/Left,James W. Mitchell,New Port Richey,FL,University of Miami
5,SS/,Cyr,Blake,2022,5’11″/178,Right/Right,Windermere,Windermere,FL,University of Miami
12,RHP/,Denison,Ryan,2022,6’4”/210,Right/Right,Tampa Jesuit,Wesley Chapel,FL,Florida State University
6,3B/,Dominguez,Adrian,2022,6’3”/195,Left/Right,Monsignor Edward Pace,Miami,FL,University of Miami
10,SS/,Faurot,Drew,2022,6’2”/180,Switch/Right,Florida State University School,Tallahassee,FL,University of Central Florida
2,SS/,Febus,Giovanni,2022,6’0”/175,Right/Right,Home School,Miramar,FL,Alabama State
9,SS/,Gippson,Derek,2022,6’0”/155,Left/Right,Puerto Rico Baseball Academy,Gurabo,PR,Indiana State University
34,C/,Hansen,Riley,2022,6’0”/205,Right/Right,Timber Creek HS,Orlando,FL,
8,SS/,Howell,Finn,2022,6’0”/175,Right/Right,St. John’s Country Day,St Johns,FL,University of North Florida
35,RHP/,Howell,Jude,2022,6’1″/185,Right/Right,St. John’s Country Day,St Johns,FL,
11,RHP/,Hunt,Andrew,2022,6’5”/195,Right/Right,Tampa Jesuit,Tampa,FL,
33,C/,Lopez,Yandel,2022,5’10”/195,Left/Right,Puerto Rico Baseball Academy,Las Piedras,PR,
32,C/,Ordonez,Santiago,2022,5’9”/190,Right/Right,Marjory Stoneman Douglas,Coral Springs,FL,Florida State University
7,SS/,Ortiz,JeanPierre,2022,6’0”/162,Right/Right,Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy,Carolina,PR,Florida International University
15,RHP/,Perez,Sebastian,2022,6’5”/225,Switch/Right,West Broward,Southwest Ranches,FL,University of Miami
1,SS/,Smith,Logan,2022,6’2”/165,Right/Right,North Fort Myers,Cape Coral,FL,Florida Gulf Coast University
14,OF/,Taylor,Jordan,2022,6’2”/192,Right/Right,St. John’s Country Day,Jacksonville,FL,Florida State University
17,1B/RHP,Tejeda,Yoel,2022,6’7”/205,Switch/Right,North Broward Preparatory Academy,Davie,FL,University of Florida[/table]

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Top 60 Yard Dashes

6.39,Gage Harrelson,OF,2022,Kathleen,GA
6.4,Giulianno Allende,OF,2022,Carolina,PR
6.48,Bryant Zayas,SS,2022,Hialeah Gardens,FL
6.63,Marcus Smith,SS,2022,New York,NY
6.65,Cadmiel Pompa,OF,2022,Lakeland,FL
6.68,Jameson Caro,OF,2022,Hialeah ,FL
6.68,Drew Faurot,SS,2022,Tallahassee,FL
6.69,Tommy Specht,OF,2022,Dubuque,IA
6.75,Freddy Oquendo,OF,2022,Hialeah ,FL
6.81,Finn Howell,SS,2022,St Johns,FL
6.81,Derek Gippson,SS,2022,Gurabo,PR
6.81,Kyle Schupmann,SS,2022,Geneva,IL
6.83,Blake Cyr,SS,2022,Windermere,FL
6.84,Roman Anthony,OF,2022,North Palm Beach,FL
6.89,Jack Clemente,RHP/OF,2022,Coral Springs,FL
6.89,JP Ortiz,SS,2022,Carolina,PR
6.91,Colby Shelton,SS,2022,Lithia,FL
6.94,Riley Hansen,C,2022,Orlando,FL
6.95,Brody Donay,C/RHP,2022,Lakeland,FL


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Top Fastball Velocities

96,JP Ortiz,SS,2022,Carolina,PR
94,Brody Donay,C/RHP,2022,Lakeland,FL
92,Jack Clemente,RHP/OF,2022,Coral Springs,FL
92,Davion Hickson,RHP,2022,Palmetto,FL
92,Sebastian Perez,RHP,2022,Southwest Ranches,FL
91,Jurrangelo Cijntje,RHP/LHP,2022,Pembroke Pines,FL
91,Jacob Crews,RHP ,2022,Winter Garden,FL
91,Ryan Denison,RHP,2022,Wesley Chapel,FL
91,Yoel Tejeda,1B/RHP,2022,Davie,FL
91,Andrew Hunt,RHP,2022,Tampa,FL
90,Grant Aycock,RHP/3B,2022,Greensboro,NC
90,Sullivan Brackin,RHP/OF,2022,Jacksonville,FL
90,Evan Dobias,RHP. ,2022,Sunrise,FL
90,Bradley Hodges,LHP,2022,Fleming Island,FL
90,Will Ross,RHP,2022,Winter Garden,FL[/table]

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Top Pop Times

1.9,Luke Heyman,C,2022,Longwood,FL
1.93,Santiago Ordonez,C,2022,Coral Springs,FL
1.95,Brody Donay,C/RHP,2022,Lakeland,FL


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Top Exit Velocities

104,Roman Anthony,OF,2022,North Palm Beach,FL
102,Jameson Caro,OF,2022,Hialeah ,FL
102,Gage Harrelson,OF,2022,Kathleen,GA
102,Kyle Schupmann,SS,2022,Geneva,IL
102,Tommy Specht,OF,2022,Dubuque,IA
102,Bryant Zayas,SS,2022,Hialeah Gardens,FL
101,Luke Heyman,C,2022,Longwood,FL
101,Cadmiel Pompa,OF,2022,Lakeland,FL
100,JP Ortiz,SS,2022,Carolina,PR
100,Marcus Smith,SS,2022,New York,NY
100,Tucker Toman,3B,2022,Columbia,SC
99,Grant Aycock,RHP/3B,2022,Greensboro,NC
99,Ben Barrett,RHP/3B,2022,Orlando,FL
99,Jack Clemente,RHP/OF,2022,Coral Springs,FL
99,Blake Cyr,SS,2022,Windermere,FL
99,Giovanni Febus,SS,2022,Miramar,FL
99,Bryce Rudisill,3B,2023,Gettysburg,PA
99,Colby Shelton,SS,2022,Lithia,FL
99,Yoel Tejeda,1B/RHP,2022,Davie,FL


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Rules & Directions  |  Back to Top

Team One Showcase Game Rules:

– Each half inning will feature between 4-6 hitters to the plate, with variance allowed for AB equality
– Total numbers of innings each game depends on availability of pitchers, goal is equal number of AB for position players (not necessarily number of innings)
– In case of BB or HBP, same hitter stays in box, keep strikes & reset balls, pitchers throw FB
– All games will played with a 1 out scenario
– Lineups are preset to give each player equal amount of playing time
– Players will be placed in their primary or secondary position in the field
– Umpires will be there to call ball, strike, safe, and out
– All players are encouraged to use WOOD BATS
– Make sure that you have all of your baseball equipment
– Please wear your Under Armour Team One Jersey and Under Armour hat when on field
– Any dark colored belt or socks are okay
– Grey or white baseball pants


If you are just a PITCHER, you will throw 2 – 3 innings. Running the 60 yard dash is optional. You will not take BP, defensive workout or game at bats. You are free to leave after you have finished pitching.


If you are a primary fielder only, you will run the 60 yard dash, take part in the defensive showcase, batting practice, and receive a fair and equitable amount of defensive time during the game at your primary position and play your secondary position as needed.


If you are a primary fielder and secondary pitcher, you will run the 60 yard dash, take part in the defensive showcase, batting practice, and receive a fair and equitable amount of defensive time. Pitch 1 – 2 innings. Please make sure that PITCHING is something you will do at the next level. This is no time to experiment. Please be honest with your abilities.

Map / Driving Directions

IMG Baseball Stadium
5650 Bollettieri Blvd
Bradenton, FL 34210

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