2020 Under Armour National Florida Showcase – Event Hub

Wednesday, June 3 – Thursday, June 4
Jackie Robinson Memorial Park – Daytona Beach, FL

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Top Performers | Rules & Directions

Event Itinerary/Rosters/Pitching Rotations TBA Monday, June 1

Wednesday, June 3

See below for report time by team, and report to:

Jackie Robinson Memorial Park
105 Orange Avenue
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
Map & Directions

Wednesday, June 3

– (2) rounds of (8) swings
– Run home to 1B (timed) on last swing of first round
– Pitcher Only (PO) DO NOT hit

Teams #1 & #2

7:30 am – Teams #1 Check-in: Social distanced, Temps Taken, Waivers Dropped in Box, Hat & Jersey Picked Up
8:00 am – Teams #2 Check-in: Social distanced, Temps Taken, Waivers Dropped in Box, Hat & Jersey Picked Up
8:15 am
– Batting Practice (Team #1)
8:45 am – Batting Practice (Team #2)
9:30 am – Live at bats and defense | Team 1 and Team 2
– Team #1 Pitchers: Perry | Rujano | Prevesk
– Team #2 Pitchers: Ligon | Painter | Plain |  Scavone

– PO report only on the day of scheduled outing
– PO report approx. 1 hour prior to start of scheduled game
– PO are free to leave upon completion of outing

Teams #3 & #4

11:30 am – Teams #3 Check-in: Social distanced, Temps Taken, Waivers Dropped in Box, Hat & Jersey Picked Up
11:45 am – Teams #4 Check-in: Social distanced, Temps Taken, Waivers Dropped in Box, Hat & Jersey Picked Up
12:00 pm
– Batting Practice (Team #3)
12:30 pm – Batting Practice (Team #4)
1:30 pm – Live at bats and defense | Team 3 and Team 4
– Team #3 Pitchers: Essary | Olazabal | Nelson
– Team #4 Pitchers: Dobias | Marsh | Gonzalez

Teams #5 & #6

3:30 pm – Teams #5 Check-in: Social distanced, Temps Taken, Waivers Dropped in Box, Hat & Jersey Picked Up
3:45 pm – Teams #6 Check-in: Social distanced, Temps Taken, Waivers Dropped in Box, Hat & Jersey Picked Up
4:00 pm
– Batting Practice (Team #5)
4:30 pm – Batting Practice (Team #6)
5:30 pm – Live at bats and defense | Team 5 and Team 6
– Team #5 Pitchers: Marrero | Dietz | Murr
– Team #6 Pitchers: Sloan | Hickson | Siegel

Thursday, June 4

– Players may workout at ONE POSITION ONLY
C (6) catch & throw pop-pop times to 2B
OF (6) throws to home
MIF (from deep SS): (2) at you, (2) glove side, (2) backhands, (2) double play off bag, (1) slow roller
1B (2) at you to 3B, (2) at you to 2B, (2) double plays holding runner, (1) slow roller
3B (2) at you, (2) glove side, (2) backhands, (2) double plays, (1) slow roller

Teams #4 & #1

7:30 am – Teams #4 Check-in: Social distanced, Temps Taken
7:45 am – Teams #1 Check-in: Social distanced, Temps Taken
8:15 am – Defensive Workout and 60 Yard Dash by Position
9:30 am – Live at bats and defense – Team 4 and Team 1
– Team #4 pitchers: Segui | Mackowiak | Pyne
– Team #1 pitchers: Jacobs | Webster | Williamson

– PO report only on the day of scheduled outing
– PO report approx. 1 hour prior to start of scheduled game
– PO are free to leave upon completion of outing

Teams #6 & #3

11:15 am – Teams #6 Check-in: Social distanced, Temps Taken
11:30 am – Teams #3 Check-in: Social distanced, Temps Taken
12:00 pm – Defensive Workout and 60 Yard Dash by Position
1:30 pm – Live at bats and defense – Team 6 and Team 3
– Team #6 pitchers: Futrell | Melani | Napier
– Team #3 pitchers: Manning | Lopez | Caglianone | Calise

Teams #2 & #5

3:15 pm – Teams #2 Check-in: Social distanced, Temps Taken
3:30 pm – Teams #5 Check-in: Social distanced, Temps Taken
4:00 pm – Defensive Workout and 60 Yard Dash by Position
5:30 pm – Live at bats and defense – Team 2 and Team 5
– Team #2 pitchers: Burns | Wetherell | Neely | Velez
– Team #5 pitchers: Schaffer | Haines | Evans

Team Rosters | Back to Top

* Rosters as of 6/2 @ 10:30pm est

[table]Team,#,Last Name,First,Grad,POS,HT/WT,B/T,High School,City,ST,College Commitment
1. Gray,59,Ames,Evan,2021,1B/,6’5”/220,L/R,Canterbury,Ft. Myers,FL,
1. Gray,60,Blair,Brett,2021,3B/,6’2”/208,R/R,Buchholz,Gainesville,FL,Stanford Univ
1. Gray,24,Perry,Zaylen,2021,3B/RHP,6’5”/195,R/R,Auburndale,Winterhaven,FL,Florida International Univ
1. Gray,25,Baumeister,Jackson,2021,C/,6’3”/210,R/R,The Bolles,Jacksonville,FL,Florida State Univ
1. Gray,8,Burress,Drew,2023,OF,5’9”/180,R/R,Houston County,Warner Robins,GA
1. Gray,3,Robinson,Corey,2021,CF/,5’11”/170,R/R,Spruce Creek,DeLand,FL,Univ of Florida
1. Gray,38,Mayo,Jackson,2021,OF/,6’2”/182,L/L,The Bolles,St. Johns,FL,
1. Gray,#,Petrosa,Richie,2023,C,5’10”/165,R/R,Iona Prep,Mount Kisco,NY
1. Gray,39,Prevesk,Matthew,2021,OF/LHP,6’2”/185,L/L,Apopka,Apopka,FL,Univ of Florida
1. Gray,40,Rudd,Jaden,2021,OF/,5’11”/180,L/L,A. Crawford Mosley,Lynn Haven,FL,Univ of Notre Dame
1. Gray,41,Jacobs,Dylan,2021,RHP/,6’2”/180,R/R,Forest,Ocklawaha,FL,
1. Gray,42,Rujano,Luis,2022,RHP/,6’0”/150,R/R,Central Pointe Christian Acad,Orlando,FL,
1. Gray,43,Webster,Justin,2021,RHP/,6’5”/180,R/R,American Heritage,Pembroke Pines,FL,Univ of Miami
1. Gray,4,Ambrose,Sean,2021,SS/,5’7”/155,R/R,ESB Acad,Miami,FL,Florida International Univ
1. Gray,44,Estrella,Andrew,2021,SS/,6’1”/170,R/R,Doral Acad Prep,Cutler Bay,FL,
1. Gray,5,Nadeau,Justin,2022,SS/,5’11”/175,L/R,Bartram Trail,St. Johns,FL,Jacksonville Univ
1. Gray,45,Waldschmidt,Ryan,2021,SS/,6’1”/190,R/R,Braden River,Bradenton,FL,
1. Gray,67,Williamson,Austin,2022,RHP,6’4”/220,R/R,Combine Acad,Denver,NC,Univ of Alabama

[table]Team,#,Last Name,First,Grad,POS,HT/WT,B/T,High School,City,ST,College Commitment
2. Black,6,Arroyo Jr.,Edwin,2021,SS/,6’0”/170,S/R,Arecibo Baseball Acad Inc.,Bajadero,PR,Florida State Univ
2. Black,56,Burns,Matthew,2021,RHP/,6’2”/200,R/R,American Heritage,Miramar,FL,
2. Black,36,Bush,Cade,2021,1B/,6’3”/210,R/R,Palm Beach Gardens,Palm Beach Gardens,FL,Florida State Univ
2. Black,39,Candelas,Hector A.,2021,OF/,6’1”/185,L/L,Leadership Christian Acad,Carolina,PR,
2. Black,37,Cueto,Gio,2021,C/,6’0”/190,R/R,Belen Jesuit Prep,Miami,FL,Wake Forest Univ
2. Black,9,Dominguez,Adrian,2022,3B/,6’2”/185,L/R,Monsignor Edward Pace,Miami,FL,Univ of Miami
2. Black,30,Green,Davis,2022,OF,5’11”/175,R/R,Pierce County,Blackshear,GA
2. Black,38,King,Dylan,2021,C/,6’2”/195,L/R,American Heritage,Delray Beach,FL,Univ of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2. Black,42,Ligon,Karson,2021,RHP/,6’3”/180,R/R,Riverview,Sarasota,FL,Univ of Miami
2. Black,#,Neely,Brandon,2021,RHP,6’2”/190,R/R,Spruce Creek,City,ST
2. Black,57,Painter,Andrew,2021,RHP/,6’7”/220,R/R,Calvary Christian Acad,Pompano Beach,FL,Univ of Florida
2. Black,7,Pena,Jesus,2022,SS/,6’1”/210,R/R,Slam,Miami,FL,Wake Forest Univ
2. Black,#,Plain,Blaydon,2022,1B/RHP,6’4”/190,L/R,Madison County,Greenville,FL,Univ of Florida
2. Black,41,Velez,Raymond,2021,OF /RHP,6’2″/195,R/R,Winter Springs,Winter Springs,FL,Bethune-Cookman Univ
2. Black,44,Rosa,Jonathan,2021,SS/,6’0″/170,R/R,International Baseball Acad,Luquillo,PR,
2. Black,29,Rosado,Japhet,2022,SS,6’0”/175,S/R,Central Pointe Christian,Orlando,FL,Stetson Univ
2. Black,5,Saltsman,Aaron,2021,OF/,5’10”/187,R/R,Rockledge,Rockledge,FL,
2. Black,8,Scavone,Dominic,2021,3B/RHP,6’1”/180,R/R,Bishop Moore,Orlando,FL,Stetson Univ
2. Black,40,Villegas,Edgardo,2021,OF/,5’9”/170,L/L,Carlos Beltran Baseball Acad,Vega Alta,PR,Univ of Miami
2. Black,43,Wetherell,Preston,2021,RHP/,6’3”/170,R/R,Spruce Creek,Port Orange,FL,Florida State Univ

[table]Team,#,Last Name,First,Grad,POS,HT/WT,B/T,High School,City,ST,College Commitment
3. Orange,24,Caglianone,Jac,2021,1B/LHP,6’5”/210,L/L,Plant,Tampa,FL,Univ of Florida
3. Orange,5,Calise,Braden,2021,SS/RHP,6’1”/176,R/R,Lincoln Park Acad,Ft. Pierce,FL,
3. Orange,18,De Goti,Jorge,2021,3B/,6’1”/170,R/R,Belen Jesuit Prep,Miami,FL,Univ of Florida
3. Orange,19,Diaz Jr,Raul,2021,C/,5’8”/190,R/R,William T. Dwyer,Palm Beach,FL,
3. Orange,23,Eccleston,Kenneth,2021,OF/,5’11”/165,L/L,Montverde Acad,Winter Garden,FL,Univ of Miami
3. Orange,#,Cohen,Jared,2022,POS,5’11”/180,B/T,Byram Hills,City,NY,US Military Acad
3. Orange,17,Colon,Justin,2021,SS/,6’3”/180,R/R,Montverde Acad,Clermont,FL,
3. Orange,7,Fox,Jake,2021,SS/,6’0”/185,L/R,Lakeland Christian,Plant City,FL,Univ of Florida
3. Orange,32,Lastres,Rene,2021,C/,6’3”/200,R/R,Miami Christian,Hialeah,FL,Univ of Florida
3. Orange,11,Lopez,Angel,2021,LHP,5’11”/180,L/L,Montverde Acad,Montverde,FL
3. Orange,27,Manning,Connor,2021,RHP/,6’3”/205,R/R,ESB Acad,Coral Springs,FL,Univ of South Florida
3. Orange,47,Nelson,Drew,2022,LHP/OF,6’0”/185,L/L,Pike Liberal Arts,Troy,AL
3. Orange,22,Olazabal,Christian,2021,RHP/1B,6’0”/180,R/R,Coral Gables Senior,Hialeah,FL,
3. Orange,31,Reinaldo,Alejandro,2022,3B/,5’10”/190,R/R,Chaminade Madonna College Prep,Davie,FL,
3. Orange,13,Rodriguez,Victor,2021,OF/,6’5″/208,R/R,Montverde Acad,Winter Springs,FL,
3. Orange,21,Rogers,JD,2021,OF/,5’9”/180,L/L,Carmel,Carmel,IN,Vanderbilt Univ
3. Orange,30,Russell,Hunter,2022,1B/,6’3”/190,L/R,Episcopal,Jacksonville,FL,Univ of Miami
3. Orange,20,Stanfield,Christopher,2022,OF/,6’1″/180,R/R,Lawton Chiles,Tallahassee,FL,Auburn Univ

[table]Team,#,Last Name,First,Grad,POS,HT/WT,B/T,High School,City,ST,College Commitment
4. White,5,Allen,Jay,2021,OF/,6’1″/185,R/R,John Carroll Catholic,Ft Pierce,FL,Univ of Florida
4. White,6,Cintron,Xavier,2021,SS/,5’6”/150,S/R,Cornerstone Charter Acad,Orlando,FL,
4. White,28,Dobias,Evan,2022,RHP/,6’1”/175,R/R,American Heritage,Sunrise,FL,Univ of Virginia
4. White,41,Essary,Lane,2022,RHP,6’1”/180,R/R,Combine Acad,Hickory,NC,East Carolina Univ
4. White,21,Gonzalez,Renzo,2021,LHP/OF,5’10”/185,L/L,Alonso,Tampa,FL,Univ of Miami
4. White,7,Gonzalez Jr.,Dorian,2021,SS/,5’9”/175,L/R,Belen Jesuit Prep,Miami,FL,Univ of Miami
4. White,3,Guzman,Dean,2022,C/,5’9”/155,R/R,West Broward ,Pembroke Pines,FL,Stetson Univ
4. White,4,Hodges,Clayton,2021,OF/,5’11”/175,R/R,Episcopal of Jax,Jacksonville,FL,Jacksonville Univ
4. White,32,Loriga,Bryan,2021,3B/,6’0”/190,R/R,Elite Squad Acad,Hialeah,FL,Florida International Univ
4. White,#,Mackowiak,Garrett,2022,LHP,5’11”/180,L/L,Wesley Chapel,City,FL
4. White,54,Marsh,Chandler,2021,RHP/,6’5”/215,R/R,Wellington,Wellington,FL,
4. White,29,Moran,Landon,2022,1BOF/,6’3″/180,L/L,Lake Brantley,Altamonte Springs ,FL,Univ of Florida
4. White,17,Norman,Satchell,2021,C/,5’11”/185,R/R,Sarasota,Sarasota,FL,Florida State Univ
4. White,34,Pyne,Josh,2021,SS/RHP,6’1”/180,R/R,Linton-Stockton,Bloomfield,IN,Indiana Univ
4. White,27,Quintana,Justin,2021,OF/,5’10”/182,R/R,American Heritage Plantation,Miramar,FL,
4. White,30,Ramirez,Manny,2021,1B/,6’1”/215,R/R,American Heritage,Weston,FL,
4. White,31,Rodriguez,Gianni,2021,3B/,5’11”/200,R/R,Mater Acad Charter,Hialeah,FL,
4. White,33,Segui,Alden,2021,RHP/,6’2”/190,R/R,Tampa Jesuit,Tampa,FL,
4. White,35,Shelton,Colby,2022,SS/,5’11”/180,L/R,Bloomingdale Senior,Lithia,FL,Clemson Univ

[table]Team,#,Last Name,First,Grad,POS,HT/WT,B/T,High School,City,ST,College Commitment
5. Red,#,Anchors,KC,2022,C,6’0”/200,B/T,Oxbridge Acad,City,FL
5. Red,5,Benson,Kobe,2021,SS/,5’10”/150,S/R,North Broward Prep,Boca Raton,FL,Coastal Carolina Univ
5. Red,56,Conticello,Gavin,2021,3B/,6’3”/195,L/R,Coral Springs Charter,Coconut Creek,FL,Univ of South Florida
5. Red,32,Dietz,Tyler,2021,RHP/,6’2”/187,R/R,Calvary Christian,Trinity,FL,Univ of South Florida
5. Red,29,Evans,Ty,2021,OF P/,6’2”/205,R/R,Lakeland Christian,Auburndale,FL,Univ of Florida
5. Red,27,Ferrer,Jaime,2021,C/,6’1”/200,R/R,TNXL Acad,Saint Cloud,FL,Florida State Univ
5. Red,55,Franco,Marcus,2021,1B/,6’4”/230,R/R,Doral Acad Charter,Miramar,FL,
5. Red,6,Garcia,Ariel,2021,SS/,6’1”/165,R/R,Christopher Columbus,Homestead,FL,Univ of Miami
5. Red,24,Green,Elijah,2022,OF/,6’3″/215,R/R,TNXL Acad,Windermere,FL,Univ of Miami
5. Red,4,Haines,Dillon,2021,LHP/,5’6”/140,L/L,Episcopal Of Jacksonville,St Augustine,FL,Stetson Univ
5. Red,33,Marrero,Michael,2021,RHP/,6’3”/195,R/R,Central Pointe Christian Acad,Kisiimmee,FL,Bethune-Cookman Univ
5. Red,28,Melendez,Jayden,2021,C/,5’9”/170,R/R,Westminster Christian,Cutler Bay,FL,Florida International Univ
5. Red,57,Murr III,Irvin,2021,SS/RHP,6’3”/215,R/R,Winter Springs,Sanford,FL,
5. Red,30,Ortiz,Diego,2021,OF/,6’3”/180,R/R,TNXL Acad,Ocoee,FL,
5. Red,7,Sanchez,William,2021,SS/,5’10”/165,R/R,Florida Virtual,Montverde,FL,
5. Red,25,Santana Quinones,Roberto Carlos,2021,1B/,5’11”/190,L/R,Lakenona,Kissimmee,FL,
5. Red,31,Santana Quinones,Carlos Rene,2021,OF/,5’11”/190,R/R,Lakenona,Kissimmee,FL,
5. Red,34,Schaffer,Dylan,2021,RHP/,5’10”/180,R/R,Newberry,High Springs,FL,
5. Red,26,Zellem,Tanner,2022,3B/,6’0″/215,R/R,The Bolles,Fleming Island,FL,Univ of Tennessee

[table]Team,#,Last Name,First,Grad,POS,HT/WT,B/T,High School,City,ST,College Commitment
6. Black,22,Campbell,Wyatt,2021,1B/,6’4″/190,R/R,North Marion,Ocala,FL,Lipscomb Univ
6. Black,47,Fabian,Deric,2021,SS/,6’3”/180,R/R,North Marion,Ocala,FL,Univ of Florida
6. Black,59,Futrell,Devin,2021,LHP/,6’5”/185,L/L,American Heritage,Pembroke Pines,FL,Vanderbilt Univ
6. Black,60,Heyman,Luke,2022,C/,6’3”/202,R/R,Lake Brantley,Longwood,FL,Univ of Florida
6. Black,27,Hickson,Davion,2022,RHP/,6’4”/182,R/R,Oakleaf,Orange Park,FL,Florida State Univ
6. Black,24,Jorge,Kainen,2021,OF/,6’2”/190,R/R,Christopher Columbus,Miami,FL,Wake Forest Univ
6. Black,58,Mangual,Hector,2021,SS/,6’4”/195,R/R,TNXL Acad,Oviedo,FL,Univ of Missouri
6. Black,26,Mejia,Luis,2021,OF/,5’9”/155,R/R,Westminster Christian,Miami,FL,
6. Black,45,Melani,TJ,2021,RHP/,6’0”/185,R/R,Seminole (Sanford),Lake Mary,FL,Stetson Univ
6. Black,63,Napier,Brogan,2021,3B/RHP,6’4”/230,R/R,Episcopal,St. Augustine,FL,Univ of Central Florida
6. Black,10,Perry,Hayden,2022,C,5’11”/190,R/R,Episcopal,Ponte Verde,FL
6. Black,62,Rao,Santino,2021,1B/,6’2”/226,L/L,Bishop Moore,Orlando,FL,Univ of South Florida
6. Black,25,Robertson,Michael,2021,OF/,6’1”/170,L/R,Venice,Venice,FL,Univ of Florida
6. Black,28,Siegel,Grant,2021,SS/RHP,6’1”/185,R/R,NSU University,Plantation,FL,Tulane Univ
6. Black,46,Sloan,Samuel,2021,RHP/,6’3”/200,R/R,Lakeland Sr.,Lakeland,FL,Univ of Florida
6. Black,61,Stewart,Sal,2022,3B/,6’3”/205,R/R,Westminster Christian,Miami,FL,Vanderbilt Univ
6. Black,4,Ulloa,Alex,2021,SS/,5’11”/180,R/R,Miami Christian,Cutler Bay,FL,Oklahoma State Univ


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Top 60 Yard Dashes

6.28,Elijah Green,OF,2022,Windermere,FL
6.32,Michael Robertson,OF,2021,Venice,FL
6.44,JD Rogers,OF,2021,Carmel,IN
6.44,Corey Robinson,OF,2021,DeLand,FL
6.47,Ariel Garcia,SS,2021,Homestead,FL
6.5,Jaime Ferrer,C,2021,Saint Cloud,FL
6.53,Edwin Arroyo Jr.,SS,2021,Bajadero,PR
6.56,Matthew Prevesk,OF/LHP,2021,Apopka,FL
6.59,Edgardo Villegas,OF ,2021,Vega Alta,PR
6.6,Jackson Mayo,OF,2021,St John’s,FL
6.63,William Sanchez,SS,2021,Montverde,FL
6.69,Dean Guzman,C,2022,Pembroke Pines,FL
6.69,Blaydon Plain,1B/RHP,2022,Greenville,FL
6.69,Diego Ortiz,OF,2021,Ocoee,FL
6.7,Gavin Conticello,3B,2021,Coconut Creek,FL
6.72,Davis Green,OF,2022,Blackshear,GA
6.72,Brett Blair,3B,2021,Gainersville,FL
6.75,Clayton Hodges,OF,2021,Jacksonville,FL
6.75,Jonathan Rosa,SS,2021,Luquillo,PR
6.76,Aaron Saltsman,OF,2021,Rockledge,FL
6.76,Xavier Cintron,SS,2021,Orlando,FL
6.78,Josh Pyne,SS/RHP,2021,Bloomfield,IN
6.81,Colby Shelton,SS ,2022,Lithia,FL
6.83,Deric Fabian,SS,2021,Ocala,FL
6.85,Alex Ulloa,SS,2021,Cutler Bay,FL
6.86,Ryan Waldschmidt,SS,2021,Bradenton,FL
6.87,Brogan Napier,3B/RHP,2021,St Augustine,FL
6.88,Kainen Jorge,OF,2021,Miami,FL
6.88,Hector Candelas,OF,2021,Carolina,PR
6.88,Hunter Russell,1B,2022,Jacksonville,FL
6.94,Justin Nadeau,SS,2022,St John’s,FL
6.95,Jared Cohen,SS,2022,Armonk,NY
6.95,Andrew Estella,SS,2021,Cutler Bay,FL
6.95,Justin Quintana,OF,2021,Miramar,FL
6.97,Satchell Norman,C,2021,Sarasota,FL


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Top Fastball Velocities

96,Andy Painter,RHP,2021,Pompano Beach ,FL
96,Karson Ligon,RHP,2021,Sarasota,FL
94,Bandon Neely,RHP,2021,Seville,FL
94,Alden Segui,RHP,2021,Tampa,FL
93,Samuel Sloan,RHP,2021,Lakeland,FL
93,Tyler Dietz,RHP,2021,Trinity,FL
92,Blaydon Plain,RHP/1B,2022,Greenville,FL
92,Dillon Haines,LHP,2021,St Augustine,FL
91,Davion Hickson,RHP,2022,Orange Park,FL
91,Evan Dobias,RHP,2022,Sunrise,FL
91,Austin Williamson,RHP,2022,Denver,NC
90,Chandler Marsh,RHP,2021,Wellington,FL
90,Luis Rujano,RHP,2022,Orlando,FL
90,Grant Siegel,SS/RHP,2021,Plantation,FL
90,Dylan Jacobs,RHP,2021,Ocklawaha ,FL
90,TJ Melani,RHP,2021,Lake Mary ,FL
90,Devin Futrell,LHP,2021,Pembroke Pines,FL
90,Comor Manning,RHP,2021,Coral Springs ,FL[/table]

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Top Pop Times

1.81,Gio Cueto,C,2021,Miami,FL
1.82,Jaime Ferrer,C,2021,Saint Cloud,FL
1.87,Rene Lastres,C,2021,Hialeah,FL
1.88,Satchell Norman,C,2021,Sarasota,FL
1.88,Luke Heyman,C,2022,Longwood,FL
1.94,Hayden Perry,C,2022,Ponte Verde Beach,FL
1.95,Jackson Baumeister,C,2021,Jacksonville,FL
1.97,Dylan King,C,2021,Delray Beach,FL
1.97,Dean Guzman,C,2022,Pembroke Pines,FL

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Top Raw Velocities

99,Alex Ulloa,SS,2021,Cutler Bay,FL
98,Jorge DeGoti,3B/RHP,2021,Miami,FL
97,Edwin Arroyo Jr.,SS,2021,Bajadero,PR
95,Kainen Jorge,OF,2021,Miami,FL
95,Elijah Green,OF,2022,Windermere,FL
95,Gavin Conticello,3B,2021,Coconut Creek,FL
94,Jay Allen,OF,2021,Ft Pierce,FL
94,Zaylen Perry,3B/RHP,2021,Winterhaven,FL
94,Michael Robertson,OF,2021,Venice,FL
94,Edgardo Villegas,OF,2021,Vega Alta,PR
94,Rene Lastres,C,2021,Hialeah,FL
94,Jaime Ferrer,C,2021,Saint Cloud,FL
93,Bryan Loriga,3B ,2021,Hialeah,FL
93,Jackson Baumeister,C,2021,Jacksonville,FL
93,Josh Pyne,SS/RHP,2021,Bloomfield,IN
93,Luis Mejia,OF,2021,Miami,FL
93,Deric Fabian,SS ,2021,Ocala,FL
93,Dominic Scavone,3B/RHP,2021,Orlando,FL
93,JD Rogers,OF,2021,Carmel,IN
92,Satchell Norman,C,2021,Miami,FL
92,Sal Stewart,3B,2022,Sarasota,FL
91,Clayton Hodges,OF,2021,Jacksonville,FL
91,Gianni Rodriguez,3B,2021,Hialeah,FL
91,Colby Shelton,SS ,2022,Lithia,FL
91,Drew Burress,OF,2023,Perry,GA
91,Andrew Estrella,SS,2021,Cutler Bay,FL
91,Luke Heyman,C,2022,Longwood,FL
91,Davis Green,OF,2022,Blackshear,GA
91,Jared Cohen,SS,2022,Armonk,NY
91,Ariel Garcia,SS,2021,Homestead,FL
90,Kenneth Eccleston,OF,2021,Winter Garden ,FL
90,Jackson Mayo,OF,2021,St John’s,FL
90,Dean Guzman,C,2022,Pembroke Pines,FL
90,Hector Candelas,OF,2021,Carolina,PR[/table]

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Top Exit Velocities

103,Elijah Green,OF,2022,Windermere,FL
102,Victor Rodriguez,OF,2021,Winter Springs ,FL
99,Sal Stewart,3B,2022,Miami,FL
99,Gavin Conticello,3B,2021,Coconut Creek,FL
99,Wyatt Campbell,1B,2021,Ocala,FL
98,Marcus Franco,1B,2021,Miramar,FL
98,Ty Evans,OF,2021,Auburndale,FL
98,Luke Heyman,C,2022,Longwood,FL
98,Jac Caglianone,1B,2021,Tampa,FL
97,Bryan Loriga,3B,2021,Hialeah,FL
97,Blaydon Plain,1B,2022,Greenville,FL
97,Aaron Saltsman,OF,2021,Rockledge,FL
96,JD Rogers,OF,2021,Carmel,IN
96,Jaime Ferrer,C,2021,Saint Cloud,FL
96,Jesus Pena,SS,2022,Miami,FL
96,Cade Bush,1B,2021,Palm Beach Gardens,FL
95,Edgardo Villegas,OF,2021,Vega Alta,PR
95,Raul Diaz Jr,C,2021,Palm Beach ,FL
95,Clayton Hodges,OF,2021,Jacksonville,FL
95,Gianni Rodriguez,3B,2021,Hialeah,FL
95,Ariel Garcia,SS,2021,Homestead,FL
95,Alex Ulloa,SS,2021,Cutler Bay,FL
95,Davis Green,OF,2022,Blackshear,GA
94,KC Anchors,C,2022,Wellington,FL
94,Drew Burress,OF,2022,Perry,GA
94,Ryan Waldschmidt,SS,2021,Bradenton,FL
93,Brogan Napier,3B,2021,St Augustine,FL
93,Jorge DeGoti,3B,2021,Miami,FL
93,Rene Lastres,C,2021,Hialeah,FL
93,Zaylen Perry,3B,2021,Winterhaven,FL
92,Diego Ortiz,OF,2021,Ocoee,FL
92,Christopher Stanfield,OF,2022,Tallahassee,FL
92,Josh Pyne ,SS,2021,Bloomfield,IN
92,Tanner Zellem,3B,2022,Fleming Island,FL
92,Hayden Perry,C,2022,Ponte Verde Beach,FL
92,Matthew Prevesk,OF,2021,Apopka,FL
91,Christian Olazabal,RHP/1B,2021,Hialeah,FL
91,Justin Quintana,OF,2021,Miramar,FL
91,Hector Mangual,SS,2021,Oviedo,FL
91,Jaden Rudd,OF,2021,Lynn Haven,FL
90,Irvin Murr III,SS,2021,Sanford,FL
90,Evan Ames,1B,2021,Ft Myers ,FL
90,Edwin Arroyo Jr,SS,2021,Bajadero,PR[/table]

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Rules & Directions  |  Back to Top

Team One Showcase Game Rules:

– Each half inning will feature between 4-6 hitters to the plate, with variance allowed for AB equality
– Total numbers of innings each game depends on availability of pitchers, goal is equal number of AB for position players (not necessarily number of innings)
– In case of BB or HBP, same hitter stays in box, keep strikes & reset balls, pitchers throw FB
– All games will played with a 1 out scenario
– Lineups are preset to give each player equal amount of playing time
– Players will be placed in their primary or secondary position in the field
– Umpires will be there to call ball, strike, safe, and out
– All players are encouraged to use WOOD BATS
– Make sure that you have all of your baseball equipment
– Please wear your Under Armour Team One Jersey and Under Armour hat when on field
– Any dark colored belt or socks are okay
– Grey or white baseball pants


If you are just a PITCHER, you will throw 2 – 3 innings. Running the 60 yard dash is optional. You will not take BP, defensive workout or game at bats. You are free to leave after you have finished pitching.


If you are a primary fielder only, you will run the 60 yard dash, take part in the defensive showcase, batting practice, and receive a fair and equitable amount of defensive time during the game at your primary position and play your secondary position as needed.


If you are a primary fielder and secondary pitcher, you will run the 60 yard dash, take part in the defensive showcase, batting practice, and receive a fair and equitable amount of defensive time. Pitch 1 – 2 innings. Please make sure that PITCHING is something you will do at the next level. This is no time to experiment. Please be honest with your abilities.

Map / Driving Directions

Jackie Robinson Memorial Baseball Park
105 Orange Ave.
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

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