2020 BF Firecracker Classic – Tournament Hub

July 6-10, 2020
Pirate City – Bradenton, FL
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Schedule & Scores

Tournament Schedule will be published once all rosters are submitted. 

Rosters & Scouting Reports

15U Division | 17U Division

Rosters published July 3 at 2:35 pm EST.

To submit a change to your roster, please click here.

Athletic Testing

Teams have the option to participate in a series of athletic tests on July 6 at the Pirate City Complex.
— 60 Yard Dash
— Raw (arm) Velocity
— Exit (bat) Velocity

Testing Leaders

Pirate City
Field 3
1701 27th St East
Bradenton, FL 34208

Time slot reservations for July 6 are required, and are issued on a first come, first served basis. Click here to submit your reservation request.

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July 6 Testing Schedule (Pirate City)

[table width=”600″]
July 6 (Monday),Team 1,Team 2,Team 3
11:00 am,,,
11:20 am,Vipers Baseball,,
11:40 am,Ft. Caroline Indians 15,Ft. Caroline Indians 17,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

15U Division Rosters
Schedule & Scores  |  Top Velos

* PLEASE NOTE: Players written up on the scouting blog were identified by our scouting staff based on the demonstration of notable tool(s) and/or skill(s). While WE DO NOT KEEP STATS, we are watching for standout performers on the mound, at the plate, in the field and on the bases. However, a performance WITHOUT the presence of requisite tool(s) and/or skill(s) IS NOT considered standout — we are looking for players with the tool(s) and/or skill(s) to play beyond the high school level.

** Roster data is provided by coach or team official **[attr colspan=”2″],
Columbus Explorers Blue 15,Fellowship Christian Athletes
Columbus Explorers Red 15,Ft. Caroline Indians 15
Columbus Explorers White 15,Palm Beach Select 2023[/table]

Columbus Explorers Blue 15

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Columbus Explorers Blue 15 Roster

1,Jon Alfonso,,5’7”/140,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
2,Sammy Alfonso,,5’10”/155,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
3,Evan Castro,,5’6”/150,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
4,Ethan Dechurch,,5’11”/150,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
5,Christian Delosantos,,5’6”/155,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
6,Mike Diaz,,5’9”/145,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Mimai,FL,
7,Marc Escobar,,5’10”/170,R/R,2025,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
8,Evan Escobar,,5’10”/160,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
9,Jorge Galceran,,5’6”/150,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
10,Daniel Garcia,,5’9”/145,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
11,Ethan Hernandez,,5’8”/155,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
12,Julian Herve,,5’7”/120,R/R,2025,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
13,Noah Lopez,,5’10”/160,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
14,Andres Lopez,OF,5’10”/150,L/L,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
14,Andres Lopez,,5’7”/140,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
16,Gilbert Mendoza,,5’11”/165,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
16,Julian Menedez,,5’6”/155,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
18,Brian Perez,,5’11”/150,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
19,Gio Quintero,,5’10”/150,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
20,Marcos Villareal,,5’10”/165,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
21,Isaiah Williams,,5’9”/160,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#8 Evan Escobar – SS 2024
Lean athletic frame. Defensively he showed good range with a strong arm across the diamond, good hands with a clean exchange. At the plate he showed a balanced swing with good barrel accuracy and consistent contact, line drive type hitter showing the ability to use all fields.

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Columbus Explorers Red 15

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Columbus Explorers Red 15 Roster

0,Kevin Sotologo,SS,5’6”/155,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
1,Asthton Diaz,2B/SS,5’8”/150,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
3,Jorge Herue,1B/LHP,6’0”/170,L/L,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
8,Chris Fonseca,OF/RHP,5’10”/160,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
10,J Soccorro,,5’7”/160,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
11,Lucas Rodriguez,,6’0”/175,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
12,Santiago Carrilles,C/1B,5’8”/165,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
12,Jovan Swasey,,6’0”/170,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
13,Luis Penate,IF/OF,5’11”/170,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
14,Max Tecero,,5’10”/150,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
15,Luis Miguel,,5’10”/170,L/L,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
16,Derek Tamargo,,5’7”/160,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
17,Nick Zorranz,,6’0”/170,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
18,Alex Corbo,2B/SS,5’10”/160,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
19,Lucas Lapido,,5’10”/160,L/L,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
20,Julian Gonzalez,SS/2B,5’10”/160,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
21,Marc Curri,,5’10”/170,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
21,Tyler Hawkins,,5’7”/150,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
22,Ryan Acosta,,6’1”/175,L/L,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
23,Rey Gomez,C/3B,5’10”/180,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#15 Luis Miguel – 1B 2023
Compact athletic frame. Line drive type hitter with a good approach and showed the ability to use all fields and showed good pop. Defensively he shows good range and soft hands with good footwork around the bag and a strong accurate arm.

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Columbus Explorers White 15

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Columbus Explorers White 15 Roster

0,Jack Norman,OF,5’6”/130,R/R,2026,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
0,Raul Rincon,OF,5’8”/130,R/R,2026,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
0,Max Sotolongo,OF,5’9”/110,R/R,2025,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
1,JB Bertamante,SS,5’9”/150,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
2,Lucas Delcalvo,OF,5’9”/150,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
3,Julian Alber,OF,5’6”/100,R/R,2025,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
3,Lucas Carilles,2B,5’8”/140,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
5,Mathew Campos,C,5’9”/145,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
5,Dillon Llanes,OF,6’0”/160,L/L,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
6,MJ Feenane,OF/RHP,6’2”/165,R/R,2025,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
7,Lucas Diaz,RHP,5’8”/160,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
8,Gabriel Corbo,OF,5’8”/140,R/R,2025,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
8,Carlos Gobel,OF,5’9”/150,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
9,Max Alvarez,SS,5’10”/150,R/R,2026,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
10,Danny Rivero,OF,5’10”/150,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
11,Logan Lapido,RHP,5’8”/135,R/R,2025,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
12,Franklin Fransico,OF/RHP,6’2”/190,L/L,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
13,Jose Lopez,3B,5’8”/160,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
14,Evan Aleman,RHP,5’7”/160,R/R,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
15,Aquiles Arzeno,C,5’8”/140,R/R,2026,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
17,Alejandro Abreut,1B/RHP,6’1”/175,L/L,2024,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
20,Adrian Rodriguez,RHP,5’9”/140,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#12 Franklin Francisco – OF 2024
Long projectable frame. He has a quick athletic swing with a quiet load, explosive lower half, and displayed gap to gap power. In the outfield he displayed a strong accurate arm

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Fellowship Christian Athletes

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Fellowship Christian Athletes Roster

0,Jayce Brandes,IF,5’9”/130,S/R,2025,Merritt Island,Merritt Island,FL,
2,Clint Sturgill,C,5’5”/135,R/R,2024,Cocoa,Cocoa,FL,
3,Jacob Phelps,IF,5’6”/130,R/R,2024,Rockledge,Rockledge,FL,
8,Cade Davidson,RHP,5’11”/150,R/R,2023,Rockledge,Cocoa,FL,
17,Lucas Glendinning,RHP,6’2”/170,R/R,2023,Viera,Melbourne,FL,
22,Luke Campbell,3B,5’10”/175,R/R,2023,Viera,Viera,FL,
23,Cameron Simpkins,IF,5’10”/160,R/R,2024,Viera,Viera,FL,
27,Aiden Fowks,LHP,5’7”/135,L/L,2024,Merritt Island,Merritt Island,FL,
28,Alexander Gregoire,OF,5’10”/140,R/R,2025,Merritt Island,Merritt Island,FL,
30,Joe Haggar,1B,6’0”/190,L/L,2023,Rockledge,Rockledge,FL,
42,Dylan Jordan,IF,5’10”/145,R/R,2024,Viera,Melbourne,FL,
48,Adekide Adetuyi,1B,5’10”/150,R/L,2023,Merritt Island,Merritt Island,FL,
99,Alexander Westfield,IF,5’10”/140,R/R,2024,Melbourne Central Catholic,Indian Harbour Beach,FL,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#22 Luke Campbell – CF 2023
Projectable athletic frame. Line drive hitter with a short compact swing and a simple load, keeps hands inside the ball and gets good extension. Runs bases well and gets good reads. In centerfield he takes good angles to the ball and showed a strong accurate arm and covered a lot of ground.

#8 Cade Davidson – RHP 2023
Tall lanky with ability to pound the zone. FB sat 78-81 and tight CB. Had six K’s in two innings of work vs Columbus blue 15U. Also doubled in two runs to help his cause.

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Ft. Caroline Indians 15

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Ft. Caroline Indians 15 Roster

0,No Player,1B,6’0”/180,R/L,2023,Sandalwood,Jacksonville,FL,
1,Chris Mattox,2B/OF,5’7”/140,R/R,2023,Sandalwood,Jacksonville,FL,
3,Ben Green,OF/LHP,5’8”/160,L/L,2022,Sandalwood,Jacksonville,FL,
4,Jordan Jacoby,OF/2B,5’8”/145,R/R,2023,Atlantic Coast,Jacksonville,FL,
5,Jayson Potter,OF/C,5’9”/170,R/R,2022,Sandalwood,Jacksonville,FL,
6,Andrew Reynolds,3B/RHP,6’1”/190,R/R,2023,Sandalwood,Jacksonville,FL,
9,Tristan Hamm,OF/RHP,5’9”/150,R/R,2023,Sandalwood,Jacksonville,FL,
10,Jesus Dejesus,OF/RHP,5’10”/185,R/R,2023,Atlantic Coast,Jacksonville,FL,
12,Holden Bradshaw,SS/RHP,5’9”/155,R/R,2023,Sandalwood,Jacksonville,FL,
13,Parker Sedgwick,RHP/IF,5’9”/160,R/R,2023,Sandalwood,Jacksonville,FL,
19,Alvin Pabon II,3B/1B,5’10”/210,R/R,2023,Sandalwood,Jacksonville,FL,
27,Michael Miniotas,C/OF,6’1”/150,R/R,2023,Atlantic Coast,Jacksonville,FL,
31,Tanner Reed,IF/RHP,6’0”/165,R/R,2023,Fletcher,Jacksonville,FL,
33,Cooper Whited,LHP/1B,6’0”/160,L/L,2023,Sandalwood,Jacksonville,FL,
52,Logan Rice,C/2B,5’6”/140,R/R,2023,Sandalwood,Jacksonville,FL,

#12 Holden Bradshaw – SS 2023
Strong athletic body for a young player. At SS, he shows soft quick hands with clean exchange, strong accurate arm with the ability and range to make play deep in hole and flashes multiple arm slots. At the plate he shows a balanced approach with great idea of zone for young player, quick hands to the ball and a level path staying behind baseball well.

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Palm Beach Select 2023

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Palm Beach Select 2023 Roster

1,Tucker,Malcom,SS/OF,S/R,5’8”/140,2023,Palm Beach Gardens High School,Wpb, FL
2,Jeluso,Dylan,2B/RHP,R/R,6’0”/160,2022,Jupiter,Jupiter, FL
2,Feyereisen,Nolan,SS/3B,L/R,5’8”/135,2023,Home School,Parkland, FL
3,Hesano,Jake,CF/OF,R/R,5’9”/150,2022,North Broward Prep,Delray Beach, FL
3,Koons,Jayden,LHP/1B,R/L,5’11”/155,2023,Jupiter Community High School,Jupiter, FL
5,Charkatz,Cooper,C/OF,R/R,5’6”/130,2024,Bullis,Wpb, FL
7,Joseph,Elijah,C/3B,R/R,5’10”/150,2022,Spanish River,Delray Beach, FL
7,Kolesar,Gavin,IF/RHP,R/R,5’9”/140,2023,Seminole Ridge Community High,Loxahatchee, FL
8,Allievi,Angelo,1B/LHP,S/L,5’9”/170,2022,Trinity Christian,West Pal Beach, FL
8,Zollo,Chris,SS/RHP,R/R,5’8”/130,2023,Seminole Ridge Community High School,West Lake, FL
10,Caccamise,Mason,OF/3B,R/R,5’9”/155,2022,North Broward Prep,Coconut Creek, FL
10,Baumann,William,LHP/1B,L/L,5’10”/120,2023,Jupiter Community High School,Jupiter, FL
11,Ceppo,Austin,IF/RHP,R/R,5’9”/155,2023,Kings Academy,Tequesta, FL
12,Chin,Aidan,2B/SS,R/R,5’7”/135,2023,Jupiter Community High School,Jupiter, FL
13,Fernandez,Anthony,2B/SS,R/R,5’11”/160,2022,Miami Christian,Miami, FL
17,Mujica,Michael,OF/LF,R/R,5’11”/170,2022,South Miami,Miami, FL
22,Perez,Emmanuel,SS/2B,R/R,5’10”/135,2023,G Holmes Braddock,Miami, FL
24,Lopez,Francisco,3B/C,R/R,6’0”/185,2022,South Miami,Miami, FL
32,Baxt,Kyle,1B/3B,R/R,5’5”/160,2023,Palm Beach Centraal,Wellington, FL

#10 Mason Caccamise – DH 2022
Athletic strong lean build. At the plate shows a balanced approach with a soft front step and good idea of the zone. Good lead off hitter working the count deep and getting on base. Shows quick hands with the ability to use all fields. On the base paths he gets good reads and jumps and runs well. He was 2-2 at the plate.

#17 Michael Mujica – CF 2023
Strong athletic frame. Spray line drive hitter with a short compact swing and knowledge of the zone. In the outfield he takes good angles and displayed a strong accurate arm and the ability to cover the gaps.

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Top 15U Fastball Velocities

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”100|250|250|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
MPH,Name,Team Name,Pos,YOG
80,Holden Bradshaw,Ft. Caroline Indians 15,RHP,2023


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17U Division Rosters
Schedule & Scores  |  Top Velos

* PLEASE NOTE: Players written up on the scouting blog were identified by our scouting staff based on the demonstration of notable tool(s) and/or skill(s). While WE DO NOT KEEP STATS, we are watching for standout performers on the mound, at the plate, in the field and on the bases. However, a performance WITHOUT the presence of requisite tool(s) and/or skill(s) IS NOT considered standout — we are looking for players with the tool(s) and/or skill(s) to play beyond the high school level.

** Roster data is provided by coach or team official **[attr colspan=”2″],
Baseball Factory Black,Palm Beach Diamondducks 2021 PBG
Columbus Explorers Blue 17,Palm Beach Select 2022 White
Columbus Explorers White 17,Vipers Baseball 17U
Ft. Caroline Indians 17,Vipers Baseball 2020
OAGWUW Riot,West Boca Killer Bees[/table]

Baseball Factory Black

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Baseball Factory Black Roster

15,P. Alex Sosa,C 2B,5’10″/165,L/R,2023,Viera ,Viera,FL,
16,Adrian Poviones,2B OF,5’9”/130,S/R,2023,Hialeah Gardens ,Hialeah,FL,
17,Tyler Haruta,OF,5’9”/170,R/L,2021,Adrian Wilcox ,Santa Clara,CA,
18,Braxton Dukes,LHP OF,5’10”/155,L/L,2021,Fort White High,Lake Butler,FL,
19,Hunter Crook,RHP,5’10”/150,S/R,2020,Sayre ,Erick,OK,
21,Anthony Failla,OF,5’10”/168,R/R,2021,Sebastian River ,Sebastian,FL,
22,Don Moritz,3B/RHP,5’7″/190,R/R,2022,Lee,Dryden,VA,
23,Anthony Sheridon,RHP OF,6’4”/195,R/R,2021,Epbp Lakers,Elkton,MI,
24,Andrew Wallace,3B 1B,6’0”/200,L/R,2021,Jasper ,Jasper,IN,
25,Noah Sorensen,SS,6’2”/165,R/R,2022,Scranton Prep,Montrose,PA,
26,Osagie Aghedo,1B RHP,6’1”/220,R/R,2021,Morgan Academy,Valley Grande,AL,
27,Reagan McCormick,C,6’0”/205,R/R,2021,Columbia ,Lake City,FL,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#15 Alex Sosa – C 2023
Lean athletic build with room to get bigger and stronger. Very quiet behind the plate. Does a great job of being quick to block balls in the dirt. He deadens the ball and keeps in front very well. Has a good Baseball IQ and communicates well with his defenders and pitchers. POP time: 2.09. At the plate, he is disciplined and has a middle away approach. He has a short compact swing that is direct to the ball.

#17 Tyler Haruta – OF 2022
Athletic build. Aggressively attacks baseball in the outfield. Gets great jumps and tracks balls down in the gap. Displays an accurate arm. At the plate, he is very balanced with a middle away approach. Has great barrel accuracy and makes things happen. Very disciplined at the plate with a short compact swing going directly to the ball.

#24 Andrew Wallace – 1B 2021
Stocky build. Shows good range at First. Works ground up. Displays strong arm with good footwork around the bag. Has a balanced stance at the plate with good discipline. Has explosive bat speed through the zone. Shows potential gap to gap power with good barrel accuracy.

#16 Adrian Poviones – 2B 2023
Athletic frame. Spray line drive hitter with a short compact swing. Has a good approach with a quiet load and good extension through the zone. At second base he works around the ball and has smooth hands. Has good footwork around the bag with a quick transfer and displayed good range.

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Columbus Explorers Blue 17

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Columbus Explorers Blue 17 Roster

0,Ricky Collado,RHP,6’0”/170,R/R,2021,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
2,Gian Michael Dominguez,C,5’10”/170,R/R,2021,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
9,Nick Mora,SS/2B,5’9”/150,R/R,2022,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
11,Jorge Acevedo,3B/2B,5’10”/165,R/R,2021,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
12,Pablo Acosta,OF/RHP,6’0”/170,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
13,Jack Delgado,RHP/C,5’11”/175,R/R,2021,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
13,Rafael Flores,OF,5’10”/175,L/L,2021,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
14,Kyle Marti,IF/OF,5’10”/160,R/R,2021,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
14,Federico Zapata,RHP,6’2”/165,R/R,2022,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
15,Mario Hernandez,RHP,5’11”/175,R/R,2021,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
16,George Alexander,RHP,6’1”/180,R/R,2022,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
16,Tony Casanova III,1B,6’0”/195,R/R,2021,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,FIU
16,Ariel Garcia,SS,6’1”/190,R/R,2021,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
17,Kainen Jorge,OF,6’1”/200,R/R,2021,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,Wake Forest
17,Lucas Rosabal,RHP,6’0”/170,R/R,2022,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
19,Gabriel Perez,OF,6’1”/185,R/R,2021,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
19,Matthew Roche,OF,6’1”/200,R/R,2021,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
21,Marchello Biondi,RHP,6’3”/190,R/R,2022,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
21,Eddie Leon,OF,6’0”/185,R/R,2021,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
22,Rick Amaro,C,5’10”/175,S/R,2022,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
23,Carson Morero,1B,6’0”/220,R/R,2022,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#17 Kainen Jorge – RHP 2021
Strong athletic pitcher. Good direction with a clean arm path, locates FB in and out sitting 83-85 topping out at 88. Good feel for the CB sitting at 74-75 with good 11/5 shape and uses well for an out pitch.

#21 Marchello Biondi – RHP 2022
Tall lean athletic build that will fill out. Consistent in the zone with a FB at 82-83 and pounded the zone and showed excellent tempo. Showed good feel with the CB to keep hitters off balance.

#13 Rafael Flores – CF 2021
Athletic strong player. In CF shows great first step and reads and takes good angles, works behind ball well with a strong accurate arm. At the plate he is very balanced with good rhythm and timing, quick hands with an explosive barrel through the zone and stays in lower half well.

#14 Federico Zapata – RHP 2022
Lean athletic body. Easy repeatable arm actions with a free arm. Attacks the zone with FB sitting 83-84 and stays ahead of hitters. FB showed late life and works downhill.

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Columbus Explorers White 17

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Columbus Explorers White 17 Roster

0,Miguel Socorro,,6’0”/180,L/L,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
0,Derek Tamargo,OF,6’0”/170,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
1,Carlos Jocome,SS/2B,6’0”/170,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
2,Lazaro Jimenez,IF/OF,5’8”/140,R/R,2022,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
3,Nico Garces,RHP,5’8”/150,R/R,2022,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
5,Tommy Verdeja,RHP,5’10”/160,R/R,2022,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
6,Jose Corral,OF/LF,5’10”/165,R/R,2022,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
7,Gabriel Cruz,3B,5’10”/150,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
9,Willjer Casana,IF,5’10”/170,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
11,Allen Jorge,OF,5’11”/170,L/L,2022,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
11,Manny Penalves,LHP,6’0”/175,L/L,2022,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
12,Anthony Gonzalez,C,5’10”/160,R/R,2022,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
13,Carlos Rodriguez,RHP,5’11”/170,R/R,2022,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
15,Aj Argudin,CF,6’0”/175,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
16,Alejandro Lopez,3B/RHP,5’11”/175,R/R,2022,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
17,Andre Larez,LHP,5’9”/160,L/L,2022,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
18,Ryan Cortina,RHP,6’0”/170,R/R,2022,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
19,CJ Bell,1B,6’0”/190,R/R,2022,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
20,Andrew Carmenate,OF/LHP,6’0”/170,L/L,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
22,Bryan Martinez,C,6’0”/180,R/R,2022,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,
23,Lester Martinez,OF,6’0”/175,R/R,2023,Christopher Columbus ,Miami,FL,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#23 Lester Martinez – OF 2023
Strong athletic frame. Gap to gap hitter. Open stance, good rhythm and timing, hands stay inside and gets good extension through the ball. Displayed pull side pop. Defensively takes good angles and has strong accurate arm from the outfield.

#1 Carlos Jocome – SS 2023
Athletic frame. Line drive type hitter with a short compact swing and showed good knowledge of the zone and the ability to use all fields. Good aggressive baseruuner. Defensively he displayed good range and the ability to make tough plays to the backhand side. He shows soft hands and works around the ball with a strong accurate arm and great baseball IQ.

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Ft. Caroline Indians 17

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[peekaboo_content name=“C13”]

Ft. Caroline Indians 17 Roster

2,Mykelti Jordan,OF/RHP,5’10”/170,R/R,2022,Atlantic Coast,Jacksonville,FL,
4,Paddy Smith,SS/2B,5’10”/165,R/R,2022,Oakleaf,Jacksonville,FL,
6,David Corea,3B/2B,5’6”/165,R/R,2021,Mandar,Jacksonville,FL,
7,Michael Lowry,2B/SS,5’8”/170,R/R,2021,Atlantic Coast,Jacksonviille,FL,
8,Daniel Blackwell,CF/OF,6’1”/165,R/L,2022,Atlantic Coast,Jacksonville,FL,
11,Aaron Potter,RHP/OF,6’4”/160,R/R,2021,Atlantic Coast,Jacksonville,FL,
13,Kyle Delagrange,RHP/2B,6’0”/150,R/R,2022,Atlantic Coast,Jacksonville,FL,
13,Jordan Martin,OF/1B,6’1”/180,R/R,2022,Mandarin,Jacksonville,FL,
17,Ethan Worley,OF/OF,6’0”/193,R/R,2022,Episcopal,Jacksonville,FL,
21,Michael Toney,C/1B,6’0”/190,R/R,2022,Wolfson,Jacksonville,FL,
22,Dakota Stone,LHP/1B,5’11”/212,R/L,2022,Atlantic Coast,Jacksonville,FL,
25,James Laufman,RHP/3B,6’1”/150,R/R,2022,Sandalwood,Jacksonville,FL,
29,Coleman Bullard,3B/RHP,6’2”/160,R/R,2022,Atlantic Coast,Jacksonville,FL,
35,Jared Cole,LHP/LHP,5’9”/175,L/L,2020,Atlantic Coast,Jacksonville,FL,
37,Roman Keller,RHP/OF,5’10”/195,R/R,2021,Bishop Kenny,Jacksonville,FL,
58,Rut Feltel,C/RHP,5’11”/185,R/R,2021,Atlantic Coast,Jacksonville,FL,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#11 Aaron Potter – RHP 2021
Tall lean athletic build that projects well and will fill out. Balanced repeatable delivery with a free easy arm action. Pounds the zone working in and out with a FB that sits 84-86 topping out at 88. Showed good feel for the slider at 73-74.

#22 Dakota Stone – LHP 2022
Solid build with good athleticism. Showed good FB command that sits at 85 and topped out at 88. Showed good mound presence and a deceiving pick off move.

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[peekaboo_content name=“B10”]

OAGWUW Riot Roster

1,Eddie Morales,C/3B,5’8”/158,R/R,2023,South Plantation,West Park,FL,
2,Brady Reinhart,OF/LHP,5’10”/157,L/L,2022,South Plantation,Sunrise,FL,
4,Zach Mascaro,IF/OF,5’9”/160,R/R,2021,Rocky Hill ,Rocky Hill,CT,
7,Justin Henschel,RHP/LF,6’2”/173,R/R,2022,South Plantation,Plantation,FL,
9,Shane Holley,RHP/1B,6’1”/180,R/R,2021,South Plantation,Plantation,FL,
10,Justin Baranski,1B/OF,5’11”/180,R/L,2022,South Plantation,Plantation,FL,
15,Charlie Richter,3B/IF,5’11”/155,R/R,2022,American Heritage,Fort Lauderdale,FL,
16,Daniel Sweet,RHP/1B,5’9”/240,R/R,2021,South Plantation,Plantation,FL,
18,Mason Carlini,OF/RHP,6’2”/160,R/R,2022,Fort Lauderdale,Wilton Manors,FL,
22,Diego Duran,2B/IF,5’11”/150,R/R,2022,Cypress Bay ,Weston,FL,
22,Nathan Malkin,RHP,6’3”/185,R/R,2022,Pine Crest ,Fort Lauderdale,FL,
27,Devon Brunnemer,2B/RHP,5’10”/160,R/R,2022,St. Thomas ,Plantation,FL,
32,Ryan Rasmussen,C/OF,6’0”/150,R/R,2022,Pembroke Pines Charter,Sunrise,FL,
33,Luis Santos,OF,5’10”/158,R/R,2020,Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy,Hollywood,FL,Asa College
37,Wyatt Iben,RHP/2B,5’11”/150,R/R,2022,St. Thomas ,Fort Lauderdale,FL,
44,Jacoby James,1B/3B,5’11”/200,R/R,2022,Cardinal Gibbons Hs,Fort Lauderdale,FL,

#7 Justin Henschel – RHP 2022
6’2″ tall with lots of room to fill out. Great Pitchers body. FB topped out at 84 with most consistently at 83. Displayed a good CB and also mixed in a change.

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Palm Beach Diamondducks 2021 PBG

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[peekaboo_content name=“B15”]

Palm Beach Diamondducks 2021 PBG Roster

1,Dawson Ball,RHP/3B,5’11”/185,R/R,2021,Wellington Hs,Wellington,FL,Florida Atlantic
2,Gavin Bogdanchik,C,5’11”/170Wellington HS, Wellington,FL
2,Dominic Presto,SS,5’11”/175,R/R,2021,Palm Beach Gardens Hs,Palm Beach Gardens,FL,
3,Jorge Decardenas,RHP,6’0”/180,R/R,2021,Dwyer Hs,Palm Beach Gardens,FL,
6,Brad Hart,C,5’8”/140,R/R,2022,Palm Beach Gardens Hs,Boynton Beach,FL,
8,Zane Coppersmith,RHP/2B,6’0”/185,R/R,2021,Dwyer Hs,Jupiter,FL,
10,Drew Jaloski,RHP,6’3”/180,R/R,2021,Dwyer Hs,Palm Beach Gardens,FL,
12,Nicholas Espinoza,C,5’8”/160,R/R,2021,Palm Beach Gardens Hs,Palm Beach Gardens,FL,
13,Shawn Rapf,SS/2B,5’9”/130,S/R,2022,Palm Beach Gardens Hs,North Palm Beach,FL,
14,Billy Reid,CF/RHP,5’7”/140,R/R,2022,Palm Beach Gardens Hs,Palm Beach Gardens,FL,
16,Jack Bartolomei,CF/LHP,6’0”/150,L/L,2021,Dwyer Hs,Palm Beach Gardens,FL,Florida Atlantic
19,Robbie Throop,RHP,5’11”/140,R/R,2022,Palm Beach Gardens Hs,Palm Beach Gardens,FL,
20,Tyler Rapf,LHP,6’3”/185,R/L,2021,Florida Atlantic U,North Palm Beach,FL,
21,Clay Miller,RHP,6’0”/180,R/R,2021,Dwyer Hs,Palm Beach Gardens,FL,
22,Jackson Wodraska,OF/IF,6’1”/150,L/R,2021,Jupiter Hs,Jupiter,FL,
23,Max Iervolino,3B/RHP,6’3”/210,R/R,2022,Dwyer Hs,Palm Beach Gardens,FL,
24,Will Morales,1B,6’3”/220,L/R,2021,Dwyer Hs,Jupiter,FL,
24,Kai Etwaru,LHP/OF, 6-2/170,Palm Beach Central HS, Wellington, FL
27,Jaden Goodman,OF,5’10”/165,R/L,2021,Dwyer Hs,Jupiter,FL,
30,Camren Carroll,C/2B,5’6”/145,S/R,2021,Jupiter Hs,Jupiter,FL,
34,Cody Damon,3B/RHP,6’2”/215,R/R,2021,Dwyer Hs,Jupiter,FL,
36,Logan Butler,RHP/OF,5’10”/140,R/R,2021,Palm Beach Gardens Hs,Palm Beach Gardens,FL,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#1 Dawson Ball – RHP 2021
Strong athletic frame. Repeatable delivery with a strong lower half. Commands both sides of the plate and attacks with a FB that sits 84-85 touching 86. Showed a wipeout slider that sits 71-72 as his out pitch.

#8 Zane Coppersmith – RHP 2021
Athletic pitcher with lean frame. Loose easy arm action. Attacks hitters with FB that sits 83-85 and tops out at 86 and commands both sides of the plate. At the plate he displayed pull side pop and good speed on the bases.

#20 Tyler Rapf – LHP 2021
Strong athletic body. Arm is free and easy working ahead with his fb sitting 84-87 with late cut. CB is 1-7 shape with tight spin and good out pitch.

#3 Jorge Decardenas – RHP 2021
Athletic pitcher with a strong lean frame.  Sets a quick tempo attacking hitters with his fb.  Fb jumps out of hand sitting 86-89. Cb is tight 11/5 shape with great down action.

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Palm Beach Select 2022 White

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[peekaboo_content name=“C14”]

Palm Beach Select 2022 White Roster

1,Chase Smallwood,RHP/RF,5’10”/135,R/R,2022,Jupiter,Jupiter,FL,
2,M.quinn Fitzgerald,C/2B,5’7”/150,R/R,2022,Jupiter,Tequesta,FL,
4,Enzo Vertucci,1B/RHP,6’0”/155,R/R,2022,Palm Beach Gardens,Pbg,FL,
5,Sam Pipe,POS,5’10”/150,B/T,2022,Martin County,Palm City,FL
7,Sean Brush,RHP/3B,6’4”/185,R/R,2022,Martin County,Palm City,FL,
15,Jacob Walker,CF/SS,5’10”/140,R/R,2022,Dwyer,Jupiter,FL,
23,Chris Sorge,LF/RF,6’2”/150,R/R,2022,Jupiter,Jupiter,FL,
24,Brandon Chin,OF/RHP,5’9”/155,R/R,2022,Jupiter,Jupiter,FL,
27,Peyton Samuels,SS/2B,5’10”/135,R/R,2022,Park Vista Hs,Lake Worth,FL,
28,Trevor Bloomberg,RF/C,6’0”/125,L/R,2022,Jupiter,Jupiter,FL,
33,Jesse Downey,C/LF,6’0”/185,R/R,2022,Jupiter,Jupiter,FL,
34,Kyle Andrew,RF/RHP,5’8”/115,R/R,2022,Seminole Ridge,Rpb,FL,
42,Gregory Tulloch,RHP/RF,6’2”/198,R/R,2022,Jupiter,Jupiter,FL,
,Santiago Gutierrez-Albarran,1B/LHP,6’2”/195,L/L,2022,Peterson School,Jupiter,FL,
,Keegan Kinsley,LHP/OF,5’10”/140,L/L,,,Pbg,FL,
,Joseph Love,1B/OF,6’4”/195,R/R,2022,Dwyer,Jupiter,FL,
,Nathan Zaragoza,2B/OF,5’4”/130,R/R,2022,Jupiter,Jupiter,FL,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#27 Peyton Samuels – SS 2022
Lean athletic player. Defensively he showed clean smooth actions with soft hands and a quick exchange and a plus arm. At the plate he has a balanced set up and stays quiet with a simple load and quick hands to the ball with a level bat path and showed the ability to drive the ball to all fields.

#17 Santiago Guitierrez-Albarran – EH 2020
Tall athletic player, at the plate he shows a balanced approach, with a level path and quick hands to the ball and stays behind well and drives the ball to all fields with hard contact.

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Vipers Baseball 17U

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[peekaboo_content name=“B7”]

Vipers Baseball 17U Roster

1,Adam Jacobs,CF/RF,5’10”/165,R/R,2021,Suncoast,Lake Worth,FL,
2,Hunter Balke,C/OF,5’11”/170,R/R,2021,Seminole Ridge,Westlake,FL,
3,Matt Rieth,OF/3B,5’9”/150,R/R,2021,Melbourne Central Catholic,Melbourne,FL,
4,Will Jackson,OF/C,5’7”/150,R/R,2022,Wellington,Wellington,FL,
5,Brit Kostura,LHP/CF,5’7”/140,L/L,2022,Jupiter Christian,Tequesta,FL,
7,Zach Zulawski,2B/SS,5’5”/130,R/R,2021,Viera,Melbourne,FL,
10,Jake Ryan,3B/2B,5’10”/185,R/R,2021,Royal Palm Beach,Royal Palm Beach,FL,
11,Zach Florido,CF/RF,5’7”/145,R/R,2021,Viera,Rockledge,FL,
12,Kyle Bethel,3B/OF,6’2”/180,R/R,2021,Flvs,Palm Beach Gardens,FL,
15,Tristan Guerra,IF/RHP,5’11”/170,R/R,2022,Wellington,Wellington,FL,
17,Payton Knapp,C,5’8”/160,R/R,2021,Seminole Ridge,Wellington,FL,
21,Kyron Bethel,OF/RHP,6’2”/180,R/R,2021,Flvs,Palm Beach Gardens,FL,
22,Mitch Block,LHP/1B,5’10”/135,L/R,2023,Undecided,Lake Worth,FL,
24,Jason Thomas,RHP/OF,5’11”/135,R/R,2021,Education Place,West Palm Beach,FL,
25,Kayden Bethel,1B/3B,6’0”/175,R/R,2020,Flvs,Palm Beach Gardens,FL,
50,Daniel Lopez,3B/1B,6’1”/235,R/R,2021,Seminole Ridge,Loxahatchee,FL,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#21 Kyron Bethel – CF 2021
Lean tall athletic body. In the OF he shows a great first step with good range and works around and through baseball with a plus arm. At the plate shows a tall balanced set up with a simple load and stays quiet throughout, quick hands with the ability to drive the ball to all fields. On the bases he has above average speed and gets good reads and jumps.

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Vipers Baseball 2020

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[peekaboo_content name=“C11”]

Vipers Baseball 2020 Roster

2,Abner Benitez,OF/1B,5’10”/190,L/L,2020,Miami Christian,Miami,FL,
5,Sterling Jiminez,RHP,5’11”/195,R/R,2020,Palm Beach Gardens,Palm Beach Gardens,FL,Palm Beach State College
5,Trace Thewell,2B/RHP,6’1”/210,R/R,2020,Coral Gables,Riviera Beach,FL,
7,Cameron Moss,OF/2B,5’10”/155,R/R,2020,Olympic Heights,Boynton Beach,FL,Cleveland Community College
9,Emanuel Maldonado,1B/OF,5’9”/190,L/L,2020,Miami Christian,Miami,FL,
11,Solomon Masters,OF/RF,6’3”/160,R/R,2020,Royal Palm Beach,Royal Palm Beach,FL,Palm Beach State College
12,Dawson Fox,C/3B,5’8”/165,R/R,2020,Boynton Beach,Boynton Beach,FL,Florida Southern
13,Dylan East,OF/RHP,6’3”/195,R/R,2020,William T Dwyer,Palm Beach Gardens,FL,Palm Beach State College
15,Nathan Todd,C/OF,5’8”/160,R/R,2020,The Kings Academy,North Palm Beach,FL,
17,Richard Havens,2B/OF,5’1”/165,R/R,2020,Park Vista,Lake Worth,FL,
20,Jack Stafford,SS/RHP,6’2”/185,R/R,2020,Suncoast,Jupiter,FL,
21,Nathan Rodriguez,SS/2B,5’7”/165,R/R,2020,Lake Worth,Lake Worth,FL,Cleveland Community College
23,Nick Cappadoro,2B/SS,5’10”/160,R/R,2020,Flvs,Loxahatchee,FL,
24,Ryan Patterson,LHP,6’3”/160,L/L,2020,Seminole Ridge,Loxahatchee,FL,
27,Stward Jiminez,RHP,5’11”/175,R/R,2020,Palm Beach Gardens,Palm Beach Gardens,FL,Palm Beach State College
29,Collin Thomas,LHP/OF,5’10”/145,L/L,2020,William T Dwyer,Jupiter,FL,Rollins College
32,Nick Grieco,C/OF,5’8”/180,R/R,2020,Jupiter,Jupiter,FL,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#12 Dawson Fox – C 2020
Athletic build. Showed good set up behind the plate with good lateral movement, blocks well and stays directional and showed a quick clean exchange with a 2.0 pop time. At the plate he showed good balance and rhythm, good timing with quick hands and stays behind ball well showing gap to gap power.

#7 Cameron Moss – OF 2020
Lean athletic player. Great first step in the OF, makes great reads and routes and showed a strong arm and not afraid to leave his feet with a nice diving catch. On his 3-3 day which included a HR he showed a quiet balanced approach with a simple load and good rhythm and a great idea of the zone and showed some pop.

#21 Nathan Rodriguez – SS 2020
Strong athletic player. At SS he shows soft hands with a clean exchange, good range to both sides and a strong accurate arm flashing multiple arm slots. At the plate he shows a slightly open stance with good rhythm and timing and gets back to square and stays balanced throughout, stays in legs well with quick hands and gap to gap power.

#27 Steward Jimenez – RHP 2020
Athletic frame with good free and easy arm actions. Pounded the zone with a FB that sits 89-92 and showed good feel for the CB as well. Great command of the zone with 6.1 IP and 14K’s. Committed to Palm Beach State.

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West Boca Killer Bees

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[peekaboo_content name=“C16”]

West Boca Killer Bees Roster

2,James Evans,RHP/SS,5’10”/160,R/R,2022,West Boca Raton ,Boca Raton,FL,
3,Carmino Mazza,3B/OF,5’10”/155,R/R,2023,Olympic Heights Community ,Boca Raton,FL,
8,Patrick Declemente,LHP,5’10”/160,L/L,2020,Olympic Heights Community ,Boca Raton,FL,
9,Brady Atwood,2B/RHP,5’8”/150,R/R,2024,Olympic Heights Community ,Boca Raton,FL,
10,Matt Daniels,3B/C,5’9”/160,R/R,2024,Olympic Heights Community ,Boca Raton,FL,
13,Devan Brooks,1B,5’10”/225,R/R,2021,Olympic Heights Community ,Boca Raton,FL,
14,Jaxon Wilkins,1B/LHP,5’9”/180,L/L,2022,Olympic Heights Community ,Boca Raton,FL,
15,Zack Kaempfer,OF,5’11”/165,R/R,2022,Olympic Heights Community ,Boca Raton,FL,
19,Tyler Bodden,C,6’2”/190,R/R,2021,Olympic Heights Community ,Boca Raton,FL,
20,Nick Volz,RHP,6’0”/195,R/R,2021,Olympic Heights Community ,Boca Raton,FL,
22,Mason Rosecrans,RHP/OF,6’1”/140,R/R,2023,Olympic Heights Community ,Boynton Beach,FL,
23,Ethan Zbeda,LHP,5’7”/145,L/L,2023,Olympic Heights Community ,Boca Raton,FL,
24,Jake Neese,1B/RHP,6’2”/170,R/R,2021,Olympic Heights Community ,Boynton Beach,FL,
28,Dylan Brunett,2B,5’9”/145,R/R,2024,Olympic Heights Community ,Boca Raton,FL,
44,Lucas Brunett,RHP/SS,5’11”/150,R/R,2024,Olympic Heights Community ,Boca Raton,FL,
99,Parker Poloskey,1B/C,6’1”/170,R/R,2023,Olympic Heights Community ,Boca Raton,FL,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#2 James Evans – SS 2022
Lean athletic frame. Offensively he displays a line drive hitter approach with the ability to use all fields, keeps hands inside the ball well and gets good extension through the zone. Defensively he works around the ball creating good angles with soft hands and good range with great footwork.

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Top 17U Fastball Velocities

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”100|250|250|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
MPH,Name,Team Name,Pos,YOG
92,Steward Jimenez,Vipers Baseball 2020,RHP,2020
89,Jorge Decardenas,PB Diamondducks,RHP,2021
88,Dakota Stone,Ft. Caroline Indians 17,LHP,2022
87,Tyler Rapf,PB Diamondducks,LHP,2021
86,Zane Coppersmith,PB Diamondducks,RHP,2021
84,Justin Henschel,OAGWUW Riot,RHP,2022
84,Federico Zapata,Columbus Explorers Blue 17,RHP,2022
83,Marchello Biondi,Columbus Explorers Blue 17,RHP,2022[/table]

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Testing Leaderboards
Top 60 Yard Dashes | Top Raw Velo | Top Exit Velo

Click here to see National Leaderboards by test and year of graduation. Results from all Factory Athletics events (including this one) are considered, and will appear if the minimum qualification is met for each test.

PLEASE NOTE: The system does not update automatically, please allow 2-3 weeks for database updates following the completion of this event.

Top 60 Yard Dashes

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”100|250|250|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
Sec,Name,Team Name,Pos,YOG
6.82,Anthony Sheridon,BF Black,OF,2021
6.97,Osagie Aghedo,BF Black,1B,2021
6.97,Anthony Failla,BF Black,OF,2021
7.01,Holden Bradshaw,Ft. Caroline Indians 15,SS,2023


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Top Raw Velocities

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”100|250|250|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
MPH,Name,Team Name,Pos,YOG
92,Dakota Stone,Ft. Caroline Indians 17,LHP,2022
89,Aaron Potter,Ft. Caroline Indians 17,OF,2021
87,Alvin Padon II,Ft. Caroline Indians 15,3B,2023
86,Osagie Aghedo,BF Black,1B,2021
85,Kyron Bethel,Vipers Baseball,OF,2021
85,Tanner Reed,Ft. Caroline Indians 15,INF,2023
84,Noah Sorensen,BF Black,SS,2022
83,Holden Bradshaw,Ft. Caroline Indians 15,SS,2023
83,Mykelty Jordan,Ft. Caroline Indians 17,OF,2022


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Top Bat Exit Velocities

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”100|250|250|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
MPH,Name,Team Name,Pos,YOG
92,Dakota Stone,Ft. Caroline Indians,LHP,2022
91,Osagie Aghedo,BF Black,1B,2021
88,Daniel Lopez,Vipers Baseball,3B,2021
87,Rut Feltel,Ft. Caroline Indians 17,C,2021
87,Anthony Sheridon,BF Black,OF,2021
86,Kyron Bethel,Vipers Baseball,OF,2021
86,Anthony Failla,BF Black,OF,2021
85,Kayden Bethel,Vipers Baseball,1B,2020


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