2019 Under Armour Southwest Championships 17U

July 26-30, 2019
Various Collegiate & High School Fields in Southern California

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Schedule & Scores (as of 7/28 @6:30pm)

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Rosters & Scouting Reports

Rosters published 7/25 at 7:55 am.

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Athletic Testing

Teams have the option to participate in a series of athletic tests on Thursday, July 25 at the University of La Verne.
— 60 Yard Dash
— Raw (arm) Velocity
— Exit (bat) Velocity

University of La Verne – Ben Hines Field
1837 Wheeler Avenue
La Verne, CA 91750

Testing Leaders

Time slot reservations for Thursday, July 25 are required, and are issued on a first come, first served basis. Click here to submit your reservation request.

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July 25 Testing Schedule (Univ. of  La Verne)

[table width=”600″]
July 25,Team 1,Team 2,Team 3,Team 4

1:00pm,BF Grey,BF Red,BF White
1:30 pm,Xplozion,Chino Hills Storm,OC Colts
2:00 pm,CA Aces,PFA SoCal,SBG Wahoos
2:30 pm,IE Express,West Coast Bandits,CV Marlins
3:00 pm,West Coast Bandits,CCC Rockers,Danville Hoots,NC Valley 16
3:30 pm,Highlanders Baseball,NorCal,NC Valley 17
4:00 pm,Tri-County Tritons,CBA Bulldogs,Hit Club,CBA Vikings
4:30 pm,Bay Area Bombers,DUB Baseball,Zoots Baseball,ASA
5:00pm,LV Mustangs,Kali Navy, Danville Hoots,Bakersfield Premier


17U Division
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* PLEASE NOTE: Players written up on the scouting blog were identified by our scouting staff based on the demonstration of notable tool(s) and/or skill(s). While WE DO NOT KEEP STATS, we are watching for standout performers on the mound, at the plate, in the field and on the bases. However, a performance WITHOUT the presence of requisite tool(s) and/or skill(s) IS NOT considered standout — we are looking for players with the tool(s) and/or skill(s) to play beyond the high school level.

** Roster data is provided by coach or team official **[attr colspan=”3″],,
ABD Bulldogs,CV Marlins,OC Premier
ASA Upperclass,Danville Hoots Baseball,PFA Next Level
Bakersfield Premier Black,Desert Prospects,Prospects National Team
Baseball Factory Gray,Dub Baseball Black,San Diego Gamers
Baseball Factory Red,Dub Baseball Blue,San Diego Stars
Baseball Factory White,GBG Marucci 17U Blue,Santa Barbara Junior Foresters
Bay Area Bombers,GBG Marucci 17U Navy,Santa Maria Outlaws
Brushback Baseball,Highlanders Baseball Academy,SBG Wahoos
CA Aces Samayoa,Hit Club,SGV Arsenal 2020
CA Bucs,Inland Empire Express,So Cal Birds Orange
CA Bulldogs,Kali Baseball 17U Navy,So Cal Birds White
CBA Bears,Kennedy Baseball Organization,So Cal Giants
CBA Bulldogs National,Las Vegas Knights,SoCal Warriors
CBA Cardinals,MVP Baseball,Sports Academy Dukes
CBA Marucci 17,MVP Red Sox,Team Hawaii
CBA Mustangs,NC Tides,Tri-County Tritons 17
CBA Mustangs 2021,NC Valley Baseball 16,Ventura Coastal Cubs
CBA Vikings,NC Valley Baseball 17,West Coast Bandits
CBA Warhawks,NorCal 2020 White,West Coast Elite
CCC Rockers,NorCal Baseball,Xplozion Baseball
Chino Hills Storm,OC Colts,Zoots Baseball Club
Club All Star,,[/table]

ABD Bulldogs

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ABD Bulldogs Roster


# Jesse Bullard – RHP 2021
Tall and athletic frame. Fluid mechanics, easy arm action with low effort, and a strike thrower who attacks hitters with good tempo. Fastball was 82-85 mph with plus sink which produced lots of weak contact. Also showed power at the plate with a loud home run to left field. Two-way player potential at the next level.

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ASA Upperclass

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ASA Upperclass Roster

1,Taiki Kazaruyma,IF,5’11”/170,R/R,2020,Cupertion,Santa Clara,CA,
3,Tristan Silveira,CF/IF,5’8”/170,R/R,2020,Mountain View,Santa Clara,CA,
4,David Gonzales,RHP/1B,6’1”/195,R/R,2020,Silver Creek,Santa Clara,CA,
5,Kai Hori,IF,5’8”/165,L/R,2021,Los Gatos,Santa Clara,CA,
8,Max Lee,OF/LHP,6’0”/170,L/L,2020,Harker,Santa Clara,CA,
9,Kyle Sheets,RHP/OF,5’10”/165,R/R,2020,Cupertino,Santa Clara,CA,
11,Gio Carig,3B/IF,5’8”/170,R/R,2025,Michigan Union,Santa Clara,CA,
11,Ryan Khune,OF/C,5’7”/155,R/R,2020,Milipitas,Santa Clara,CA,
12,Eddie Legulu,C/IF,1’2”/180,R/R,2020,Silver Creek,Santa Clara,CA,
13,Mitchell Deering,CF/OF,5’11”/160,R/R,2021,Los Gatos,Santa Clara,CA,
18,Sumay Thakurdesei,RHP,5’11”/165,R/R,2021,Wilcox,Santa Clara,CA,
20,Taylor Clark,RHP/1B,6’4”/200,R/R,2020,Burlingame,,CA,
25,Wes Scoffone,SS/IF,5’9”/160,R/R,2020,Lincoln,Santa Clara,CA,
27,Stephen Lee,CF/OF,5’10”/175,R/R,2021,Palo Alto,Santa Clara,CA,
33,Cae Cox,LHP/OF,6’1”/180,L/L,2020,Mountain View,Santa Clara,CA,
44,Connor Altinger,RHP/1B,5’11”/175,L/R,2020,Los Altos,Santa Clara,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#3 Tristian Silveira – RHP/OF 2020
Middle size build, right handed pitcher. Good fluid mechanics and good tempo on the mound. Fastball sat around 83-85 mph, topping out at 86 mph. Decent off speed which can be developed over time. His fastball has good arm side run. Solid player with ability to play at the next level.

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Bakersfield Premier Black

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Bakersfield Premier Black Roster

#,Nick Phair,C,5’11”/185,R/R,2019,Frontier,Bakersfield,CA
1,Diego Alvarado,SS/2B,5’11”/155,L/R,2021,Redwood High,Visalia,CA,
2,Isiah Fajardo,IF/RHP,5’7”/150,R/R,2020,Highland High,Bakersfield,CA,
3,Jacob Tye,RHP/IF,6’1”/165,L/R,2021,Tehachapi High,Tehachapi,CA,
5,Brock Calvillo,CF/LHP,5’8”/180,L/L,2020,Frontier High,Bakersfield,CA,
6,Jordan Lopez,IF/RHP,5’11”/155,L/R,2021,Independence High,Bakersfield,CA,
9,Daniel Paul,OF,5’9”/130,R/R,2021,Bakersfield Christian High,Bakersfield,CA,
10,Jace Sherley,C/2B,5’8”/160,R/R,2021,Bakersfield Christian High,Bakersfield,CA,
12,Ruben Rodriguez,IF,5’8”/135,R/R,2023,Stockdale High,Bakersfield,CA,
15,Manuel Herrera,RHP/3B,6’1”/165,R/R,2022,Garces Memorial High,Bakersfield,CA,
17,Charlie Clayton,RHP/OF,6’3”/205,R/R,2020,Liberty High,Bakersfield,CA,
20,Matthew Ramirez,3B,5’11”/220,R/R,2021,Redwood High,Visalia,CA,
22,Christian Wilson,C/1B,6’2”/210,R/R,2020,Bakersfield Christian High,Bakersfield,CA,
24,David Delgadillo,RHP/OF,5’9”/160,R/R,2020,Garces Memorial High,Bakersfield,CA,
26,John Armendariz,RHP,6’1”/165,R/R,2020,Garces Memorial High,Bakersfield,CA,
27,Tyler Torigiani,OF,5’8”/160,R/R,2020,Bakersfield Christian ,Bakersfield,CA,
29,Kyle Langston,RHP/IF,6’0”/170,R/R,2020,Bakersfield Christian ,Bakersfeidl,CA,
31,Zackary Barnes,3B,5’8”/175,R/R,2021,Redwood High,Visalia,CA,
34,Herman Luna,RHP/IF,5’10”/180,R/R,2021,Corcoran ,Bakersfield,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#5 Brock Calvillo – OF 2020
Competitive left handed hitter with a smaller frame. Has quick hands and accelerates well through the zone, still needs some minor tweaks to become a solid top 2 in the lineup at the next level. Good athlete and can cover ground in the Of

#1 Diego Alvarado – SS/2B 2021
Good athlete. Can compete at the plate with a functional swing and long through the zone. Catches the barrel and stays through the middle

#20 Matthew Ramirez – 3B 2021
Big body, but short swing and quick hands that carries some gap to gap pop. Drove a ball to left center well after a good at bat fighting off tough pitches.

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Baseball Factory Gray

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Baseball Factory Gray Roster

15,Champagne Gillis,OF/RHP,5’10”/160,R/R,2020,Verrado ,Goodyear,AZ,
16,Winter Miles,3B/2B,5’11”/155,R/R,2020,Bothell ,Bothell,WA,
17,Stewart Chase,OF/SS,5’10/135,R/R,2020,Nat Roe,Richland,WA,
20,Gonzalez Abel,LHP/OF,5’9”/170,L/L,2020,Lyford ,Lyford,TX,
21,Duncan Braham,1B/RHP,6’0”/175,R/R,2020,Newport Harbor ,Newport Beach,CA,
22,Mullineaux Joshua,SS/RHP,6’2”/160,R/R,2019,San Marin ,Novato,CA,
23,Landis Aidan,2B/SS,5’7”/175,R/R,2020,Daniel Boone,Birdsboro,PA,
24,McAllister Clayton,C/OF,6’0”/195,R/R,2020,Bellows Free Academy St. Albans,Swanton,VT,
25,Mac Sean,C,6’1”/190,R/R,2020,La Salle Prep,Portland,OR,
35,Purcell Colin,RHP/SS,6’4″/150,R/R,2020,TOMBALL MEMORIAL ,Tomball,TX,
69,Ruffo KJ,C/OF,6’2”/185,R/R,2020,Rex Putnam ,Milwaukie,OR,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#69 KJ Ruffo – RHP 2020
Lean build, over the top power arm, touched 94 mph, consistently 88-90 mph. Challenges hitters

#15 Gillis Champagne – OF 2020
Thin build, runs well, scrappy style, quality OF reads, utilized whole field offensive approach. Added a couple hits.

#35 Colin Purcell – RHP 2020
Long bodied, athletic right handed pitcher. Easy flowing motion, with a good quick arm action. His ball had good natural run to his arm side and works on both sides of the plate. Curve ball is sharp with a 12-6 break, sitting around 67-69. Fastball was around 83-85, reaching 86 mph. His mechanics are consistent and very repeatable.

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Baseball Factory Red

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Baseball Factory Red Roster

15,Encarnacion Jesus,RHP/SS,5’9”/178,R/R,2020,Shoemaker,Killeen,TX,
16,Roper Joshua,C/RHP,5’9”/150,R/R,2020,Pine Creek ,Colorado Springs,CO,
17,Stroede Jesse,2B/OF,5’10”/140,R/R,2020,Kaiser Honolulu, Hi,Honolulu,HI,
20,Eskridge Jordan,3B/RHP,6’2”/180,R/R,2020,Freeman ,Spokane Valley,WA,
21,McCann Sean,SS/RHP,6’1”/160,R/R,2020,Ripon ,Ripon,CA,
22,Turturici Casey,C,6’1”/175,L/R,2020,Heritage ,Brentwood,CA,
23,Bernal Nathan,OF/RHP,5’9”/140,R/R,2020,Gahr ,Norwalk,CA,
24,Tokishi Dawson,OF,5’9”/140,L/L,2020,H.P. Baldwin ,Kahului,HI,
25,Boyle Kaden,SS,5’9”/165,R/R,2020,Murray ,Sandy,UT,
26,Fasso Nolan,OF/LHP,6’3”/175,L/L,2019,Juanita,Kirkland,WA,
27,Campbell Kasey,OF/3B,6’0”/200,L/R,2020,Rancho Buena Vista,Vista,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#27 Kasey Campbell – OF/3B 2020
Short swing. Athletic build. Hit the ball with authority to all fields. Skills project well to the college level

#20 Jordan Eskridge – 3B 2020
Strong and athletic frame. Good presence in the batters box with a solid approach. Plus bat speed and the ball jumps off the bat. Has power to the opposite field and makes hard contact consistently. Good speed on the bases. Projects well to the next level.

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Baseball Factory White

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Baseball Factory White Roster

15,Head Sean,LHP,6’0”/182,R/L,2020,Independence ,Brentwood,CA,
16,Lopez Calvin,3B/OF,5’7”/140,R/R,2020,Kemnper ,Sugar Land,TX,
17,Vega Victor,SS,5’7/127,R/R,2020,American Canyon ,American Canyon,CA,
20,Ebrado Kevin,C/RHP,5’6”/165,R/R,2020,Drew School,SAN FRANCISCO,CA,
21,Oliveira Alex,OF/RHP,6’0”/150,R/R,2020,American School in Japan (ASIJ),Tokyo,JAPAN,
22,Salas Ricky,RHP/SS,5’8”/160,R/R,2020,El Cerrito High,Rodeo,CA,
23,Thompson William,2B/OF,5’9”/165,R/R,2020,Kamehameha School, Maui Campus,Haiku,HI,
24,Stull Trevor,OF,6’1/160,R/R,2020,San Marcos ,San Marcos,CA,
25,Mack Jalon,SS/2B,6’0”/182,S/R,2020,Jesuit College Prep,Dallas,TX,
26,Trail Bryce,RHP/1B,6’4”/215,R/R,2020,Sturgis ,Centreville,MI,
83,Cornejo Gabriel,C/OF,6’0”/185,R/R,2020,Justin Siena,Napa,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#23 William Thompson – 2B/OF 2020
Thin frame, A the plate he has pull-side power with good bat speed and barrel stays on plane though the zone. Runs well on the bases and takes good strides. Solid defender with good lateral movement and instincts.

#26 Bryce Trail – RHP 2020
Big body. Strong lower half. Fastball sat 83-85. Attacks strike zone. Good downhill plane on fastball. Raw skills.

#15 Sean Head – LHP 2020
Thin frame. Drives with good direction using his lower half. Fastball sat 83-86. With frame. Quick arm

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Bay Area Bombers

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Bay Area Bombers Roster

1,Matthew Pontes,2B/3B,5’10”/175,S/R,2021,Redwood Christian,Castro Valley,CA,
2,Michon Cole,CF/RF,5’5”/165,L/L,2022,Freedom High,Oakley,CA,
5,Wyatt Smith,RHP/1B,5’11”/190,R/R,2020,Freedom High,Oakley,CA,
7,Jake Domingo,CF/SS,5’8”/145,L/R,2021,Cal High,San Ramon,CA,
9,Kimani Wiqia,CF/LHP,5’7”/140,R/R,2020,Castro Valley,Castro Valley,CA,
11,Phillip Coronado,RHP/2B,5’7”/141,R/R,2021,Cal High,San Ramon,CA,
12,Anthony Borrego,3B/RHP,5’8”/175,R/R,2019,Freedom,Oakley,CA,
23,Justin Hernandez,RHP/3B,5’9”/190,R/R,2020,Castro Valley High,Castro Valley,CA,
24,Robert Verduzco,1B/LHP,5’9”/165,L/L,2021,Castro Valley,Castro Valley,CA,
25,Daniel Vonnegut,C/2B,5’10”/175,R/R,2021,Saint Joseph Norte Dame,Hayward,CA,
31,Octavio Martinez,SS/CF,5’9”/155,S/R,2020,Tracy High,Tracy,CA,
39,William Ramirez,SS/CF,5’5”/125,R/R,2020,Freedom High,Brentwood,CA,
45,Clayton Lindemann,3B/1B,5’11”/170,R/R,2020,Freedom High,Oakley,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

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Brushback Baseball

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Brushback Baseball Roster

0,Tim Doyel,OF,5’10”/145,L/R,2021,St Francis,,CA,
3,Jeremy Banks,LHP/OF,5’8”/150,R/L,2020,Mountain View,,CA,
5,Alex Babusis,OF/RHP,5’10”/160,L/R,2022,St Francis,,CA,
6,Dylan Gray,LHP/1B,6’2”/165,L/L,2020,Fremont,,CA,
7,John Founds,2B/SS,5’8”/140,R/R,2021,Mountain View,,CA,
9,Gabe Barrett,3B/RHP,6’1”/165,R/R,2021,Mtn View,,CA,
12,Joe Coleman,1B,6’3”/205,R/R,2020,Mountain View,,CA,
13,Reno Dibono,2B/SS,5’10”/155,R/R,2022,St Francis,,CA,
16,Marcus Jang,SS/OF,5’10”/155,R/R,2022,Sf University Hs,,CA,
22,Ketan Bagade,C/3B,5’10”/160,R/R,2020,Prospect,,CA,
23,Connor Kenigsberg,RHP/3B,5’10”/175,R/R,2020,Prospect,,CA,
24,Aidan Decristofaro,2B/SS,5’8”/155,R/R,2021,Santa Teresa,,CA,
28,Ben Giovanetti,3B,5’9”/185,R/R,2022,St Francis,,CA,
37,Ken Pan,2B,5’9”/155,R/R,2021,Mountain View,,CA,
48,Joe Silva,1B/RHP,6’0”/185,R/R,2021,James Logan,,CA,
99,Henric Yan,3B,5’10”/165,R/R,2021,Cupertino,,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#9 Gabe Barrett – 3B/RHP 2021
Good overall athlete. Ok defensively but still needs some work with the glove and the feet, has athleticism to compensate at this level. Short as well as fundamentally sound swing, gets to contact well, and stays through the middle with his finish.

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CA Aces Samayoa

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CA Aces Samayoa Roster

#,Luke Serven,P/OF,6’3”/170,R/R,2021,Edison,Huntington Beach,CA
4,Robert Bolton,OF/RHP,5’9”/160,R/R,2020,Los Alamitos ,Long Beach,CA,
15,Justin Santoyo,3B/RHP,6’0”/140,L/R,2020,Pacifica ,Los Alamitos,CA,
16,Tyler Beckler,RHP/3B,5’10”/155,R/R,2020,Kennedy ,La Palma,CA,
22,Colby Barnes,2B/SS,6’2”/165,R/R,2020,Valley Christian ,Los Alamitos,CA,
26,Michael Ohelers,RHP/OF,5’10”/140,R/R,2021,Kennedy ,Buena Park,CA,
27,Dylan Taguiam,C/OF,5’10”/150,R/R,2022,St John Bosco ,Westminster,CA,
30,Nolan Troxel,LHP/OF,6’3”/190,L/L,2021,Servite ,Huntington Beach,CA,
44,Sebastian McSherry,C/3B,5’6”/185,R/R,2020,Kennedy ,Buena Park,CA,
48,Zechariah Samayoa,CF/OF,6’1”/185,R/R,2021,Los Alamitos ,Anaheim,CA,
57,Cade Liefer,SS/RHP,5’9”/165,R/R,2021,Edison ,Fountain Valley,CA,
99,Tyler Prystajko,RHP/OF,6’1”/175,R/R,2022,Edison ,Huntington Beach,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#43 Tyler Prystajko – RHP 2022
Strong-athletic build. Has a competitors mentality on the mound, likes to attack the zone, and work quickly. Fastball in the early innings was up to 88 mph on a downhill plane. Sat 85-86 mph. Straight over the top arm slot. D-1 prospect.

#4 Robert Bolton – OF/RHP 2020
Medium-athletic frame. Offensively has a good approach at the plate and a good feel for the zone. Hits the ball had consistently from gap to gap and has plus speed on the base paths. Defensively, has good range in the OF, gets good reads off the bat, and takes good routes to the ball.

#48 Zechariah Samayoa – OF 2021
Tall-lean build, shows power to his pull side with a home run to left center field, and creates good leverage in his swing with some lift. Defensively, has good range in the outfield and takes good routes to the baseball.

#44 Sebastian McSherry – 1B/C 2020
Stocky build with strong lower half, starts from a slightly open stance, strong top hand with a solid approach. Line drive swing that could develop into some power to the gaps and moves well at first base with good actions defensively.

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CA Bucs

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CA Bucs Roster

1,Jackson Benattar,CF,6’0”/180,R/R,2021,Crespi,Chatsworth,CA,
3,Jack Rosgen,C,6’0”/180,R/R,2021,Camarillo,Chatsworth,CA,
7,Jack Gaines,1B,6’0”/180,L/L,2020,Little Rock,Chatsworth,CA,
8,Patrick Demarco,RHP,6’0”/180,R/R,2021,Maranatha,Chatsworth,CA,
11,Billy Gault,OF,6’0”/180,R/R,2021,Chaminade,Chatsworth,CA,
12,Charlie Weiner,C,6’0”/180,R/R,2020,Agoura,Chatsworth,CA,
13,Bleu Ellis,IF,6’0”/180,R/R,2020,Sierra Canyon,Chatsworth,CA,
14,Jordan Appelbaum,C,6’0”/180,R/R,2021,Chaminade,Chatsworth,CA,
15,Ryan Jordan,IF,6’0”/180,R/R,2022,Newbury Park,Chatsworth,CA,
18,Nico Azpilcueta,RHP/IF,6’0”/180,R/R,2021,Crespi,Chatsworth,CA,
19,Chris Stimming,IF,6’0”/180,R/R,2021,Buckley,Chatsworth,CA,
20,Anthony Ciccareli,3B/1B,6’0”/180,R/R,2020,Sierra Canyon,Chatsworth,CA,
21,Saxon Reihel,RHP,6’0”/180,R/R,2020,Notre Dame,Chatsworth,CA,
22,Jack Weaver,IF/OF,6’0”/180,R/R,2021,Crespi,Chatsworth,CA,
24,Blake Warga,OF,6’0”/180,R/R,2020,El Camino,Chatsworth,CA,
27,Gabe Achucarro,RHP,6’0”/180,R/R,2019,Chatsworth,Chatsworth,CA,
32,Alex Wagner,OF,6’0”/180,R/R,2020,Calabasas,Chatsworth,CA,
34,Justin Tsunoda,OF,6’0”/180,L/L,2020,El Camino,Chatsworth,CA,
44,Ryan Holt,OF,6’0”/180,R/R,2021,Crespi,Chatsworth,CA,
45,Andy Jacobson,2B,6’0”/180,R/R,2021,Crespi,Chatsworth,CA,
47,Isaiah Leon,IF/OF,6’0”/180,R/R,2019,Royal,Chatsworth,CA,
54,Steven Hunt,OF,6’0”/180,R/R,2020,Notre Dame,Chatsworth,CA,
55,Josh Eigenbrodt,LHP,6’0”/180,L/L,2020,Chaminade,Chatsworth,CA,
56,CJ Miller,RHP/1B,6’0”/180,R/R,2020,Chaminade,Chatsworth,CA,
70,Luke Hackett,IF/RHP,6’0”/180,R/R,2021,El Camino,Chatsworth,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#1 Jackson Benattar – OF 2021
Speedy outfielder that covers ground in CF. Prototypical leadoff hitter that gets on base and puts pressure on the defense with the stolen base threat. Stole 2nd and 3rd and was aggressive going 1st to 3rd on the bases.

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CA Bulldogs

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CA Bulldogs Roster

2,Ryan Donahue,2B/3B,5’9”/145,R/R,2021,Bellarmine Cp,San Jose,CA,
3,Ian Torpey,RHP/3B,5’10”/170,R/R,2020,Pioneer Hs,San Jose,CA,
7,David Rizkalla,SS/2B,5’9”/155,R/R,2021,St. Francis,Los Altos,CA,
9,Samuel Kim,RHP/SS,5’11”/160,R/R,2020,Bellarmine Cp,San Jose,CA,
10,Joey Cerrito,SS/RHP,6’0”/160,R/R,2020,Bellarmine Cp,Monte Sereno,CA,
11,Lucas Mirizzi,OF,5’10”/165,L/L,2020,Leland,San Jose,CA,
16,Calvin Hsiao,LHP/OF,5’10”/160,L/L,2020,Leland,San Jose,CA,
21,Mike Harris,C/1B,6’1”/225,R/R,2020,Alameda,Alameda,CA,
23,Joey Canevaro,3B/2B,5’9”/155,R/R,2020,Valley Christian,San Jose,CA,
24,Matthew Torregroza,3B/2B,5’8”/190,R/R,2020,Westmont,San Jose,CA,
28,Zach Blozan,RHP/OF,6’0”/180,R/R,2020,St. Francis,San Jose,CA,
30,Armis Morris,2B/OF,5’8”/165,R/R,2020,Westmont,Campbell,CA,
31,Matthew Wayne,LHP,6’3”/200,L/L,2020,Newark Memorial,Newark,CA,
33,Nathan Scwartz,C/1B,6’1”/180,R/R,2020,Leigh,Los Gatos,CA,
35,Taylor Heiman,OF,6’2”/180,R/R,2020,Willow Glen,San Jose,CA,
43,Evan Shaw,OF,5’11”/155,R/R,2020,Cupertino,San Jose,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#3 Ian Torpey – RHP 2020
Has good direction. Quick arm. Fastball sat 85-87. Quality stuff. Sharp curveball. Big upside.

#33 Nathan Schwartz – C 2020
Good leader behind the plate with soft hands and an accurate throwing arm. 2.1 in game pop time and threw out a plus runner attempting to steal.

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CBA Bears

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[peekaboo_content name=“45”]

CBA Bears Roster

0,Andrew Vasquez,OF,5’7”/145,L/R,2020,Sante Fe,Cypress,CA,
0,Joe Yost,2B/SS,5’8”/150,R/R,2020,Huntington Beach,Cypress,CA,
1,Lucas Catano,OF,5’10”/165,R/R,2020,Huntington Beach,Cypress,CA,
2,Michael Coburn,IF/RHP,5’10”/165,R/R,2020,Huntington Beach,Cypress,CA,
3,Patrick Shanahan,1B/RHP,6’1”/170,R/R,2020,Cypress,Cypress,CA,
5,David Baruch,SS/RHP,5’11”/160,L/R,2020,Lakewood,Cypress,CA,
6,Wyatt Johnson,RHP/OF,6’0”/160,R/R,2020,Kennedy,Cypress,CA,
7,Ryan Navarro,C/OF,5’10”/165,R/R,2020,Huntington Beach,Cypress,CA,
10,Christian Yogi,C/SS,5’10”/170,R/R,2020,Millikan,Long Beac,CA,
12,Jackson Ronningen,RHP/OF,6’0”/170,R/R,2020,Cypress,Cypress,CA,
13,Thomas Babineau,RHP,6’0”/170,R/R,2020,Huntington Beach,Cypress,CA,
19,Dominic Ventimiglia,RHP,6’1”/170,R/R,2020,Huntington Beach,Cypress,CA,
20,Damian Ureta,RHP/IF,5’10”/160,R/R,2020,El Rancho,Cypress,CA,
21,John Newman,C/OF,6’1”/185,R/R,2020,Los Alamitos,Cypress,CA,
24,Cody Lagafuainia,OF/LHP,5’10”/165,L/L,2020,Cypress,Cypress,CA,
25,Sam Moctezuma,RHP,6’0”/170,R/R,2020,Kennedy,Cypress,CA,
26,Cole Nimsky,RHP,6’0”/170,R/R,2020,West Torrance,Cypress,CA,
27,Luis Gutierrez,C/1B,5’11”/180,R/R,2020,St John Bosco,Cypress,CA,
28,Tyler Vitelli,OF,5’9”/170,L/L,2020,Cypress,Cypress,CA,
29,Chase Leonard,SS/2B,5’10”/155,R/R,2020,Kennedy,Cypress,CA,
77,Nolan Nauta,1B/RHP,6’1”/185,R/R,2020,Lakewood,Lakewood,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#20 Damian Ureta – RHP 2020
Lean build with long arms, FB sits 81-84 mph with some arm side run and downhill plane. Throws a splitter in the low 70’s with plus downward action, also showed CB in the low 70’s with 11-5 break, drop and drive delivery with a high 3/4 arm angle. At the plate shows a flat bat path with a strong barrel.

#10 Christian Yogi – IF 2020
CSUN commit. Smaller frame with an athletic build, starts from a slightly open stance, shows some natural lift in his swing and stays through the baseball. Smart and aggressive base runner. Athletic actions in the infield with accurate throws.

#27 Luis Gutierrez – C 2020
Sturdy frame. Blocks and recovers well behind the plate. Works well with his pitchers. Good transfer with good am strength displaying a consistent 2.1 pop time. Offensively, has a flat and powerful swing from right side while expressing gap to gap power.

#5 David Baruch – SS 2020
Thin and frame. Good approach at the plate with plus bat speed. Showed pull-side power and exhibits quick hands at the plate. Good speed on the base with smooth strides.

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CBA Bulldogs National

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[peekaboo_content name=“43”]

CBA Bulldogs National Roster

1,Camilo DE La Barcena,OF,5’9”/195,R/R,2022,Marshall,Los Angeles,CA,
6,A. David Garduno,,6’1”/175,R/R,2020,Palm Desert,La Quinta,CA,
6,Joshua Logan,SS/RHP,5’8”/168,R/R,2020,Northview,Irwindale,CA,
6,Dominic Serrano,OF,5’11”/170,R/R,2020,Damien,Glendora,CA,
12,Dustin Vogel,C/IF,6’2”/190,R/R,2020,Cajon,San Bernardino,CA,
24,Joseph Mazzetti,C,6’2”/171,R/R,2020,Santiago,Corona,CA,
25,Eleazar Cuevas,2B,5’8”/145,S/R,2020,Canyon Springs,Moreno Valley,CA,
25,Nathaniel Min,C/RHP,5’9”/165,R/R,2020,Walnut,Hacienda Hts,CA,
33,Tommy Christensen,RHP,6’2”/175,R/R,2020,St. Francis,Azusa,CA,
34,Anthony Rojas,3B,5’6”/140,R/R,2020,Covina,Covina,CA,
44,Jonathan Smith,OF,6’0”/141,S/R,2020,Los Osos,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#5 Nathaniel Min – RHP 2020
Average build with a strong lower half, FB sits in the low 80’s and showed a CB in the mid 60’s with 11-5 break. Creates leverage in his delivery and comes straight over the top. At the plate, shows a good approach with flat barrel through the zone.

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CBA Cardinals

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CBA Cardinals Roster

2,Ian Mortenson,IF/RHP,6’0”/170,R/R,2020,Clovis ,Clovis,CA,
4,Gunnar Kale,C/IF,5’9”/175,R/R,2020,Atwater ,Atwater,CA,
5,Anthony Cannavino,OF/LHP,6’0”/160,L/L,2021,Atascadero ,Atascadero,CA,
5,Ryan Garza,IF/RHP,5’10”/160,R/R,2020,Central ,Fresno,CA,
7,Matt Mathis,3B/RHP,6’1”/225,R/R,2019,Clovis East ,Clovis,CA,Reedley Jr. College
7,Max Nahmias,IF/RHP,6’1”/175,R/R,2020,Sierra Canyon ,Chattsworth,CA,
13,Kaleb Ortiz,RHP/IF,5’10”/185,R/R,2021,Fowler ,Fowler,CA,
17,Isaiah Gast,LHP/1B,5’10”/185,L/L,2020,Selma ,Selma,CA,
21,Seth Madruga,LHP/OF,6’0”/165,L/L,2021,Clovis ,Clovis,CA,
21,Roman Rosales,RHP/IF,5’10”/180,R/R,2019,Immanuel ,Selma,CA,Fresno City College
22,Eddie Avalos,IF/RHP,5’10”/175,R/R,2020,Selma ,Selma,CA,
28,Leo Awegun,OF/LHP,5’8”/160,L/L,2019,Selma ,Selma,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#7 Matt Mathis – 3B/RHP
Strong and athletic frame. Offensively, has a good presence in the box and attacks fastballs in the zone. Quick to the baseball and the barrel stays long though the hitting zone. Makes hard contact consistently, barreled up two balls with exit velocity’s of over 90 mph, and has gap to gap power. Defensively, makes all the routine plays with an above average arm from 3B.

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CBA Marucci 17

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[peekaboo_content name=“1”]

CBA Marucci 17 Roster

3,Juelz Francois,IF/OF,5’8”/140,S/R,2020,Junipero Serra,Gardena,CA,
5,Daniel Briones,C,5’11”/170,R/R,2021,Bishop Amat,West Covina,CA,
7,Cameron Schneider,3B,5’11”/175,R/R,2020,Palos Verdes Peninsula,Palos Verdes Estates,CA,
8,Sebastian Flores,IF/RHP,5’11”/155,R/R,2021,Cajon,San Bernardino,CA,
14,Nick Zellers,LHP/OF,5’9”/155,L/L,2021,Corona,Corona,CA,
15,Jordan Kang,IF/RHP,5’10”/175,R/R,2022,Harvard Westlake,Porter Ranch,CA,
22,Cain Lusic,IF,5’11”/160,R/R,2021,San Pedro,Rancho Palos Verdes,CA,
24,Ben Pajak,OF/RHP,6’3”/195,R/R,2021,La Jolla Country Day,San Diego,CA,
34,Anthony Esparza,IF,5’8”/190,R/R,2020,Patriot,Riverside,CA,
43,Will Medina,INF,5’11”/170,R/R,2021,South Hills,Covina,CA
55,Mateo Matthews,1B,6’4”/175,L/R,2021,Ayala,Chino,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#24 Ben Pajak – OF/RHP 2021
Physical frame. Showed power to the pullside. Runs well. Athleticism and strength project well to the next level.

#5 Daniel Briones – C 2021
SDSU commit. Flashed advance actions behind the dish. Excellent receiver as well as blocker. Shows a plus arm with throwing, ranging from 1.97-2.08 pop time. Very confident behind with plate with his arm.

#8 Sebastian Flores – SS 2021
SDSU Commit. Advance actions at SS plays with a lot of confidence. Quick transfer, smooth footwork through the ball, and ball has carry across the diamond. Shows all athletic movements on the field.

#15 Jordan Kang – INF 2022
Athletic frame. Short and compact swing with some next level bat speed. Flashed some gap to gap power in game.

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CBA Mustangs

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CBA Mustangs Roster

3,Robert Aranda,LHP/OF,5’8”/155,L/L,2020,Oxnard High,Oxnard,CA,
7,Andrew Gonzalez,OF,5’10”/,R/R,2020,Rio Mesa ,Oxnard,CA,
8,Brandon Quirarte,IF/RHP,5’6”/145,R/R,2020,Camarillo ,Camarillo,CA,
13,Sergio Gutierrez,IF/RHP,5’7”/145,L/R,2020,Oxnard ,Oxnard,CA,
22,Juan Perez,OF/RHP,5’10”/,R/R,2020,Oxnard ,,,
23,Jake Reyes,OF/C,5’9”/155,R/R,2022,Oxnard ,Oxnard,CA,
27,Josh Lozano,IF/RHP,5’11”/180,S/R,2020,Santa Clara ,Oxnard,CA,
29,Wyatt Taylor,1B/RHP,6’2”/,R/R,2020,Oxnard ,Oxnard,CA,
30,Joshua Romero,C/RHP,5’11”/175,S/R,2019,Oxnard ,Oxnard,CA,
33,Dylan Lopez,RHP/OF,5’9”/155,R/R,2020,St. Bonaventura ,Oxnard,CA,
35,Isaiah Gonzalez,OF,5’8”/145,R/R,2020,Oxnard High,Oxnard,CA,
40,Aaron Alvarado,,/,,2021,Channel Island ,,,
44,Isreal Jaquez,C/RHP,/,R/R,2020,Ventura High,,,
45,Dominic Herrera,C/OF,6’0”/185,R/R,2020,Oxnard High,Oxnard,CA,
55,Raul Garcia,C/OF,/,R/R,2021,Channel Islands,,,
56,Garrett Downing,,/,,2021,Buena ,,,
61,Julian Fernandez,,/,,,Channel Island ,,,
64,Robert Urango Jr.,IF/RHP,5’10”/,R/R,2021,Oxnard ,Oxnard,CA,
80,Anthony Lopez,IF/RHP,5’8”/,R/R,2021,Oxnard ,,,
89,Mike Duenas,RHP/IF,5’11”/220,R/R,2020,Camarillo High,Camarillo,CA,
94,Isaac Perez,,/,,2022,Oxnard ,,,
,Oscar Heredia,OF,6’1”/205,R/R,2021,Oxnard ,Oxnard,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#53 Oscar Heredia – 2021
Big physical body. Big presence in the batters box. Plus bat speed and the ball explodes off his barrel. Has pull-side power and displayed it in the game on 7/28 with a 400ft home run over the left field fence.

#13 Sergio Gutierrez – INF 2020
Good left handed hitter with quick hands to and through the baseball. Strong load and finds consistent barrels for a small guy. Good athlete and a decent defender. Can run the bases moderately well with good angles.

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CBA Mustangs 2021

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CBA Mustangs 2021 Roster

6,Alexander Aranda,IF/RHP,5’7”/145,R/R,2021,Oxnard ,Oxnard,CA,
7,Jacob Tostado,OF/IF,5’9”/140,R/R,2022,N/a,Oxnard,CA,
8,Brandon Quirarte,RHP/IF,5’8”/150,R/R,2020,Camarillo High,Camarillo,CA,
10,Ricky Gomez,,/,,2021,Oxnard ,,,
15,Marcus McKeown,RHP/OF,6’1”/155,R/R,2021,Oxnard ,Oxnard,CA,
17,Derrick Betancourt,,/,R/R,2023,Rio Mesa High,Oxnard,CA,
21,Josh Scott Jr.,1B/RF,5’8”/250,L/L,2021,Oxnard ,Oxnard,CA,
22,Marcus Chavez,IF/RHP,5’8”/155,R/R,2021,Santa Paula ,Santa Paula,CA,
23,Jake Reyes,,5’9”/160,R/R,2022,Oxnard High,Oxnard,CA,
25,Nicholas Reyes,,/,R/R,2022,Rio Mesa High,,,
26,Daniel Adams,,/,,,Oxnard ,,,
28,Jeremiah Godinez,,/,,2021,Oxnard ,,,
30,Joshua Romero,C/RHP,5’11”/175,R/R,2019,Oxnard ,Oxnard,CA,
36,Anthony Betancourt,LHP,/,L/L,2019,Rio Mesa High,Oxnard,CA,
44,Ismael Jaquez,C/IF,5’8”/155,R/R,2020,Ventura High,Oxnard,CA,
48,Devin Morales,,/,,2022,Pacifica ,,,
53,Oscar Heredia,,/,,,,,,
54,Sebastian Garcia,,/,,2022,Buena ,,,
56,Garrett Downing,1B/RHP,6’1”/200,R/R,2021,Buena High,Oxnard,CA,
58,Abel Lopez Jr.,,/,R/R,2022,Hueneme,,,
64,Robert Urango Jr.,IF/RHP,5’10”/155,R/L,2021,Oxnard ,Oxnard,CA,
80,Anthony Lopez,IF/RHP,5’8”/145,R/R,2021,Oxnard ,Oxnard,CA,
89,Michael Duenas,RHP/3B,5’11”/220,R/R,2020,Camarillo High,Camarillo,CA,
94,Isaac Perez,,/,,2022,Oxnard ,,,
98,Joel Serna,,/,,,Oxnard ,,,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#28 Jeremiah Godinez – 2021 OF
Big and physical frame. Flashed some pull side pop with a smooth stroke from the left side.

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CBA Vikings

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[peekaboo_content name=“38”]

CBA Vikings Roster

0,John Smythe,,5’11”/175,R/R,2020,Loyola,Rancho Palos Verdes,CA,
3,Jazz DE Perio,2B,5’6”/135,R/R,2020,San Marino,San Marino,CA,
4,Noah Chin,IF,5’5”/135,R/R,2020,La Salle,Pasadena,CA,
5,James Vanhooser,C,5’10”/180,R/R,2020,Oak Hills,Oak Hills,CA,
10,Gregory Pavon,SS/RHP,5’11”/170,R/R,2020,La Salle,Pasadena,CA,
18,Jordan Zuniga,1B/RF,6’3”/185,R/R,2020,California High,Whittier,CA,
23,Tom Smythe,IF,5’10”/170,R/R,2020,Loyola,Rancho Palos Verdes,CA,
24,Brendan Alessi,RHP,5’8”/170,R/R,2020,Arroyo,El Monte,CA,
25,Alex Marroquin,RHP,5’8”/155,R/R,2020,Northview,Covina,CA,
31,Jonathan Picazo,RHP,5’7”/130,R/R,2020,Charter Oak,Covina,CA,
35,Ethan Bautista,LHP/OF,6’0”/165,S/L,2020,Northview,Azusa,CA,
77,Nicholas Panda,IF,5’7”/140,R/R,2020,La Salle,Pasadena,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#23 Tom Smythe – IF/OF 2020
Average build, flat barrel through the zone with good extension, shows power to his pull side with a home run to left field, good range in the outfield

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CBA Warhawks

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[peekaboo_content name=“6”]

CBA Warhawks Roster

2,Ryan Hadeen,IF,6’2”/165,S/R,2020,Temecula Valley,Temecula,CA,
8,Jerrad Gonzalez,3B,6’2”/190,R/R,2022,Vista Murrieta,Menifee,CA,
12,Anthony Berger,OF,6’2”/170,R/R,2020,Temecula Valley,Temecula,CA,
12,Harrison Bodendorf,LHP,6’2”/150,R/L,2022,Temecula Valley,Temecula,CA,
13,Ethan Chavez,IF/RHP,6’2”/160,R/R,2022,Apple Valley,Apple Valley,CA,
15,Sean Jessee,RHP,6’4”/210,R/R,2021,Murrieta Valley,Murrieta,CA,
18,Ray Hernandez,RHP,5’9”/145,R/R,2022,Temecula Valley,Temecula,CA,
19,James Wambold,RHP,6’3”/175,R/R,2020,Temecula Valley,Temecula`,CA,Cal State Fullerton
21,Andrew Griffin,IF,5’9”/150,R/R,2021,Temecula Valley,Murrieta,CA,
24,David Nielsen,OF,5’8”/150,R/R,2020,Chaparral,Winchester,CA,
27,Jake Adams,C,5’10”/200,R/L,2022,Murrieta Valley,Homeland,CA,
29,Connor Abadie,LHP/OF,5’9”/145,L/L,2022,Granite Hills,Apple Valley,CA,
34,Jacob McMahon,C/IF,5’8”/155,R/R,2022,Temecula Valley,Temecula Ca,CA,
41,Ezra Farmer,OF/LHP,5’10”/175,L/L,2022,Tahquitz,San Jacinto,CA,
55,Jovanni DE La Torre,RHP,5’10”/200,L/R,2021,Vista Murrieta,Murrieta,CA,
66,Aiden Johnson,OF/RHP,5’9”/190,R/R,2022,Vista Murrieta,Murrieta,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#19 James Wamnold – RHP 2020
CSFU commit. Tall and athletic right handed pitcher. Good overall player on the mound. Fastball sits around 82-84, hitting 85 several times.  Good firm fastball and works both sides of the plate. Great tempo with no wasted movements. Will be a good, competitive pitcher at the next level.

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CCC Rockers

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[peekaboo_content name=“57”]

CCC Rockers Roster

2,Zack Rodriguez,IF/RHP,5’10”/150,R/R,2020,Patterson,Paterson,CA,
3,Jack Chandler,SS/OF,5’10”/160,R/R,2021,Enochs,Modesto,CA,
7,Jorge Ramos,IF/OF,6’1”/150,R/R,2021,Pitman,Hughson,CA,
12,Deavan Arroyo,IF/OF,5’7”/150,R/R,2020,Turlock,Turlcok,CA,
13,Josh Pernetti,C/IF,6’2”/205,L/R,2020,Ceres,Ceres,CA,
15,Brendan Miller,2B/SS,5’7”/125,R/R,2020,Downey,Modesto,CA,
16,Lucas Alaniz,IF/RHP,6’1”/165,R/R,2020,Waterford,Waterford,CA,
21,Jacob Cuculich,OF/RHP,6’4”/185,R/R,2021,Enochs,Modesteo,CA,
22,Justin Prestridge,RHP,6’0”/175,R/R,2020,Ceres,Ceres,CA,
23,Benjamin Pernetti,3B/RHP,6’1”/205,L/R,2021,Pleasant Grove,Roseville,CA,
44,Gunner Bertch,C/IF,6’2”/185,R/R,2020,Central Catholic,Ripon,CA,
66,Justin George,RHP/1B,6’2”/190,R/R,2020,Beyer,Modesto,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#21 Jacob Cuculich – OF 2021
Tall and athletic frame with room to add weight. Showed good range and instincts in the OF. Flashed bat speed and a good bat path with an aggressive approach at the plate.

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Chino Hills Storm

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[peekaboo_content name=“29”]

Chino Hills Storm Roster

1,A. J. Juarez,RHP/OF,5’9”/145,R/R,2021,Ayala,Chino,CA,
4,Brandon Aranda,RHP/3B,5’10”/185,R/R,2021,Santa Fe,Whittier,CA,
5,Adam Aguirre,SS/RHP,6’00”/160,R/R,2021,Claremont,Upland,CA,
9,Jason Flores,1B/OF,6’02”/170,S/R,2020,Damien,Chino,CA,
11,Joey Peralta,RHP/SS,5’9”/145,R/R,2021,Santa Fe,La Mirada,CA,
15,Andrew Rodriguez,C/3B,6’02”/210,R/R,2020,Summit,Fontana,CA,
21,Damien Delgadillo,2B/OF,5’11”/155,R/R,2021,Ayala,Chino Hills,CA,
22,Dominic Bernal,3B/RHP,5’11”/180,R/R,2020,Etiwanda,Fontana,CA,
24,Garrett Teunissen,C/RHP,5’9”/160,R/R,2021,Hillcrest,Corona,CA,
27,Cole Howarth,1B/OF,6’4”/175,R/R,2021,Chino Hills,Chino Hills,CA,
33,Eli Zepeda,SS/2B,5’8”/160,R/R,2021,South Hills,Irwindale,CA,
36,Devon Diaz,OF/LHP,5’11”/165,L/L,2020,Bonita,La Verne,CA,
42,Alex Rico,RHP/3B,5’11”/175,R/R,2020,Chino Hills,Chino,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#27 Cole Howarth – 1B/OF 2021
Tall and athletic frame. Good approach at the plate and looks to hit early in the count. Hands stay short to the baseball with good bat speed and the barrel stays on plane through the hitting zone. Has power to the pull-side. Runs well on the bases for his size. Defensively, moves well around the bag at first base and has a good arm in the OF as well.

#33 Eli Zepeda – INF 2021
Strong build, toe tap to start his load, understands the game, and is a good situational hitter. High-motor, plays the game hard, and has good lateral movement on the infield with a strong arm across the diamond.

#15 Andrew Rodriguez – 2020 C/3B
Physical body. Showed good athleticism and strong arm defensively. Quick bat with pull side power.

#11 Joey Peralta – RHP 2021
Small frame with a very quick arm action. Fastball velocity was 82-84 mph and topped out at 85 mph. Sharp slider with some arm side run.

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Club All Star

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[peekaboo_content name=“19”]

Club All Star Roster

0,Marcus Corso,RHP/OF,5’11”/170,R/R,2020,Tracy,Tracy,CA,
1,Nolan Barry,C/OF,6’0”/195,R/R,2021,Sacramento,Sac,CA,
2,Carl Johnson,OF/LHP,5’7”/150,L/L,2020,St Marys,Stockton,CA,
3,Max Kitay,RHP/SS,6’0”/185,R/R,2021,Sac,Sac,CA,
7,Jon Sarmiento,RHP/1B,6’4”/225,R/R,2020,Kimball,Tracy,CA,
9,Will Linberg,1B/LHP,6’0”/185,L/L,2021,Sac,Sac,CA,
9,Ryan Speer,C/OF,6’3”/200,R/R,2021,Argonaut,Jackson,CA,
16,Ryan Lew,OF,5’11”/165,R/R,2020,Tokay,Lodi,CA,
18,Jaylen Anteneh,SS/2B,5’10”/150,S/R,,Bishop O’dowd,Oakland,CA,
20,Nico Gomez,RHP/3B,5’10”/165,R/R,2020,St Marys,Stockton,CA,
24,Kyle Gibson,RHP/OF,6’3”/175,R/R,2020,Kimball,Tracy,CA,
28,Logan Quan,2B/SS,5’10”/150,R/R,2020,Braswell,Tx,TX,
72,Isaiah Wietherspoon,OF,6’0”/190,R/R,2021,Sacramento,Sacramento,CA,
99,TJ Smith,SS/RHP,5’10”/170,S/R,2021,Capital Christian,Sac,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#20 Nico Gomez – RHP 2020
Average build, FB sits 83-86 mph with some arm side run. Worked mostly off his slider with sharp bite in the low 70’s, low 3/4 arm angle, gets a lot of swing and misses as well as weak contact with his slider. Still has room to develop as a pitcher and improve his FB command

#7 Jon Sarmiento – RHP/1B 2020
Big and strong frame. Showed good discipline at the plate and squared up pitches over the middle. Quick and powerful swing, had an rbi single and ringing triple to center field. Good situational hitter with a good process at the plate.
7/28: On the mound, FB ranged anywhere from 83-89 mph with a good downhill plane, commands the baseball to his arm side, flashed a CB in the low 70’s with 12-6 action.

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CV Marlins

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CV Marlins Roster

0,Cooper Bergman,RHP,6’0”/175,R/R,2019,Buchanan High,Madera,CA,
0,JD Ortiz,OF,6’0”/185,L/R,2019,Buchanan High,Madera,CA,
0,Marcelo Saldana,LHP,5’10”/170,L/L,2019,Buchanan ,Madera,CA,
1,Michal Collins,OF,6’0”/203,L/L,2021,Bullard ,Madera,CA,
4,Cason Brownell,SS/2B,5’9”/148,R/R,2020,Clovis North,Madera,CA,
5,Dalton Alford,LHP/1B,6’4”/162,R/R,2020,Kingsburg ,Madera,CA,
7,Chase Pinheiro,C/OF,5’11”/175,L/R,2020,Clovis North,Madera,CA,
8,Ryan O’Hara,RHP/SS,5’11”/170,R/R,2020,Clovis North High,Madera,CA,
11,Gavin Vangronigen,C,6’1”/183,R/R,2020,Sierra Pacific,Madera,CA,
15,Erik Brown,OF/RHP,6’3”/175,R/R,2020,Clovis North,Madera,CA,
15,Jimmy Gomez,SS/2B,5’8”/160,R/R,2020,Sunnyside ,Madera,CA,
22,Nate Padilla,SS/3B,6’1”/150,R/R,2020,Sanger High,Madera,CA,
24,Art Navarette,RHP,6’1”/180,R/R,2020,Clovis West,Madera,CA,
26,Hudson Hall,RHP,5’10”/175,L/R,2020,Clovis North,Madera,CA,
34,Josh Allison,OF/RHP,5’10”/160,R/R,2020,Edison High,Madera,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#24 Art Navarette – RHP 2020
Fastball sat 83-85. Drives well with lower half. Quick arm action. 3/4 to straight over the top. Sharp 12/6 curveball.

#4 Carson Brownell – SS 2020
Slender-athletic frame with room to grow and develop. Flashed advance actions in the field, quick transfer with adequate arm strength, and makes the all the tough plays. Offensively, stays short and quick to the baseball with good bat speed. Plus speed on the base paths.

#7 Chase Pinheiro – C 2020
Strong and athletic frame. Short as well as compact swing from the left side and uses the opposite side of the field really well. Stays balanced at the plate and advanced bat speed.

#34 Josh Allison – OF 2020
Big and physical frame. Flashed some strength at the plate with some gap to gap power. With continued development, could lead to homerun power at the collegiate level.

#8 Ryan O’Hara – RHP 2020
Athletic frame. Loose arm, showed fastball command with an over the top arm slot and some downward movement. Fastball sat 86-87mph, touched 90mph once. Flashed a slider in game at 71mph with a sharp break on 11-5 plane. Major upside to this kid D-1 prospect.

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Danville Hoots Baseball

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[peekaboo_content name=“23”]

Danville Hoots Baseball Roster

6,Mason Eastman,SS/2B,5’8”/155,R/R,2020,Granada,Livermore,CA,
9,Ryan Ansel,RHP,6’1”/165,R/R,2020,Miramonte,Orinda,CA,
10,Nick Mladinich,SS,5’10”/160,R/R,2021,San Ramon Valley,Danville,CA,
11,Casey Cummings,CF/IF,5’11”/175,R/R,2021,San Ramon Valley,Danville,CA,
12,Chase Salisbury,CF,6’0”/165,R/R,2022,San Ramon Valley,Alamo,CA,
15,Drew Price,OF/1B,5’11”/210,R/L,2020,San Ramon Valley,Danville,CA,
16,Greg Austin,RHP,6’0”/175,R/R,2020,Miramonte,Orinda,CA,
20,Matt Gonsalves,C/IF,5’11”/165,R/R,2022,Dougherty Valley,San Ramon,CA,
21,Tyler Durant,1B/OF,6’1”/180,L/L,2021,Dougherty Valley,San Ramon,CA,
22,Nick Gonsalves,RHP/IF,5’11”/170,R/R,2020,Dougherty Valley,San Ramon,CA,
23,Jeffery Cambra,OF,6’2”/165,R/R,2021,San Ramon Valley,Danville,CA,
24,Cooper Meyer,OF,6’1”/160,R/R,2021,Granada,Livermore,CA,
25,Ryan Rissas,LHP,6’3”/180,L/L,2020,California,San Ramon,CA,
26,Luca Bevilacqua,OF/IF,5’10”/160,R/R,2021,Dougherty Valley,San Ramon,CA,
28,Koby Seely,C/OF,5’11”/170,R/R,2020,Dublin,San Ramon,CA,
30,Brendan O’Sullivan,SS/RHP,5’11”/185,R/R,2021,Amadow Valley,Pleasanton,CA,
31,Ryan Juric,RHP/OF,6’2”/165,R/R,2020,Granada,Livermore,CA,
32,Matt Robillard,SS,6’1”/175,R/R,2020,Dougherty Valley,San Ramon,CA,
33,Jacob Griessel,OF/RHP,6’2”/160,R/R,2021,Campolindo,Lafayette,CA,
34,Carson Glavich,LHP,5’11”/160,L/L,2021,Heritage,Brentwood,CA,
36,Nick Hermann,RHP,6’2”/180,R/R,2020,Livermore,Livermore,CA,
47,Joey Cirelli,RHP,6’4”/210,R/R,2021,De La Salle,Martinez,CA,
48,Griffin Myers,C/1B,6’3”/200,L/R,2021,Amador Valley,Pleasanton,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#25 Ryan Rissas – LHP 2020
Slender athletic frame with room to grow. Showed a fastball 81-85 mph command look to still be developing. Straight over the top arm slot ball works on a down hill plane; with added strength and experience for sure college prospect.

#12 Chase Salisbury – OF 2022
Good overall athlete. Good range in the outfield with decent speed. Smart base runner with an aggressive mentality. Hands are ok at the plate but athleticism at age takes over. Hands get through decently well and stays on plane.

#48 Griffin Myers – C 2021
Big frame for a catcher at 6’3 200. Athletic behind the dish, receives, and moves well. Could still improve the arm and feet but sits 2.1-2.2 pop time. Above average hitter with quick hands, has good power in his bat, and can generate backspin to all parts of the field.

#21 Tyler Durant – 1B/OF 2021
Big tall frame at 6’2 with good actions at the plate and defensively. Smooth swing with a good strong stance and load. Hands work well with the stick, could still improve with getting through the zone but has good pop to the pull-side and decent wheels around the bases.

#32 Matt Robillard – SS 2020
Showed gap power. Strong athletic frame. Moves and receives well on defense. Showed good range. Skills project well to next level.

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Desert Prospects

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Desert Prospects Roster

0,Garrett Perezchica,IF,5’10”/155,R/R,2020,Palm Desert,Palm Desert,CA,
3,Juan Alvarez,RHP,5’10”/170,R/R,2021,Palm Desert,Palm Desert,CA,
4,Andrew Pinedo,LHP,5’11”/185,L/L,2020,La Quinta,Palm Desert,CA,
7,Abraham Hernandez,C,5’10”/170,R/R,2021,La Quinta,Palm Desert,CA,
7,Jacob Mejia,1B,5’11”/180,L/R,2020,Palm Desert,Palm Desert,CA,
9,JT Houston,C,5’11”/175,R/R,2021,Xavier,Pd,CA,
9,Kevin Sanchez,IF/RHP,5’10”/180,R/R,2021,Shadow Hills,Palm Desert,CA,
10,Alec Weigel,RHP,6’2”/155,R/R,2020,Palm Desert,Palm Desert,CA,
13,Seth Mattox,RHP,6’2”/170,R/R,2021,Xavier,Palm Desert,CA,
13,Sakemi Sato,OF/RHP,5’10”/170,R/R,2020,La Quinta,Palm Desert,CA,
17,Rob Arzano,IF,5’10”/175,R/R,2020,Xavier,Palm Desert,CA,
21,Jason Leon,3B,5’10”/170,R/R,2020,La Quinta,Palm Desert,CA,
22,Robbie Lopez,OF,5’11”/170,L/R,2020,Shadow Hills,Pd,CA,
24,Aaron Lopez,OF,6’0”/170,R/R,2021,La Quinta,Pd,CA,
25,Naun Haro,LHP,6’1”/160,R/L,2020,La Quinta,Pd,CA,
33,Henry Lopez,OF,5’9”/150,R/R,2021,Xavier,Pd,CA,
34,Ramon Romo,LHP,5’10”/165,L/L,2020,Palm Desert,Palm Desert,CA,
34,Christian Sanchez,IF/RHP,5’8”/150,R/R,2021,La Quinta,Palm Desert,CA,
66,Humberto Beltran,RHP/3B,5’10”/185,R/R,2021,Shadow Hills,Palm Desert,CA,
77,Isaias Castaneda,OF/1B,5’8”/140,L/L,2021,La Quinta,Palm Desert,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#66 Humberto Beltran – RHP 2021
Big build with an over the top delivery. Works downhill with a plus change up keeping hitters off balance. Fastball up to 88 mph.

#4 Andrew Pinedo – LHP 2020
Average build with a strong lower half. FB sits 84-87 mph with some life, 12-6 CB sits 67-71mph with good feel, quick arm, and a controlled delivery with good connection and separation. Challenges hitters and fills up the zone with both pitches, quality arm with upside.

#34 Ramon Romo – LHP 2020
Central Arizona commit. Athletic build with room to fill out. FB sits 84-88 mph with some downhill plane and CB has 12-6 break with late bite in the low 70’s. Has clean arm action with good rhythm in his delivery on the mound.

#25 Naun Haro – LHP 2020
Lean build, FB sits 80-82 mph with some natural cut. Showed a sweeping slider from a low 3/4 arm slot on the low 70’s, clean mechanics, and slider has showing of being a plus pitch in the future.

#21 Juan Leon – 3B 2020
Solid build, quiet hands at the plate, and shows some lift in his swing, but stays on plane. Has good bat speed and makes solid contact on pitches in the zone. Good speed on the base paths. Defensively on the infield he shows the ability to work below the baseball with accurate throws across the field.

#13 Sakemi Sato – OF 2020
Athletic-build, stands tall at the plate with active hands, and whips the barrel through the zone. Creates good bat speed and uses the middle of the field with the ability to drive the baseball into his pull side gap.
7/27: On the mound, FB worked 82-84 mph up to 88-89 mph with life, sharp slider in the mid 70’s with late bite, had another gear with his FB when runners were on base. With development has the ability to sit in the upper 80’s consistently.

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Dub Baseball Black

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Dub Baseball Black Roster

1,Zac McMahon,3B,6’0”/165,R/R,2021,Christopher,Morgan Hill,CA,
2,Richard Maes,CF,5’10”/175,R/R,2020,Live Oak,Morgan Hill,CA,
3,Matt Woods,SS,5’9”/155,R/R,2020,Monte Vista Christian Hs,Morgan Hill,CA,
6,Austin Salamida,3B,5’9”/160,R/R,2020,San Benito,Morgan Hill,CA,
10,Will Waxman,RHP,6’1”/150,R/R,2020,Live Oak,Morgan Hill,CA,
11,Connor Hennings,OF/RHP,6’4”/195,R/R,2020,Live Oak,Morgan Hill,CA,
15,Luke Brothers,RHP,6’0”/165,R/R,2020,Monte Vista Christian,Morgan Hill,CA,
17,Zach Buzzetta,OF,5’11”/175,L/R,2020,San Benito,Morgan Hill,CA,
19,Tyler Swan,C,5’9”/180,R/R,2021,Christopher,Morgan Hill,CA,
21,Roberto Nunez,SS/3B,6’1”/185,R/R,2020,Monte Vista Christian,Morgan Hill,CA,
22,Aidan Lee,1B/RHP,6’4”/225,R/R,2020,Monte Vista Christian,Morgan Hill,CA,
23,Arthur Soto,OF/RHP,6’0”/180,R/R,2020,Mitty,Morgan Hill,CA,
25,Patrick Kissee,OF,6’2”/190,R/R,2020,Live Oak,Morgan Hill,CA
29,Joey Devera,RHP/OF,5’9”/165,R/R,2020,San Benito,Morgan Hill,CA,
30,Tyler Madden,C/1B,6’0”/215,R/R,2020,Live Oak,Morgan Hill,CA,
34,Justin Rashid,3B/RHP,5’11”/215,R/R,2020,Sobrato,Morgan Hill,CA,
53,Nic Skardoutos,RHP/C,6’2”/165,R/R,2020,San Benito,Morgan Hill,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#25 Patrick Kissee – INF 2020
Aggressive approach at the plate with above average pull-side pop to the left center gap. Keeps the shoulders square and stays inside the ball well.

#21 Roberto Nunez – SS/3B
One of the most interesting prospects in the tournament. Solid frame, good hands to go with a strong arm. Offensively has the ability to hit the ball with power all over the field. Launched a 2 run home run to deep left along with a triple in the right center gap.

#11 Connor Hennings – RHP/OF 2020
Pro-style body, showed plus speed on the bases and power in the bat. Plus bat speed and the barrel stays long through the hitting zone. Has the ability to hit for both average and power at the next level.

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Dub Baseball Blue

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Dub Baseball Blue Roster

2,Jake Woods,2B/RHP,5’9”/150,R/R,2022,Monte Vista Christian,Morgan Hill,CA,
4,Joe Cardinale,2B/RHP,5’10”/155,R/R,2022,Palma,Morgan Hill,CA,
5,Jack Brothers,C,5’11”/165,R/R,2022,Monte Vista Christian,Morgan Hill,CA,
5,Phillip Penrose,OF/SS,5’10”/160,L/R,2021,Salinas,Morgan Hill,CA,
6,Justin Kester-Johnson,OF,6’1”/175,R/R,2022,Live Oak,Morgan Hill,CA,
7,Ashton Green,3B/RHP,6’4”/190,R/R,2021,Live Oak,Morgan Hill,CA,
9,Anden Ajlouni,C,6’0”/175,R/R,2022,Live Oak,Morgan Hill,CA,
14,Jackson Pace,RHP,6’4”/190,R/R,2022,San Benito,Morgan Hill,CA,
21,Dylan Green,C,5’10”/160,R/R,2022,Santa Teresa,Morgan Hill,CA,
21,Alex Marks,RHP,5’10”/175,R/R,2021,Monte Vista Christian,Morgan Hill,CA,
24,Zach Lewis,SS,5’9”/165,R/R,2022,Pacific Grove,Morgan Hill,CA,
28,JT Amaral,OF/C,5’11”/170,R/R,2021,Palma,Morgan Hill,CA,
38,Gavin Ducker,C,5’11”/175,R/R,2022,Palma,Morgan Hill,CA,
48,Trevor Kester-Johnson,LHP,5’10”/165,L/L,2022,Live Oak,Morgan Hill,CA,
50,Ryan Lozon,RHP,5’10”/165,R/R,2022,Christopher,Morgan Hill,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#14 Jackson Pace – RHP 2022
Tall and lean build. Big presence on the mound with a 6’4” frame. Generates a good downhill plane towards his target. Fastball was consistently sitting at 85-87 mph with an above average slider and has good command with both of his pitches.

#28 JT Amaral – SS/OF 2021
Medium and athletic frame. Athletic at SS and has good range. Offensively, has a good approach at the plate with plus bat speed and power to all parts of the field.

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GBG Marucci 17U Blue

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GBG Marucci 17U Blue Roster

5,Max Kokka,C,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Peninsula,,CA,
7,Evan Steinberger,C,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Dos Pueblos,,CA,
9,Conner Gleissner,1B,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Dos Pueblos,,CA,
9,Michael Sison,C,7’0”/300,R/R,2022,Mission College Prep,,CA,
10,Kyle Holcomb,RHP,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Palos Verdes,,CA,
11,Aaron Rubio,RHP,5’10”/145,R/R,2022,Montebello,,CA,
13,Brian Dorame,RHP,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Knight Hs,,CA,
15,Matthew Jacobson,IF,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Crespi,,CA,
17,Aiden Phipps,LHP,7’0”/300,R/R,2021,Simi Valley,,CA,
18,Jordan Neal,OF,7’0”/300,R/R,2021,Stockdale,,CA,
18,Oscar Ramirez,OF,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,South El Monte,,CA,
23,Sam Richardson,OF,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Stockdale,,CA,
24,Dylan Jacobs,RHP,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Crespi,,CA,
33,Leonard Gonzalez,C/OF,HT/WT,B/T,2020,CSHM,City,CA
42,Gabriel Colcol,IF,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,West High,,CA,
42,Kyler Freeman,OF,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Moorpark,,CA,
47,Josh Hernandez,OF,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Marshall,,CA,
48,Ray Garcia,OF,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Don Bosco Tech,,CA,
99,Jake Rauschenberger,C,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Moorpark,,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#42 Gabriel Colcol – INF 2020
Big body with some power in the bat. Able to handle the bat and attacks pitches early and with authority. Has the ability to drive the ball consistently and uses the whole field.

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GBG Marucci 17U Navy

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GBG Marucci 17U Navy Roster

1,Michael Choi,1B,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Loyola,,CA,
1,Alec Morrison,IF,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Malibu,,CA,
4,Nicholas Oakley,IF,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Santa Barbara,,CA,
11,Kyle Kirk,OF,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Esperanza,,CA,
13,Ryan Kirk,IF,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Esperanza,,CA,
15,Ethan Gandia,C,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,North Torrance,,CA,
21,Nathan Waugh,C,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Yorba Linda,,CA,
29,Anthony Ruvalcaba,IF,7’0”/300,R/R,2021,St. Monica,,CA,
29,Matt Wilson,RHP,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,La Mirada,,CA,
33,Drew Hallgren,2B,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Stockdale,,CA,
44,Jordan Peel,C,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Upland,,CA,
53,Zachary Johansen,IF,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Stockdale,,CA,
53,Andrew Lujan,SS,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Schurr,,CA,
54,Nick Flowers,RHP,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Bakersfield Christian,,CA,
60,Jake Clark,RHP,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Chaminade,,CA,
99,Anthony Vazquez,RHP,7’0”/300,R/R,2020,Simi Valley,,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#33 Drew Hallgren – 2B 2020
Great athlete. Can play both positions up the middle with good range and has good actions all around defensively. Still a work in progress at the plate but has quick hands and overall good athletic ability.

#44 Jordan Peel – C 2020
Big body with athleticism. More of an offensive catcher at this time with good pull-side power and a linear swing. Can handle pitches inside and down well, can still improve on load, and hands at the start.

#21 Nathan Waugh – C 2020
Strong frame. Offensively, keeps his hands inside the baseball, stays short to the ball into the hitting zone, and expresses opposite field power. Size and strength
projects to next level.

#1 Michael Choi – 1B 2020
Average build. Left handed hitter with good bat speed and who shows power to the right center gap. Had a HR to right center in the game on 7/27, which was estimated to be at around 350ft.

#53 Andrew Lujan – SS/3B 2020
Athletic and strong frame. Big left handed bat, aggressive approach at the plate with quick hands and plus bat speed. Stays short to the baseball and the barrel stays long though the hitting zone. Home run power to the pull-side as displayed in the game on 7/26. Ball jumps off the barrel and makes hard contact consistently. Defensively, has good instincts and footwork with a good arm across the diamond at 3rd base. Next level player for sure.

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Highlanders Baseball Academy

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Highlanders Baseball Academy Roster

4,Adrian Ruiz,2B/OF,5’6”/130,R/R,2022,Carter,Rialto,CA,
7,Eddie Del Real,1B/RHP,6’1”/200,R/R,2019,San Gorgonio,San Berbardino,CA,
11,Armani Raygoza,3B/1B,6’1”/180,L/R,2022,Belair Hs,El Paso,TX,
12,Josiah Garcia,RHP/IF,6’0”/155,R/R,2020,Corona,Corona,CA,
13,William Vazquez,OF/IF,5’7”/145,R/R,2022,Etiwanda,San Bernardino,CA,
13,Grady White,RHP/OF,6’5”/190,R/R,2020,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
14,Andres Santana,OF/IF,5’9”/150,R/R,2021,Miller,Fontana,CA,
16,Ricardo Quintana,C/3B,9’9”/151,R/R,2022,Etiwanda,Fontana,CA,
22,Chris Olivares,C/OF,5’11”/195,R/R,2020,Corona,Corona,CA,
23,Derek Martinez,2B/SS,5’11”/175,R/R,2022,Belair Hs,El Paso,TX,
31,Ryan McKinney,RHP/1B,6’2”/175,R/R,2020,Citrus Valley,Deer Valley,CA,
35,Erick Hernandez,OF/IF,5’8”/145,L/R,2020,Cajon,San Bernardino,CA,
35,Lorenzo Martinez,RHP/IF,5’7”/155,R/R,2020,Rancho Cucamonga,Rc,CA,
39,Sal Mancha,OF/IF,5’11”/170,R/R,2020,Cajon,San Bernardino,CA,
44,Abraham Garcia-Pacheco,C/SS,6’0”/185,R/R,2020,Rancho Cucamonga,Highland,CA,
47,Adam Islas,1B/LHP,6’0”/215,R/L,2020,Miller,Fontana,CA,
51,Nicholas Cataldo,LHP,6’4”/245,L/L,2022,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
66,Owen Cain,C/1B,6’0”/165,R/R,2020,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

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Hit Club

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Hit Club Roster

1,Tanner Bye,SS/3B,5’9”/150,R/R,2021,Half Moon Bay ,Half Moon Bay,CA,
4,Mario Duran,C/IF,5’7”/140,R/R,2021,Capuchino ,Belmont,CA,
5,Ethan Reader,C,5’10”/150,R/R,2022,Stuart Hall,Belmont,CA,
9,Jon Peters,OF,5’9”/155,L/R,2021,Junipero Serra (San Mateo),Belmont,CA,
12,Ethan Kiryczun,OF/1B,6’1”/180,R/R,2020,Aragon ,San Mateo,CA,
15,Rahmi Ismael,SS/RHP,5’10”/160,R/R,2021,Junipero Serra (San Mateo),Belmont,CA,
16,Spencer Tracy,IF/OF,5’9”/150,R/R,2021,Junipero Serra (San Mateo),Cupertino,CA,
19,William Pires,RHP/OF,6’1”/160,R/R,2021,Junipero Serra (San Mateo),Atherton,CA,
21,Isaiah Crump,CF/RHP,6’0”/165,R/R,2021,Junipero Serra (San Mateo),San Bruno,CA,
22,Will Bowen,CF/LHP,5’10”/145,L/L,2022,Junipero Serra Hs (San Mateo),Belmont,CA,
28,Alejandro Palomarez,RHP,5’11”/155,R/R,2019,Sequoia ,Redwood City,CA,
30,Greg Ziemba,OF/RHP,5’11”/155,R/R,2021,Junipero Serra (San Mateo),San Carlos,CA,
34,Eduardo Jimenez,1B/C,6’2”/200,R/R,2020,Aragon ,San Mateo,CA,
35,Gregory Tech,3B/RHP,5’10”/175,R/R,2020,Junipero Serra (San Mateo),San Carlos,CA,
38,Demetri Rosas,1B/3B,5’11”/165,R/R,2021,Junipero Serra (San Mateo),Redwood City,CA,
41,Milo Cava,RHP,6’1”/175,R/R,2020,Junipero Serra (San Mateo),San Bruno,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#5 Rahmi Ismael – OF 2021
Athletic and lean build. Starts with a high back elbow, and bat gets on plane early. Has the ability to adjust to the breaking ball mid pitch, flashed power to his pull-side gap, and has a good feel for the strike zone. Defensively, makes the routine play on defense in right field and gets good reads off the bat.

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Inland Empire Express

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[peekaboo_content name=“16”]

Inland Empire Express Roster


1,Austin Klopfstein,RHP/SS,6’4”/155,R/R,2020,Desert Christian,Cherry Valley,CA,
2,Landon Clayton,3B/RHP,6’0”/165,R/R,2022,Woodcrest Christian,Riverside,CA,
3,Reyden Bazurto,LHP/OF,6’1”/170,L/L,2020,Arlington ,Cherry Valley,CA,
4,Preston Lauritzen,1B/3B,5’9”/175,R/R,2022,Martin Luther King High,Riverside,CA,
5,Daniel Carpio,OF/OF,5’6”/130,R/R,2020,Valley View,Cherry Valley,CA,
7,Jake Mitchell,2B/RHP,5’9”/135,R/R,2022,Martin Luther King High,Riverside,CA,
8,Cole Forsyth,IF,5’8”/135,R/R,2021,Martin Luther King ,Riverside,CA,
12,Simon Stoffel,C/OF,5’9”/135,R/R,2022,Martin Luther King High,Riverside,CA,
14,Tyler Soren,RHP/3B,5’10”/195,R/R,2022,Mesa Grande Academy,Cherry Valley,CA,
15,Jacob Dragamon,RHP/OF,6’1”/150,R/R,2021,Beaumont High,Beaumont,CA,
21,Shaun Hughes,2B/OF,5’8”/130,R/R,2020,Beaumont High,Cherry Valley,CA,
22,Marcus Markov,RHP/1B,6’3”/195,R/R,2020,Bethel Christian,Riverside,CA,
28,Seth Gregory,C,6’1”/150,R/R,2021,Beaumont High,Beaumont,CA,
31,Caleb Tinker,RHP,6’8”/175,R/R,2022,Martin Luther King High,Riverside,CA,
34,Christopher Oliner,RHP/SS,5’10”/144,R/R,2022,Valley View ,Cherry Valley,CA,
42,Anson Kraut,OF,5’8”/140,R/R,2022,Beaumont ,Cherry Valley,CA,
48,Garrett Green,RHP/3B,5’10”/150,R/R,2024,Martin Luther King ,Riverside,CA,
53,Sevith Kraut,OF/C,5’7”/170,R/R,2021,Beaumont,Cherry Valley,CA,
55,Matthew Hudson,RHP/OF,5’10”/170,R/R,2022,Martin Luther King High,Riverside,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

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Kali Baseball 17U Navy

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Kali Baseball 17U Navy Roster

0,Angel Valdez,3B/1B,6’0”/190,R/R,2020,El Diamante ,San Jose,CA,
1,Ryan Garvey,RHP/3B,6’1”/205,R/R,2020,Piedmont Hills ,San Jose,CA,
4,Andre Butler,2B/3B,5’8”/130,R/R,2021,Santa Teresa ,San Jose,CA,
5,Tommy Wilson,1B/RHP,6’2”/220,R/R,2021,Ann Sobrato ,San Jose,CA,
6,Carlos Lopez,SS/OF,5’9”/130,L/R,2021,Thomas More School,San Jose,CA,
7,Kevin Shea,SS/3B,5’8”/160,S/R,2020,Carlmont ,San Jose,CA,
8,Bryan Holt,RHP/1B,6’2”/205,R/R,2020,Saint Francis ,San Jose,CA,
9,Andrew Fuentes,C/OF,5’8”/180,R/R,2020,Piedmont Hills ,San Jose,CA,
9,Roman Gambelin,SS/RHP,6’0”/145,R/R,2021,Saint Francis ,San Jose,CA,
10,Christopher Strite,RHP,5’9”/155,R/R,2020,Evergreen Valley ,San Jose,CA,
11,Anthony Cortese,C/1B,5’8”/165,R/R,2021,Thomas More School,San Jose,CA,
12,Soren Burns,3B/1B,5’11”/185,R/R,2020,Scotts Valley ,San Jose,CA,
14,Mateos Melkesian,3B/OF,6’1”/169,R/R,2020,Carlmont ,San Jose,CA,
15,Max Matteucci,1B/OF,6’0”/175,L/L,2021,Junipero Serra ,San Jose,CA,
17,Jacob Soto,OF/C,5’11”/140,R/R,2020,Don’t Know,San Jose,CA,
18,Byrce Gundersen,SS/2B,5’11”/160,R/R,2020,Scotts Valley ,San Jose,CA,
19,Jake Kuch,OF/RHP,5’11”/160,L/L,2020,Oakgrove ,San Jose,CA,
21,Tyler Brodrick,OF/1B,5’10”/145,L/L,2021,Archbishop Mitty,San Jose,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#15 Max Matteucci – 1B 2021
Big strong left handed hitter with power to the pull side. Showed the ability to use the whole field and consistently barreled the baseball. Middle of the lineup bat potential at the next level.

#18 Bryce Gunderson – INF 2020
Compact frame, crouched stance at the plate with active hands, barrel works behind him, and stays through the zone with some present bat speed. Aggressive base runner, solid defender, soft hands on the infield with funnel to the middle of his body, and good arm strength.

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Kennedy Baseball Organization

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Kennedy Baseball Organization Roster

1,Jesus Canul,RHP/3B,5’10”/165,R/R,2020,Katella,Anaheim,CA,
2,Max Beaulieu,RHP/IF,6’0”/155,R/R,2020,Rancho Cucamonga,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
5,Clay Proctor,C,5’7”/165,R/R,2019,Alta Loma,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
7,Ryan Callanan,,5’7”/150,R/R,2020,Jw North,Riverside,CA,
9,Jacob Garcia,RHP/IF,5’7”/150,R/R,2020,Riverside Poly,Riverside,CA,
10,Donovan Castañeda,2B,5’7”/160,R/R,2020,Katella,Riverside,CA,
12,Kanan Treece,1B/OF,5’10”/160,R/R,2021,Riverside Poly,Riverside,CA,
19,Ryan Seymour,RHP/IF,5’6”/150,R/R,2022,Woodcrest Christian,Riverside,CA,
21,Cole Guerin,RHP/OF,5’10”/150,R/R,2020,Rancho Christian,Temecula,CA,
22,Jimmy Blumberg,SS,5’10”/155,R/R,2020,La Mirada,La Mirada,CA,
23,Haydon Huff,2B,5’9”/155,R/R,2020,Woodcrest Christian,Riverside,CA,
27,Billy Bowman,LHP,5’8”/160,L/L,2020,South Hills,Anaheim,CA,
33,Elijah Goodwin,1B/RHP,6’0”/160,R/R,2020,Rancho Christian,Temecula,CA,
44,Ryan Grinnals,1B,6’0”/180,L/L,2020,Yucaipa,Riverside,CA,
55,Noah Walden,C,5’8”/155,R/R,2020,Katella,Anaheim,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#7 Ryan Callanan – UTL 2020
Athletic kid who can play multiple positions and be successful. Dependable glove with above average feet in the infield. Still can develop the arm. Slightly above average at the plate, but quick swing, just needs more discipline with getting his pitch to drive.

#22 Jimmy Blumberg – SS 2020
Athletic and carries a confident attitude with him on the baseball field. Confident SS with good awareness on the field at all times. Has good range by having a good pre pitch prep and making adjustments mid AB. Quiet hands at the plate and hunts the middle of the field. Still can develop more offensively before the next level.

#23 Haydon Huff – 2B 2020
Overall sound baseball player. Can play up the middle with good actions. More of an offensive MIF even despite his size, has good whip through the zone, and keeps shoulders level all the way through his finish. Aggressive player.

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Las Vegas Knights

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Las Vegas Knights Roster

1,Blake Wambal,OF/RHP,6’4”/210,R/R,2021,Bishop Gorman,Las Vegas,NV,
2,Alec Barrett,IF/RHP,5’8”/150,R/R,2020,Faith Lutheran,Las Vegas,NV,
3,Blake Barrett,OF/LHP,5’8”/150,L/L,2020,Faith Lutheran,Las Vegas,NV,
14,Makana Valdez-Cogulada,IF,5’8”/165,R/R,2021,Bishop Gorman,Las Vegas,NV,
15,Joey Randazzo,C/OF,5’9”/160,L/R,2022,Bishop Gorman,Las Vegas,NV,
16,Sam Lucas,OF/IF,5’9”/140,R/R,2021,Shadow Ridge,Las Vegas,NV,
17,Ayden Hookano,IF,5’5”/130,R/R,2022,Bishop Gorman,Las Vegas,NV,
18,Jack Berger,OF,5’9”/155,R/R,2021,Bishop Gorman,Las Vegas,NV,
19,Ethan McCall,OF/IF,5’9”/150,R/R,2022,Bishop Gorman,Las Vegas,NV,
21,Zachary Jensen,RHP/IF,5’8”/160,R/R,2022,Bishop Gorman,Las Vegas,NV,
23,Erick McKendry,RHP/OF,5’6”/140,R/R,2022,Bishop Gorman,Las Vegas,NV,
24,Aj Rodriguez,LHP/1B,6’0”/210,L/L,2020,Bishop Gorman,Las Vegas,NV,
25,Rocco Niedbalski,OF,5’7”/140,R/R,2021,Bishop Gorman,Las Vegas,NV,
30,Billy Ham,IF,5’6”/140,L/R,2021,Bishop Gorman,Las Vegas,NV,
32,Trevor McKendry,RHP/OF,5’7”/135,R/R,2022,Bishop Gorman,Las Vegas,NV,

#18 Jack Berger – OF 2021
Competes at the plate. Short and fundamentally sound swing. Good wheels on the bases. Can create an inning with his presence as a runner.

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MVP Baseball

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MVP Baseball Roster

7,Naighel Calderon,SS/RHP,5’9”/160,R/R,2019,Lanai,Santa Barbara, CA
8,Bryson Leach,SS/3B,5’9”/170,R/R,2021,Valley Christian,Santa Barbara, CA
11,Connor Ferguson,RHP,6’1”/190,R/R,2020,Cvcs,Santa Barbara, CA
12,Matthew Tran,RHP/OF,6’1”/125,R/R,2021,Ayala,Santa Barbara, CA
13,Garrett Betts,1B/3B,5’11”/210,R/R,2022,Ayala,Santa Barbara, CA
13,Conner Inman,RHP/3B,6’1”/180,R/R,2020,Riverside Poly,Santa Barbara, CA
14,David Tran,RHP/OF,5’11”/130,R/R,2022,Ayala,Santa Barbara, CA
19,Devin Martinez,SS/3B,5’8”/165,R/R,2021,Citrus Valley,Santa Barbara, CA
21,Brock Discenzo,SS/2B,5’9”/152,R/R,2021,Cvcs,Santa Barbara, CA
25,Trevor Bless,RHP/3B,6’0”/205,R/R,2020,Gresham,Santa Barbara, CA
36,Noah Estrem,C/SS,5’10”/170,R/R,2020,St Anthony,Santa Barbara, CA
46,Mason Yamashiro,OF/RHP,5’10”/135,R/R,2019,Leilehua,Santa Barbara, CA
54,Kaleo Nishimoto,RHP/3B,5’11”/160,R/R,2020,Leilehua,Santa Barbara, CA
55,Taylor Steig,C/OF,6’4”/210,R/R,2019,Santiago,Santa Barbara, CA
56,Julian Marrujo,OF/SS,5’9”/160,R/R,2019,John Glenn,Santa Barbara, CA
59,Alex Rodriguez,C/3B,5’8”/160,R/R,2020,Kapolei,Santa Barbara, CA
79,Bryan Mendoza,OF/RHP,4’11”/80,L/L,2022,Capistrano Valley,Santa Barbara, CA

#36 Noah Estrem – C/SS 2020
Decent frame with gap to gap approach at the plate. Hits the ball with authority early in counts.

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MVP Red Sox

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MVP Red Sox Roster

1,Joey Quartararo,CF/LHP,5’8”/150,R/L,2020,Oaks Christian,,CA,
3,Cole Gietzen,RHP,6’0”/145,R/R,2021,Camarillo High,,CA,
5,Ben Taneman,RHP/1B,5’10”/175,R/R,2020,Oak Park High,,CA,
6,Daniel Anselmo,RHP/OF,5’7”/155,R/R,2021,Royal High,,CA,
7,Kenny Hongsermeier,C,5’8”/140,R/R,2020,Undecided,,CA,
8,Trevor Smentek,1B/OF,6’1”/155,R/R,2020,Buena High,,CA,
10,Max Turndorf,2B/RHP,5’4”/115,R/R,2021,De Toledo,,CA,
17,Aiden Schenck,2B,5’9”/150,R/R,2020,De Toledo,,CA,
22,Anthony Scherpenborg,LHP,6’0”/150,L/L,2020,Newbury Park High,,CA,
27,Corey Ballard,SS/2B,6’0”/160,R/R,2020,Saint Bonaventure High,,CA,
32,Jacob Willinger,SS,6’1”/145,R/R,2021,De Toledo,,CA,
33,Ian Costanzo,C,5’9”/160,L/R,2021,Oak Park High,,CA,
34,Jared Browne,OF/RHP,6’2”/150,R/R,2020,De Toledo,,CA,
35,Luke Piazza,1B/3B,6’1”/190,L/R,2021,Royal High,,CA,
42,Angelo Crooks,3B/OF,6’0”/210,R/R,2021,El Camino Real High,,CA,
47,Alex Keiser,OF,5’10”/136,R/R,2021,Grace Brethren,,CA,
66,Will Metz,OF,6’0”/190,R/R,2020,Thousand Oaks High,,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

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NC Tides

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NC Tides Roster

1,Troy Grossman,C/OF,5’8”/140,R/R,2019,Vista Hs,Oceanside,CA,
3,Bryce Ignaciak,3B/IF,5’9”/150,R/R,2021,Mission Hills Hs,Vista,CA,
3,Stuart Silverstein,IF/OF,5’9”/140,R/R,2020,El Camino Hs ,Oceanside,CA,
4,Luke Gordon,C/OF,6’1”/170,R/R,2021,Rancho Buena Vista Hs,Vista,CA,
4,Evan Stauch,IF/OF,5’11”/145,R/R,2020,Vista Hs,Oceanside,CA,
6,Grant Knox,RHP/IF,5’11”/170,R/R,2020,Fallbrook Hs,Fallbrook,CA,
9,Josue Navarro,C,6’0”/180,R/R,2020,Fallbrook Hs,Fallbrook,CA,
11,Devin Bonine,RHP/OF,6’1”/155,R/R,2021,El Camino Hs ,Oceanside,CA,
12,Ronny Harris,OF/IF,5’10”/150,L/R,2020,Oceanside Hs,Oceanside,CA,
15,Joey Florres,IF/RHP,6’2”/175,R/R,2020,Vista Hs,Oceanside,CA,
16,Mitchel Simon,SS/IF,6’0”/160,R/R,2020,Linfield Christian,Fallbrook,CA,
17,Drake Buffington,SS/IF,6’2”/170,R/R,2020,Vista Hs,Vista,CA,
22,Evan Madrid,IF/RHP,5’7”/160,R/R,2021,Rancho Buena Vista,Oceanside,CA,
23,Kai Burdick,RHP/1B,6’9”/220,R/R,2021,Carlsbad,Carlsbad,CA,
24,Owen Dargie,OF,6’3”/172,R/R,2021,Carlsbad Hs,Carlsbad,CA,
25,Vika Faasua,1B,6’2”/230,L/R,2020,Oceanside Hs,Oceanside,CA,
26,Shane Vass,RHP,6’1”/145,R/R,2021,Vista Hs,Vista,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#9 Josue Navarro – C 2020
Big body that will mature muscularly, starts from a tall, closed stance, and has a flat bat through the zone with a strong top hand. Plus bat speed, shows power to his pull side, hit a home run to left field in the game on 7/29. Defensively, shows some ability to block the baseball with accurate throws behind the plate.

#18 Evan Madrid – RHP 2021
Athletic build. Straight over the top delivery on the mound. Shows fastball command and attacks the zone at 83-85mph with room to grow. Huge upside.

#17 Drake Buffington – SS 2020
Tall and slender athletic frame. Flashed some next level bat speed along with some pull side pop. Defensively, has decent footwork and average arm strength, but with development he could be a good all-around short stop.

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NC Valley Baseball 16

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NC Valley Baseball 16 Roster

#,Owen Bazzar,POS,6’2”/180,B/T,GRAD,HS,City,CA
#,Ryan Werner,POS,5’10”/160,R/R,GRAD,HS,City,CA
2,Taylor Ayala,INF,5’8”/155,R/R,2022,Woods Cross,City,CA
8,Ben Gaff,IF/RHP,5’10”/165,R/R,2021,St. Mary’s,Stockton,CA,
8,Logan McCleery,RHP/IF,6’1”/175,R/R,2021,Patterson Hs,Patterson,CA,
9,Brock Brown,C/OF,5’10”/180,R/R,2021,Farmington Hs,Kaysville,UT,
11,Ethan HE,IF/RHP,5’10”/170,R/R,2021,Jordan Hs,Na,UT,
14,Marcus Babauta,LHP/OF,6’1”/170,L/L,2021,St. Mary’s,Morada,CA,
16,Cameron Butler,IF/OF,6’1”/185,R/R,2021,Cal Poly,Riverbank,CA,
21,Shea Martin,LHP/OF,6’0”/175,L/L,2021,Pitman Hs,Turlcok,CA,
24,Landyn Magina,OF,6’2”/180,R/R,2021,Pitman,Turlock,CA,
37,Cole Schortzmann,LHP/OF,6’1”/175,L/L,2021,Merced Hs,Merced,CA,
39,Jake Sapien,IF/RHP,6’4”/200,R/R,2021,Buhach Colony,Merced,CA,Stanford
41,Cayden Clark,OF/RHP,5’10”/175,R/R,2021,Stansbury Hs,Erda,UT,
44,Dominic Rodriguez,C/RHP,6’2”/200,R/R,2021,Turlock Hs,Turlock,CA,Cal
49,Chandler Bishop,1B/LHP,6’1”/185,L/L,2021,Lincoln Hs,Stockton,CA,
52,Nathan Criswell,RHP/OF,6’2”/185,R/R,2022,Oakdale,Escalon,CA,
55,Korey Williams,IF,6’1”/180,R/R,2022,Elk Grove,Elk Grove,CA,
58,Blair Nielson,C,6’2”/190,R/R,2021,Spanish Fork,Spanish Fork,UT,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#12 Logan McCleary – RHP 2021
Average frame and build. FB sits 81-85 mph with arm side run, SL showed cut action at 74-77 mph, also showed CH in the upper 70’s with some run. Simple delivery with good lower half mechanics.

#22 Ryan Werner – INF/OF 2021
Average build with some room to fill out. At the plate, starts from a slightly open stance, bat gets tilted at the top of his load which creates good bat speed. Has plus speed with good range and the ability to track down baseballs in the outfield.

#11 Ethan He – INF 2021
Average build. At the plate, uses a toe tap to load, shows a flat barrel through the zone, and plus defender with good lateral range. Defensively, has soft hands with good funnel to his body and makes accurate throws.

#39 Jake Sapien – IF/RHP 2021
Stanford commit. Tall-lean build with present strength, loose hands that whip the barrel through the zone, and the barrel works around his back shoulder with good bat speed. Shows lift in his swing with ability to drive ball to his pull side.

#44 Dominic Rodriguez – C 2021
Physical, athletic build, flat bat path with plus bat speed, shows lift in his swing, good presence at the plate, very poised, aggressive base runner with good reads on the bases

#31 Dylan Hartman – 1B 2021
Big, physical build with present strength, starts from an open stance, shows some lift in his swing, lays barrel flat behind him, strong hands, patient hitter, very athletic actions for his size

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NC Valley Baseball 17

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[peekaboo_content name=“14”]

NC Valley Baseball 17 Roster

0,Trent Crowley,RHP/IF,6’0”/165,R/R,2020,Hilmar Hs,Newman,CA,
0,Treven Crowley,RHP/IF,6’0”/160,R/R,2020,Hilmar ,Newman,CA,
0,Dalton Durosette,RHP,6’3”/230,R/R,2020,Central Catholic,Modesto,CA,
4,Chris Warner,IF,6’1”/190,R/R,2019,Woods Cross,Bountiful,UT,
9,Anthony Perez,RHP,5’7”/155,R/R,2020,El Capitan,Merced,CA,
17,Carson Croasdale,RHP/OF,5’10”/160,R/R,2020,Gregori Hs,Modesto,CA,
20,Mateo Parks,IF,6’2”/170,R/R,2020,Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep,San Francisco,CA,
25,Aiden Taylor,OF,5’10”/200,R/R,2022,Central Catholic,Ceres,CA,
28,Hunter Brown,IF/OF,5’11”/165,R/R,2020,Enochs,Modesto,CA,
29,Dylan Webber,OF/RHP,6’2”/185,R/R,2020,El Capitan,Merced,CA,
32,Nathaniel Bray,C/RHP,6’2”/185,R/R,2022,Central Catholic,Modesto,CA,
34,Connor Semone,RHP/IF,6’4”/195,L/R,2020,Central Catholic,Modesto,CA,
36,Karson Bodily,OF,6’1”/185,R/L,2020,Woods Cross,Woods Cross,UT,
38,Dylan Boney,C/OF,5’10”/175,R/R,2020,Gregori Hs,Modesto,CA,
47,Logan Stout,SS/1B,6’1”/200,R/R,2019,Clements,Clements,CA,
53,Jovon Watkins,IF/RHP,5’11”/205,R/R,2020,Modesto Christian,Modesto,CA,
54,Dylan Babbitt,IF,6’1”/180,R/R,2020,Central Catholic,Modesto,CA,
59,Gage Miller,RHP/1B,6’2”/205,L/R,2021,Stansbury,Stansbury Park,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#59 Gage Miller – 1B 2021
Big and physical build. Starts from an open stance and shows some power to his pull side, minimal load with strong hands, shows some athleticism, and will continue to mature into his body.

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NorCal 2020 White

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[peekaboo_content name=“63”]

NorCal 2020 White Roster

0,Seugmin Shin,LHP,6’3”/170,L/L,2020,Foothill Hs,Pleasanton,CA,
1,Nico Mallot,3B/2B,5’7”/201,R/R,2020,Foothill Hs,Pleasanton,BC,
2,Justin Durflinger,SS,6’2”/190,R/R,2020,Foothill Hs,Pleasanton,CA,
6,Tommy Scavone,C/1B,6’3”/215,R/R,2020,Foothill Hs,Pleasanton,CA,
7,Luke Novitske,SS/2B,5’11”/165,R/R,2020,Foothill ,Pleasanton,CA,
10,Max Masajlo,OF,5’8”/175,L/L,2020,Foothill Hs,Pleasanton,CA,
11,Jaden Cardera,RHP,5’10”/160,R/R,2020,Foothill Hs,Pleasanton,CA,
15,Peter Savas,C,6’2”/170,R/R,2020,Foothill Hs,Pleasanton,CA,
16,Grant Eggers,OF,5’11”/170,R/R,2020,Foothill Hs,Pleasanton,CA,
17,Caleb Lammle,OF/OF,5’11”/190,R/R,2020,Foothill,Pleasanton,CA,
18,Nathan Shinn,LHP,5’8”/160,L/L,2021,Foothill Hs,Pleasanton,CA,
19,Brad Irish,RHP,6’1”/180,R/R,2021,Amador Hs,Pleasanton,CA,
20,Max McGee,OF,5’10”/185,R/R,2021,Foothill Hs,Pleasanton,CA,
23,Kyle Baptista,RHP,5’10”/165,R/R,2020,Foothill Hs,Pleasanton,CA,
24,Brett Davis,RHP,6’0”/170,R/R,2020,Foothill Hs,Pleasanton,CA,
35,Josh Anderson,RHP/1B,6’3”/220,R/R,2020,Foothill Hs,Pleasanton,CA,
51,Matt Ager,RHP,6’3”/200,R/R,2021,Foothill,Pleasanton,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#2 Justin Durflinger – SS 2020
Tall, athletic SS with soft hands, and good feet. Showed a good approach at the plate with bat speed and the ability to use the whole field.

#6 Tommy Scavone – C 2020
6’3 catcher, tall and high waisted with room to add weight. Quiet receiver with soft hands. Showed a plus arm with a 1.95 pop time and good carry.

#17 Caleb Lammle – OF 2020
Solid and athletic build. Offensively, has a good approach and feel for the zone. Good bat speed with a fundamentally sound swing. Hits the ball hard consistently. Went 3 for 3 with a home run and a double in the game on 7/27. Defensively, flashed good speed in the outfield and takes efficient routes to the ball.

#7 Luke Novitske – INF 2020
Balanced approach at the plate, uses the whole field while letting the ball get deep in the hitting zone. Slim frame that will add size with maturity and development.

#1 Niko Millat – INF 2020
Versatile infielder and can play multiple positions up the middle. Plus reactions with good feet and constantly gets the body in a good fielding position to make plays. Offensively, stays short to the baseball with quick hands.

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NorCal Baseball

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[peekaboo_content name=“47”]

NorCal Baseball Roster

1,Ethan Bergan,C,5’8”/145,R/R,2021,Menlo-atherton Hs,Tracy,CA,
4,Matthew Bergan,RHP,6’3”/170,R/R,2020,Menlo-atherton Hs,Tracy,CA,
5,Josh Gentile,IF,6’1”/167,R/R,2020,Lincoln ,Tracy,CA,
6,Devin Dennis,OF,6’1”/175,L/L,2020,Saint Patrick Saint Vincent,Tracy,CA,
7,Robert Crivello,IF,5’8”/155,R/R,2020,Tracy ,Tracy,CA,
8,Mario Hernandez,C,5’9”/180,R/R,2020,Lincoln,Tracy,CA,
12,Max Chou,OF,6’0”/180,R/R,2020,Menlo School,Tracy,CA,
28,Devin Williams,IF,5’8”/155,R/R,2020,Tracy ,Tracy,CA,
30,Maklain Briggs,OF,5’10”/175,R/R,2020,Pineview,Tracy,CA,
33,Moncure Brown,OF,5’9”/170,R/R,2020,Kimball ,Tracy,CA,
47,Kyle Mulhern,RHP,6’1”/225,R/R,2020,Tracy ,Tracy,CA,
51,Shamil Youngblood,OF,5’7”/160,R/R,2020,Encinal,Tracy,CA,
56,Grant Borjon,LHP,6’2”/195,R/L,2020,Granada,Tracy,CA,
57,Hayden Hattenbach,LHP,6’6”/195,L/L,2020,San Rafael High,Tracy,CA,
58,Sancho Llamas,IF,5’11”/190,R/R,2020,St. Ignatius College Prep,Tracy,CA,
60,Nathan Nelson,C,6’1”/190,R/R,2020,West ,Tracy,CA,
65,Nathan Gutierrez,LHP,6’1”/165,R/L,2020,Manteca,Tracy,CA,
67,Justin Claxton,IF,6’0”/170,R/R,2020,Vanden ,Tracy,CA,
81,Bradley Taylor,IF,6’2”/160,R/R,2020,Vacaville ,Tracy,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#81 Bradley Taylor – INF 2020
Slender and athletic frame. Advanced actions in the infield with plus arm strength across the diamond. Flashed some gap to gap power in game to the pull-side.

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OC Colts

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OC Colts Roster

1,Nathan McManus,LHP/1B,5’11”/155,L/L,2021,Yorba Linda Hs,Yorba Linda,CA,
3,Izak Maracine,OF/LHP,5’9”/150,L/L,2021,Canyon Hs,Anaheim Hills,CA,
4,Wyatt Benson,SS/RHP,5’9”/135,R/R,2021,Yorba Linda Hs,Yorba Linda,CA,
8,Ryan Brech,OF/SS,6’0”/155,R/R,2021,Yorba Linda Hs,Yorba Linda,CA,
10,Max Andeel,OF/SS,5’11”/155,R/R,2021,Orange Lutheran Hs,Placentia,CA,
11,Ryan Chavez,2B/RHP,5’11”/145,R/R,2021,Yorba Linda Hs,Placentia,CA,
15,Bryce Mays,SS/OF,5’9”/140,R/R,2021,Fullerton Hs,Fullerton,CA,
16,Austen Rustice,OF/RHP,6’0”/155,R/R,2021,Yorba Linda Hs,Yorba Linda,CA,
17,Andrew Carren,IF/RHP,5’10”/150,R/R,2021,Valencia Hs,Placentia,CA,
19,Luke Davis,C/RHP,6’0”/180,S/R,2022,Cypress Hs,Garden Grove,CA,
20,Logan Fusco,OF/RHP,5’9”/145,R/R,2021,Orange Lutheran Hs,Placentia,CA,
25,Tytan Chau,IF/C,5’9”/155,R/R,2021,Valencia Hs,Placentia,CA,
31,Ethan Cole,RHP,5’11”/130,R/R,2021,Valencia Hs,Placentia,CA,
33,Jesus Munguia,3B/RHP,5’11”/205,R/R,2020,Savanna Hs,Anaheim,CA,
48,Spencer Zumbek,OF/IF,6’0”/150,R/R,2021,Orange Lutheran Hs,Placentia,CA,
66,Bryce Gamble,C/1B,6’1”/190,R/R,2021,El Dorado Hs,Yorba Linda,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#10 Max Andeel – OF/SS 2021
Showed power to the pullside. Short swing. Quick hands. Good runner. Projects well to the college level

#8 Ryan Brech – OF 2021
Athletic frame. Flashed some next level bat speed along with some pullside pop. Shows some advance feel at the plate.

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OC Premier

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OC Premier Roster

4,Jacob Stock,2B/RHP,5’10”/160,R/R,2020,El Modena,Orange,CA,
5,Tyler Ramirez,OF,5’7”/150,R/R,2020,Tesoro,Mission Viejo,CA,
7,Andy Park,OF,5’10”/170,R/R,2020,Beckman,Irvine,CA,
9,Lou Lucci,OF/RHP,5’10”/160,R/R,2020,Beckman,Irvine,CA,
10,Drake Frize,IF/1B,6’3”/180,L/R,2020,Orange Lutheran,Orange,CA,
10,Caleb Hohman,3B/RHP,6’1”/170,R/R,2021,Ocean View,Huntington Beach,CA,
15,Tristan Dupont,LHP,6’3”/175,R/L,2020,Beckman,Irvine,CA,
19,Ryan Stock,3B/C,6’2”/170,R/R,2020,Servite,Anaheim,CA,
21,Dalton Cram,C/1B,5’10”/175,R/R,2020,Riverside Poly,Riverside,CA,
24,Brandon Heidal,C/1B,5’11”/175,R/R,2020,Orange Lutheran,Anaheim,CA,
26,Andrew White,RHP/1B,6’0”/175,R/R,2020,Whittier Christian,Whittier,CA,
30,Lucas Welch,RHP/OF,6’2”/170,R/R,2021,Orange Lutheran,Orange,CA,
32,Shane Curren,1B/RHP,6’3”/180,R/R,2020,Yorba Linda,Yorba Linda,CA,
35,Adam Becerek,RHP/1B,6’4”/200,R/R,2020,Sonora,La Habra,CA,
44,Sean Guevarra,OF,5’9”/160,R/R,2020,El Toro,Mission,CA,
46,Alonzo Fuller,2B/SS,5’10”/175,R/R,2020,Diamond Bar,Diamond Bar,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#24 Brandon Heidal – C 2020
Defense first catcher with advanced receiving skills to win close pitches. Very athletic setup with tons of mobility and a good secondary stance to block. Accurate arm with a 2.1 pop time in game.

#30 Lucas Welch – RHP 2021
Big projectable frame with great tempo. Pitches to contact making defense work for him. Fastball velocity was consistently 81-83 mph and topped out at 85 mph. Shows a sharp 12/6 breaking ball and throws it for strikes with a lot of swing and misses in the zone.

#15 Jacob McClure – 2020 3B/RHP
Physical overall player both offensively and defensively. Runs well for his size. Offensively, makes hard contact consistently and has a short as well as compact swing with good bat speed. Maintains good posture and a consistent set up at the plate that allows for repeatable mechanics. On the mound his fastball velocity was 83-84 mph and topped out at 86 mph with arm side run. Throws a heavy ball.

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PFA Next Level

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PFA Next Level Roster

1,Declan Carcelero,LHP,6’0”/140,L/L,2021,Mater Dei,Los Alamitos,CA,
3,Cade O’Hara,SS/RHP,5’10”/155,R/R,2022,Mater Dei,Tustin Ranch,CA,
4,Ethan Schmidt,SS/OF,5’10”/160,R/R,2020,Canyon,Anaheim Hills,CA,
5,Brandon Holt,OF,5’9”/160,R/R,2021,Servite,Fullerton,CA,
6,Lucas Old,SS/RHP,5’11”/155,R/R,2022,Northwood,Irvine,CA,
8,Deven Patel,RHP,6’4”/190,R/R,2020,Upland,Upland,CA,
9,Nick Ochoa,C/2B,5’10”/180,R/R,2020,Segerstrom,Santa Ana,CA,
12,Abel Castrejon,C/2B,5’6”/163,L/R,2022,Tustin,Santa Ana,CA,
13,Julian Castro,LHP,5’11”/160,L/L,2020,King,Perris,CA,
16,Adam Castillo,OF/RHP,5’10”/150,R/R,2021,Mater Dei,Santa Ana,CA,
23,Alex Navarette,SS/RHP,5’10”/175,R/R,2021,Colton,Colton,CA,
27,Jordan Ruiz,1B/3B,5’10”/205,L/R,2021,Palm Desert,Palm Desert,CA,
31,Ignacio Alvarez,3B/2B,5’11”/175,R/R,2021,Keiser,Fontana,CA,
99,Derek Gonzales,C/3B,5’11”/195,R/R,2023,Orange Lutheran,Costa Mesa,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#6 Lucas Old – RHP 2022
Small frame with room to fill out, FB sits in the low 80’s with plus command to his arm side, flashed CH in the low 70’s, attacks the outer half, gets a ton of ground balls. Will add velocity as he matures and has good direction through his catcher.

#23 Alex Navarette – IF 2021
Average build, starts from a crouched stance, stays on plane through contact, shows some lift in his swing, and uses the whole field. Plus defender, makes all the plays with good range, and makes strong as well as accurate throws across the field.
7/29: Good athletic frame. Competes on the mound with an above average Slider at 76-77 mph and a BB at 71-72 mph. Fastball gets up to 86 mph but spots both in and out with late life. Mechanics are clean and has a high 3/4 delivery with a repeatable arm slot,

#9 Nick Ochoa – IF 2020
Small frame with an athletic build. Offensively at the plate, barrel works inside the baseball, quiet hands, and makes solid contact on a plus fastball. Defensively, athletic actions with good range.

#4 Ethan Schmidt – INF 2020
Small frame and build. Keeps a flat barrel through the zone, quiet load back with good hands. Defensively, has soft hands on the infield with good lateral range, makes the routine plays, and athletic throws.

#31 Ignacio Alvarez – 3B/2B 2021
Plays a clean 3rd base, showed range as well as a strong arm. Makes loud contact with the ball and hit a ringing triple in the left center gap. Highly projectable 3rd baseman at the collegiate level.

#3 Cade O’Hara – SS/RHP 2022
Barreled up the ball in all 4 at bats. Has a gap to gap approach, has solid contact, and shows a good feel for the zone. Rangy infielder with an above average arm. Base stealer.

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Prospects National Team

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Prospects National Team Roster

0,Adam Muirhead,RHP/SS,6’2”/180,R/R,2020,Rockport Fulton,Rockport,TX,
1,Anthony Joya,LHP/1B,6’1”/195,R/L,2021,Banningh Hs,Willmington,CA,
2,Cristian Garcia,OF/1B,6’2”/190,L/L,2020,West Side,Katy,TX,
3,Daniel Bellow,1B/RHP,6’5”/250,R/R,2020,Westside,Houston,TX,
3,Koufax Platas,SS/RHP,5’10”/160,R/R,2021,Serra Gardena,Rancho Palos Verde,CA,
4,Miles Jenkins,SS/2B,5’10”/165,R/R,2020,Serra Gardena,Inglewood,CA,
6,Calin Knight,RHP/SS,6’2”/170,R/R,2020,Home School,Montgomery,TX,
7,Noah Perez,C/SS,5’10”/170,R/R,2020,San Benito,Hollister,CA,
8,Bennet Voorhies,CF/RHP,6’5”/185,R/R,2020,Alamo Heights,San Antonio,TX,
10,Chase Spencer,SS/RHP,6’2”/180,R/R,2021,Plano,Plano,TX,
11,Hudson Forrest,RHP/3B,6’2”/180,R/R,2020,Westlake,Westlake,TX,
13,Jace Cuculitch,RHP/OF,6’4”/180,R/R,2021,Irvington,Fremont,CA,
14,Daylan Pena,3B/RHP,6’1”/230,R/R,2021,Veternans Memorial,Corpus Christi,TX,
18,Ryan Blackwell,C/OF,6’0”/200,R/R,2020,Amarillo,Amarillo,TX,
22,Malikai Wickley,3B/1B,6’3”/195,R/R,2020,Serra Gardena,Los Angeles,CA,Tulane
23,Mikey Pernetti,C/3B,6’2”/190,L/R,2020,Irvington,Fremont,CA,
24,Matthew Luna,LHP/1B,6’4”/220,L/L,2020,East Central,San Antonio,TX,Texas Tech
26,Khristian Curtis,RHP/SS,6’4”/180,R/R,2020,Port Neches Groves,Groves,TX,Texas A&M
43,Kirkland Michaux,RHP,6’5”/210,R/R,2020,Westlake,Austin,TX,
44,Jared Esparza,RHP/OF,6’2”/170,L/R,2020,San Benitez,Hollister,CA,
99,Luke Thompspn,LHP,6’3”/180,L/L,2020,Cypress Christian,Houston,TX,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#11 Anthony Joya – LHP 2021
Big left handed pitcher. Very good athlete on the mound and at the plate. On the mound he sat around 85-88 mph, topping out at 90 mph. Fastball HS good arm side run. Still developing slider, which sat around 71-74. At the plate he swings the bat well. Raw mechanics with very good pop. Opposite field power as well as pull side, hitting a home run to left. Very good two-way player.

#18 Ryan Blackwell – C 2020
Good overall player. Consistent 1.95-2.0 pop time with solid mechanics behind the plate. Received well and can steal a borderline pitch when needed. At the plate has a refined set up, with little to no wasted movements. Will be a very good player at the next level.

#6 Calin Knight – RHP 2020
Smooth mechanics on the mound and has good composure. Uses his lower half well to generate a good downhill plane towards his target along with quick arm action. Fastball was consistently 87-89 mph and topped out at 91 mph. Has good command of his slider which was consistently 77-79 mph. Projects well at the next level.

#10 Chase Spencer – SS/ RHP 2021
Tall-wiry frame. Slick fielding SS with a plus arm. Showed good range. Bat will develop with increased strength. Arm strength on the mound with 85-86 mph fastball and a sharp 74 mph slider.

#23 Mikey Pernetti – C 2020
Strong/thick body. Left handed hitter with power. Good plate discipline and drove the ball gap to gap.

#2 Cristian Garcia – OF 2020
Tall athletic frame with smooth actions and a plus arm in the OF. Loose left handed swing with the ability to use the whole field.

#24 Matthew Luna – LHP 2020
Big and sturdy frame.  Fastball velocity was consistently 84-88mph with a sharp breaking ball.  Fastball had good arm-side run.  Commands the zone on both sides of the plate with his fastball and breaking ball along with having a good temp on the mound by challenging hitters. Committed to Texas Tech.

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San Diego Gamers

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San Diego Gamers Roster

1,Wyatt Bush,SS,6’1”/165,R/R,2021,Paloma Valley,Murrieta,CA,Uc Irvine
2,Dylan McEvers,OF/RHP,5’11”/180,R/R,2021,Paloma Valley,Menifee,CA,
4,Michael Winzen,C,6’0”/170,R/R,2020,Cornerstone Christian,Wildomar,CA,
5,Hunter Messere,LHP/OF,5’8”/175,L/L,2020,Chaparral,Murrieta,CA,
6,Cruz Millaire,OF,5’9”/145,R/R,2021,Temecula Valley,Temecula,CA,
7,Caleb Anderson,RHP,6’4”/175,R/R,2021,Paloma Valley,Menifee,CA,
8,Daniel Montgomery,OF,5’9”/160,R/R,2020,Paloma Valley,Menifee,CA,
9,Kobe Gomez,OF/LHP,5’7”/140,L/L,2021,Paloma Valley,Menifee,CA,
10,Owen Prendergast,IF,5’10”/165,L/R,2020,Paloma Valley,Menifee,CA,
11,Ryan Shubert,RHP,5’10”/150,L/R,2022,Paloma Valley,Menifee,CA,
13,Matthew Gaunt,3B/RHP,5’11”/160,R/R,2021,Paloma Valley,Menifee,CA,
15,Spencer Roos,C,5’10”/165,R/R,2019,Scripps Ranch,San Diego,CA,George Fox
16,Jackson Catalano,C/OF,5’11”/,R/R,2020,Mt Carmel,San Diego,CA,
19,Cade Castillo,RHP/2B,6’1”/170,R/R,2020,Vista Murrieta,Murrieta,CA,
28,Henry Proger,1B/LHP,6’1”/190,L/L,2020,Paloma Valley,Menifee,CA,
30,Jacob Covington,LHP,6’1”/230,L/L,2020,Vista Murrieta,Murrieta,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#13 Matt Gaunt – 3B/RHP 2021
Short swing. Showed power to the pullside. Strong build. Good upside raw tools.

#1 Wyatt Bush – SS 2021
UCI commit. Showed good range on defense. Quick lateral movements. Showed power to the middle of the field and good ability to match pitch planes. Projects well to the D1 level

#28 Henry Proger – LHP 2020
Compact motion. Fastball 83-86. Good downhill arm side run. Commands fastball on both sides of the plate. Attacks strike zone

#7 Caleb Anderson – RHP 2021
Big 6’4” frame with room to grow. FB sits 84-85, touched 87mph. Works downhill with late arm side run.

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San Diego Stars

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[peekaboo_content name=“60”]

San Diego Stars Roster

0,Vencil Kalasho,RHP,6’0”/160,R/R,2021,Valhalla,San Diego,CA,
1,Luke Mansy,2B/SS,5’8”/150,L/R,2021,St. Augustine,San Diego,CA,
2,Manoah Chapman,SS/2B,5’9”/150,R/R,2023,Calvary Christian,San Diego,CA,San Diego State
2,Tyler Glowacki,OF/LHP,6’0”/170,L/L,2021,Santana,San Diego,CA,San Diego State
2,Emilio Luna,SS/OF,5’10”/170,R/R,2019,Castle Park,San Diego,CA,Cal State San Marcos
4,Ernie Arambula,SS,6’0”/165,R/R,2021,Monte Vista,San Diego,CA,
6,Anthony Soto,2B/SS,5’7”/140,R/R,2021,Otay Ranch,San Diego,CA,
8,Austin Smith,OF/LHP,6’0”/160,L/L,2021,Granite Hills,San Diego,CA,
10,Jack Brown,RHP,5’10”/140,R/R,2021,Westview,San Diego,CA,
12,Hector Millan,IF,5’9”/150,R/R,2020,Otay Ranch,San Diego,CA,
20,Victor Arreola,C/1B,6’0”/170,R/R,2021,Madison,San Diego,CA,
21,Preston Fleming,RHP/OF,6’1”/170,R/R,2021,Eastlake,San Diego,CA,
22,Jake Entrekin,C,6’2”/185,R/R,2021,Steele Canyon,San Diego,CA,
26,Javier Baeza,C/OF,5’7”/150,R/R,2021,Otay Ranch,San Diego,CA,
34,Ben Hart,LHP,6’2”/180,L/L,2019,Santana,San Diego,CA,Dixie State[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#20 Victor Arreola – C/1B 2021
Good athlete. Fundamentally sound swing, with decent bat speed. Good pull-side pop with functionality to go the other way if pitched there. Doesn’t get cheated ahead in the count with good discipline. Patient hitter

#22 Jake Entrekin – C 2021
Tall and lean build with room to fill out. Offensively, the bat gets tilted and whips through the zone with some bat speed as well as some lift in his swing. Has the ability to hit the baseball to allparts of the field. Defensively, fundamental defender with a good IQ, andgood arm strength with a 2.08 pop time.

#4 Ernie Arambula – IF/RHP 2021
Athletic build, starts from a slight crouch, keeps a flat barrel through the zone and makes hard contact consistently. Athletic actions on the infield with an accurate arm across the diamond.

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Santa Barbara Junior Foresters

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[peekaboo_content name=“11”]

Santa Barbara Junior Foresters Roster

3,William Trautwein,LHP,5’7”/135,L/L,2021,Santa Barbara,Goleta,CA,
23,Parker Ledbetter,CF/1B,6’2”/190,R/R,2020,Dos Pueblos,Carpinteria,CA,
24,Owen Keithley,2B/OF,5’10”/150,R/R,2022,Santa Barbara,Santa Barbara,CA,
26,Wyatt Hastings,OF/C,6’0”/155,R/R,2022,Santa Barbara,Santa Barbara,CA,
27,Nate Feldhaus,LHP/OF,6’1”/140,L/L,2020,Dos Pueblos,Santa Barbara,CA,
28,Kristopher Alvarado,OF/LHP,5’8”/138,L/L,2020,Dos Pueblos,Goleta,CA,
31,Sam Russell,C/IF,6’0”/170,R/R,2021,Santa Barbara,Santa Barbara,CA,
32,Ezekiel Dokes,LHP,6’1”/165,L/L,2022,East ,Denver,CO,
33,Oliver McGibben,CF/RHP,6’1”/175,R/R,2021,Santa Barbara,Santa Barbara,CA,
34,Dylan Ledbetter,RHP/SS,6’2”/195,R/R,2020,Dos Pueblos,Carpinteria,CA,
35,Erik Elizalde,IF/RHP,5’10”/190,R/R,2021,Santa Barbara,Santa Barbara,CA,
36,TY Montgomery,RHP/C,5’10”/175,R/R,2021,Santa Barbara,Santa Barbara,CA,
40,Dylan Borgeson,IF/OF,6’1”/145,R/R,2021,Santa Barbara,Santa Barbara,CA,
41,Cole Philip,RHP/1B,6’4”/185,R/R,2020,Dos Pueblos,Goleta,CA,
42,Eamon Burke,LHP,5’11”/150,L/L,2020,Santa Barbara,Carpinteria,CA,
50,Eli Bullard,IF/OF,5’11”/145,R/R,2020,Templeton,Creston,CA,
55,Moses Dokes,OF/C,6’4”/185,R/R,2020,Santa Barbara,Denver,CA,
55,Jordan Harris,IF/RHP,6’1”/190,R/R,2021,Santa Barbara,Santa Barbara,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#34 Dylan Ledbetter – INF 2020
Big and physical frame. Starts from a closed stance with minimal load and shows lift in his swing. Defensively, has soft hands when fielding the baseball with good feet and makes accurate throws across the field.

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Santa Maria Outlaws

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Santa Maria Outlaws Roster

22,Carson Gomes,3B/1B,5’11”/196,R/R,2020,Arroyo Grande,,City,CA
3,Johnathan Ibarra,2B,5’7”/135,R/R,2020,Righetii High School,Sants Maria, CA
5,Matthew Gonzalez,OF/RHP,5’8”/160,R/R,2019,Cabrillo High School,Lompoc, CA
9,Jackson Stahl,3B,5’6”/145,R/R,2020,St.joseph High School,Santa Maria, CA
10,Anthony Lopez,3B/RHP,6’1”/170,R/R,2019,Cabrillo High School,Lompoc, CA
13,Bridger Coleman,C/OF,5’8”/160,R/R,2020,Lompoc High Shool,Lompoc, CA
14,Joseph Ybarra,CF/OF,5’7”/145,L/L,2020,Santa Maria High,Santa Maria, CA
24,Ricky Igniguez,SS/2B,6’0”/170,R/R,2019,Nipomo High School,Nipomo, CA
32,Elijah Bobo,SS,5’8”/140,R/R,2020,Lompoc High School,Lompoc, CA
34,Matthew Melena,LHP/OF,6’1”/180,L/L,2019,St Joesph,Santa Maria, CA
37,Bryan Nunez,C,5’6”/162,R/R,2021,Santa Maria High,Santa Maria, CA
40,Nicholas Ahedo,OF/LHP,5’11”/160,L/L,2019,Lompoc High School,Lompoc, CA
45,Dominik Hernandez,1B/3B,6’0”/260,R/R,2019,St.joseph High School,Santa Maria, CA
46,Noah Skarda,C/RHP,5’9”/170,R/R,2020,Saint Josephs,Santa Maria, CA

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SBG Wahoos

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SBG Wahoos Roster

4,Drew Baskin,IF/OF,5’09”/150,R/R,2021,Arroyo Grande High School,Encino, CA
7,Andrew McCoy,RHP,5’10”/165,R/R,2020,Arroyo Grande High School,Encino, CA
12,Sean Burns,OF,6’01”/160,R/R,2019,West Ranch High School,Encino, CA
13,Tyler Hamilton,IF,6’00”/225,R/R,2021,Arroyo Grande High School,Encino, CA
15,Corbin Hayes,IF,5’10”/200,R/R,2020,Lompoc High School,Encino, CA
16,Sean Mann,OF/IF,6’03”/185,R/R,2019,Bishop Alemany High School,Encino, CA
19,Ryan Delgado,RHP/IF,6’04”/175,R/R,2020,Righetti High School,Encino, CA
20,Stephen Espinoza,IF/RHP,6’01”/180,R/R,2021,Lompoc High School,Encino, CA
21,Alex Garcia,C,6’00”/175,R/R,2020,Bishop Alemany High School,Encino, CA
24,Gabriel Montiel,C,5’09”/175,R/R,2020,Golden Valley High School,Encino, CA
25,Jean-Luc Hounanian,RHP,6’00”/165,R/R,2021,Golden Valley High School,Encino, CA
26,Ely Resendiz,IF/OF,6’03”/175,R/R,2020,John Muir High School,Encino, CA
27,Joe Behan,OF,5’09”/180,R/R,2020,Golden Valley High School,Encino, CA
50,Erik Baez,INF,5’7”/170,R/R,2020,Golden Valley,Encino,CA
52,Jake Schell,OF/RHP,5’11”/170,R/R,2020,Bishop Alemany High School,Encino, CA
55,Manolo Tafolla,C/IF,5’05”/140,R/R,2021,John Kennedy High School,Encino, CA
57,Logan Rightmyer,RHP.INF,5’10”/165,R/R,2020,Golden Valley,Encino,CA

#19 Ryan Delgado – RHP 2020
Tall-lean build with long levers. FB sits 86-89 mph with some arm-side run, but lost velocity deeper in his outing. Flashed a slider in the mid 70’s with cut action, also showed CH in the low 80’s with some fade from a low 3/4 arm action. Hides ball well, good extension on his fastball, and still has room to improve his command.

#20 Stephen Espinoza – RHP 2021
Tall-athletic build and long arms. FB sits 81-84 mph with good command to his glove side, breaking ball in the low 70’s with slurve action, and has a good fee for all of his pitches to go along with good tempo.

#25 Jean Luc-Hounanian – RHP 2021
Compact mechanics. Drives well with lower half. Fastball sat 83-86. Sharp 11/5 Curveball with good spin and break

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SGV Arsenal 2020

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SGV Arsenal 2020 Roster

3,Trevor Caton,3B/RHP,5’9”/180,R/R,2020,Bonita,Wc,CA,
6,Luke Watson,CF/RHP,5’11”/168,R/R,2020,Bonita,Glendora,CA,Oregon State
7,Jake Gutierrez,C/IF,5’9”/165,R/R,2020,Bonita,Wc,CA,
11,Kurtis Cox,OF/RHP,6’0”/180,R/R,2020,Ayala,Wc,CA,
12,Aiden Holly,RHP/RHP,6’2”/200,R/R,2020,Village Christian,Wc,CA,
13,Jacob Johnston,IF,5’9”/150,R/R,2020,Ayala,West Covina,CA,
14,Bennett Thurman,LHP/OF,6’3”/180,L/L,2020,Sonora,Wc,CA,
16,Timothy DE La Mora,IF/RHP,5’11”/160,R/R,2020,De La Salle,Wc,CA,Saint Mary’s
17,Sean McLeod,SS,5’7”/150,R/R,2020,Ayala,Wc,CA,
20,Cooper Gilmour,RHP/3B,5’7”/150,L/R,2020,Orange Lutheran,Wc,CA,
21,Max Flame,IF/RHP,5’9”/155,R/R,2020,Newbury Park,Wc,CA,Nevada
22,Ethan Rivera,C/RHP,5’10”/165,R/R,2020,Ayala,Wc,CA,
23,Nathan Moreno,RHP/OF,5’10”/145,R/R,2020,West Covina,Wc,CA,
25,Dawson Hokuf,1B/C,6’3”/205,L/R,2020,South Torrace,West Covina,CA,
30,Jacob Aguirre,OF,5’11”/155,R/R,2020,Bonita,Wc,CA,
31,Sam Wolfe,RHP,5’9”/150,R/R,2020,Bonita,Wc,CA,
32,Nicholas Zolferino,RHP,5’9”/185,R/R,2020,Ayala,Wc,CA,
34,J.C. Flores,RHP/3B,5’11”/165,R/R,2020,Schurr,Wc,CA,
36,Ethan Firestone,C/RHP,6’1”/170,R/R,2020,Maranatha,West Covina,CA,
40,D’Andre Smith,IF,5’8”/165,R/L,2020,San Dimas,Diamond Bar,CA,USC
41,Jacob Rangel,RHP/OF,5’10”/155,R/R,2020,Oak Hills,Wc,CA,
44,Joshua Chairez,3B,5’10”/185,R/R,2020,Maranatha,Wc,CA,
45,Aaron (Aj) Moreno,3B/RHP,6’3”/190,R/R,2020,Bonita,Wc,CA,
51,Brock Vradenburg,1B,6’4”/200,L/R,2020,Maranatha,Wc,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#20 Cooper Gilmour – RHP/3B 2020
Good baseball IQ both sides of the ball. Athletic and can play anywhere in the infield with solid feet, glove, and slightly above average arm. Good left handed stick with a short and compact swing, does a good job of keeping hands linear.

#25 Dawson Hokuf – 1B/C 2020
Big frame at 6’3 behind the plate. Received well and can move for a big body. Pop time is average at 2.12 but can still improve the feet and arm slightly to build off. Legitimate power in his bat taking an inner third fastball over the right field wall. Could be a power guy at the next level.

#40 D’Andre Smith – SS 2020
5 tool player, plus bat speed, and puts pressure on the defense with his base running ability. Soft hands, good footwork, and arm strength to stay at SS.

#34 JC Flores – RHP 2020
Low effort delivery with a good feel to both sides of the plate with the his fastball. Fastball velocity was consistently 85-88 and topped out at 89 mph.

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So Cal Birds Orange

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So Cal Birds Orange Roster

4,Nate Blocher,OF,5’10”/150,R/R,2020,Orange Lutheran,Corona,CA,
4,James Cantarero,OF,5’10”/155,R/R,2020,Etiwanda,Corona,CA,
9,Matthew Olivares,IF,5’11”/165,L/R,2020,Tustin,Corona,CA,
19,Nick Meskel,RHP,6’3”/160,R/R,2020,Tustin,Corona,CA,
21,Patrick Ladd,IF,5’10”/210,R/R,2020,Tustin,Corona,CA,
24,Derek Barboza,C,5’9”/180,R/R,2020,Notre Dame,Corona,CA,
29,Will Butler,OF,5’11”/170,L/R,2020,Corona Del Mar,Corona,CA,
31,Cameron Tae,OF,5’9”/165,R/R,2020,Foothill,Corona,CA,
41,Jake Okamoto,C,5’8”/175,R/R,2020,El Dorado,Corona,CA,
41,Solomon Yi,OF,6’0”/170,R/R,2020,Crean Lutheran,Corona,CA,
45,Connor Valenzuela,C,6’0”/155,R/R,2020,Ayala,Corona,CA,
62,Andruw Sweet,OF,6’3”/210,R/R,2020,Roosevelt,Corona,CA,
73,Parker Davis,IF,5’9”/155,R/R,2020,Norco,Corona,CA,
76,Brandon McCray,IF,5’8”/170,R/R,2020,Santiago,Corona,CA,
77,Travis Booth,IF,5’11”/185,R/R,2020,Tahquitz,Corona,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#24 Derek Barboza – C 2020
Good receiver behind the plate with a quiet and low stance. Plus blocker with a good transfer and accurate thrower.

#62 Andrew Sweet – OF 2020
Big body with a good presence in the batters box. Plus bat speed and pull-side power. Hit a deep homerun to left field in the game on 7/27.

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So Cal Birds White

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So Cal Birds White Roster

3,Jackson Lobianco,IF,5’9”/165,R/R,2020,University,Corona,CA,
10,Jakob Guardado,IF,5’10”/170,L/R,2020,Beckman,Corona,CA,
14,Hunter Holmes,LHP,6’3”/170,L/L,2020,Roosevelt,Corona,CA,
15,Brandon Winters,IF,5’9”/165,R/R,2020,Servite,Corona,CA,
17,Will Brooks,OF,5’8”/150,R/R,2020,Huntington Beach,Corona,CA,
18,Aidan Melendrez,IF,6’0”/170,R/R,2020,Riverside Poly,Corona,CA,
19,Tom Hacker,OF,5’11”/175,L/R,2020,Trabuco Hills,Corona,CA,
25,Jacob Caballero,OF,6’0”/165,R/R,2020,Fountain Valley,Corona,CA,
30,Mario Alvarez,OF,5’11”/165,R/R,2020,Martin Luther King,Corona,CA,
32,Dylan Hetzler,OF,5’10”/190,R/R,2020,Centennial,Corona,CA,
33,Clayton Terrazas,OF,6’1”/160,R/R,2020,Em Academy,Corona,CA,
48,Clay Arritt,C,5’11”/180,R/R,2020,El Modena,Corona,CA,
62,Brendan Watts,IF,6’0”/210,R/R,2020,Centennial,Corona,CA,
65,Ryan Benson,C,5’9”/175,R/R,2020,Santiago,Corona,CA,
72,Brody Brown,C,5’10”/180,R/R,2020,Riverside Poly,Corona,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#36 Brandon Downer – RHP 2021
Tall slender build with long levers. Cross body delivery with deception. Fastball cuts and sinks. Curveball and Slider for strikes and as a swing and miss pitch. Good feel for pitching with some timing changes in his delivery. Fastball 83-85 mph with more velocity in the tank.

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So Cal Giants

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So Cal Giants Roster

0,Max Muncy,SS,6’1”/175,R/R,2021,Thousand Oaks,Newbury Park,CA,
13,Tyler Imbach,C,6’2”/180,L/R,2020,Palos Verdes,Newbury Park,CA,
16,Charlie Fick,C,5’11”/165,R/R,2021,Rancho Bernardo,Newbury Park,CA,
18,Chris Conniff,SS,5’10”/170,L/R,2020,Norco,Newbury Park,CA,
24,Carson Ohl,RHP,6’3”/170,L/R,2020,Grace Brethren,Newbury Park,CA,
36,Thomas Saggese,SS,6’0”/170,R/R,2020,Carlsbad,Newbury Park,CA,
40,Hunter Barnhart,RHP,6’2”/200,R/R,2020,St. Joseph’s,Newbury Park,CA,
41,Scott Ellis,RHP/OF,6’1”/180,R/R,2020,Thousand Oaks,Newbury Park,CA,
41,Josh Ortega,2B,5’11”/160,R/R,2020,Canyon,Newbury Park,CA,
47,Jace Root,LHP,6’0”/160,L/L,2020,Canyon,Newbury Park,CA,
51,Elijah Tolsma,RHP/CF,6’1”/170,R/R,2020,Bishop Montgomery,Newbury Park,CA,
52,Ryan Kysar,RHP,6’0”/185,R/R,2020,Valencia,Newbury Park,CA,
53,Nick Bautista,RHP,6’3”/250,R/R,2020,Estaban E. Torres,Newbury Park,CA,
55,Andrew Sharp,1B/C,6’0”/190,S/R,2020,Grace Brethran,Newbury Park,CA,
60,Ben Grable,3B/RHP,6’3”/205,L/R,2020,Flintridge Prep,Newbury Park,CA,
63,Kaleb Dickey,1B,6’3”/225,L/R,2021,Liberty,Newbury Park,CA,
65,Max Miller,RHP,6’3”/205,R/R,2021,Cathedral Catholic,Newbury Park,CA,
66,Noah Rumenapp,OF/C,5’11”/160,R/R,2020,Ontario Christian,Newbury Park,CA,
67,Jackson Lapiner,OF/RHP,6’2”/185,L/R,2020,Calabasas,Newbury Park,CA,
68,Connor Whitcomb,2B/OF,5’10”/160,R/R,2020,Newbury Park,Newbury Park,CA,
70,Owen Hackman,RHP,6’0”/160,R/R,2020,Maranatha,Newbury Paro,CA,
73,Davis Graf,RHP,6’3”/170,R/R,2021,Capistrano Valley,Newbury Park,CA,
75,Noah Blythe,OF,6’2”/180,R/L,2020,Canyon,Newbury Park,CA,
76,Jeff Isenhart,1B/RHP,6’2”/225,R/R,2021,Glendora,Newbury Park,CA,
77,Antony Mata,SS,6’1”/160,R/R,2020,Grossmont,Newbury Park,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#51 Elijah Tolsma – RHP 2020
Tall and lean frame. Good mechanics with quick arm action on the mound. Firm fastball with good command that ranged from 83-86 mph and topped out at 88 mph. Has a slider that has a very sharp break. Challenges hitters with both of his pitches and pitches with a good tempo.

#60 Ben Grable – RHP 2020
Tall and athletic frame with loose arm action on the mound. Uses his backside well to generate a downhill plane towards the target. Fastball was consistently 88-90 mph and topped out at 92 mph. Committed to Northwestern.

#25 Hunter Barnhart – RHP 2020
Over the top delivery and effortless fastball sitting 88-90 mph and topping out at 92 mph. Big frame, works down-hill, and could be a potential draft pick next year.

#52 Ryan Kysar – RHP 2020
Arizona Commit. Big frame with a heavy fastball sitting 86-88 showing 89mph

#54 Rocco Di Francesco – C 2021
Smooth and balanced stroke at the plate. Stays inside the ball keeping the barrel inside the hitting zone with good bat speed. Potential D1 player

#13 Tyler Imbach – C 2020
Big body catcher with good feet behind the plate. Going to be a D-1 Catcher who can receive and has a decent arm consistently hovering at 2.0-2.04. Decent with the bat, can work more on his load and getting hands in better position. Has good discipline and some power, will develop more with maturity.

#16 Charlie Fick – C 2021
Explosive hands at the plate. Athletic with some tools on both sides of the ball. Will be able to drive the ball consistently at the next level. Good overall athlete.

#36 Thomas Saggese – SS 2020
Great actions in the infield. Glove, feet, arm all work together smooth with a little bit of confidence. Grinder at the plate with a short compact swing. Hits the ball where it’s pitched and consistently gets good barrel on the baseball. Not dynamic with the stick but swing plane is level and long through the zone. D-1 prospect

#41 Scott Ellis – OF 2020
Big frame, swing can be a little long but has plenty of whip with the barrel when he connects out front of his body. Has enough pop to compete at the next level with some minor tweaks at the plate.
7/28: Very simple and clean mechanics over the top at 88-89 mph touching 90 mph a few times with late life. Slider and CB are above average at 77-79 mph and 73-75 mph respectively. Pounds the zone both in and out. D-1 caliber arm.

#55 Andrew Sharp – 1B/C 2020
Big time pop with explosive hands. Two big time swings on tough pitches on the inner third with power. Has D-1 Level pop in the bat, has the ability to be a very productive hitter, and potential to be a middle of the order guy at the next level.

#67 Jackson Lapiner – OF/RHP 2020
Big and athletic kid. Has D-1 bat and will be able to produce significantly at the plate with some minor tweaks with his load and hand separation. Can drive the ball well to all parts of the field as a strong left handed hitter and will capitalize on a pitchers mistake in location.

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SoCal Warriors

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SoCal Warriors Roster

1,Ryan Leonardo,LHP/OF,5’10”/155,R/L,2020,Los Alamitos,Los Alamitos,CA,
2,Matt Mingram,SS/2B,5’10”/175,L/R,2021,Los Alamitos,Seal Beach,CA,
3,Ryan Reyes,C/3B,5’10”/160,R/R,2023,Los Alamitos,Bellflower,CA,
4,William Wei,CF/LF,5’10”/155,R/R,2020,Los Alamitos,Long Beach,CA,
5,Augie Zepeda,2B/3B,5’6”/165,R/R,2020,Los Alamitos,Long Beach,CA,
6,Brandan Calvillo,CF/RHP,6’0”/180,R/R,2020,Cypress,Buena Park,CA,
7,Jaden Orellano,RHP/SS,6’2”/180,R/L,2020,Los Akamitos,Anaheim,CA,
8,Justin Childress,CF/RF,6’0”/155,R/R,2020,Los Alamitos,Long Beach,CA,
9,Benny Rodriguez,LHP/OF,5’11”/165,L/L,2020,Los Alamitos,Downey,CA,
10,William Reeser,SS/2B,6’0”/145,R/R,2020,Los Alamitos,Seal Beach,CA,
14,Justin Armond,OF/RHP,5’8”/144,R/R,2019,Los Alamitos,Los Alamitos,CA,Dominguez Hills
16,Nathan Dowdell,OF/RHP,5’8”/140,R/R,2023,Los Alamitos,Los Alamitos,CA,
16,Drew Emmons,LHP/1B,5’10”/190,L/L,2021,Los Alamitos,Long Beach,CA,
20,Gary Voigt,RHP/3B,6’1”/180,R/R,2022,Los Alamitos,Seal Beach,CA,
21,Shane Stafford,LHP/OF,6’2”/180,L/L,2021,Huntington Beach,Huntington Beach,CA,
22,Easton Louis,RHP/1B,6’2”/170,R/R,2020,Los Alamitos,Long Beach,CA,
23,Evan Leibl,C/3B,5’11”/180,L/R,2020,Los Alamitos,Rossmoor,CA,
24,Justin Hooper,RHP/1B,6’1”/180,R/R,2020,Los Alamitos,Seal Beach,CA,
25,John Newman,C/3B,6’0”/210,R/R,2020,Los Alamitos,Cypress,CA,
27,Jake Smith,CF/IF,6’0”/160,L/L,2021,Los Alamitos,Long Beach,CA,
34,Gaige Northrup,RHP/3B,5’10”/155,R/R,2020,Los Alamitos,Seal Beach,CA,
35,Mason Burt,3B/OF,5’9”/185,R/R,2021,Los Alamitos,Garden Grove,CA,
36,Zachary Locke,RHP/3B,5’9”/150,R/R,2021,Los Alamitos,Los Alamitos,CA,
43,Jason Doktorczyk,RHP/OF,6’5”/185,R/R,2021,Los Alamitos,Seal Beach,CA,
54,Jonathan Lopez,LHP/1B,6’0”/180,R/L,2022,Los Alamitos,Cypress,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#43 James Doktorczyk – RHP 2021
Big body with a funky delivery. Hides the ball well with his sneaky fastball velocity. Tall frame and works downhill towards the plate. Fastball was consistently 81-83 mph and topped out at 84 mph.

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Sports Academy Dukes

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Sports Academy Dukes Roster

7,Luke Solis,3B/SS,5’11”/155,R/R,2021,Ayala ,Chino Hills,CA,
,Jake Badawi,C/OF,5’9/180,R/R,2021,Ayala,Chino Hills,CA,
,Christian Becerra,,/,,,,,,
,Oscar Caberra,,/,,,Notre Dame,,,
,Riley Creech,,/,,,El Diamante,,,
,Scott Ellis,,/,,,Thousand Oaks,,,
,Mike Flores,,/,,,Corona,,,
,Aiden Garza,,/,,,,,,
,Gus Gutierrez,,/,,,Bishop Amat,,,
,Ruben Hernandez,,/,,,,,,
,Zack Jacobs,,/,,,,,,
,Luke Jewett,C/RHP,6’3”/175,R/R,,Jserra,,,
,Cole Koniarsky,,/,,,Ayala,,,
,Brandon Medina,,/,,,,,,
,Tony Meza,,/,,,,,,
,Max Muncy,,/,,,Thousand Oaks,,,
,Ray Northey,,/,,,,,,
,Eli Pelayo,,/,,,,,,
,Liam Rocha,,/,,,,,,
,Jake Vargas,,/,,,Bishop Amat,,,
,Ryan Verdugo,,/,,,Bishop Amat,,,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#12 Ray Northey – RHP 2020
Average build, long arm action FB was consistently 81-84 mph and touched 87mph with downhill plane. Showed a slider that worked in the low 70’s with good command, flashed a CH in the mid 70’s with fade, drop and drive delivery, and located FB to both sides of the plate.

#14 Jake Vargas – 1B 2020
Tall with some present strength, starts from a slightly open stance and stands tall, whips the barrel through the zone. Good discipline at the plate and defensively has athletic actions at first base with a strong arm.

#1 Ruben Hernandez – INF 2020
Stocky-build, starts from a tall stance and gets loaded into a strong base. Aggressive on balls in the zone and has the ability to adjust to breaking ball mid pitch. Defensively, moves well laterally on the infield with accurate throws.

#33 Nolan Ornales – OF 2020
Lean build with present strength. Offensively, stays on plane with good extension and shows power to both gaps. Defensively, gets good reads on balls to the outfield and makes the routine plays.

#7 Luke Solis – INF 2021
Lean build with room to fill out. Offensively, uses the whole field with his approach. Plus speed on the bases. Defensively, athletic actions on the infield with carry on his throws across the diamond.

#27 Andrew Lopez – RHP 2020
Physical build, FB sits 81-83 mph with arm side run, flashed CB in the mid 60’s with slurve action, and creates good momentum with a powerful leg kick. Commands the zone and locates FB to both sides of the plate.

#00 Luke Jewett – RHP 2021
Ran his fastball up to 90 mph but sat mostly 87-89 mph. Commands the zone with the fastball and still working on the feel for his breaking ball which will develop with time. Big and strong build with more room for velocity. Throws a heavy fastball. Committed to UCLA.

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Team Hawaii

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[peekaboo_content name=“20”]

Team Hawaii Roster

1,Brayden Hiraki,LHP/OF,5’11”/155,L/L,2021,Iolani School,Mililani,HI,
2,Reece Kadota,2B/C,5’5”/140,R/R,2020,Kalani ,Honolulu,HI,
3,Shane Vogt,SS/2B,6’2”/170,R/R,2020,Radford ,Honolulu,HI,
4,Ronnie Arevalo,RHP/OF,6’2”/160,R/R,2020,Kamehameha Schools,Ewa Beach,HI,
5,Taelen-John Bates,RHP/OF,6’2”/160,R/R,2020,Maui ,Wailuku,HI,
7,Isaiah Souza,IF/C,5’7”/165,R/R,2021,Baldwin ,Wailuku,HI,
8,River Iaea,C/3B,5’10”/190,R/R,2021,Damien Memorial,Waimanalo,HI,
9,Ryan Inouye,RHP,5’8”/150,R/R,2020,Kailua ,Honolulu,HI,
10,Kai Matsumoto,1B/3B,5’8”/170,R/R,2020,Kalani ,Honolulu,HI,
14,Quinn McMurray,RHP/OF,6’0”/155,R/R,2020,Kailua ,Kailua,HI,
17,Chevis Conceicao,3B/RF,6’0”/180,R/R,2020,Kailua ,Ewa Beach,HI,
18,Lee Souza,RHP/OF,6’0”/165,R/R,2021,Baldwin ,Wailuku,HI,
21,Keanu Kalaola,OF/3B,5’11”/200,R/R,2020,Kailua ,Kapolei,HI,
23,Kimo Wilinski,RHP/C,5’10”/165,S/R,2020,Kailua ,Kailua,HI,
24,Benjamin McConnell,RHP/3B,6’1”/155,R/R,2020,Punahou School,Honolulu,HI,
52,Raven Gauthe-Santos,C/3B,5’10”/175,R/R,2020,Kailua ,Kailua,HI,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#21 Keanu Kalaola – 3B/OF 2020
Big bodied, athletic player. Swings the bat very well, with power to both gaps. Has a good sense of the strike zone and is very smooth and consistent at the plate. Has plus speed on the base paths, as well as on defense. He plays a good third base and I can move well to go to his left and right. Has a well above average throwing arm.

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Tri-County Tritons 17

[peekaboo_link name=“31”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes
[peekaboo_content name=“31”]

Tri-County Tritons 17 Roster

1,Sam Ruhland,RHP/OF,5’4”/140,R/R,2021,Turlock,Hughson,CA,
2,Jayden Huerta,SS/RHP,5’7”/150,R/R,2021,Pitman,Newman,CA,
3,Ethan Lamb,OF/RHP,5’7”/150,R/R,2021,Turlock,Turlock,CA,
4,Isaac Hampton,IF,5’8”/130,R/R,2021,Turlock,Turlock,CA,
5,Mateo Garcia,3B/C,5’11”/165,L/R,2022,Pitman,Turlock,CA,
6,James Watson,1B/RHP,6’1”/155,L/R,2022,Downey (Modesto),Modesto,CA,
7,Sergio Solis,C/RHP,5’11”/170,R/R,2021,Central Valley,Ceres,CA,
8,Logan Gibson,CF/RHP,5’10”/145,R/R,2022,Modesto Christian,Modesto,CA,
9,Pierce McGee,OF/RHP,6’4”/180,R/R,2022,Turlock,Turlock,CA,
11,Jonathan Lee,IF/RHP,5’10”/150,R/R,2021,Beyer,Modesto,CA,
12,Carson Cripe,C/1B,6’0”/190,L/R,2021,Oakdale,Modesto,CA,
13,Dylan Deprater,C/OF,5’9”/140,R/R,2022,Manteca,Manteca,CA,
14,Bryce Bramble,LHP/1B,5’10”/220,R/L,2022,Downey (Modesto),Modesto,CA,
15,Logan Smith,1B/RHP,6’4”/175,R/R,2021,Turlock,Turlock,CA,
16,Jordan Barnes,OF/RHP,5’9”/155,R/R,2021,East Union,Manteca,CA,
17,Bryce Campbell,IF/OF,5’10”/155,R/R,2022,Turlock,Delhi,CA,
28,Xavier Davila,OF/LHP,5’8”/190,R/L,2020,Pitman,Turlock,CA,
66,Javi Guerrero,RHP/IF,5’7”/140,R/R,2022,Turlock,Turlock,CA,
88,Boston Souza,RHP/OF,5’10”/185,R/R,2022,Turlock,Turlock,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#5 Mateo Garcia – INF 2021
Lean build with room to fill out, starts from a tall stance with loose hands, and a strong top hand. Makes hard contact to the middle of the field, athletic actions at third base with a strong arm, and shows good speed on the bases.

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Ventura Coastal Cubs

[peekaboo_link name=“24”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes
[peekaboo_content name=“24”]

Ventura Coastal Cubs Roster

0,Raymond Mahr,LHP/1B,6’1”/180,L/L,2020,Ventura,Ventura,CA,
2,Bradley Pedersen,3B/OF,5’8”/125,R/R,2023,Ventura,Ventura,CA,
3,Matthew Tabanera,OF/2B,5’6”/120,R/R,2021,Valencia,Ventura,CA,
4,Drew Baskin,SS/2B,5’9”/145,R/R,2021,Arroyo Grande,Ventura,CA,
5,Jerron Bacat,OF/RHP,5’7”/140,L/R,2020,Valencia,Ventura,CA,
6,Kaden Brennan,OF/SS,5’9”/145,R/R,2021,Valencia,Ventura,CA,
11,Ethan Blazer,2B/OF,5’7”/145,R/R,2021,Valencia,Ventura,CA,
17,Cesar Morales,3B/SS,5’11”/170,R/R,2020,Buena,Ventura,CA,
19,Zachary Jackson,C/RHP,5’10”/170,R/R,2021,Foothill Tech,Ventura,CA,
20,Danny Aguilera,SS/RHP,5’9”/160,R/R,2023,Westlake,Ventura,CA,
22,Carson Gomes,3B/RHP,5’10”/184,R/R,2021,Arroyo Grande,Ventura,CA,
23,Jayden Secor,C,6’0”/185,R/R,2020,Ventura,Ventura,CA,
24,Cole Thrasher,OF,5’9”/155,L/L,2020,Foothill Tech,Ventura,CA,
32,Colin Ruiz,OF,5’8”/125,R/R,2021,Valencia,Ventura,CA,
35,Griffin Pope,LHP,6’3”/170,L/L,2021,Valencia,Ventura,CA,
40,Charlie Decker,LHP/OF,5’2”/100,L/L,2023,Chaminade,Ventura,CA,
99,Konnor McGregor,LHP,6’3”/170,L/L,2020,Ventura,Ventura,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#4 Drew Baskin – SS/2B 2021
Good all-around athlete that competes. Solid hitter with a strong stance and hunts the middle of the field. Level swing with decent bat speed and finds consistent barrels. Line drive hitter with the potential to develop some power and has good baseball IQ.

#14 Konnor McGregor – LHP 2020
Tall and lanky left handed arm with clean mechanics and over the top delivery. Pounds the zone with 12k’s through 5 sitting 83-85 mph topping out at 87 mph with a decent 12-6 breaking ball and an above average slider. Very easy mechanics, with more lower half he could gain a few more mphs.

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West Coast Bandits

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[peekaboo_content name=“28”]

West Coast Bandits Roster

0,Jayden Delmar,OF/RF,6’1”/180,R/R,2020,Bishop Amat Hs,Rowland Heights,CA,
0,Eddie Rodriguez,RHP/IF,5’9”/140,R/R,2020,Los Altos Hs,La Puente,CA,
1,Louis Barrios,1B/RHP,6’1”/190,R/R,2020,Bishop Amat,Hacienda Heights,CA,
2,Andrew Barrios,OF/RHP,6’1”/160,R/R,2021,Bishop Amat,Hacienda Heights,CA,
3,Miguel Rodriguez,OF/OF,5’10”/150,R/R,2020,Los Altos Hs,La Puente,CA,
4,Sergio Flores,OF/RHP,5’10”/145,R/R,2020,Workman Hs,La Puente,CA,
5,Christopher Hernandez,C/3B,5’11”/170,R/R,2020,Bishop Amat Hs,Whittier,CA,
6,Joseph Desantos,RHP/RF,6’0”/170,R/R,2020,St. John Bosco Hs,South Gate,CA,
7,Jared Gener,2B/SS,5’11”/160,R/R,2020,Bishop Amat Hs,West Covina,CA,
8,Matthew Zataray,RHP/OF,5’8”/140,L/R,2021,Los Altos Hs,Hacienda Heights,CA,
16,Gustavo Gutierrez,RHP/IF,6’1”/180,R/R,2020,Bishop Amat,El Monte,CA,
17,Noah Long,OF/CF,5’11”/180,R/R,2020,Capistrano Valley Hs,San Juan Capstrano,CA,
18,Neo Santana,RHP,5’11”/170,R/R,2020,Garey Hs,Pomona,CA,
21,Diego Ortega,C,6’1”/195,R/R,2020,El Rancho Hs,Whittier,CA,
23,Jarred Robles,OF/LHP,5’11”/170,L/L,2020,Bishop Amat Hs,Monrovia,CA,
27,Max Torres,RHP/OF,6’1”/180,R/R,2020,St. Paul Hs,Whittier,CA,
70,Matt Burke,2B/SS,5’10”/180,L/R,2020,Laguna Hills,Aliseo Viejo,CA,
71,Arturo Escandon,3B/SS,5’11”/180,R/R,2020,Bishop Amat,Hacienda Heights,CA,
72,Michael Burke,RHP/OF,5’10”/170,R/R,2021,Laguna Beach Hs,Aliseo Viejo,CA,
77,Daniel Correll,3B/RHP,6’1”/195,R/R,2020,Bishop Amat Hs,San Gabriel,CA,
79,Oscar Diaz,C/1B,6’3”/195,L/R,2020,Cathedral Hs,Los Angeles,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

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West Coast Elite

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[peekaboo_content name=“32”]

West Coast Elite Roster

2,Ricardo Vargas,2B/SS,5’8”/128,R/R,2021,Hillcrest ,Riverside,CA,
3,Connor Godoy,C/3B,6’1”/148,R/R,2021,Hillcrest ,Riverside,CA,
7,Andrew Knight,CF/OF,5’8”/155,R/R,2021,Hillcrest ,Riverside,CA,
10,Armando Alejo,2B/RHP,5’8”/150,R/R,2021,Rosevelt ,Eastvale,CA,
11,Alex Del Rio,LF/RF,6’0”/145,R/R,2022,Hillcrest ,Riverside,CA,
12,Chris Fields,RHP/OF,6’3”/165,R/R,2020,Hillcrest ,Riverside,CA,
13,Richard Rodriguez,2B/RHP,5’9”/145,R/R,2021,Valley View ,Moreno Valley,CA,
14,Daniel Vargas,2B/SS,5’7”/145,R/R,2020,Ontario ,Ontario,CA,
17,Cristian Hernandez,3B/RHP,5’11”/162,R/R,2022,Hillcrest ,Riverside,CA,
18,Fernando Gonzalez,1B/RHP,5’8”/170,R/R,2021,Hillcrest ,Riverside,CA,
21,Connor Susman,RHP/1B,5’11”/227,R/R,2020,Hillcrest ,Riverside,CA,
23,Jules Alanis,SS/OF,5’8”/130,R/R,2021,Yucaipa ,Yucaipa,CA,
24,Aidan Godoy,RF/OF,6’1”/148,R/R,2021,Hillcrest ,Riverside,CA,
25,Mark Heil,C/OF,5’8”/180,R/R,2020,Hillcrest ,Riverside,CA,
28,Frankie Ramos,3B/SS,5’6”/135,R/R,2021,Hillcrest ,Riverside,CA,
29,Julian Casillas,C/OF,6’0”/170,R/R,2022,Hillcrest ,Riverside,CA,
32,Elijah Dominguez,2B/3B,5’10”/160,R/R,2022,Hillcrest ,Riverside,CA,
35,Jered Stafford,RHP,6’1”/205,R/R,2021,Hillcrest ,Riverside,CA,
36,Kyle Helfrich,OF/2B,5’4”/130,R/R,2021,Hillcrest ,Riverside,CA,
88,Jose Gonzalez,1B/RHP,5’10”/159,R/R,2022,Hillcrest ,Riverside,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#12 Chris Fields – RHP 2020
Tall and skinny build with room to fill out. FB sits 83-86 mph and touched 90 mph with downhill plane. Has a good feel for his CH in the mid 70’s with fade as well as depth, and showed a CB in the upper 60’s with some tilt. Raw arm with a lot of room to develop and stays connected throughout his delivery with a loose arm.

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Xplozion Baseball

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[peekaboo_content name=“36”]

Xplozion Baseball Roster

3,Aiden Wood,1B/RHP,6’2”/180,R/R,2020,Hemet ,Menifee,CA,
4,Zachary Schwartz,SS/CF,6’0”/155,R/R,2019,Tahquitz ,Hemet,CA,Tcs
6,Ethan Strawbridge,2B/SS,6’0”/150,R/R,2020,Tahquitz ,Menifee,CA,
7,Tyler Richardson,C/RHP,5’10”/185,R/R,2019,Hemt ,Hemet,CA,Uccs
10,Chayton Kenyon,C/OF,5’10”/175,R/R,2020,Hemet ,Idyllwild,CA,
11,Tyler Simmons,LHP/1B,6’2”/190,L/L,2020,West Valley ,Hemet,CA,
13,Kyle Serna,CF/OF,5’11”/160,L/L,2019,Hemet ,Hemet,CA,Benedictine University
16,Thomas Parker,SS/2B,5’11”/190,L/R,2019,Heritage ,Homeland,CA,
17,Tyler Wicks,1B/OF,6’6”/170,R/R,2020,Hemet ,Hemet,CA,
19,Andrew Rivero,RHP/3B,6’1”/220,R/R,2020,San Jacinto ,San Jacinto,CA,
21,Nolan Lachappa,OF/LHP,6’0”/155,L/L,2021,Hemet l,Hemet,CA,
25,Sergio Mendivil,RHP/3B,6’2”/180,R/R,2020,Hemet ,Hemet,CA,
27,Jacob McMillan,OF/RHP,5’11”/190,L/R,2020,Hemet ,Hemet,CA,
37,Ian Ybarra,2B/RF,5’10”/190,R/R,2020,San Jacinto ,San Jacinto,CA,
39,Alex Ruvalcaba,2B/3B,5’11”/205,R/R,2020,San Jacinto,San Jacinto,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#3 Aiden Wood – 1B/RHP 2019
Big and strong frame. Flashed good pull side power and shows good plate discipline. Projects to be a solid middle of the order hitter in a college lineup.

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Zoots Baseball Club

[peekaboo_link name=“55”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes
[peekaboo_content name=“55”]

Zoots Baseball Club Roster

1,Brady Huchingson,IF,6’1”/165,R/R,2021,Acalanes,Lafayette,CA,
2,Chaz Myers,IF,5’10”/165,R/R,2020,Heritage,Antioch,CA,
5,Sam Heyman,OF/RHP,6’1”/180,R/R,2021,Acalanes,Lafayette,CA,
6,Gael Deluna,IF,5’10”/175,R/R,2021,Heritage,Antioch,CA,
7,Michael Castelli,RHP/1B,6’0”/200,R/R,2021,Acalanes,Lafayette,CA,
11,Keunho Kim,OF,5’9”/160,L/R,2021,Burlingmae,Millbrae,CA,
15,Ryan Troye,3B/C,6’3”/200,R/R,2020,Heritage,Brentwood,CA,
22,Nicolas Bamont,OF,6’0”/175,L/L,2020,Acalanes,Lafayette,CA,
27,Zach Yorke,3B/C,5’11”/200,L/R,2022,Archbishop Mitty,Campbell,CA,
28,Jonny Burns,LHP,6’1”/185,L/L,2021,Acalanes,Lafayette,CA,
29,Seth Gillaspy,RHP,5’11”/175,R/R,2020,Alhambra,Martinez,CA,
31,Jack Burnes,C/OF,6’0”/185,R/R,2020,Marin Catholic,Belvedere,CA,
33,Cole Murgia,IF,5’10”/165,L/R,2020,Acalanes,Lafayette,CA,
37,Edward Sarti,RHP,6’4”/180,R/R,2020,Marin Academy,Kentfield,CA,
39,Ryan Mo,IF/OF,5’11”/160,R/R,2020,Sacred Heart Prep,Menlo Park,CA,
43,Felix Dominguez,RHP,6’1”/165,R/R,2021,Heritage,Brentwood,CA,
44,Aidan Pearce,RHP,6’5”/190,R/R,2020,Las Lomas,Walnut Creek,CA,
48,Logan Mock,C/3B,5’10”/170,R/R,2021,Granada,Livermore,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#37 Edward Santi – RHP 2020
Tall and athletic frame with room to fill out.  Loose arm action on the mound and uses his lower half to drive through his target. Fastball was consistently 81-83 mph and topped out at 84 mph. Slider was consistently 71-74 mph with a sharp break and can throw it for strikes. Will gain velocity on his fastball as he matures. Frame projects well at the next level.

#33 Cole Murgia – INF 2020
Medium and athletic frame. Good all-around baseball player. Offensively, has a gap to gap approach with the ability to hit for average and develop some more power. Good lead-off hitter with a smooth left handed swing and has good patience at the plate. Very good speed on the bases and gets good jumps when tying to steal. Defensively, has good footwork and instincts at 2B with an average arm. Projects well at the next level.

#43 Felix Dominguez – RHP 2021
Tall, lean, and athletic frame with a good presence on the mound. Smooth mechanics, good downhill plane, and quick arm action. Fastball was consistently 83-84 mph and topped out at 85 mph. Has a good breaking ball that he can throw for strikes consistently. Will gain velocity with added strength and development. Projects well at the next level.

#5 Sam Heyman – OF/RHP 2021
Strong and athletic frame with a good presence in the box at the plate.  Good approach and looks to hit early in the count. Smooth right hand swing with good bat speed through the hitting zone. Ball jumps off the bat and creates back spin on the ball. Big time power to the pull-side. Defensively, takes good routes to the baseball and gets good reads off the bat. Definitely projects well at the next level.

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Top 17U Fastball Velocities

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”100|250|250|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
MPH,Name,Team Name,Pos,YOG
92,Hunter Barnhart,So Cal Giants,RHP,2020
92,Ben Grable,So Cal Giants,RHP,2020
94,KJ Ruffo,BF Gray,RHP,2020
91,Calin Knight,Prospects National Team,RHP,2020
90,Caleb Anderson,San Diego Gamers,RHP,2021
90,Scott Ellis,So Cal Giants,RHP,2020
90,Chris Fields,Weat Coast Elite,RHP,2020
90,Luke Jewett,Sports Academy Dukes,RHP,2021
90,Anthony Joya,Prospects National Team,LHP,2021
90,Ryan O’Hara,CV Marlins,RHP,2022
89,Ryan Delgado,SBG Wahoos,RHP,2020
89,JC Flores,SGV Arsenal,RHP,2020
88,Calin Knight,Prospects National,RHP,2020
89,Ryan Kysar,So Cal Giants,RHP,2020
88,Matthew Luna,Prospects National Team,LHP,2020
88,Tyler Prystajko,CA Aces,RHP,2022
88,Ramon Romo,Desert Prospects,LHP,2020
88,Elijah Tolsma,So Cal Giants,RHP,2020
87,Konnor McGregor,Ventura Coastal Cubs,LHP,2020
87,Art Navarette,CV Marlins,RHP,2020
87,Ray Northey,Sports Academy Dukes,RHP,2020
87,Jackson Pace,Dub Baseball Blue,RHP,2022
87,Jake Sapien,NC Valley 16,RHP,2021
87,Ian Torpey,CA Bulldogs,RHP,2020
86,Jared Esparza,Prospects National,RHP,2020
86,Nick Gomez,Club All Star,RHP,2020
86,Sean Head,BF White,LHP,2020
86,Jean Luc-Hounanian,SBG Wahoos,RHP,2021
86,Alex Navarette,PFA Next Level,RHP,2021
86,Anthony Perez,NC Valley 17,RHP,2020
86,Henry Proger,San Diego Gamers,LHP,2020
86,Tristian Silveira,ASA Upperclass,RHP,2020
86,Chase Spencer,Prospects National,RHP,2021
85,Jesse Bullard,ABD Bulldogs,RHP,2021
85,Jesus Canul,Kennedy Baseball,RHP,2020
85,Felix Dominguez,Zoots Baseball,RHP,2021
85,Brandon Downer,So Cal Birds White,RHP,2021
85,Evan Madrid,NC Tides,RHP,2021
85,Logan McCleary,NC Valley 16,RHP,2021
85,Art Navarette,CV Marlins,RHP,2020
85,Joey Peralta,Chino Hills Storm,RHP,2021
85,Colin Purcell,BF Gray,RHP,2020
85,Oscar Ramirez,GBG Blue,RHP,2020
85,Ryan Rissas,Danville Hoots,LHP,2020
85,Bryce Trail,BF White,RHP,2020
85,Dominic Ventimiglia,CBA Bears,RHP,2020
85,James Wamnold,CBA Warhawks,RHP,2020
85,Lucas Welch,OC Premier,RHP,2021
85,Kino Wilinksi,Team Hawaii,RHP,2020
85,Nicholas Zolferino,SGV Arsenal,RHP,2020[/table]

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Testing Leaderboards
Top 60 Yard Dashes | Top Raw Velo | Top Exit VeloBack to Top

Click here to see National Leaderboards by test and year of graduation. Results from all Factory Athletics events (including this one) are considered, and will appear if the minimum qualification is met for each test.

PLEASE NOTE: The system does not update automatically, please allow 2-3 weeks for database updates following the completion of this event.

Top 60 Yard Dashes

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”100|250|250|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
Sec,Name,Team Name,Pos,YOG
6.63,Ryan Brech,OC Colts,OF,2021
6.78,Max Andeel,OC Colts,OF,2021
6.82,Karson Bodly,NC Valley 17,OF,2020
6.83,Dylan Webber,NC Valley 17,OF,2020
6.84,Casey Cummings,Danville Hoots,OF,2021
6.85,Logan Gibson,Tri-County Tritons 17,OF,2022
6.85,William Thompson,BF White,2B,2020
6.88,Jake Badawi,Sports Academy Dukes,C,2021
6.88,Jayden Huerta,Tri-County Tritons 17,SS,2021
6.88,Jesse Stroede,BF Red,2B,2020
6.90,Clayton Lindemann,Bay Area Bombers,3B,2020
6.90,Sean McCann,BF Red,SS,2020
6.90,KJ Ruffo,BF Gray,C,2020
6.94,Gillis Champagne,BF Gray,OF,2020
6.94,Joseph Desantos,West Coast Bandits,OF,2020
6.94,William Ramirez,Bay Area Bombers,SS,2020
6.96,Ian Mortenson,CBA Cardinals,INF,2020
6.97,Dylan Babbitt,NC Valley 17,INF,2020
6.97,Nathaniel Bray,NC Valley 17,C,2022
6.97,Mario Hernandez,NorCal Baseball,C,2020
6.99,Grant Eggers,NorCal 2020 White,OF,2020
6.99,Bryce Mays,OC Colts,SS,2021
6.99,Blair Nelson,NC Valley 16,C,2021


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Top Raw Velocities

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”100|250|250|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
MPH,Name,Team Name,Pos,YOG
93,Anthony Perez,NC Valley 17,RHP,2020
92,Luca Bevilacqua,Danville Hoots,OF,2021
92,Sean Head,BF White,LHP,2020
91,Logan Gibson,Tri-County Tritons 17,OF,2022
91,Connor Semone,NC Valley 17,INF,2020
90,Jake Badawi,Sports Academy Dukes,C,2021
90,Nathaniel Bray,NC Valley 17,C,2022
90,DJ Kissee,Dub Baseball Black,OF,2021
90,Colin Purcell,BF Gray,SS,2020
90,Matt Robillard,Danville Hoots,SS,2022
90,Casey Turturici,BF Red,C,2020
90,Dylan Webber,NC Valley 17,OF,2020
89,Ian Mortenson,CBA Cardinals,INF,2020
89,Drew Price,Danville Hoots,OF,2020
89,Sakemi Sato,Desert Prospects,RHP,2020
89,Cole Schortzmann,NC Valley 16,OF,2021
88,Humberto Beltran,Desert Prospects,RHP,2021
88,Jacob Cuculich,CCC Rockers,OF,2021
88,Casey Cummings,Danville Hoots,OF,2021
88,Logan McCleery,NC Valley 16,INF,2021
88,Nick Mladinich,Danville Hoots,SS,2021
88,Joshua Mullineaux,BF Gray,1B,2020
88,Andrew Pineda,Desert Prospects,LHP,2020
88,Dylan Taguiam,CA Aces,C,2022
87,Mario Hernandez,NorCal Baseball,C,2020
87,Mateos Melkesian,Kali Navy,3B,2020
87,Patrick Norton,Hit Club,3B/1B,2020
87,Nicholas Panda,CBA Vikings,INF,2020
86,Lucas Alaniz,CCC Rockers,INF,2020
86,Andrew Barrios,West Coast Bandits,OF,2021
86,David Baruch,CBA Bears,RHP,2020
86,Karson Bodly,NC Valley 17,OF,2020
86,Jeffery Cambra,Danville Hoots,OF,2021
86,Gillis Champagne,BF Gray,OF,2020
86,Isaiah Crump,Hit Club,OF,2021
86,Joseph Desantos,West Coast Bandits,OF,2020
86,Justin George,CCC Rockers,1B,2020
86,Clayton Lindemann,Bay Area Bombers,3B,2020
86,Clayton McAllister,BF Gray,C,2020
86,Jacob McClure,OC Premier,RHP,2020
86,Sergio Mendivil,Xplozion Baseball,3B,2020
86,Cooper Meyer,Danville Hoots,OF,2021
86,Mateo Parks,NC Valley 17,INF,2020
86,Collin Purcell,BF Gray,RHP,2020
86,Andrew Rivero,Xplozion Baseball,3B,2020
86,Ricky Salas,BF White,SS,2020
86,Chase Stewart,BF Gray,OF,2020
85,Louis Barrios,West Coast Bandits,1B,2020
85,Hunter Brown,NC Valley 17,OF,2020
85,Grant Eggers,NorCal 2020 White,OF,2020
85,Stephen Espinoza,SBG Wahoos,RHP,2021
85,Naun Haro,Desert Prospects,LHP,2020
85,Jayden Huerta,Tri-County Tritons 17,SS,2021
85,Sean McCann,BF Red,SS,2020
85,Quinn McMurray,Team Hawaii,RHP<2020
85,Calvin Lopez,BF White,3B,2020
85,Michael Ohelers,CA Aces,OF,2021
85,Koby Seely,Danville Hoots,C,2020
85,Gregory Tech,Hit Club,3B,2020


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Top Bat Exit Velocities

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”100|250|250|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
MPH,Name,Team Name,Pos,YOG
97,KJ Ruffo,BF Gray,C,2020
96,Max Matteucci,Kali Navy,1B,2021
94,Braham Duncan,BF Gray,1B,2020
93,Jake Badawi,Sports Academy Dukes,C,2021
93,DJ Kissee,Dub Baseball Black,OF,2021
93,Jesus Munguia,OC Colts,3B,2020
93,Casey Turturici,BF Red,C,2020
92,Gage Miller,NC Valley 17,1B,2021
92,Patrick Norton,Hit Club,3B/1B,2020
92,Aiden Taylor,NC Valley 17,OF,2022
91,Dylan Babbitt,NC Valley 17,INF,2020
91,Aiden Wood,Xplozion Baseball,1B,2020
90,Lucas Alaniz,CCC Rockers,INF,2020
90,Joseph Desantos,West Coast Bandits,OF,2020
90,Zachariah Samayoa,CA Aces,OF,2021
89,Logan McCleery,NC Valley 16,INF,2021
89,Matt Robillard,Danville Hoots,SS,2022
89,Trevor Stull,BF White,OF,2020
88,Karson Bodly,NC Valley 17,OF,2020
88,Kasey Campbell,BF Red,OF,2020
88,Jacob Cuculich,CCC Rockers,OF,2021
88,Blair Nelson,NC Valley 16,C,2021
88,Dylan Taguiam,CA Aces,C,2022
88,Bryce Trail,BF White,1B,2020
87,Gavin Ducker,Dub Baseball Blue,C,2022
87,Mario Hernandez,NorCal Baseball,C,2020
87,Ian Mortenson,CBA Cardinals,INF,2020
87,Colin Purcell,BF Gray,SS,2020
87,Spencer Zumbek,OC Colts,OF,2021
86,Louis Barrios,West Coast Bandits,1B,2020
86,Justin George,CCC Rockers,1B,2020
86,Mateo Parks,NC Valley 17,INF,2020
86,Anthony Perez,NC Valley 17,RHP,2020
86,Jordan Ruiz,PFA Next Level,1B,2021
86,Cole Schortzmann,NC Valley 16,OF,2021
86,Dylan Webber,NC Valley 17,OF,2020
85,Gunner Bertch,CCC Rockers,C,2020
85,Xavier Davila,Tri-County Tritons 17,OF,2020
85,Oscar Diaz,West Coast Bandits,C,2020
85,Anthony Esparza,CBA Marucci 17,INF,2020
85,Andrew Fuentes,Kali Navy,C,2020
85,Logan Fusco,OC Colts,OF,2021
85,Ethan HE,NC Valley 16,INF,2021
85,Sal Mancha,Highlanders Baseball Academy,OF,2020
85,Sergio Mendivil,Xplozion Baseball,3B,2020
85,Demetri Rosas,Hit Club,1B,2021


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