2019 UA Best of the West – Tournament Hub

November 1-3, 2019
Orange County Great Park – Irvine, CA

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Schedule & Scores (as of 11/2 @ 8:30pm)

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Rosters & Scouting Reports

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Athletic Testing

Teams have the option to participate in a series of athletic tests on Saturday, November 2 at the Orange County Great Park.
— 60 Yard Dash
— Raw (arm) Velocity
— Exit (bat) Velocity

Testing Leaders

Time slot reservations for November 2 are required, and are issued on a first come, first served basis. Click here to submit your reservation request.

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11/2 Testing Schedule (Orange County Great Park)

[table width=”600″]
11/2 (Sat),Team 1,Team 2,Team 3
8:00 am/pm,,,
8:30 am,DB Knights,,
9:00 am,CA Senators,Cubs Scout,So Cal Diablos
9:30 am,CBA Marlins,Trombly,Team Trinity

Rosters and Scouting Reports
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* PLEASE NOTE: Players written up on the scouting blog were identified by our scouting staff based on the demonstration of notable tool(s) and/or skill(s). While WE DO NOT KEEP STATS, we are watching for standout performers on the mound, at the plate, in the field and on the bases. However, a performance WITHOUT the presence of requisite tool(s) and/or skill(s) IS NOT considered standout — we are looking for players with the tool(s) and/or skill(s) to play beyond the high school level.

** Roster data is provided by coach or team official **[attr colspan=”3″],,
BR Baseball,DB Knights,Team Trinity
CA Senators,JG Baseball 17U Espiritu,Trombly Baseball Blue
CBA Dirtbags,PFA Matadors,Trombly Baseball Red
CBA Marlins Underclass,So Cal Bombers,WBA Dirtbags
CBA Marlins Upperclass,So Cal Diablos,West Coast Clippers SD
Chicago Cubs Scout Team,,

BR Baseball

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BR Baseball Roster

5,Dylan Velasek,RHP/IF,5’9”/170,R/R,2020,Alta Loma ,Alta Loma,CA,
7,Elias Pacheco,RHP/1B,6’1”/160,R/R,2021,Norco ,Corona,CA,
9,Blake Christopher,1B/OF,5’10”/185,R/R,2020,Norco ,Norco,CA,
11,Jorge Ramirez,OF/1B,5’9”/160,L/L,2020,North ,Riverside,CA,
13,Indiana Viramontes,RHP/IF,6’0”/150,R/R,2021,Webb ,Upland,CA,
14,Matthew Diaz,IF,5’10”/160,R/R,2020,Los Osos ,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
16,Justin Drury,C/RHP,6’2”/200,S/R,2020,Norco ,Norco,CA,
17,Michael Geno,1B/3B,6’0”/205,R/R,2020,Norco ,Norco,CA,
18,Bryce Cermenelli,C,5’7”/170,L/L,2020,Norco ,Norco,CA,
20,Isaac Ruiz,OF,5’10”/180,R/R,2020,Chino ,Chino,CA,
21,Chance Shipley,RHP,6’0”/175,R/R,2020,Don Lugo,Chino,CA,
24,Andrew Martin,OF,5’9”/160,R/R,2020,Santiago ,Corona,CA,
25,Zane O’Donnell,2B/SS,5’11”/170,R/R,2020,Norco ,Corona,CA,
27,Justin Cedillo,RHP/3B,5’6”/140,R/R,2020,Mlk ,Riverside,CA,
27,Martin Delgado,RHP,5’10”/145,R/R,2021,Norco ,Riverside,CA,
29,Sean Boskovich,IF/RHP,6’3”/180,R/R,2020,Don Lugo ,Chino Hills,CA,
32,Ben Geach,RHP,5’8”/170,R/R,2020,Roosevelt ,Eastvale,CA,
34,Arthur Briones,SS/2B,5’10”/150,R/R,2020,Chino ,Ontario,CA,
35,Ely Ruiz,1B/OF,6’2”/165,L/L,2022,Norco ,Upland,CA,
40,Adrian Rosales,SS/2B,5’11”/145,R/R,2020,Eleanor Roosevelt ,Eastvale,CA,
55,Izick Leyva,IF/OF,5’7”/140,L/L,2020,Mlk,Riverside,CA,
55,Jacob Woods,C/RHP,5’10”/150,R/R,2022,Mlk ,Riverside,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#9 Blake Christopher – 1B 2020
Physical and strong, quick swing, decent extension, has good fluidness, stays in rhythm, good middle approach with pullside pop

#35 Ely Ruiz – LHP 2022
Young, room to fill out, plenty of arm, low 3/4 arm slot, arm side run, FB: 87mph, late biting slider at 77mph

#55 Izick Leyva – OF 2020
Competitor, good makeup, runs well around the bases, covers ground in the OF, plus arm, simple middle approach, lets hands work, knob out in front

#16 Justin Drury – RHP/C 2020
Tall and athletic frame. On the mound, stays composed and attacks hitters with his fastball early.  Fastball velocity was consistently 83-85 mph.  Breaking ball has a sharp and late break, still developing command.  Offensively, sound fundamental swing from the left-side with good bat speed, as well as gap to gap power.  With further development on the mound, could be a solid two-way player at the next level.

#25 Zane O’Donnell – 2B/SS 2020
Strong and athletic frame. Offensively, patient hitter at the plate with a good feel for the strike zone, but attacks his pitch when he gets it. Plus bat speed, barrel stays on plane long through the hitting zone, and has power to the pull-side. Defensively, athletic up the middle and has good range. Average arm, but will improve with further development.

#27 Martin Delgado – RHP 2021
Fastball sits 80-83 top at 84mph. Good command of lower half of zone to both corners. Plus curveball that can be located and throws when needed no matter count. Good runner control and tempo, great feel for how to pitch.

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CA Senators

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CA Senators Roster

,Adam Axtel,SS/3B,6’3”/180,L/R,2020,University,Costa Mesa,CA,Point Loma
,Jared Buys,C,6’2”/185,R/R,2020,Brea Olinda,Brea,CA,
,Ryan Carter,1B/LHP,5’11”/160,L/L,2022,Brea Olinda,Yorba Linda,CA,
,Joel Corral,1B,6’1”/175,L/L,2021,Brea Olinda,Brea,CA,
,Viktor Gervitzman,OF,5’7”/152,R/R,2021,Brea Olinda,Brea,CA,
,Tanner Lo,SS/2B,5’6”/145,S/R,2023,Brea Olinda,Brea,CA,
,Kaleb Lore,1B/RHP,6’1”/165,L/L,2021,Apple Valley,Apple Valley,CA,
,Shaun McHale,3B/RHP,6’0”/175,R/R,2020,Valencia,Yorba Linda,CA,
,Scott Mitchell,LF/3B,5’10”/165,R/R,2021,Brea Olinda,Brea,CA,
,Trent Ninehouse,2B/RHP,6’0”/140,L/R,2020,Brea Olinda,Brea,CA,
,Greg Shrubb,RHP,5’9”/190,R/R,2020,Brea Olinda,Brea,CA,
,Andrew Stanley,RHP/1B,6’4”/190,R/R,2021,Marina,Huntington Beach,CA,
,Mario Villanueva,1B,5’11”/200,L/R,2020,Brea Olinda,Brea,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#48 Adam Axtel – SS/RHP 2020
Sound mechanics, easy finish, high 3/4 arm slot, repeatable delivery, good extension, fingers over the ball, FB: 87mph, breaking ball 72-74mph, CH: 79mph, simple swing, pullside pop, contains loose hands, shoulders stayed in line

#19 Shaun McHale – 3B 2020
Good transition of weight, short compact swing, stays on plane, drives both gaps well, good backspin, plus bat speed through the zone

#12 Trent Ninehouse – 2B/RHP 2020
Lean and athletic frame.  Offensively, Stays balanced and has a good base.  Short and quick swing from the left side with power to the pull-side.  Defensively at 2B, good footwork, stays low, and works through the baseball keeping his momentum going towards first base.

# Jared Buys – C 2020
Tall thin frame. Showed power to the gaps. Body projects well to the college lever. Strong arm behind the plate. Raw defensive skills.

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CBA Dirtbags

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CBA Dirtbags Roster

0,Zane,Parmenter,2B/SS,5’9”/155,R/R,2020,Marina,Huntington Beach, CA
0,Anthony,Rodriguez,RHP/IF,5’10”/145,R/R,2020,Gahr,Norwalk, CA
1,Caden,Kendle,CF/2B,5’11”/170,R/R,2020,Edison,Huntington Beach, CA
1,Troy,Harding,C/2B,5’9”/145,R/R,2021,Millikan,Long Beach, CA
8,Rocco,Peppi,SS/IF,5’11”/170,R/R,2020,Marina,Huntington Beach, CA
9,Trevor,Lanksbury,3B/RHP,5’9”/200,R/R,2021,Marina,N/a, CA
14,Jagger,Iovinelli,LHP/LF,6’0”/155,L/L,2020,Marina,Huntington Beach, CA
14,Ryan,Carles,LF/RF,5’8”/138,R/R,2021,Ocean View,N/a, CA
17,Cooper,Munro,1B/C,6’5”/195,R/R,2020,Beckman,Tustin, CA
21,Daniel,Murillo,SS/3B,5’10”/145,R/R,2021,Millikan,Long Beach, CA
24,Cameron,Guzman,C/1B,6’0”/205,R/R,2020,Valley Christian,Long Beach, CA
27,Ryan,Ruiz,C/CF,5’4”/147,L/R,2020,Edison,Westminster, CA
55,Ryan,Smith,CF/RF,5’11”/170,R/R,2020,Long Beach Wilson,Long Beach, CA
77,Abraham,Campos,C/3B,5’9”/189,R/R,2021,Sunny Hills,Buena Park, CA

#27 Ryan Ruiz – C 2020
Pop time 2.01-2.04, quick transfer, decent feet on throw downs, good arm, moves well laterally, short swing, gets extension through the ball

#1 Caden Kendle – OF 2020
Great athlete, covers a lot of ground in CF, good jumps and reads, runs the bases well, quick hands at the plate, gets barrel through the zone, Committed to UC Irvine

#55 Ryan Smith – OF 2020
Strong and physical body, good power, good bat speed, plus speed, smart baserunner, above average arm in the outfield

#17 Cooper Munro – 1B 2020
Big body, good power to the pullside, patient hitter, balanced approach, uses the whole field, strong arm

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CBA Marlins Underclass

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CBA Marlins Underclass Roster

1,JP Acosta,SS/2B,5’0”/100,S/R,2023,Buchanan,Madera,CA,
2,Nick Almanza,OF,5’0”/100,L/R,2022,Clovis West ,Madera,CA,
2,Daryl Tillman JE,OF/LHP,5’0”/100,L/L,2023,Redwood ,Madera,CA,
7,Bryon Andrade,SS/2B,5’6”/130,R/R,2023,Sanger ,Madera,CA,
7,Cole Fellows,2B/3B,5’0”/100,L/R,2022,Clovis North,Madera,CA,
9,Devin Garza,1B/LHP,5’0”/100,L/L,2023,Central ,Madera,CA,
11,Jack Talesfore,C/OF,5’0”/100,R/R,2022,Buchanan ,Madera,CA,
15,Mateo Vasquez,RHP/OF,5’0”/100,R/R,2022,Sunnyside ,Madera,CA,
19,Elijah Moultrie,OF,5’0”/100,R/R,2022,Edison ,Madera,CA,
24,Triston Gray,3B/1B,5’0”/100,R/R,2022,Madera South,Madera,CA,
26,Skylar Dwiggins,SS/2B,5’0”/100,L/L,2023,Central East,Madera,CA,
27,Maleek Cobian,CF/LHP,5’0”/100,L/L,2023,Chowchilla ,Madera,CA,
28,Jakson Bucher,2B/SS,5’0”/100,R/R,2022,Liberty ,Madera,CA,
34,Julian Garza,3B/SS,5’4”/140,R/R,2023,Sanger ,Madera,CA,
34,Juilian Garza,3B/SS,5’4”/140,R/R,2023,Sanger ,Madera,CA,
56,Tanner O’Farrell,RHP/3B,5’0”/100,R/R,2022,Paso Robles ,Madera,CA,
,Jaiden Cabrera,C/IF,5’0”/100,R/R,2022,,Madera,CA,
,Mateo Vasquez,OF,5’0”/100,R/R,2023,,Madera,CA,
,Trevor Wilson,CF,6’0”/155,R/R,2023,Edison ,Madera,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#1 JP Acosta – SS 2023
Plus defender. Smooth actions and is quick side to side defensively. Switch hitter with ability to use the whole field from the left side. Projects to be a really good college player.

#64 Elijah Moultrie – OF 2022
Lean and athletic frame. Raw athleticism, tools and fundamentals are still developing. Offensively, stays short to the baseball with good bat speed. Plus speed on the bases. Defensively in the OF, has very good range and takes good routes to the baseball. Arm is still developing, but will get stronger with added strength and maturity.

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CBA Marlins Upperclass

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CBA Marlins Upperclass Roster

1,Elijah Lopez,RHP,5’0”/100,R/R,2020,Kerman ,Madera,CA,
2,Jayden Garcia,SS/2B,5’0”/100,R/R,2020,,Madera,CA,
4,Andrew Mares,3B,5’0”/100,R/R,2021,Madera ,Madera,CA,
5,Anthony Cannavino,OF/LHP,5’0”/100,L/L,2020,,Madera,CA,
5,Ryan Garza,IF/OF,5’0”/100,R/R,2020,Central ,Madera,CA,
5,Luke Sula,3B/IF,5’0”/100,R/R,2020,Clovis North,Madera,CA,
5,Justin Wilfang,IF/RHP,6’0”/180,R/R,2021,Hanford ,Madera,CA,
7,Chase Pinheiro,C,5’0”/100,L/R,2020,Clovis North,Madera,CA,
11,Ronald Rockey,LHP,6’3”/185,L/L,2020,Central ,Madera,CA,
13,JJ Padilla,RHP,6’1”/150,R/R,2021,Edison ,Madera,CA,
13,Devin Teran,SS/2B,5’10”/140,L/R,2020,Madera ,Madera,CA,
15,Hudson Hall,RHP,5’0”/100,R/R,2020,Clovis North,Madera,CA,
17,Edgar Gastellum,C,6/170,R/R,2021,Bullard,Fresno,CA
19,Korey Likens,CF/OF,6’0”/170,R/R,2021,Stockdale ,Madera,CA,
21,Seth Madruga,LHP,5’0”/100,L/L,2020,Clovis ,Madera,CA,
22,Nate Padilla,SS/3B,5’0”/100,R/R,2020,Sanger ,Madera,CA,
22,Aj Rocha,RHP,5’9”/190,R/R,2021,Madera South,Madera,CA,
23,Nathan Castro,IF/RHP,5’0”/100,R/R,2020,Mendota ,Madera,CA,
42,Wyatt Thames,OF,5’0”/100,R/R,2021,Coalinga ,Madera,CA,
56,Tanner O’Farrell,RHP/3B,6’1”/190,R/R,2022,Paso Robles ,Madera,CA,
,Leonardo Arreguin,OF,5’0”/100,R/R,2020,,Madera,CA,
,Nolan Inouye,1B,5’0”/100,R/R,2020,Clovis North,Madera,CA,
,Dom McLaughlin,3B,5’0”/100,R/R,2021,Hanford ,Madera,CA,
,Syler Pillsbury,LHP/1B,5’0”/100,L/L,2021,Minarets ,Madera,CA,
,Hunter Stonier,OF,5’0”/150,R/R,2020,,Madera,CA,
,Jalen White,1B,5’0”/100,R/R,2020,,Madera,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#5 Luke Sula – 3B 2020
Quick hands which get through the zone with decent speed to extension. Pullside pop and with work could develop to all fields. Eliminate front arm casting during load to allow even more lower half to get through for more power

#7 Chase Pinheiro – C 2020
Smooth fundamentally sound mechanics at the plate. Knob gets through to the ball first allowing for good lag with the barrel. Will have an even better approach and more linear swing if the head can stay quiet.

#13 Nolan Inouye – 1B 2020
Strong kid! Consistent with his load every pitch and contains explosive hands. Good pop to all fields, ball jumps off the bat consistently with an easy swing. Competitor and coachable.

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Chicago Cubs Scout Team

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Chicago Cubs Scout Team Roster

0,Justin Deal,SS/2B,5’10”/160,R/R,2020,Monterrey,Monterrey,CA,
2,Casey Kleinman,SS/C,5’8”/160,R/L,2020,Westlake ,Westlake Village,CA,
3,Cato Kleinman,2B/SS,5’8”/160,L/R,2020,Westlake Hs,Westlake Village,CA,
11,Scott Detweiler,LHP,5’10”/160,L/L,2020,Newbury Park,Newbury Park,CA,
16,Ryan Egan,1B/RHP,5’10”/180,R/R,2022,Saugus,Saugus,CA,
16,Ryan Kim,RHP,5’10”/160,R/R,2020,La Canada,La Canada,CA,
17,Josh Wood,OF,/,R/R,2021,El Camino,Na,CA,
18,Mitch Coleman,RHP,5’11”/165,R/R,2021,Monrovia,Monrovia,CA,
18,Julian Galvin,C,5’10”/165,R/R,2020,Crossroads,Na,CA,
22,Kyle Cop,RHP,6’2”/170,R/R,2021,Valencia,Valencia,CA,
22,Cameron Schneider,OF,5’11”/175,R/R,2020,Peninsula,Peninsula,CA,
26,Michael Stell,3B,/,R/R,2021,Saugus,Saugus,CA,
36,Malakai Correll,RHP/OF,5’11”/155,R/R,2020,Cleveland,Woodland Hills,CA,
46,Donovan McAbee,1B/OF,6’0”/200,R/R,2020,Palma,Na,CA,
46,Casey Popham,OF/RHP,6’0”/185,R/R,2020,La Salle,Na,CA,
48,Kyle Grassl,1B,6’5”/185,L/L,2021,Palisades,Na,CA,
51,Ryan Bley,LHP,5’10”/150,L/L,2020,Crossroads,Santa Monica,CA,
54,Wiersma Joseph,RHP,6’5”/220,R/R,,Orange Lutheran,Anaheim,CA,
55,Brendon Durfee,C/1B,6’4”/220,L/R,2020,St. Francis,Na,CA,
56,Brady Heron,C,5’1”/195,R/R,2022,El Camino,Na,CA,
65,Andrew McFarlane,OF/3B,6’1”/165,R/R,2021,Westlake Hs,Thousand Oaks,CA,
66,Avery Hubbard,OF,5’11”/175,L/L,2020,Carmel,Na,CA,
,Gianvito Carriglio,OF,6’1”/200,R/R,2021,Palma,,CA,
,Isaiah Corpus,OF,/,R/R,2020,Palma,,CA,
,Hayden Trowbridge,RHP,/,R/R,2020,Saugus,,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#53 Joseph Wiersma – RHP 2020
Tall strong frame. Short quick arm action. Drives well with lower half. Fastball sat 83-86. Sharp 11/5 break on his curveball

#36 Malakai Correll -OF 2020
Athletic, trusts his hands, short swing, gets knob in front of barrel, good approach with use of whole field, competes at the plate, tough to beat with two strikes

#46 Donovan McAbee – 1B 2020
Big, strong frame, short swing, uses the whole field with plus power, could develop into a power hitter at the next level, strong and repeatable load at the plate

#3 Cato Kleinman – 2B/SS 2020
Athletic frame with a middle of the field approach from the left-handed batters box. Stays short and quick to the baseball with good bat speed, had an exit velocity of 93 mph on a single up the middle. Plus speed on the bases. Defensively, good actions on the infield. Has good footwork, soft hands, and works through the baseball when fielding ground balls. Versatile player who can play multiple infield positions.

#55 Brendon Durfee – C/1B 2020
Tall, strong, and athletic frame behind the plate at 6’4”.  Powerful left-handed bat that projects well to the next level. Plus bat speed, keeps the barrel on plane through the hitting zone, and showed the ability to sit back and adjust to off-speed pitches. Defensively behind the plate,receives and blocks well. Also has a good transfer with a strong arm.

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DB Knights

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DB Knights Roster

2,Tyler Nelson,RHP/OF,5’11”/155,R/R,2021,Shadow Hills ,La Quinta,CA,
5,Justin Watson,3B/2B,5’9”/225,R/R,2020,Shadow Hills ,Indio,CA,
6,Josiah Perez,2B/RHP,5’8”/140,R/R,2020,Shadow Hills ,La Quinta,CA,
7,Julian Cazares,LHP/OF,5’11”/160,L/L,2022,Shadow Hills ,Indio,CA,
7,Micah Uselton,2B/3B,5’7”/154,R/R,2020,Shadow Hills ,La Quinta,CA,
9,Nicholas Brownyard,OF/2B,6’0”/156,R/R,2020,Shadow Hills ,Indio,CA,
10,Jaden Pickowitz,OF/LHP,6’1”/185,L/L,2021,Shadow Hills ,La Quinta,CA,
11,Matthew Gonzales,1B/LF,5’10”/220,R/R,2020,Shadow Hills ,Indio,CA,
13,Kevin Sanchez,3B/2B,5’10”/180,R/R,2021,Shadow Hills ,Coachella,CA,
14,Abraham Calderon,C/3B,5’10”/200,R/R,2022,Shadow Hills ,La Quinta,CA,
15,Dylan Nelson,SS/C,5’11”/163,R/R,2023,Shadow Hills ,La Quinta,CA,
18,Brandon Leon,CF/LHP,5’7”/140,L/L,2022,Shadow Hills ,Indio,CA,
19,Joseph Ibarra,SS/RHP,6’1”/180,R/R,2020,Shadow Hills ,Indio,CA,
22,Robbie Lopez,CF/LF,5’10”/165,L/R,2020,Shadow Hills ,Indio,CA,
23,Jonathan Guerrero,LHP/1B,5’9”/180,L/L,2021,Shadow Hills ,La Quinta,CA,
28,Collin Wood,C/1B,5’10”/175,R/R,2021,Shadow Hills ,La Quinta,CA,
32,Richard Kossa,OF,6’0”/160,R/R,2020,Shadow Hills ,Indio,CA,
66,Humberto Beltran,RHP/3B,6’0”/210,R/R,2021,Shadow Hills ,Coachella,CA,Verbal Long Beach State
73,Josiah Arrieta,1B,5’10”/260,R/R,2020,Shadow Hills ,Indio,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#66 Humberto Beltran – RHP/3B 2021
Strong and stocky frame with a good presence on the mound.  Has a smooth delivery, uses his lower half well, and has quick arm action.  Fastball velocity was 85-86 mph consistently and topped out at 88 mph.  Breaking ball has a late and sharp break.  Commands the zone well with his fastball and off-speed pitches. Committed to Long Beach State.

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JG Baseball 17U Espiritu

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JG Baseball 17U Espiritu Roster

1,Jared Benash,SS/RHP,5’8”/140,R/R,2021,Redlends East Valley,,CA,
4,Matt Mecate,2B/2B,5’6”/145,S/L,2021,Citurs Valley,,CA,
5,Chanceler Chavez,3B/RHP,5’10”/155,R/R,2021,Redlends East Valley,,,
7,Jason Burciaga,SS/2B,5’10”/155,R/L,2021,Ontario Christian,Chino,CA,
8,Jack Tetrault,RHP/1B,6’1”/160,R/R,2021,Redlends East Valley,,CA,
13,Markos Sanchez,C/1B,5’10”/200,R/R,2020,Summit ,Fontana,CA,
14,Daniel Castillo,RHP/OF,/,R/R,2020,Summit ,Fontana,CA,
18,Ryan Mendez,C/1B,6’1”/175,R/R,2020,Ontario Christian,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
21,Nick Sanchez,RHP/3B,6’0”/160,L/R,2021,Rancho Cucamonga ,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
22,Aiden Conaway,LHP/OF,5’10”/130,L/L,2021,Los Osos,,,
23,Kaleb Duran,2B/SS,5’10”/140,R/R,2021,Etiwanda,,,
24,David Adalian,OF,5’9”/140,R/R,2021,Redlends East Valley,,,
25,Caesar Correa,OF/LHP,5’10”/140,L/L,2021,Redlends East Valley,,,
27,Isaias Espiritu,SS/RHP,5’4”/115,S/R,2021,Summit ,Fontana,CA,
28,Erik Guzman,RHP/3B,5’11”/175,R/R,2021,Jurupa Hills,,,
33,Micheal Sanchez,OF/RHP,5’10”/145,R/R,,Ontario Christian,,,
44,Ray Fellows,LHP/1B,5’11”/160,R/L,2021,Redlends East Valley,,,
45,Kody Davis,3B/RHP,5’11”/150,S/R,2021,Jurupa Hills,,,
55,Nolan Kurts,C/RHP,5’9”/160,R/R,2021,Rancho Cucamonga ,,,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#25 Caesar Correa – OF 2021
Wiry frame, athletic, aggressive at the plate, good pullside, good awareness on the bases, good speed

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PFA Matadors

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[peekaboo_content name=“13”]

PFA Matadors Roster

0,David,Gomez,RHP,6’8”/220,R/R,2021,South Western,Pasadena, CA
4,Gavin,Meyer,RHP,6’4”/,R/R,2021,Taqhuitz,Pasadena, CA
5,Nico,Diferdinando,C/OF,5’10”/170,R/R,2021,Corona Del Mar,Pasadena, CA
14,Jeremy,Giesegh,OF/RHP,6’0”/180,R/R,2022,Upland,Pasadena, CA
15,Finnegan,Wall,RHP/IF,6’1”/185,R/R,2021,Sultana,Pasadena, CA
18,Keller,Strauss,1B/LHP,6’3”/190,L/L,2021,Corona Del Mar,Pasadena, CA
20,Blake,Butcher,3B/RHP,6’0”/185,L/R,2021,Corona Del Mar,Pasadena, CA
22,Ryan,Kozma,OF/C,5’11”/180,R/R,2021,Bonita,Pasadena, CA
26,Albert,Robles,LHP/OF,5’11”/170,L/L,2021,Home Schooled,Pasadena, CA
29,Nick,Bacura,C,6’0”/185,R/R,2021,Mira Costa,Pasadena, CA
34,Angelo,Aleman,IF/RHP,6’0”/170,R/R,2022,Notre Dane,Pasadena, CA
50,Jackson,Frankovich,C/1B,6’0”/175,L/R,2022,Notre Dame,Pasadena, CA
82,Melchor,Flores,IF,6’0”/170,R/R,2021,A,Pasadena, CA
83,Kaden,Moeller,1B/LHP,6’0”/175,L/L,2021,King,Pasadena, CA

#20 Blake Butcher – 3B 2021
Strong, athletic build, plus defender with a strong arm, advanced instincts on the corners, power to all fields, potential prospect at the next level

#34 Angelo Aleman – SS 2022
Athletic, plus intincts, solid defender, strong arm, FB: 85mph, potential SS at the next level, committed to USD

#50 Jackson Frankovich – C 2022
Athletic frame behind the plate with room to fill out. A very advanced catcher for his age. Has soft hands and good footwork behind the plate. Receives well and uses a sway to beat the pitch to the location. A good blocker who absorbs balls in the dirt into his chest protector to keep the baseball in front of him. Very good transfer with a quick exchange when throwing. Strong arm and makes accurate throws. Pop time was a 1.95 down to second base. Can definitely catch at the next level.

#15 Finnegan Wall – RHP 2021
Athletic frame with a good tempo on the mound.  Fluid mechanics and uses his lower half to drive downhill through his target. Commanded the zone with his fastball on both sides of the plate.  Breaking ball has a sharp break and can throw it for strikes.  Projects well on the mound. Committed to UC Irvine. Fastball velocity was consistently 83-85 mph.

#4 Gavin Meyer – RHP 2021
Big, physical frame, long levers, FB 85-87mph, over the top delivery, in line with target, good bite on breaking ball at 76mph. Cal State Fullerton commmit

#83 Kaden Moeller – 1B/LHP 2021
Athletic, strong, moves well around the bag at 1B, aggressive at the plate, on the mound, FB 84-86mph, attacks hitters, Long Beach State commit

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So Cal Bombers

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[peekaboo_content name=“10”]

So Cal Bombers Roster

2,Cole Vargas,RHP,/,R/R,2021,Quartz Hill,,,
4,Luke Leal,RHP,/,,2021,Ontario Christian,,,
6,Nathan Martinez,SS/RHP,/,R/R,,Vista Murrieta,,,
7,Steven Mara,CF,/,,2021,Claremont,,,
8,Caden Byers,1B/RHP,/,R/R,2021,Murrieta Mesa,,,
10,Carson Collett,3B,/,R/R,2021,Glendora,,,
11,Jacob Haringa,RHP,/,R/R,2021,Ontario Christian,,,
12,Alec Castillo,2B/SS,/,R/R,2021,Norco,,,
17,Ryan Kim,1B/RHP,/,R/R,2021,San Dimas,,,
19,Matthew Rice,C,/,R/R,2021,Sab Dimas,,,
23,Adam Aguirre,2B,/,,2021,Claremount,,,
24,Ryan Reddemann,LHP/OF,/,L/L,2021,Quartz Hill,,,
27,Zack Bauer,RHP/1B,/,R/R,2021,Charter Oak,,,
33,Luke White,RHP/1B,/,R/R,2021,Yucaipa,,,
34,Anthony Reza,OF/RHP,5’10”/165,R/R,2021,California,Whittier,CA,
49,Zachary Casey,OF,/,R/R,2021,Murrieta Mesa,,,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#8 Kaden Byers – RHP 2021
Big, tall strong frame, repeatable delivery, effortless fastball at 82mph, sharp 12/6 break on off speed, above average change up, a lot of swing and miss

#11 Dylan Schwartz – RHP 2020
Slim slender frame, violent delivery, above average 12/6 breaking ball, a lot of swing and misses, FB velo up to 89mph, Committed to Pepperdine

#19 Matthew Rice – C 2021
Athletic build. Offensively, keeps the barrel on plane through the hitting zone getting good backspin and carry on the baseball. Good bat speed with power to the pull-side. Defensively, very advanced tools behind the plate. Receives and blocks well, has soft hands, and beats the ball to the location. Clean transfer with a strong and accurate arm throwing down to second base. Tools project well to the next level.

#6 Nathan Martinez – SS 2021
Athletic and strong frame. Offensively, middle of the field approach with good bat speed. Stays balanced, keeps the barrel on plane, and keeps his hands inside the baseball. Defensively, good pre-pitch movement and communicates well at SS. Smooth fielding mechanics with quick feet and a strong throw across the diamond. Tools project well to the next level. Committed to the University of Nevada.

#17 Ryan Kim – 1B/OF 2021
Strong and athletic frame. Offensively, has plus bat speed with power to all fields. Barrel stays on plane through the hitting zone with good extension through contact. Defensively, can play first base and the OF. Has a strong arm, runs well, and will continue to develop as he matures. Tools project well to the next level. Committed to Cal Baptist.

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So Cal Diablos

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[peekaboo_content name=“6”]

So Cal Diablos Roster

0,Marcus Jacob Cervantes,LHP/OF,5’7”/130,R/L,2022,Kennedy ,Buena Park,CA,
1,Jacob Jones,LF/CF,6’0”/165,R/R,2021,South East ,Compton,CA,
2,Brandon Azzato,OF/1B,5’8”/150,R/L,2020,Artesia ,Lakewood,CA,
3,Nicholas Toney,RF/LF,5’10”/146,R/R,2021,Los Alamitos ,Bellflower,CA,
5,Elijah Granflour,2B/OF,5’4”/105,R/R,2022,Cerritos ,Cerritos,CA,
7,Manuel Zuniga,2B/SS,5’8”/140,R/R,2020,Southeast ,Norwalk,CA,
12,Michael Mercado,OF/1B,5’10”/175,R/R,2022,La Mirada,La Mirada,CA,
15,Nathaniel Lopez,CF/LF,5’9”/145,R/R,2020,Cerritos ,Norwalk,CA,
16,Angel Riveroll,3B/RHP,5’10”/215,R/R,2021,Southeast ,Los Angeles,CA,
20,Jacob Guzman,RHP/OF,6’0”/190,R/R,2020,Cerritos ,Norwalk,CA,
21,Anthony Medina,RHP/C,5’10”/180,R/R,2021,South East ,Los Angeles,CA,
22,Jason Shin,SS/RHP,5’8”/145,R/R,2020,Whitney ,Cerritos,CA,
22,Tyler Udria,3B/C,6’1”/199,R/R,2021,Los Alamitos,Lakewood,CA,
23,Luke Ross,3B/1B,6’0”/175,R/R,2022,Kennedy ,Cypress,CA,
28,Michael Campos,C/SS,5’9”/135,R/R,2020,Whitney ,Norwalk,CA,
39,Lucas Ponder,SS/OF,5’8”/130,R/R,2022,Kennedy ,Cypress,CA,
56,Derek Rodriguez,C/1B,5’10”/215,R/R,2020,Cerritos ,Artesia,CA,
66,Eduardo Sanchez,RHP/SS,6’0”/152,R/R,2021,South East ,South Gate,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#7 Manuel Zuniga – 2B/SS 2020
Lean and athletic frame with room to add strength. Offensively, stays short and quick to the baseball with a gap to gap approach, as well as some power to the pull-side. Defensively, versatile infielder can play both MIF positions. Good pre-pitch set up, soft hands, moves well laterally, and has an average arm which can improve with added strength.

#28 Michael Campos – C/SS 2020
Athletic frame, stays short and quick to the baseball with good bat speed. Looks to hit early in the count and has a middle of the field approach, working from gap to gap with some power. Defensively at SS, has soft hands with good footwork and a good arm.

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Team Trinity

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[peekaboo_content name=“16”]

Team Trinity Roster

2,Eric Celis,RHP,5’9”/155,R/R,2020,Valley View,Moreno Valley,CA,
3,Greg Luna,2B/RHP,5’7”/140,R/R,2022,Canyon Springs,Moreno Valley,CA,
6,Eleazar Cuevas,IF/RHP,6’0”/160,R/R,2020,Canyon Springs,Moreno Valley,CA,
7,Tyler Simmons,LHP/1B,6’2”/190,L/L,2020,West Valley,Hemet,CA,
8,Joshua Limas,RHP/OF,5’6”/165,L/R,2020,Heritage,Nuevo,CA,
9,Matthew Chavez,C/3B,5’11”/155,R/R,2021,Grand Terrace,Colton,CA,
13,Brandon Flores,C/SS,5’11”/185,R/R,2020,Lakeside,Lake Elsinore,CA,
18,Zackary Toohey,3B/2B,6’0”/180,R/R,2020,Lakeside,Lake Elsinore,CA,
19,Travis Herbert,RHP/OF,6’1”/200,R/R,2021,Temescal Canyon,Canyon Lake,CA,
23,Frank Camarillo,3B/RHP,6’0”/150,R/R,2022,Canyon Springs,Moreno Valley,CA,
24,Aidan Magana,OF/LHP,5’6”/140,L/L,2022,Canyon Springs,Moreno Valley,CA,
34,Ryan Palaskis,RHP,6’2”/150,R/R,2022,King,Riverside,CA,
47,Tyler Herbert,C/OF,6’0”/170,R/R,2022,Temescal Canyon,Canyon Lake,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#7 Tyler Simmons – 1B 2020
Good frame, good eye at the plate, patient, gap to gap power, quick hands, stays inside the ball well, decent, quick feet, moves well around the bag

#19 Travis Hebert – RHP 2021
Good body and frame with room to gain athleticism. Firm fastball touched 87mph that commands bottom half of zone with, while also dropping arm angle for run. Fair curve and change up off fastball.

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Trombly Baseball Blue

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[peekaboo_content name=“1”]

Trombly Baseball Blue Roster

10,Chase,Kanegae,3B/RHP,6’00”/180,L/R,2020,Crean Lutheran,Tustin, CA
11,Matthew,Dobson,3B,6’00”/180,R/R,2021,Capo Valley,Mission Viejo, CA
12,Ryan,Faulks,SS/RHP,6’02”/175,R/R,2021,Trabuco Hills,Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
19,James,Showalter,RHP,6’01”/140,R/R,2021,Mission Viejo,Mission Viejo, CA
27,Caleb,Oddo,1B/RHP,5’09”/165,R/R,2020,Trabuco Hills,Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
28,Gavin,Botts,OF,6’02”/190,R/R,2020,El Toro,Lake Forest, CA
31,Marcus,Weinzimer,C,6’00”/190,R/R,2020,Trabuco Hills,Mission Viejo, CA
35,Justin,Crosbie,OF,5’10”/170,R/R,2021,Trabuco Hills,Mission Viejo, CA
36,Danny,Suarez,RHP,6’03”/200,R/R,2021,Trabuco Hills,Mission Viejo, CA
44,Michael,Pollard,OF,5’11”/180,R/R,2021,Mission Viejo,Trabuco Canyon, CA
52,Danny,Gaggiano,RHP,6’00”/165,R/R,2020,Trabuco Hills,Lake Forest, CA
67,Trevor,Dougherty,RHP/OF,5’09”/140,R/R,2020,Trabuco Hills,Mission Viejo, CA
70,Colby,Weyant,RHP,6’03”/200,R/R,2020,Brea,Brea, CA
87,Gabe,Bustamante,C/RHP,6’02”/195,R/R,2021,Webb,Upland, CA
92,Niko,Cladopulos,SS/2B,5’10”/155,R/R,2020,El Toro,Lake Forest, CA

#70 Colby Weyant – RHP 2020
Good frame throws a lot of strikes out of 3/4 arm slot with a plus change up and plus sweeping slider. Funky delivery constantly keeping hitters off balance. Velo will improve with maturity and strength training

#31 Marcus Weinzimer – C 2020
Good actions, clean feet and use of legs to receive on both sides of the plate, compfortable and dependable for pitcher, glove stays quiet, strong hands and compact swing through the middle, gap hitter

#35 Justin Crosbie – OF 2021
Athletic, smart player, plays the game hard, coachable and fundamentally adept, pays attention to swings and positioning, compact and short swing, stays lineal with shoulders

#36 Danny Suarez – RHP 2021
Tall, lanky frame, simple and repeatable mechanics, loose arm, high 3/4 arm slot, FB: 85-87mph, decent breaking ball 72-74mph, commanded three pitches for strikes at anytime

#92 Niko Cladopulos – SS 2020
Athletic, moves well defensively, exceptional on the bases, 6.53 60 time, smooth transitional swing, good extension through the ball, multiple tools

#12 Ryan Faulks – RHP/SS 2021
Tall and athletic frame. Works at a good tempo on the mound. Has good mechanics and uses a lot of lower half to generate a downhill plane towards his target. Has loose arm on the mound with arm side run on his fastball.  Fastball velocity was 84-86 mph and topped out at 88 mph.  Also has a good slider and changeup that he throws for strikes.  Offensively, has good bat speed, stays short to the baseball, and keeps his barrel on plane through the hitting zone with good extension through contact.

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Trombly Baseball Red

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[peekaboo_content name=“5”]

Trombly Baseball Red Roster

22,Hunter,Romiti,LHP,5’09”/170,L/L,2021,Tesoro,Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
24,Mason,Reick,1B/OF,5’10”/165,R/R,2021,Tesoro,Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
32,Zander,Bretza,SS/RHP,5’10”/150,R/R,2022,Segerstrom,Santa Ana, CA
33,Jack,Moulin,SS/OF,5’11”/150,R/R,2022,Dana Hills,San Clemente, CA
34,Cesar,Najera,RHP,6’02”/180,R/R,2020,El Toro,Foothill Ranch, CA
40,Cade,McClelland,1B/OF,6’05”/210,L/L,2021,Mission Viejo,Mission Viejo, CA
45,Edgar,DE La Torre,RHP/3B,5’10”/210,R/R,2021,Warren,Downey, CA
54,Alex,Qu,C/RHP,6’00”/200,R/R,2021,University,Irvine, CA
59,Luke,Wallin,OF,6’00”/145,R/R,2021,Crean Lutheran,Orange, CA
79,Bryce,Debonis,C/3B,5’10”/165,R/R,2022,Riverside Poly,Riverside, CA
80,Alejandro,Espinoza,RHP/OF,6’00”/185,R/R,2021,El Toro,Mission Viejo, CA
82,Brendan,Frazier,OF/LHP,5’10”/165,L/L,2021,Redlands,Redlands, CA
86,Troy,Grabowski,SS/RHP,6’00”/190,R/R,2020,Upland,Montebello, CA
99,Ethan,Lee,OF/LHP,5’10”/145,L/L,2020,Sunny Hills,Fullerton, CA

#24 Mason Reick – 1B/OF 2021
Athletic build with very good speed. Offensively, plus bat speed and gets good extension through contact with the ability to backspin balls into the gaps with good carry. Defensively at 1B, moves well around the bag with good footwork, athletic first baseman.

#54 Alex Qu – C 2021
Strong and stocky build. Offensively, good presence in the batters box and has a good feel for the zone. Plus bat speed with gap to gap power. Has the ability to hit the ball to all fields. Defensively behind the plate, has a strong arm with a good transfer. Receives well, blocking and lateral movement are still developing, but will get better over time.

#80 Alejandro Espinoza – OF 2021
Athletic frame with room to add strength. Offensively, short and quick to the baseball, keeps his hands inside the baseball, and has good bat speed. Defensively in CF, has very good range, takes good routes, gets good reads on balls off the bat, and has an above average arm that will get stronger as he matures.

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WBA Dirtbags

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[peekaboo_content name=“2”]

WBA Dirtbags Roster

1,Eddie Zapata,OF/RHP,5’9”/145,R/R,2022,Bishop Alemany,Simi Valley,CA,
5,Andrew Haro,C/RHP,5’10”/185,R/R,2021,Simi Valley ,Simi Valley,CA,
6,Donnie Silecchio,CF/OF,5’9”/165,L/R,2021,Simi ,Simi Valley,CA,
8,Brendan Klugman,RHP/OF,6’2”/175,R/R,2020,Simi ,Simi Valley,CA,
9,Aidan Phipps,LHP/OF,5’9”/160,L/L,2021,Simi ,Simi Valley,CA,
16,Zach Serup,LHP/OF,5’9”/155,L/L,2023,Moorpark ,Moorpark,CA,
42,Dominic Herrera,C/1B,6’1”/195,R/R,2020,Oxnard ,Port Hueneme,CA,
55,Jason Grisales,2B/C,5’7”/150,R/R,2021,Saint Bonaventure,Santa Paula,CA,
56,Paden Riley,SS/RHP,5’8”/175,R/R,2020,Simi ,Simi Valley,CA,
96,Eldridge Armstrong,RHP/3B,6’3”/205,R/,2021,Oaks Christian,Simi Valley,CA,
99,Dominic Womack,SS/RHP,5’11”/170,S/R,2021,Simi Valley ,Simi Valley,CA,
,Austin Cucchias,,/,,,,,,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#96 Eldridge Armstrong – RHP 2021
Big and physical frame. Controlled and repeatable delivery. Fastball 84-87mph. Breaking ball 69-72mph. Very projectable.

#56 Paden Riley – SS/RHP 2020
Stocky frame. Works at a good tempo on the mound. Fastball was in the low 80’s, kept hitters off balance by being able to throw his breaking ball for strikes, and commanded both sides of the plate. Offensively, has good bat speed from the right handed batters box. Stays short and quick to the baseball with plus power to the pull-side. Hit a homerun to left field in the game on 11/1.

#5 Andrew Haro – C/RHP 2021
Medium and strong build. Stays composed at the plate and has a good feel for the strike zone. Has a gap to gap approach.  Stays short and quick to the baseball with good bat speed.

#99 Dominic Womack – SS 2021
Athletic frame with very good speed.  Aggressive approach and confident at the plate.  Has good bat speed and uses the whole field with gap to gap power.  Defensively at SS, has soft hands, moves well laterally, and has a good arm throwing across the diamond.

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West Coast Clippers SD

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[peekaboo_content name=“3”]

West Coast Clippers SD Roster

2,Tristan Dougherty,OF,5’9”/172,R/R,2021,Poway,San Diego,CA,
4,Daniel Esqueda,SS/3B,5’9”/155,R/R,2020,Centennial,San Diego,CA,
5,Martin Castillo,IF/OF,5’10”/178,L/R,2020,Great Oak,San Diego,CA,
6,Taylor Diaz,RHP/OF,6’3”/190,R/R,2023,Cathedral Catholic,San Diego,CA,
8,Sebastian Lopez,LHP,5’10”/180,L/L,2020,Great Oak,San Diego,CA,
9,Ethan Heider-McNish,3B/RHP,6’3”/195,R/R,2022,Granite Hills,San Diego,CA,
10,Kaleb Castro,IF/RHP,5’9”/145,R/R,2020,Nu Vue,San Diego,CA,
11,Brian Hazelwood,OF/LHP,5’9”/150,R/L,2020,El Camino,San Diego,CA,
12,TJ Matthews,OF/IF,5’10”/172,R/R,2020,Vista Murrieta,San Diego,CA,
13,Ethan Babcock-Barrie,C/1B,6’3”/200,R/R,2020,Scripps Ranch,San Diego,CA,
14,Ryan Williams,RHP,5’11”/145,R/R,2021,Poway,San Diego,CA,
15,Tyler Hakes,C/2B,5’9”/165,R/R,2021,Valley Center,San Diego,CA,
16,Ryan Hakes,1B/RHP,6’1”/180,R/R,2020,Valley Center,San Diego,CA,
17,Hunter Denney,RHP/OF,6’1”/168,R/R,2020,Corona,San Diego,CA,
18,David Rodriguez,IF/RHP,6’0”/165,R/R,2020,Escondido,San Diego,CA,
19,Jacob Mantiply,LHP,6’0”/185,L/L,2020,Great Oak,San Diego,CA,
20,Jared Duenas,IF/OF,5’9”/150,R/R,2020,Great Oak,San Diego,CA,
21,Jake Pearlman,IF/RHP,5’11”/170,R/R,2020,Torrey Pines,San Diego,CA,
22,Evan McCleery-Brown,RHP/OF,6’0”/188,R/R,2020,Torrey Pines,San Diego,CA,
23,Garret Davis,RHP,6’0”/170,R/R,2021,Mission Hills,San Diego,CA,
24,Isaiah Lopez,C/IF,6’1”/190,R/R,2020,Great Oak,San Diego,CA,
34,Jared Benham,C/2B,5’9”/220,R/R,2020,Poway,San Diego,CA,
51,Ethan Van Scoy,LHP,6’2”/195,L/L,2021,Temecula Valley,San Diego,CA,[/table][/peekaboo_content]

#13 Ethan Babcock-Barrie – C 2020
Decent actions behind the plate, stays quiet in the setup with his glove and feet, plus arm, ok feet, consistent pop 2.02-2.05, clean transfer

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Top Fastball Velocities

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”100|250|250|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
MPH,Name,Team Name,Pos,YOG
89,Jacob Haringa,So Cal Bombers,RHP,2021
88,Humberto Beltran,DB Knights,RHP,2021
88,Ryan Faulks,Trombly Blue,RHP,2021
87,Adam Axtel,CA Senators,RHP,2020
87,Eldridge Armstrong,WBA Dirtbags,RHP,2021
87,Travis Hebert,Team Trinity,RHP,2021
87,Gavin Meyer,PFA Matadors,RHP,2021
87,Ely Ruiz,BR Baseball,LHP,2022
87,Danny Suarez,Trombly Blue,RHP,2021
86,Kaden Moeller,PFA Matadors,LHP,2021
86,Joseph Wiersma,Cubs Scout Team,RHP,2020
85,Angelo Aleman,PFA Matadors,RHP,2022
85,Justin Drury,BR Baseball,RHP,2020
85,Finnegan Wall,PFA Matadors,RHP,2021
84,Martin Delgado,BR Baseball,RHP,2021
84,David Gomez,PFA Matadors,RHP,2021
84,Nolan Inouye,CBA Marlins Upper,RHP,2020
83,Coleman Mitchell,Cubs Scout Team,RHP,2021
83,David Rodriguez,WC Clippers,RHP,2020
83,Nate Padilla,CBA Marlins Upper,RHP,2020


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Testing Leaderboards
Top 60 Yard Dashes | Top Raw Velo | Top Exit VeloBack to Top

Click here to see National Leaderboards by test and year of graduation. Results from all Factory Athletics events (including this one) are considered, and will appear if the minimum qualification is met for each test.

PLEASE NOTE: The system does not update automatically, please allow 2-3 weeks for database updates following the completion of this event.

Top 60 Yard Dashes

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”100|250|250|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
Sec,Name,Team Name,Pos,YOG
6.53,Niko Cladopulos,Trombly Blue,SS,2020
6.90,Hayden Trowbridge,Chicago Cubs Scout,RHP,2020
6.91,Gavin Botts,Trombly Blue,OF,2020
6.91,Ryan Faulks,Trombly Blue,SS,2021
6.96,Eduardo Sanchez,So Cal Diablos,SS,2021
7.08,Tyler Nelson,DB Knights,OF,2021
7.09,Isaiah Corpus,Chicago Cubs Scout,OF,2020
7.09,Nate Padilla,CBA Marlins Upper,SS,2020
7.09,Mason Reick,Trombly Red,1B,2021
7.10,Nicholas Toney,So Cal Diablos,OF,2021

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Top Raw Velocities

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”100|250|250|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
MPH,Name,Team Name,Pos,YOG
93,Ryan Faulks,Trombly Blue,SS,2021
91,Hayden Trowbridge,Chicago Cubs Scout,RHP,2020
90,Alejandro Espinoza,Trombly Red,OF,2021
89,Gavin Botts,Trombly Blue,OF,2020
88,Humberto Beltran,DB Knights,RHP,2021
88,Niko Cladopulos,Trombly Blue,SS,2020
88,Nolan Inouye,CBA Marlins Upper,1B,2020
88,Eduardo Sanchez,So Cal Diablos,SS,2021
88,Andrew Stanley,CA Senators,1B,2021
87,Matthew Chavez,Team Trinity,C,2021
87,Travis Herbert,Team Trinity,OF,2021
86,Julian Cazares,DB Knights,OF,2022
86,Mason Reick,Trombly Red,1B,2021
85,Gabe Bustamonte,Trombly Blue,C,2021
85,Isaiah Corpus,Chicago Cubs Scout,OF,2020
85,Eleazar Cuevas,Team Trinity,INF,2020
85,Anthony Medina,So Cal Diablos,C,2021
85,Jaden Pickowitz,DB Knights,OF,2021
84,Jared Buys, CA Senators,C,2020
84,Brandon Flores,Team Trinity,C,2020
84,Tyler Herbert,Team Trinity,C,2022
84,Jacob Jones,So Cal Diablos,OF,2021
84,Aidan Magana,Team Trinity,OF,2022
84,Nate Padilla,CBA Marlins Upper,SS,2020
83,JP Acosta,CBA Marlins Under,SS,2023
83,Frank Camarillo,Team Trinity,3B,2022
83,Ethan Lee,Trombly Red,OF,2020
83,Greg Luna,Team Trinity,2B,2022
83,Nicholas Toney,So Cal Diablos,OF,2021
83,Tyler Tran,CA Senators,POS,2021

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Top Bat Exit Velocities

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”100|250|250|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
MPH,Name,Team Name,Pos,YOG
90,Nolan Inouye,CBA Marlins Upper,1B,2020
88,Jaden Pickowitz,DB Knights,OF,2021
87,Isaiah Corpus,Chicago Cubs Scout,OF,2020
87,Korey Likens,CBA Marlins Upper,OF,2021
86,Gavin Botts,Trombly Blue,OF,2020
86,Ryan Faulks,Trombly Blue,SS,2021
86,Brandon Flores,Team Trinity,C,2020
86,Eduardo Sanchez,So Cal Diablos,SS,2021
85,Travis Herbert,Team Trinity,OF,2021
85,Nate Padilla,CBA Marlins Upper,SS,2020
85,Hayden Trowbridge,Chicago Cubs Scout,RHP,2020
84,Jared Buys, CA Senators,C,2020[/table]

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