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Friday, June 23 – Sunday, June 25
IMG Academy – Bradenton, FL

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* Published rosters represent the information provided by the responsible coach or official for each team

* PLEASE NOTE: Players written up on the scouting blog were identified by our scouting staff based on the demonstration of notable tool(s) and/or skill(s). While WE DO NOT KEEP STATS, we are watching for standout performers on the mound, at the plate, in the field and on the bases. However, a performance WITHOUT the presence of requisite tool(s) and/or skill(s) IS NOT considered standout — we are looking for players with the tool(s) and/or skill(s) to play beyond the high school level.

5 Star National

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#2 Christian Cairo – SS/IF
Started scoring with RBI single in 1st inning to get tournament kicked off. Quality right-handed stroke. Quiet in the box, patient and mature approach. Excellent infield actions, easy on line carry to throws.

#12 JB Brown – 3B/RHP
— Good footwork to play thru the ball, good hands with quick relase, accurate arm across the diamond, polished defender with athletic body.
— Repeatable mechanics and arm action. Fastball was 84-85 mph to go with a true 12-6 curveball in the low 70s.

#13 Duncan Lutz – RHP
Projetable body at 6-foot-4 and 163 pounds, has more in the tank. Works downhill well. Fastball up to 85, curveball in the low 70s.

#14 Kyle Hilton – C
Sits well behind the plate. Natural, coordinated and efficient move to throw with arm strength for pop time of 1.97 between innings.

#20 Josh Kinker – LHP
Decpive LHP. Gets very good extension out front, repeatable mechanics, holds runners well. Fastball up to 87, pitched around 84. 1-to-7 CB with late tilt up to 74 mph.

#6 Brian Baughman – LHP/OF
Sound right-handed swing. Lead off game with hard hit single up the middle on the first pitch he saw. Came in out of bullpen, showed coordinated delivery with some athleticism. Aggressive with fastball, topped at 85 mph. Rounded out a solid three pitch mix with a curveball and changeup.

#10 Justin Koehler – RHP
FB 86-87 with tailing arm side life. CB had three quarter tilt 75-78 with some depth. In short outing showed ability to throw strikes with both fastball and breaking ball.

#22 Dante Visconti – RHP
Solid pitchers build at 6-foot-2 and 200 pounds. Worked from three quarters to low three quarters arm angle. Fastball had arm side run in the 82-84 mph range, topped at 86. Breaking ball had 10-4 shape with some late bite.

#19 Paul Labriola – LHP
Long levered left-hander 6-foot-5 and 175 pounds. Showed feel for pitching with a quality three pitch mix. Threw a high volume of FB strikes at 80-82 mph, topped at 83. Appeared to have two different breaking balls, and showed command of his change in the low to mid 70s.

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Dulins Dodgers

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#2 Cameron Barlow – LHP
Projectable body. Worked quickly. Deception. Good arm side life to FB. Worked both sides of plate. FB up to 84.

#10 Maurice Hampton Jr. – OF
— Strong frame, drew comps to a young Bo Jackson. Plus runner. Quick hands thru the zone. Covers a lot of ground in the OF. Has arm strength.
— Showed off his defensive ability today. Flashed outstanding closing speed while making a diving catch in CF. Threw out a runner at the plate from center field, showed arm strength and clean release.

#50 Jack Sajwaj – LHP
Deceptive delivery, worked quick. Fastball had arm side sink. Topped at 84.

#00 Dalton Freeman – SS
Good body and actions. Confident defender, can go in either direction to make plays. Hit in three slot, went down and got a low fastball for a single the other way, and went back to right field for an RBI line drive single later in the looks. Appears to have an advanced feel for the game.

#9 Ty Leatherwood – C
Physical build. Looks comfortable behind the plate, receives well, clean and efficient exchange. Low pop time of 1.93 between innings. Stands in well from the right side of the plate. Confident hitter that sees the ball well, and has made a number of quality passes for hard game contact.

#12 Lavonte Pogue – RHP
Projectable frame with length at 6-foot-3 and 180 pounds. Pitched at 81-82 mph with his fatball, topped at 84. Spun an 11-5 shaped breaking ball with confidence. Has upside in room to make his delivery more efficient to utilize his leverage.

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Georgia Jackets

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#2 Chase Durham – 3B
Athletic defender, reacts well to ball off bat. Made a nice play on chopper down 3B line to throw out runner at the plate. Doubled down the left field line.

#4 Jonathon Cannon – RHP
Great pitchers frame, listed at 6-foot-5 and 175 pounds. Goes full windup, but its athletic and repeatable. Clean arm action, good finish to his pitches. Got plane to fastball, worked between 85 and 87. Breaking ball was slurvy at 69-73 mph, but was an out pitch for him when used it down and away to right-handed hitters. Showed some feel for his seldomly used changeup. Hit cleanup, and doubled over the head of the left fielder.

#6 Sam Darling – OF
Hitterish look at the plate. Good bat to ball skills. Showed some easy pop in a one hop double off the left field wall. Lined out to center field, and lined a hard hit single to right center. Cut down a runner at the plate with a nice throw from center field.

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Georgia Titans

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#16 Wesley Wade – 3B
— Athletic defender at 3B with nice hands and ability to make plays on the run and off balance. Made nice play on foul popup down the left field line, and on ground ball to glove side.
— Good pitchers frame with some projection. Fastball up to 83 with some downhill plane. Some effort to delivery, but he competed in the zone. Curveball had big break at 68-71, flashed some bit at times.

#14 Justin Barnes – MIF
Balanced setup, athletic body. Let the ball travel, patient and mature approach. Good swing plane, found barrel.

#5 Victor Scott – OF
Wiry, athletic frame. Among the best runners at the event in the 60 yard dash
with 6.68. Quiet and under control with body into launch, solid move to ball
from the left side.

#11 Will Ingram – C/2B
Solid all around defender behind the plate. Sat well and showed feel for
receiving. Moved his feet well to throw and featured a compact arm stroke and
release. Good rhytym to hit, patient approach with ability to adjust and to get
the barrel to the ball.

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MSI Baseball

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#35 Steven Loden – 3B/SS
Mature approach at the plate, good swings vs tough LHP after showing loose and full move in pre-game BP.

#9 Gabe Rappa – LHP
Strike thrower with deceptive and sneaky fastball. Commanded in and out, worked 81-82 throughout entire complete game, topped at 83 early. Showed advanced feel for changeup between 71 ad 74. Showed a mid 60s breaking ball as his third pitch.

#22 Matt Headley – OF
After showing a coordinated stroke that produced line drives from gap to gap in BP on Saturday morning, he followed it up with a number of quality at bats to highlight his feel for hitting and ability to deliver the barrel to ball against both fastballs and off speed stuff.

#44 Brandon Drapeau – 1B
Has a large, long frame at 6-foot-5 and 230 pounds. Showed good leverage in his stroke in BP, and followed that up with quality at bats later in the day Saturday. He appears to have a knack for getting the barrel to the ball, and can produce loud contact as well – as evidenced by a sizzling line drive back up the box that narrowly missed the pitcher.

#66 Jeff Extor – LHP
Good tempo, consistent balance point. Long arm path. Projectable body. Aggressive in the strike zone. Very good extension out front. Recorded all four outs via strikeout. Fastball 85-88.

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NE Baseball

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#9 Sean O’Connell – RHP
Good tempo. Repeatable mechanics. FB up to 84. Showed feel for 75-76 mph CH.

#3 Matt Joyce – RHP
Athletic, repeatable delivery with a quick arm. Excellent mound presence, worked
quickly and pounded the strike zone. Commanded fastball in and out, sat 83-84
mph. Showed great feel for a sharp 11-5 breaking ball in the 73-74 mph range.
Advanced feel for pitching with quality stuff, Boston College commit.

#22 Nick McDonald – RHP
6-foot-1 RHP with easy arm stroke. Ball jumped out of his hand, sat 84-86 with
arm side life early, touched 87. Breaking ball was 70-71 mph with rolling two
plane break. Worked both sides of the plate well, good mound presence.

#1 Michael Bean – RHP
Worked from a fluid, balanced delivery. Solid arm stroke. Worked quickly and
threw a high volume of FB strikes early in outing. Fastball had some cut action,
sat around 80, touched 82 mph. Spun solid breaking ball with three quarters
action in the upper 60s.

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St. Louis Pirates

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#1 Kurtis Byrne – C/1B
Generates bat speed from aggressive move, ball comes off hard, loft pull power in BP. Stayed through the ball well.

#4 Evan Gray – RHP
FB sat consistently 81-83, topped 84. Breaking ball was 74-75 from high 3/4 slot with bite to two-plane action. Strike thrower with FB and CB.

#6 Chase Krogman – OF/LHP
Hitter actions, lots of barrel accuracy in BP that carried through to game one, sac fly to RF had big hang time to pull side, bases loaded single was to left center field and showed good patience and discipline. Covered a lot of ground, made two nice ranging plays in CF.

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Virginia Cardinals

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#19 Jimmy Starnes – RHP
Fastball 87-89 with arm side run. Attacked zone with FB, strike thrower with command to opposite arm side. Arm worked well back and through, and with quickness and life out front. Showed breaking ball, but primarily attacked with FB.

#21 Ty Barker – RHP
Projectable body. Works downhill with fastball. Loose arm path. Good direction. Solid feel for
changeup. Has upside. FB 81-83, CB 69-72

#50 Parker Wilburn – C
Strong, physical kid. Simple load, high finish. Creates plus bat speed. Power to all fields, doubled to LCF one-hop off wall, triple to RF. Game winning HR on Friday. Has some upside behind the plate, room to improve throwing.

#35 Michael Tolson – OF/RHP
Athletic two-way player with well-rounded ability. Good runner (6.94 60 yds) with a projectable frame at 6-foot-1 and 175 pounds. Saw the ball well at the plate, flashed a short quick stroke when was in rhythm. Repeatable delivery on the mound, reached 85 mph with fastball and pitched around 82-83. Spun 11-5 breaking ball in the upper 60s.

#2 Brett Cook – 2B
Compact, athletic frame with strength. Among the better runners in the 60 yard dash at the event (6.81), he is a very aggressive base stealer. Over the course of Friday and Saturday, he stole second, third and home at least once each. He featured a compact right-handed stroke with strength, and made a nice diving play up the middle at 2B.

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Top Fastball Velocities

Velo Name Team (#) YOG Pos
89 Jimmy Starnes Virginia Cardinals #19 2019 RHP
88 Jeff Extor MSI Baseball #66 2020 LHP
87 Jonathon Cannon Georgia Jackets #4 2019 RHP
87 Josh Kinker 5 Star National #20 2019 LHP
87 Justin Koehler 5 Star National #10 2019 RHP
87 Nick McDonald Northeast Baseball #22 RHP
86 Dante Visconti 5 Star National #22 2019 RHP
85 Brian Baughman 5 Star National #6 2019 LHP
85 JB Brown 5 Star National #12 2019 RHP
85 Duncan Lutz 5 Star National #13 2019 RHP
85 Michael Tolson Virginia Cardinals #35 2019 RHP
84 Cameron Barlow Dulins Dodgers #2 2018 LHP/OF
84 Evan Gray St. Louis Pirates #4 2019 RHP
84 Matt Joyce Northeast Baseball #3 2020 RHP
84 Sean O'Connell Northeast Baseball #9 2019 RHP
84 Brendan O'Donnell MSI Baseball #19 2019 RHP
84 Lavonte Pogue Dulins Dodgers #12 2019 RHP
84 Jack Sajwaj Dulins Dodgers #15 2019 LHP
83 Ty Barker Virginia Cardinals #21 2019 RHP
83 Brandon Blume Georgia Jackets #36 2019 RHP
83 Paul Labriola 5 Star National #19 2019 LHP
83 Gabe Rappa MSI Baseball #9 2019 LHP
83 Wesley Wade Georgia Titans #16 2019 RHP
82 Kyle Babcock Georgia Jackets #10 2019 RHP
82 Michael Bean Northeast Baseball #1 2019 RHP
82 Sam Darling Georgia Jackets #6 2019 RHP
82 Devin Miles Virginia Cardinals #7 2019 RHP

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Top 60 Yard Dashes

Sec Name Team (#) YOG Pos
6.60 Maurice Hampton Jr. Dulins Dodgers #10 2019 OF
6.61 Chance Burns Georgia Jackets #8 2019 2B/SS
6.68 Victor Scott Georgia Titans #5 2019 LHP/OF
6.75 Landon Parks Georgia Jackets #28 2019 SS
6.76 Sam Darling Georgia Jackets #6 2019 OF/RHP
6.77 Chase Durham Georgia Jackets #2 2019 3B/2B
6.78 Hayden Burns Georgia Titans #2 2019 RHP
6.78 Wesley Wade Georgia Titans #16 2019 RHP/SS
6.80 Nick McDonald Northeast Baseball #22 2019 RHP
6.81 Brett Cook Virginia Cardinals #2 2019 IF
6.89 Ben Kaliher Northeast Baseball #4 2019 SS
6.89 Cole Torino Northeast Baseball #2 2019 2B
6.91 Christian Cairo 5 Star National #2 2019 MIF
6.91 Michael Margarite Georgia Jackets #21 2019 2B/SS
6.93 Murphy Flood Georgia Titans #20 2019 RHP/1B
6.93 Gavin Grubbs Georgia Titans #9 2019 SS/3B
6.94 Grayson Kcraget Virginia Cardinals #1 2019 OF
6.94 Michael Tolson Virginia Cardinals #35 2019 OF/RHP
6.96 CJ Washington Jr. Dulins Dodgers #22 2018 OF/IF
6.97 Bennett Smith 5 Star National #3 2019 MIF/OF
6.98 Justin Barnes Georgia Titans #14 2019 2B/SS
6.98 Tyler Fogarty St. Louis Pirates #3 2019 2B/OF
6.99 Griffin Crane Northeast Baseball #17
6.99 Tyler Garner Virginia Cardinals #31 2019 OF/3B
6.99 Lavonte Pogue Dulins Dodgers #12 2019 RHP/OF

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