2017 Under Armour 4th of July Classic – Tournament Hub

Thursday, June 29 – Monday, July 3
Various Collegiate & High School Sites – Southern California

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Roster Status

Rosters published 06/27/17 at 8:55 am Pacific time. To submit a roster update request, follow this link.

Athletic Testing

Testing Leaders

Teams have the option to participate in a series of athletic tests on Wednesday, June 28.
— 60 Yard Dash
— Raw (arm) Velocity
— Exit (bat) Velocity

Time slot reservations for Wednesday, June 28 are required, and are issued on a first come, first served basis. Click here to submit your reservation request.

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June 28 Testing Schedule (University of La Verne – Ben Hines Field)

[table width=”600″]
June 28 (Weds),Team 1,Team 2,Team 3
3:00pm,PCH Academy,Oakland Immortals,
3:40pm,So Cal Bombers White,,
4:00pm,CA Warriors,,
4:40pm,Inside Pitch,LV Patriots,
5:00pm,Raptors Baseball,Bullpen Academy,ABD Bulldogs
5:20pm,So Cal Diablos,MVP Scout,Foresters Baseball
5:40pm,West Coast Baseball 16,West Coast Baseball 17,Schutt Sac
6:00pm,WC Blackdogs 2018,WC Blackdogs 2019,WC Blackdogs 2020[/table][/peekaboo_content]

4th of July Classic
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* PLEASE NOTE: Players written up on the scouting blog were identified by our scouting staff based on the demonstration of notable tool(s) and/or skill(s). While WE DO NOT KEEP STATS, we are watching for standout performers on the mound, at the plate, in the field and on the bases. However, a performance WITHOUT the presence of requisite tool(s) and/or skill(s) IS NOT considered standout — we are looking for players with the tool(s) and/or skill(s) to play beyond the high school level.

[table th=”0″]
AABA Revolution Blue,Hardtke 17U Elite,So Cal Diablos
AABA Revolution Red,Inside Pitch Prospects,So Cal Giants
AABA Revolution White,LV Patriots,Solana Beach Cardinals
ABD Bulldogs 2019,MVP Scout Baseball,Solana Beach Redbirds
Bullpen Academy,NorCal 2018 TKB,South Pasadena Astros
California Warriors,Oakland Immortals,WBA Dirtbags
CCB Baseball,OC Premier,West Coast Baseball 16
Coastal Cubs,Pitch Catch Hit Academy,West Coast Baseball 17
Cougar Baseball Club,Raptors Baseball Club,West Coast Blackdogs 2018
DBO Pacific Dawgs,Saddleback Cowboys,West Coast Blackdogs 2019 Black
Foresters Baseball,Schutt Sacramento Speed Elite Showcase,West Coast Blackdogs 2020 Black
Gameday Friars,So Cal Bombers White,West Coast Blackdogs 2020 White
Hardtke 16U Elite,,[/table]

AABA Revolution Blue

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AABA Revolution Blue Roster

2,Gabriel Cruz,RHP/OF,5’1-”/145,R/R,2019,Liberty,Bakersfield,CA,
3,Garrett Pavletich,RHP/IF,5’10”/148,R/R,2019,Liberty,Bakersfield,CA,
4,Connor Pumphrey,IF/OF,5’7”/145,R/R,2019,Frontier,Bakersfield,CA,
5,Josh Ramirez,IF/OF,5’9”/165,R/R,2019,Liberty,Bakersfield,CA,
7,Wade Froehlich,C/OF,5’10”/165,R/R,2019,Liberty,Bakersfield,CA,
13,Nashua Page,3B/RHP,6’2”/170,R/R,2019,Frontier,Bakersfield,CA,
14,Ethan Cloyd,C/3B,6’0”/185,R/R,2019,Dunn,Bakersfield,CA,
15,Carson King,2B/SS,5’11”/145,R/R,2019,Stockdale,Bakersfield,CA,
21,Nate Vargas,OF,5’9”/145,R/R,2019,Liberty,Bakersfield,CA,
23,Cesar Delgado,RHP/1B,5’10”/130,L/L,2019,Foothill,Bakersfield,CA,
26,Nick Pair,C/OF,5’10”/164,R/R,2019,Frontier,Bakersfield,CA,
27,Andrew Yoder,IF/RHP,5’5”/170,R/R,2019,Liberty,Bakersfield,CA,
34,Matteo Valenzuela,OF/RHP,5’9”/140,R/R,2020,Liberty,Bakersfield,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#26 Nick Phair – C 2019
Lean frame with room fill out, commands the game from behind the plate, quick feet and transfer on throws, frames well, 2.15-2.30 pop time with ability to be quicker with added arm strength, line drive hitter with gap to gap approach at the plate

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AABA Revolution Red

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AABA Revolution Red Roster

3,Roman Angelo,RHP,6’4”/225,R/R,2018,Bakersfield Christian,Bakersfield,CA,
5,Kaidin Conrad,3B/RHP,6’0”/180,R/R,2018,Bakersfield Christian,Bakersfield,CA,
7,Elijah Pascual,SS,5’8”/150,R/R,2019,Garces Memorial,Bakersfield,CA,
8,Hunter Ratekin,RHP/OF,6’0”/165,R/R,2018,Bakersfield Christian,Bakersfield,CA,
10,Angel Cano,2B/SS,5’10”/180,R/R,2018,Mcfarland,Mcfarland,CA,
15,Jacen Roberson,OF/LHP,6’1”/170,L/L,2018,Garces Memorial,Bakersfield,CA,
16,Gabriel Ulloa, Jr,RHP/IF,5’11”/175,R/R,2018,Delano,Delano,CA,
21,Roberto Morales III,RHP/IF,5’11”/145,R/R,2018,Garces Memorial,Bakersfield,CA,
22,Christian Wilson,C/OF,6’1”/185,R/R,2020,Garces Memorial,Bakersfield,CA,
25,Brycen Romero,1B/3B,5’10”/200,R/R,2018,Independence,Bakersfield,CA,
27,Phillip Roberts,RHP/OF,5’10”/185,R/R,2018,Liberty,Bakersfield,CA,
34,Greyson Barrett,1B/3B,6’1”/180,L/R,2018,Centennial,Bakersfield,CA,
55,Evan Van Fossen,C/OF,6’2”/172,L/R,2018,Liberty,Bakersfield,CA,
[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#15 Jacen Robertson – LHP 2018
Very raw feel on the mound. Life outta hand with an easy release and arm swing. FB 85-89 touched 91mph.

#8 Hunter Ratekin – OF 2018
Flashes pullside pop, simple set up and rhythm with good rotation in lower half and quiet head. In game home run and double. Good reads and arm strength in the outfield. Above average foot speed.

Gabriel Ulloa Jr. RHP 2018

#6 Gabriel Ulloa Jr. – RHP 2018
Compact delivery that is online from good use of lower half and free arm swing. FB: 83-86mph. Attacks early with fastball to both sides of the plate that can elevate late in count. 72-74 breaking ball 12/6 shape with late break. Breaking ball can work as a get over strike and two strike pitch that changes planes. 76-78 change with run. Plus runner control.

#5 Kaidin Conrad – 3B 2018
Athletic build, solid base at the plate, keeps hands back well, level line drive stroke, smooth fielder, above average arm

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AABA Revolution White

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AABA Revolution White Roster

1,Diego Alvarado,IF/OF,5’8”/135,L/R,2021,Redwood ,Visalia,CA,
2,Austin West,2B/SS,5’7”/115,R/R,2020,Frontier,Bakersfield,CA,
3,Drew Hallgren,SS/IF,5’8”/125,L/R,2020,Stockdale,Bakersfield,CA,
5,Joseph Bravo,OF,5’6”/150,L/L,2020,Stockdale,Bakersfield,CA,
6,Ethan Martin,C/3B,5’5”/165,R/R,2019,Centennial,Bakersfield,CA,
9,Brock Calvillo,RHP/1B,5’6”/155,L/L,2020,Frontier,Bakersfield,CA,
12,Michael Baker,1B/C,6’1”/145,R/R,2021,Highland,Bakersfield,CA,
13,Xabi Iparraguirre,3B/C,6’1”/185,R/R,2020,Highland,Bakersfield,CA,
15,Ian Valdez,3B/1B,5’11”/180,R/R,2021,Dunn,Bakersfield,CA,
17,Charlie Clayton,RHP/1B,6’2”/150,R/R,2020,Liberty,Bakersfield,CA,
20,Noah Granillo,3B/RHP,5’10”/157,R/R,2021,Liberty,Bakersfield,CA,
22,Zachary Johansen,C/OF,5’10”/172,R/R,2020,Stockdale,Bakersfield,CA,
25,Dawson Tourney,RHP/1B,5’11”/135,L/L,2020,Frontier,Bakersfield,CA,
27,Gavyn Siefert,OF/RHP,5’10”/200,R/R,2020,Ridgeview,Bakersfield,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

Drew Hallgren SS 2020

#3 Drew Hallgren – SS 2020
Athletic frame, contact hitter, middle approach, attacks good hops, showed good range

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ABD Bulldogs 2019

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ABD Bulldogs 2019 Roster

#00,Sebatsian Torres,C,5’10”/153,R/R,Canyon Springs,Moreno Valley,CA
0,Robbie Loya,OF,5’10”/170,L/L,2019,Santiago,Corona,CA,
3,Ryan Higuera,RHP,6’0”/165,R/R,2019,Etiwanda,Moreno Valley,CA,
5,Justin Estrada,SS/RHP,5’7”/135,R/R,2019,Sonora,La Habra,CA
7,Edward Cisneros,3B,5’10”/155,R/R,2019,Hillcrest,Riverside,CA,
9,Matthew Luva,RHP,5’9”/180,R/R,2019,San Gorgonio,San Bernardino,CA
11,Josh Barbosa,OF,5’9”/170,R/R,2019,Chino Hills,Corona,CA,
11,Chris Hardin,RHP/3B,6’/175,L/R,2019,San Gorgonio,City,St
13,Christian Dandridge,OF,6’0”/155,R/R,2019,Santiago,Corona,CA,
14,Noah Linne,2B,5’8”/150,R/R,2019,Santiago,Corona,CA,
19,Micheal Mack,CF,5’9”/140,R/R,2019,Ayala,Chino,CA,
22,Tyler Dandridge,RHP,6’1”/175,R/R,2019,Santiago,Corona,CA,
22,Edwin Caliz,SS,5’10”/165,R/R,2019,Chaffey,City,CA
26,Cameron Emamian,C,5’10”/155,R/R,2018,Maranatha,Pasedena,CA,
37,Nathan Hopkins,INF/OF,5’10”/160,S/L,2019,Granite Hills,Apple Valley,CA
41,Carlos Villegas,2B,5’10”/165,R/R,2019,Ontario,Ontario,CA,
43,Khaleel Childs,3B,5’6”/130,R/R,2019,Beaumont,Riverside,CA,
45,Christian Arcilla,OF,5’8”/150,R/R,2019,Riverside,Riverside,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#22 Edwin Caliz – RHP 2019
Stocky frame, strong lower half, FB 80-84 with late life, sweeping slider, good direction to the plate, attacks the zone with potential to improve command

Tyler Dandridge 1B 2019

#22 Tyler Dandridge – 1B 2019
Strong frame, wide shoulders, good bat path, good ext, uses the whole field, line drive pop

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Bullpen Academy

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Bullpen Academy Roster

5,Cole Miller,3B/RHP,6’2”/175,R/R,2019,Vista Murrieta,Murrieta,CA,
11,Seth Armstrong,C/OF,6’1”/175,R/R,2018,Lakeside,Lake Elsinore,CA,
12,Dylan McCarty,RHP/OF,5’9”/145,R/R,2020,Temescal Canyon,Corona,CA,
13,Noah Greenbank,SS/2B,5’6”/140,R/R,2018,Paloma Valley,Menifee,CA,
15,Corey Farber,C/2B,5’9”/155,R/R,2019,Paloma Valley,Lake Elsinore,CA,
19,Jonathan Combs,C/3B,5’9”/170,R/R,2019,Chaparral,Winchester,CA,
22,JJ Peterson,OF/2B,5’10”/165,R/R,2019,Paloma Valley,Menifee,CA,
23,Dylan Roach,3B/RHP,5’10”/165,R/R,2018,Lakeside,Lake Elsinore,CA,
25,Conner Planchon,CF/RHP,5’9”/160,R/R,2019,Elsinore,Murrietta,CA,
27,Leo Romero,OF/SS,5’9”/160,R/R,2019,Paloma Valley,Menifee,CA,
31,Derek Bos,1B/OF,5’11”/165,R/R,2018,Lakeside,Corona,CA,
36,Drew Rico,LHP/1B,6’1”/190,L/L,2019,Paloma Valley,Menifee,CA,
45,Chris Macedo,RHP/OF,5’7”/160,S/R,2019,Lakeside,Lake Elsinore,CA,
54,Tyler Simmions,1B/LHP,6’0”/180,L/L,2020,West Valley ,Hemet,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#22 JJ Peterson – OF 2019
Athletic, above average speed, compact swing with line drive approach, plus jumps in OF, rangy with proper angles, and ability to make athletic plays

#19 Jonathan Combs – C 2019
Strong, athletic frame, confident at plate, flat path through zone, hard middle line drive contact, good barrel accuracy

#5 Cole MIller – 3B 2019
Lean, athletic frame, room to fill out, quiet hands at the plate, good line drive stroke, attacks the fastball middle in, good footwork at 3B, above average speed

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California Warriors

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California Warriors Roster

2,Daniel Colwell,LHP,5’11”/145,L/L,2018,St. Mary’s,Berkeley,CA,
7,Edward Burns,RHP,6’1”/155,R/R,2019,Acalanes,Lafayette,CA,
9,Aiden Vannucci,RHP/IF,5’11”/155,L/R,2019,Ukiah Hs,Ukiah,CA,
10,Jack Gallagher,C,5’11”/155,R/R,2019,Petaluma Hs,Petaluma,CA,
11,Matt Calhoun,IF,6’0”/165,R/R,2018,Riordan Hs,San Francisco,CA,
12,Zac D’Esposito,C/IF,6’1”/150,R/R,2018,St. Mary’s,El Cerrito,CA,
15,Charley Moore,RHP,6’4”/175,R/R,2019,University Hs,San Francisco,CA,
16,Gremelt Balladares,IF/RHP,5’8”/165,R/R,2018,Riordan Hs,San Francisco,CA,
17,Chris Giles,OF/C,5’9”/160,R/R,2018,San Lorenzo Hs,Hayward,CA,
20,Alex Bires,RHP/SS,6’0”/160,L/R,2018,Tamalpais Hs,Mill Valley,CA,
22,Martin Cole,RHP/IF,6’0”/160,L/R,2018,Sacred Heart,South San Francisco,CA,
25,Isaac Sloan,RHP/IF,5’8”/156,R/R,2018,El Cerrito Hs,Richmond,CA,
26,Tyler Quintanilla,RHP/OF,5’11”/180,R/R,2018,Summit,Novato,CA,
29,Tyrell Cabrigas,OF/LHP,5’8”/155,L/L,2018,Benicia Hs,Vallejo,CA,
30,Alec Ritch,OF/RHP,6’0”/165,R/R,2018,Branson,Kentfield,CA,
32,James Schoch,RHP,6’2”/190,R/R,2018,St. Ignatius,Tiburon,CA,
34,Sawyer Whitney,IF/RHP,6’1”/190,R/R,2018,El Cerrito Hs,Richmond,CA,
36,Anthony Pomilia,IF,6’1”/170,L/R,2018,Marin Catholic Hs,San Rafael,CA,
43,Nicholas Brass,1B,6’1”/218,R/R,2018,Tamalpais Hs,Mill Valley,CA,
45,Dane Goodman,OF,6’1”/180,R/R,2018,Redwood,Ross,CA,
48,Bradley Smith,OF/1B,6’4”/213,R/R,2018,Petaluma Hs,Petaluma,CA,
50,Teddy Hoxie,RHP/1B,6’2”/220,R/R,2018,Mira Hs,Orinda,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#2 Daniel Colwell – LHP 2018
Small Slender frame with room to grow. Very loose arm with modest fastball command that sits at 83-84 touched 86 a few times. Straight over the top delivery.

#11 Matt Calhoun – SS 2018
Tall, athletic frame, quality first step, quick release, plus plu arm, throws on the run well, plus speed, can bunt for a hit, line drive approach

Tyler Quintanill OF 2018

#26 Tyler Quintanill – OF 2018
Showed some pull side pop, above average bat speed that will translate will at the next level. Good size frame & slight above average arm strength in the outfield.

#17 Chris Giles – OF 2018
Athletic frame. Plus bat speed. Gap to Gap power. Bat stays in the zone for a long time. Plus runner very instinctive on the bases.

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CCB Baseball

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CCB Baseball Roster

1,Liam Brown,C/1B,6’1”/195,R/R,2020,Westmont,San Jose,CA,
2,Jeremy Sangalang,SS/2B,5’8”/130,R/R,2020,Archbishop Mitty,San Jose,CA,
3,Nathan Morris,OF/LHP,5’8”/135,L/L,2021,Bellarmine,San Jose,CA,
5,JC NG,OF/1B,5’8”/130,L/L,2021,Menlo,San Jose,CA,
7,Nik Ingvardesen,IF/RHP,6’1”/160,R/R,2019,Prospect,San Jose,CA,
10,Casey Bailey,1B/RHP,6’2”/200,R/R,2020,Aptos,San Jose,CA,
11,Brandyn Roberts,C,5’8”/140,R/R,2020,Mission San Jose,San Jose,CA,
15,Ryan Troye,IF/C,5’11”/155,R/R,2020,Heritage,San Jose,CA,
19,Vicente Molina,C/RHP,6’0”/195,R/R,2019,Saint Ignatius,San Jose,CA,
24,Cameron Schrader,OF/RHP,5’11”/180,R/R,2019,Granada,San Jose,CA,
28,Max Lee,OF/LHP,5’8”/160,L/L,2020,Harker,San Jose,CA,
55,Andrew Castillo,3B/RHP,5’8”/155,R/R,2020,Wilcox,San Jose,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#24 Cameron Schrader – OF 2019
Athletic build, good lower half with upside, quiet actions at plate with good zone feel, competes in at bats with short compact stroke, stays inside, ability to use fields with line drive approach

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Coastal Cubs

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Coastal Cubs Roster

25,Joshua Swanson,LHP/OF,5’10”/150,L/L,2019,San Marcos ,Ventura,CA,
27,Logan Ring,C/IF,5’11”/160,R/R,2019,San Marcos ,Ventura,CA,
29,Jake Koeper,C/OF,5’9”/140,S/R,2019,Bishop Diego ,Ventura,CA,
30,Jacob Galindo,SS/IF,5’7”/145,R/R,2020,San Marcos ,Ventura,CA,
35,Erik Larson,OF,5’7”/145,R/R,2019,San Marcos ,Ventura,CA,
36,Henry Kish,IF,5’6”/170,R/R,2019,Santa Barbara ,Ventura,CA,
40,Jackson Hamilton,RHP/OF,6’1”/165,R/R,2019,Santa Barbara ,Ventura,CA,
41,Alec Cavazos,OF,5’5”/130,R/R,2018,San Marcos ,Ventura,CA,
42,Diego Sandoval,IF,5’8”/150,R/R,2019,San Marcos ,Ventura,CA,
45,Scott Feldman,IF/RHP,5’11”/170,R/R,2018,Santa Barbara ,Ventura,CA,
51,Oscar Rojas,RHP/OF,5’10”/155,R/R,2020,Lompoc ,Ventura,CA,
52,Caleb Severson,IF,5’10”/150,R/R,2018,Dos Pueblos ,Ventura,CA,
55,Isaac Villareal,IF/RHP,6’0”/180,L/R,2019,San Marcos ,Ventura,CA,
62,Conner Chavez,IF/RHP,6’1”/240,R/R,2018,Santa Barbara ,Ventura,CA,
67,Gabe Artega,IF/RHP,6’2”/220,R/R,2019,Bishop Diego ,Ventura,CA,
70,Dominic Roderick,OF/RHP,6’1”/175,R/R,2018,San Marcos ,Ventura,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#55 Isaac Villareal – 1B 2019
Broad shoulders, good lower half, quiet soft stride, loose hands at plate, stays connected through, good extension, line drive approach

#50 Jacob Galindo – SS 2020
Young, thin athletic SS, plays with good feel for position, creates good angles with movement through, proper footwork, soft hands with ability to make adjustments

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Cougar Baseball Club

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Cougar Baseball Club Roster

3,Cade Printy,LF/CF,5’10”/150,L/R,2018,Coronado,Henderson,NV,
5,Dru Pippin,RF/LF,5’10”/160,R/R,2018,Coronado,Henderson,NV,
6,Michael Ross,RHP/OF,5’10”/150,R/R,2019,Coronado,Henderson,NV,
8,Taylor Darden,SS/2B,5’10”/160,R/R,2018,Coronado,Henderson,NV,
9,Ryan Kiernan,3B/2B,5’9”/160,R/R,2019,Coronado,Henderson,NV,
11,Owen Hallett,LHP,5’10”/160,L/L,2018,Coronado,Henderson,NV,
11,Jarrett Kenyon,SS/RHP,5’10”/140,R/R,2021,Coronado,Henderson,NV,
13,Kaiden White,C/1B,6’0”/160,R/R,2020,Coronado,Henderson,NV,
14,Brayden Buttweiler,LHP,5’10”/150,L/L,2019,Coronado,Henderson,NV,
15,Kyle McCart,RHP/2B,5’9”/150,R/R,2020,Coronado,Henderson,NV,
19,Nolan Patterson,LHP,5’10”/150,L/L,2020,Coronado,Henderson,NV,
20,Cristian Herrera,1B/3B,6’0”/170,R/R,2018,Coronado,Henderson,NV,
21,Jett Kenyon,LF/CF,6’0”/150,R/R,2019,Coronado,Henderson,NV,
23,Max Fernandez,2B/SS,5’8”/150,R/R,2019,Coronado,Henderson,NV,
24,Kyle Rossman,CF/RF,5’10”/170,R/R,2019,Coronado,Henderson,NV,
27,Canon Campbell,2B/SS,5’10”/160,R/R,2018,Coronado,Henderson,NV,
31,Calvin Henning,LHP/1B,6’3”/160,L/L,2019,Coronado,Henderson,NV,
34,Ethan Stephens,C/1B,6’3”/160,L/R,2020,Coronado,Henderson,NV,
35,Matt Galdi,C,5’10”/160,L/R,2020,Coronado,Henderson,NV,
44,Ryan Murphy,RHP,5’10”/170,R/R,2018,Coronado,Henderson,NV,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

Ethan Stephens C 2020

#34 Ethan Stephens – 1B 2020
Lean, athletic frame, long levers, quiet load, keeps hands inside well, bat stays through the hitting zone, good footwork at 1B

#20 Christian Herrera – 1B 2018
Strong, athletic frame, balanced load at the plate, quick hands, middle to oppo power, soft hands at 1B

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DBO Pacific Dawgs

[peekaboo_link name=“10”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes[peekaboo_content name=“10”]

DBO Pacific Dawgs Roster

1,Johnny Barnett,2B/OF,5’8”/160,R/R,2021,Camarillo,Camarillo,CA,
4,Jason Grisales,2B/OF,4’10”/125,R/R,2021,St Bonaventure,Ventura,CA,
2,Esequiel Rivera,SS/RHP,5’10”/145,R/R,2018,Oxnard,Oxnard,CA,
27,Hector Cuilty,2B/OF,5’6”/140,R/R,2020,Santa Clara,Oxnard,CA,
5,Jonathan Frazier,2B/3B,5’7”/135,R/R,2019,Pacifica,Oxnard,CA,
6,Aaron Lujan,2B/SS,5’10”/180,R/R,2019,Rio Mesa,Oxnard,CA,
8,Masen Ortiguerra,2B/SS,5’9”/140,R/R,2019,Adolfo Camarillo,Camarillo,CA,
9,Andrew Antonio,3B/RHP,5’8”/150,R/R,2019,Adolfo Camarillo,Camarillo,CA,
16,Isaiah Alvarez,OF/3B,5’8”/145,R/R,2019,Rio Mesa,Oxnard,CA,
17,Andrew Schack,RHP/1B,6’0”/175,R/R,2019,Oak Park,Oak Park,CA,
10,Jason Isais,2B/RHP,5’9”/150,R/R,2019,Rio Mesa,Oxnard,CA,
18,Taylor Tractenberg,3B/RHP,5’9”/160,R/R,2019,Camarillo,Camarillo,CA,
19,Anthony Gonzalez,RHP/OF,5’9”/170,R/R,2018,Oxnard,Oxnard,CA,
20,Trevor Sieger,3B/RHP,6’0”/165,R/R,2019,Royal,Simi Valley,CA,
21,Juan Cardenas,RHP/OF,5’11”/150,R/R,2018,Oxnard,Oxnard,CA,
23,Parker Walden,CF/LHP,5’9”/150,L/L,2019,Oak Park,Oak Park,CA,
25,Anthony Chavez,3B/RHP,5’10”/165,R/R,2018,Rio Mesa,Oxnard,CA,
26,Isaiah Romero,C/RHP,5’10”/155,R/R,2018,Oxnard,Oxnard,CA,
27,Spencer Perry,SS/OF,5’10”/165,R/R,2019,Thousand Oaks,Thousand Oaks,CA
28,Jacob Cordova,1B/3B,6’0”/180,R/R,2019,Rio Mesa,Oxnard,CA,
32,Michael Fontyn,3B/RHP,5’10”/160,R/R,2018,Frontier,Camarillo,CA,
46,David Saenz,LHP/1B,6’0”/225,L/L,2018,Oxnard,Oxnard,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#4 Jason Grisales – 2B 2021
Balanced stroke at the plate, good middle approach, plus range at 2B, gets square to the ball, tough player, hustles all over the field

#27 Spencer Perry – SS 2019
Very athletic build, smooth actions at SS, good range, good bat speed w/ gap power

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Foresters Baseball

[peekaboo_link name=“12”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes[peekaboo_content name=“12”]

Foresters Baseball Roster

1,Jamison Stahl,OF/1B,5’10”/180,R/R,2018,Saint Josephs,Santa Maria,CA,
4,Dominic Larocco,C/OF,5’9”/155,R/R,2018,Ernest Righetti,Santa Maria,CA,
5,Derek TRUE,IF/RHP,6’0”/170,R/R,2019,Santa Barbara,Carpinteria,CA,
10,Jarred Briltz,C/OF,6’0”/180,R/R,2018,Templeton,Templeton,CA,
17,Dante Berouty,OF/C,6’2”/150,S/R,2019,Santa Ynez,Solvang,CA,
23,Mason Boelter,IF/RHP,6’4”/170,L/R,2019,Dos Pueblos,Santa Barbara,CA,
29,Josh Glazewski,RHP/3B,6’2”/160,R/R,2018,Ernest Righetti,Santa Maria,CA,
31,Jed Donelan,OF/RHP,5’11”/180,R/R,2018,Dos Pueblos,Goleta,CA,
41,Drew Darke,LF/OF,6’4”/175,R/R,2018,Dos Pueblos,Goleta,CA,
54,Dylan Kelley,RHP/1B,6’2”/195,R/R,2018,Dos Pueblos,Goleta,CA,
62,Jaden Lyburtus,CF/RHP,6’2”/200,R/R,2018,Ernest Righetti,Santa Maria,CA,
73,Noah Bullard,IF/RHP,6’0”/165,R/R,2018,Templeton,Templeton,CA,
74,Charlie Cuykendall,RHP/2B,6’0”/165,R/R,2018,Santa Barbara,Santa Barbara,CA,
82,Kai Uchio,2B/3B,5’5”/120,R/R,2019,Santa Barbara,Santa Barbara,CA,
91,Nick Dallow,1B/3B,6’0”/185,R/R,2019,Santa Barbara,Santa Barbara,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

Mason Boelter INF 2019

#23 Mason Boelter – INF 2019
Tall, lean athlete, loose levers, smooth easy swing with good ext, showed power to the middle of the field, runs well.
RHP, FB 81-83mph, downhill plane with an easy arm swing, good depth to the CB

#62 Jaden Lynurtus – OF 2018
Strong frame, good set-up in the box, good ext, strong pull side power

#54 Dylan Kelley – RHP 2018
Shows a short arm action, slider with arm side run to arm side part of the plate. Good, quick rhythm/ tempo to the plate. Compact motion and delivery. Good use of lower half. 80-84 fastball. 75-78 slider 10-4 shape with medium break at same arm speed. At he plate, Dylan has a strong simple set up and a simple direct swing that is quiet and on time from a mid approach.

#73 Noah Bullard – INF 2018
Thin frame with room to fill. Short, flat swing that is direct and stays inside the baseball from a middle of field approach. Good use of lower half to start swing and keeps head quiet throughout. Plus foot speed.

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Gameday Friars

[peekaboo_link name=“25”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes[peekaboo_content name=“25”]

Gameday Friars Roster

1,Lucas Degarmo,LHP/1B,6’4”/160,L/L,2018,Douglas County ,Castle Rock,CO,
2,Valen Solano,SS/3B,5’11”/165,R/R,2018,Cherry Creek ,Centennial,CO,
3,Cooper Jamieson,2B/OF,5’10”/145,R/R,2018,Mountain Vista ,Highlands Ranch,CO,
4,Liam Yuill,CF/OF,5’11”/160,R/R,2018,Boulder ,Boulder,CO,
6,Baylor Weyer,2B/RHP,6’1”/145,R/R,2018,Peak To Peak Charter,Erie,CO,
7,Joshua Agues,LHP/OF,5’10”/140,S/L,2018,Cherokee Trail ,Aurora,CO,
8,Luis DE La Cueva,C/3B,5’9”/165,R/R,2018,Overland erland ,Aurora,CO,
11,Nick Salay,2B/OF,5’8”/150,R/R,2018,Mountain Vista ,Highlands Ranch,CO,
13,Miles Gonzales,LF/RHP,5’11”/145,R/R,2018,Douglas County ,Castle Rock,CO,
14,Jackson Furie,1B/RHP,6’0”/175,R/R,2018,Boulder ,Boulder,CO,
15,Wilson Chatham,C/1B,5’11”/165,R/R,2018,Boulder ,Boulder,CO,
20,Jackson Von Hoene,1B/RHP,6’4”/210,R/R,2018,Mountain Vista ,Highlands Ranch,CO,
22,Kyle Harris,SS/2B,5’9”/160,R/R,2018,Boulder ,Boulder,CO,
23,Brogan Bishop,OF/RHP,6’1”/145,R/R,2018,Liberty ,Colorado Springs,CO,
25,Luke Riechert,OF/RHP,5’7”/155,R/R,2018,Mountain Vista ,Co,CO,
32,Conner Side,LHP/OF,5’11”/150,L/L,2018,Thomas Jefferson ,Denver,CO,
35,Mason Hammond,C/1B,6’1”/165,R/R,2018,Ponderosa ,Parker,CO,
51,Wilson Helton,3B/RHP,5’10”/165,R/R,2018,Mountain Vista ,Castle Rock,CO,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#51 Wilson Helton – 3B 2018
Athletic body, good hands and good arm at 3rd. Plays the game hard and runs a good 90. At the plate has a short quick swing with gap to gap doubles pop.

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Hardtke 16U Elite

[peekaboo_link name=“31”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes[peekaboo_content name=“31”]

Hardtke 16U Elite Roster

7,Kunal Bhatia,IF,5’9”/140,R/R,2019,Los Gatos,San Jose,CA,
10,Harrison Ocumen,OF,5’8”/135,R/R,2020,Willow Glen,San Jose,CA,
12,Jacob Nachshen,OF,5’9”/125,R/R,2019,Homestead,San Jose,CA,
13,Gabriel Guerrero,1B,5’7”/155,L/L,2019,Willow Glen,San Jose,CA,
14,Kian Elyasi,RHP,6’3”/190,R/R,2019,Leland,San Jose,CA,
14,Sean Straub,LHP,6’2”/170,L/L,2018,Christopher,San Jose,CA,
16,Matthew Jacobs,LHP,5’11”/180,L/L,2019,Saratoga,San Jose,CA,
18,Robert Muniz,1B,5’10”/160,L/L,2018,Washington,San Jose,CA,
20,Alex Kunde,3B,6’0”/155,R/R,2019,Willow Glen,San Jose,CA,
21,Jordan Huang,SS,5’9”/130,R/R,2019,Homestead,San Jose,CA,
22,Charles Romriell,RHP,6’3”/190,R/R,2018,Live Oak,San Jose,CA,
23,Matthew Peters,LHP,5’10”/150,R/L,2019,Christopher,San Jose,CA,
24,Jack Tomlinson,OF,5’8”/150,S/L,2019,Christopher,San Jose,CA,
28,Bryan Pantoja,OF,5’8”/160,R/R,2018,Lincoln,San Jose,CA,
31,Zach Griffin,C,6’1”/175,R/R,2019,Christopher,San Jose,CA,
35,Tyler Pereira,IF,5’8”/175,R/R,2019,Gunderson,San Jose,CA,
49,Jake Baker,OF,5’9”/180,L/L,2018,St. Francis,San Jose,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

Jack Tomlinson OF 2019

#24 Jack Tomlinson – OF 2019
Athlete that plays the game hard. Good balanced approach with quick hands and ability to hit the ball to all fields. Displayed some pop with double to pull side gap. Plus arm in the outfield to go with good speed and instincts on defense.

#31 Zach Griffin – C 2019
Lanky lean body with room to fill. Some looseness at the plate from pull side direction. Wide, good presentation for pitcher. Good range side to side blocking with soft hands receiving that beats ball to the spot. Above average carry from a loose arm.

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Hardtke 17U Elite

[peekaboo_link name=“26”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes[peekaboo_content name=“26”]

Hardtke 17U Elite Roster

2,Matt Malone,RHP,5’11”/180,R/R,2018,Willow Glen,San Jose,CA,
3,Jeffrey Abeshima,IF,5’7”/160,R/R,2018,Lynbrook,San Jose,CA,
4,RJ Newton,OF/SS,5’11”/150,R/R,2018,Santa Cruz,San Jose,CA,
8,Taylor Letourneau,OF,6’0”/185,R/R,2018,Willow Glen,San Jose,CA,
10,Marc Goulart,C,5’10”/190,R/R,2018,Moreau Catholic,San Jose,CA,
12,Tyler Gannon,3B,5’10”/180,R/R,2018,Burlingame,San Jose,CA,
13,Jacob Lares,LHP,5’8”/135,R/L,2018,Branham,San Jose,CA,
25,Mitchy Dowd,RHP/IF,6’2”/205,R/R,2019,Leigh,San Jose,CA,
26,Samuel Hoeven,RHP,6’3”/190,L/R,2018,Washington,San Jose,CA,
27,Jake Pao,OF,5’10”/169,R/R,2018,Leigh,San Jose,CA,
27,Owen Vannest,OF,5’10”/165,R/R,2019,Willow Glen,San Jose,CA,
29,Parker Maurer,C,5’11”/160,R/R,2018,Los Gatos,San Jose,CA,
30,Tanner Granzella,RHP,6’0”/185,R/R,2018,Moreau Catholic,San Jose,CA,
33,Devin Hildebrand,OF,6’2”/165,R/R,2018,Homestead,San Jose,CA,
36,Jacob Sligar,RHP,6’0”/195,R/R,2018,Willow Glen,San Jose,CA,
41,Tyler Rando,C/OF,5’10”/180,R/R,2018,Willow Glen,San Jose,CA,
42,Kuhns Justin,RHP,6’3”/190,R/R,2018,Leland,San Jose,CA,
44,Joey Costantino,IF/C,5’8”/140,L/R,2018,Willow Glen,San Jose,CA,
45,Malcolm Barnes,SS,5’8”/140,R/R,2018,Shasta,San Jose,CA,
47,Bubba Gomez,IF,5’10”/195,R/R,2019,Fremont Christian,San Jose,CA,
48,Robert Ruiz,IF/RHP,6’1”/191,R/R,2018,Gunderson,San Jose,CA,
52,Adrian Posadas,IF,5’8”/175,R/R,2018,Carlmont,San Jose,CA,
54,Shane Rhodes,IF,5’6”/150,R/R,2018,Moreau Catholic,San Jose,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#27 Jake Pao – OF 2018
Strong athletic build. Shows good bat speed to the pullside with some strength from a strong base and set up. Good bat speed that translates to be strong at contact. Shows good first step in the outfield won above average speed and arm strength.

Tyler Rando C 2018

#41 Tyler Rando – C 2018
Thick build catcher, strong lower half. Good receiver with 2.05 pop time. At the plate, shows the ability to drive the ball to all fields with good launch angle. Stays behind the ball well and has the potential to hit for power in the future. Hammered a ball off the fence in left and drove the ball deep to right

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Inside Pitch Prospects

[peekaboo_link name=“30”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes[peekaboo_content name=“30”]

Inside Pitch Prospects Roster

11,Josh Say,LHP/OF,5’4”/125,L/L,2020,Homestead ,Sunnyvale,CA,
3,Philip Krusemark,2B/OF,5’9”/135,R/R,2018,Fremont (Sunnyvale),Sunnyvale,CA,
4,Collin McEvers,C/1B,5’9”/175,R/R,2019,Piedmont Hills ,San Jose,CA,
5,Sonny Rodriguez Jr.,SS/2B,5’8”/150,R/R,2018,Fremont (Sunnyvale),Sunnyvale,CA,
7,Joey Rocha,2B/SS,5’8”/155,R/R,2018,Junipero Serra,Napa,CA,
8,Alex Suppiah,RHP/OF,5’9”/150,R/R,2020,Monta Vista,Los Altos,CA,
10,Brandon Pitts,RHP/2B,5’8”/150,R/R,2019,Homestead ,Sunnyvale,CA,
14,Roman Connolly,RHP/OF,6’2”/180,R/R,2019,Valley Christian,San Jose,CA,
21,Nathan Mueller,RHP/3B,6’0”/180,R/R,2018,Atascadero ,Santa Margarita,CA,
22,Jayden Greco,1B/RHP,6’0”/175,R/R,2020,Wilcox ,Santa Clara,CA,
24,Dirk Tharpe,RHP/OF,6’3”/175,R/R,2018,Buchanan,Clovis,CA,
33,Mikey Marx,RHP/OF,5’10”/160,R/R,2020,Bellarmine College Prep,Santa Clara,CA
44,Devin Morris,3B/2B,5’8”/175,L/R,2018,Bellarmine,San Jose,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

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LV Patriots

[peekaboo_link name=“6”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes[peekaboo_content name=“6”]

LV Patriots Roster

2,Joseph Rush,LF/C,5’11”/175,R/R,2018,Liberty Patriots Hs,Las Vegas,NV,
3,Dylan San Nicolas,3B/RHP,5’9”/160,R/R,2019,Liberty Hs,Las Vegas,NV,
65,Kaeden Camat-Toki,CF/LHP,5’8”/155,L/L,2019,Liberty Patriots ,Las Vegas,NV,
6,Dawson Beard,RHP/1B,6’3”/200,L/R,2019,Liberty Patriots Hs,Las Vegas,NV,
7,Logan Coons,CF/RHP,6’3”/185,R/R,2019,Liberty Patriots Hs,Henderson,NV,
12,Tyler Williamson,IF/RHP,6’0”/160,R/R,2018,Liberty Patriots Hs,Las Vegas,NV,
16,Jordan Bohnet,RHP/IF,6’1”/180,R/R,2020,Liberty Patriots Hs,Las Vgeas,NV,
17,Ethan Safier,OF/LHP,5’7”/155,L/L,2019,Liberty Patriots Hs,Henderson,NV,
21,Andrew Gallegos,1B/RHP,6’2”/205,L/R,2018,Liberty Patriots Hs,Henderson,NV,
25,Ryan Nickell,RHP/LF,6’2”/180,R/R,2019,Liberty Patriots Hs,Henderson,NV,
31,Garrett Maloney,RHP/1B,6’2”/155,L/R,2019,Liberty,Henderson,NV
46,Chase Gallegos,IF/C,5’9”/160,R/R,2021,Liberty Patriots Hs,Henderson,NV,
53,James Katona,C/IF,6’0”/160,R/R,2019,Liberty Patriots Hs,Las Vegas,NV,
63,Layton Walls,RHP/1B,6’0”/190,R/R,2018,Rancho,Las Vegas,NV
68,Edarian Williams,SS/2B,6’0”/195,R/R,2018,Rancho,Las Vegas,NV[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

Dawson Beard RHP 2019

#6 Dawson Beard – RHP 2019
Solid athletic body. FB: 80-86mph, Breaking ball 72-76, 11/5 shape. Max effort type pitcher that looks to command the outer part of the plate. Looks to attack early with the fastball and put away with his 11/5 breaking ball that shows some depth on a medium break. Needs to get sharper with same arm speed to become more effective late in count. Stays in line to target with good use of lower half and good glove action.

#7 Logan Coons – OF 2019
Tall, athletic build, good levers, gap to gap approach, level bat path, plus speed, plus arm

#68 Edarian Williams – SS 2018
Strong, athletic frame, plus bat speed at the plate, decent power to all fields, quality defender, great instincts, good first step, plus plus arm

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MVP Scout Baseball

[peekaboo_link name=“8”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes[peekaboo_content name=“8”]

MVP Scout Baseball Roster

2,JD Madrigal,SS/2B,5’11”/160,R/R,2019,Sheldon,Elk Grove,CA,
3,Braden Proud,2B/RHP,5’10”/170,R/R,2019,Del Campo,Orangevale,CA,
6,Trevor Crockett,OF,5’6”/140,R/R,2019,Del Campo,Carmichael,CA,
7,Lincoln Orellana,SS/2B,6’2”/160,L/R,2019,Sheldon,Wilton,CA,
11,Sam Wolf,SS/2B,5’7”/150,R/R,2019,Del Campo,Carmichael,CA,
14,Zach Meddings,3B/RHP,6’2”/180,R/R,2019,Franklin,Elk Grove,CA,
15,Nick Rosemont,3B/RHP,6’0”/190,R/R,2019,Inderkum,Sacramento,CA,
17,Charlie Born,C/RHP,5’11”/170,R/R,2019,Jesuit,Carmichael,CA,
21,Dylan Madole,RHP/1B,6’2”/160,R/R,2019,Serrano,Phelan,CA,
23,Sam Hayden,3B/RHP,6’0”/205,R/R,2019,Del Campo,Citrus Heights,CA,
24,Andrew Long,C/1B,5’10”/180,R/R,2019,Nevada Union,Grass Valley,CA,
28,Tyler Jarman,OF/RHP,5’10”/150,R/R,2019,Casa Roble,Orangevale,CA,
30,Tyler Serrano,2B/OF,5’10”/150,R/R,2019,Folsom,Sacramento,CA,
55,Lalo Mata,OF/3B,5’10”/155,R/R,2019,Elk Grove,Elk Grove,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#7 Lincoln Orellana – MIF 2019
Tall, athletic frame, loose quick stroke, balanced at the plate, attacks pitches middle in, solid up the middle, good actions, plus speed

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NorCal 2018 TKB

[peekaboo_link name=“33”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes[peekaboo_content name=“33”]

NorCal 2018 TKB Roster

0,Jordan Anagnostou,IF/3B,5’8”/165,R/R,2018,Woodside ,Redwood,CA,
0,Nino Bartolome,RHP,6’0”/180,R/R,2018,James Logan ,Union,CA,
0,Jose Esquivez,C/RHP,5’10”/150,R/R,2018,James Logan ,Union,CA,
0,Travis Herriott,RHP,6’1”/175,R/R,2018,Capuchino,San Bruno,CA,
0,Jordan Lanini,RHP,5’9”/205,R/R,2018,Salinas ,Salinas,CA,
0,Oscar Lepe,LHP,6’0”/170,L/L,2018,James Logan ,Union,CA,
0,Dylan Skov,C/OF,6’0”/170,R/R,2018,Piedmont ,Piedmont,CA,
0,Ben Smith,LHP,5’10”/155,L/L,2018,Sequoia ,Redwood,CA,
0,Cole Sowyrda,RHP/OF,6’0”/170,R/R,2018,Terra Nova ,Pacifica,CA,
0,Andrew Sparenberg,C/RHP,6’1”/195,R/R,2018,Adrian Wilcox ,Sunnyvale,CA,
3,Nathan Medrano,SS/RHP,5’11”/155,R/R,2018,Valley Christian , San Jose,Gilroy,CA,
4,Joseph King,C/RHP,6’1”/184,R/R,2019,Woodside ,Redwood,CA,
6,Cole Gabrielson,CF,5’11”/180,R/R,2018,Redwood ,Portola Valley,CA,
7,Christopher Villarreal,SS/3B,5’10”/170,R/R,2018,Soledad ,Soledad,CA,
8,Hunter Mason,RHP/IF,5’9”/155,R/R,2018,Salinas ,Salinas,CA,
11,Brandon Nguyen,1B/3B,5’10”/195,R/R,2018,Valley Christian , San Jose,Milpitas,CA,
13,Dominic Cacchione,RHP,6’2”/170,R/R,2018,Sacred Heart Prep, Atherton,Menlo Park,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#10 Joseph King – C 2019
Broad shoulders, good lower half, quick exchange with good footwork, pop 2.01, soft chest with good lateral, has direct hands, good middle approach and middle gap pop with extension

#2 Cole Sowyrda – RHP 2018
Athletic build, quick arm action, over the top delivery, stays directional with good downward plane, FB sits 84-86mph touches 87 commands hard 12/6 CB with late break and depth

#15 Oscar Lepe – LHP 2018
Good athletic body, late life on his fastball. FB: 83-86mph, keeps the ball down, gets late run and sink action. Pitches in to right handers well with natural cut. Athletic player on the mound with good competitive presence

#3 Nathan Medrano – SS 2018
Lean frame, lots of room to add strength and foot speed. Has great baseball instincts at shortstop, good range and ability to make plays. Good quick swing that is short to the ball and stays in the zone a long time. Has solid pop that plays as doubles gap to gap power. Potential to hit for power in the future.

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Oakland Immortals

[peekaboo_link name=“2”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes[peekaboo_content name=“2”]

Oakland Immortals Roster

1,Hunter Mott,C/RHP,6’1”/170,R/R,2019,Las Lomas,Walnut Creek,CA,
2,Ben Newton,SS/IF,5’9”/160,R/R,2020,Albany,Albany,CA,
3,Ethan Medders,RHP/OF,6’1”/175,R/R,2020,Rio Vista,Rio Vista,CA,
3,Jamison Patanapanich,LHP/OF,5’9”/170,L/L,2019,El Cerrito,Richmond,CA,
5,Phillip Hall,LHP/OF,5’10”/150,L/L,2019,Oakland Military Academy,Oakland,CA,
9,Deangelo Fleetwood,OF/RHP,6’1”/195,R/R,2019,El Cerrito,El Cerrito,CA,
10,Jayshaun Wise,SS/RHP,6’2”/205,R/R,2020,Benicia,Benicia,CA,
11,Joey Tan,SS/RHP,5’7”/130,R/R,2020,Benicia,Benicia,CA,
13,Jake Kermoian,RHP,6’2”/175,R/R,2020,Las Lomas,Walnut Creek,CA,
14,Jack Stumbo,LHP/OF,6’0”/170,R/L,2020,Benicia,Benicia,CA,
15,Sergio Vazquez Jr,2B/IF,5’6”/145,R/R,2019,Ygnacio Valley,Concord,CA,
16,Shane Martin,C/OF,6’0”/175,R/R,2020,Benicia,Benicia,CA,
19,Emmett Lutz,C/3B,6’0”/170,R/R,2019,Ygnacio Valley,Walnut Creek,CA,
20,Jesse Molinar III,2B/OF,5’9”/160,L/R,2019,De La Salle,Pittsburg,CA,
21,Taylan Ward,RF,6’1”/170,R/R,2019,Berkeley,Hayward,CA,
22,Josh Ugot,OF/RHP,5’10”/190,R/R,2019,Alhambra,Martinez,CA,
24,Ian Pascual,CF/OF,5’6”/150,R/R,2019,Clayton Valley,Pittsburg,CA,
27,Eric Bacanskas,3B/RHP,6’0”/170,R/R,2020,College Park,Walnut Creek,CA,
29,Mateus Conaway,LHP/OF,6’2”/175,L/L,2020,Alhambra,Crockett,CA,
47,Josiah Rubinson,LHP,5’8”/160,L/L,2020,Piedmont,Piedmont,CA,
50,Geremy Fua,3B/RHP,5’4”/160,R/R,2020,Benicia,Benicia,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#27 Eric Bacanskas – 3B 2020
Athletic build, smooth actions at 3B, loose hands at the plate with good ext, uses the whole field well

#9 Deangelo Fleetwood – OF 2020
Very strong body, looks the part, good set-up at the plate, pull side power, gets down the line well

#20 Jesse Molinar III – UTL 2019
Wiry athletic, good approach at the plate, uses the whole field well, showed oppo gap pop, easy bat path

#10 Jayshaun Wise – SS 2020
Strong body with easy actions at SS, good set-up at the plate, good ext, pull side power

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OC Premier

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OC Premier Roster

2,Michael Shcharber,3B/RHP,6’2”/180,R/R,2018,Villa Park,Villa Park,CA,
4,Gavin Kennedy,3B/RHP,6’1”/155,R/R,2019,Ocean View Hs,Huntington Beach,CA,
6,Kyle Ashworth,OF,5’11”/165,R/L,2019,Foothill,Tustin,CA,
7,Troy Melton,C/RHP,6’4”/180,R/R,2018,Canyon ,Anaheim,CA,
9,Knolton Clark,RHP/1B,6’2”/190,R/R,2019,Servite Hs,Santa Ana,CA,
10,Christian Ciuffetelli,RHP,6’1”/180,R/R,2018,Servite ,Irvine,CA,
12,Joe Ramirez,C/LF,5’11”/185,R/R,2018,Jw North ,Riverside,CA,
14,Jonathan Guzman,RHP,6’1”/185,R/R,2019,Orange Lutheran,Orange,CA,
15,Shane Carey,RHP,6’0”/170,R/R,2018,Canyon,Anaheim,CA
19,Kelly Hawkshaw,RHP,6’0”/160,R/R,2018,Millikan ,Long Beach,CA,
21,Dean Watson,1B/3B,6’2”/200,R/R,2018,Villa Park,Orange,CA,
22,Brendan Sullivan,OF,6’0”/175,R/L,2018,Servite ,Anaheim Hills,CA,

25,Christian Rodriguez,RHP,6’6”/175,R/R,2020,Orange Lutheran,Anaheim,Ca
27,Nathan Stella,2B/3B,6’2”/180,L/R,2018,Canyon (Anaheim),Anaheim,CA,
29,Jack Sampson,SS/RHP,5’10”/165,R/R,2018,Foothill ,Santa Ana,CA,
33,Josh Landry,LHP,6’6”/165,L/L,2018,Cypress ,Cypress,CA,
77,Caden Connor,CF/LF,5’9”/153,L/R,2019,Orange Lutheran ,Anaheim Hills,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#19 Kelly Hawkshaw – RHP 2018
Easy and smooth arm ran fastball up to 88 mph sat 83-85 with late downward movement. Slender frame has room to go with added strength you could see major velocity jump.

#22 Brendan Sullivan – OF 2018
Thin lanky body with room to fill in. Flashes pullside strength from a simple set up and rhythm. Swing is direct to ball and works to stay inside to the big part of  he field. She’s good closing speed in the outfield with quality reads off the bat. Above average arm strength. In game HR.

#14 Jonathan Guzman – RHP 2019
Easy motion, loose arm, high 3/4 arm slot, FB: 84-86mph, plus arm side run, challenges with FB on both sides of the plate, SL 66-69mph with 11/5 action

#2 Michael Shcharber – 3B 2018
Strong, athletic frame, aggressive swing, good exit velo, plus power to all fields, quick hands, good actions at the corner, soft hands, above average arm

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Pitch Catch Hit Academy

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Pitch Catch Hit Academy Roster

1,Abel Oropeza,IF/OF,5’8”/160,R/R,2018,Servite,Costa Mesa,CA,
2,Travis Wicker,SS,5’9”/175,R/R,2019,Silverado,Costa Mesa,CA,
5,Aj Angel,SS/RHP,6’1”/165,R/R,2018,St. Monica,Costa Mesa,CA,
8,Anselmo Gonzalez,C,5’6”/130,R/R,2020,Oak Hills,Costa Mesa,CA,
12,Anthony Spor-Orellana,RHP,6’4”/215,R/R,2017,Shadow Ridge,Costa Mesa,CA,
13,Julian Hernandez,C,5’9”/135,R/R,2019,Oak Hills,Costa Mesa,CA,
16,Kyle Osornia,3B,5’9”/160,R/R,2019,La Cañada,Costa Mesa,CA,
19,Carter Matthys,CF,6’1”/175,R/R,2018,Aliso Niguel,Costa Mesa,CA,
21,Jack Miner,1B,6’3”/210,R/R,2019,Aliso Niguel,Costa Mesa,CA,
23,Bryce Wicker,OF,6’0”/150,R/R,2022,Silverado,Costa Mesa,CA,
27,Antonio Almos,3B,6’2”/165,R/R,2019,Silverado,Costa Mesa,CA,
28,Trevor Patience,1B,6’6”/220,R/R,2018,Aliso Niguel,Costa Mesa,CA,
29,Luca Porzio,SS,5’10”/170,R/R,2019,Corona Del Mar,Costa Mesa,CA,
42,Nolan Patience,C,6’1”/180,L/R,2019,Aliso Niguel,St,CA,
49,Brandon Bullock,C/1B,6’0”/170,R/R,2019,Oak Hills,Costa Mesa,CA,
57,Donovan Cara,CF,5’7”/160,R/R,2018,Aliso Niguel,Costa Mesa,CA,
61,Evan Swift,LHP,5’9”/140,L/L,2018,St. Monica,Costa Mesa,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#19 Carter Matthys– OF/RHP 2018
Athletic frame, easy on plane swing, loose hands with good ext, pull side gap power, good rhythm, 81-83 mph FB on the mound, hides the ball well, quick arm swing

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Raptors Baseball Club

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Raptors Baseball Club Roster

3,Marcus Tang,OF,5’9”/150,R/R,2018,Issaquah ,Issaquah,WA,
5,Dane McQuillan,OF/RHP,6’2”/180,R/R,2019,Bellevue ,Bellevue,WA,
7,Rory Brown,C/RHP,6’2”/200,L/R,2018,Liberty ,Renton,WA,
9,Trevor Curl,3B/RHP,5’10”/185,R/R,2018,Liberty ,Newcastle,WA,
10,Lucas Senatore,OF,6’0”/180,R/R,2019,Issaquah ,Issaquah,WA,
11,Martin Robertson,C/OF,5’11”/160,R/R,2019,Interlake ,Bellevue,WA,
13,Arden Walcott,OF/RHP,5’11”/150,L/R,2019,Issaquah ,Issaquah,WA,
15,Michael Morgan,RHP/3B,5’10”/165,R/R,2019,Eastside Catholic ,Issaquah,WA,
21,Jeff Harmon,SS/RHP,5’10”/160,R/R,2019,Hazen ,Renton,WA,
24,Brendan Cabrera,RHP/IF,5’10”/160,R/R,2019,O’dea ,Issaquah,WA,
25,Adam Morrison,RHP,6’2”/215,R/R,2018,Liberty ,Issaquah,WA,
27,Cooper Thieme,1B,6’1”/215,L/L,2019,Issaquah ,Issaquah,WA,
40,Aj Baldwin,RHP,6’6”/200,R/R,2018,Inglemoor ,Kenmore,WA,
51,Hunter Sullivan,1B/C,5’11”/200,R/R,2018,Redmond ,Redmond,WA,
55,Mason Stier,RHP,6’0”/185,R/R,2019,Interlake ,Bellevue,WA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#15 Michael Morgan – RHP 2019
Very athletic pitcher, easy delivery with a smooth arm swing, FB at 80-81mph with sneaky life, showed two different tilts to the CB with depth, will probably gain more velo over the next year

#40 AJ Baldwin – RHP 2018
Tall strong pitcher frame, FB 79-82mph with a good downhill plane and late life, strong 11/5 CB with good depth, threw a CG with 9 ks

#25 Adam Morrison – RHP 2018
Threw 6 shutout innings, scattering 4 hits to get the win for the Raptors

#7 Rory Brown – C 2018
Big, strong projectable frame, balances stance, aggressive stroke, pullside approach, above average arm, pop time 2.09

Hunter Sullivan 1B 2018

#51 Hunter Sullivan – 1B 2018
Thick, athletic player, attacks the ball middle/in, pullside power, aggressive stroke

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Saddleback Cowboys

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Saddleback Cowboys Roster

4,Kai Goode,IF,5’10”/160,R/R,2018,San Clemente,San Clemente,CA,
12,Ryan Carricaburu,OF,5’10”/160,R/R,2018,Riverside Poly,Riverside,CA,
14,Jeff Bruyntjens,IF,6’3”/215,R/R,2018,Laguna Beach,Laguna Beach,CA,
17,Jackson Farner,RHP,6’4”/175,R/R,2018,San Juan Hills,Ladera Ranch,CA,
26,Jordan Forteza,RHP,5’11”/170,R/R,2018,Trabuco Hills,92688,CA,
32,Daniel Levin,1B,5’11”/190,L/R,2018,Trabuco Hills,Rancho Santa Margarita,CA,
34,Andre Eynon,IF,5’10”/165,R/R,2018,Trabuco Hills,Rancho Santa Margarita,CA,
36,David Morgan,IF,5’10”/170,R/R,2018,Mission Viejo,Mission Viejo,CA,
38,Kaler Pawling,C,5’11”/180,R/R,2018,Aliso Niguel,Aliso Viejo,CA,
40,Steve Ramiez,C,5’11”/180,R/R,2018,Etiwanda,San Bernardino,CA,
42,Hayden Schott,OF,6’1”/180,L/R,2018,Culver,Newport Beach,CA,
44,Ethan Sachs,RHP,5’10”/165,R/R,2018,Riverside Arlington,Riverside,CA,
50,Jacob Higgins,1B,5’11”/295,R/R,2018,Hillcrest,92652,CA,
54,Brandon Stewart,OF,6’0”/165,R/R,2018,Riverside Arlington,Riverside,CA,
54,Ben ZIV,3B,6’2”/185,R/R,2018,El Toro,Lake Forest,CA,
56,Zak Skov,IF,6’0”/190,R/R,2018,San Clemente,San Clemente,CA,
56,Bryce Willits,IF,6’1”/175,L/R,2018,Capistrano Valley Christian,Mission Viejo,CA,
61,Kyle Cota,RHP,6’2”/155,R/R,2019,Mission Viejo,Mission Viejo,BC,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#56 Zak Skov – 3B 2018
Lean athletic frame, balanced in the box, stays connected well, gap to gap hitter, above average speed, good actions at the corner, hustles all over the field

#50 Ben Ziv – RHP 2018
Big athletic frame, loose short arm release, deceptive motion with strong lower half, quality arm side run, FB: 84-87, touched 88mph, challenges with fastball, likes to throw arm side to righ handed hitters

Steve Ramirez C 2018

#40 Steve Ramirez – C 2018
Strong frame with athletic movements and above Ave foot speed. Strong set up from solid base. Quiet loose hands that has slight whip. Loose pull side pop with natural lift that creates some backspin.

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Schutt Sacramento Speed Elite Showcase

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Schutt Sacramento Speed Elite Showcase Roster

5,Vinnie Bachelier,IF/IF,5’11”/156,R/R,2020,Capital Christian,Sacramento,CA,
6,Josh Hardamon,RHP/OF,5’10”/175,R/R,2020,Jerry Manuel Foundation,Rocklin,CA,
7,Mark Lagerstrom,3B/RHP,6’1”/170,R/R,2020,Antelope,Antelope,CA,
9,Andrew Gully,SS/RHP,5’9”/145,R/R,2019,River City,Rocklin,CA,
14,Donovan Morgan,C/2B,5’10”/145,R/R,2018,Woodland Christian,Woodland,CA,
17,Ryan King,RHP/1B,6’6”/182,R/R,2020,Whitney,Rocklin,CA,
18,Deepak Bandhu,RHP/3B,6’3”/189,R/R,2018,River City,Sacramento,CA,
24,Landon Wallace,C/IF,5’11”/175,R/R,2020,Whitney,Rocklin,CA,
30,Austin Dorman,2B/RHP,5’9”/130,R/R,2019,East Nicolaus,Plumas Lake,CA,
32,Jaykob Butler,RHP/3B,5’7”/160,R/R,2019,East Nicolaus,Rio Osa,CA,
33,Cameron Waechtler,CF/LHP,5’9”/,L/L,2019,Rocklin,Rocklin,CA,
42,William Beaufore,RHP,6’2”/170,R/R,2019,Homestead,Homestead,CA,
44,Isaiah Terrazas,SS/CF,5’5”/120,R/R,2019,Casa Roble,Antelope,CA,
48,Jake Pina,C/3B,6’0”/180,R/R,2020,Franklin,Elk Grove,CA,
71,Gabreil Parra,RHP/OF,6’0”/160,R/R,2019,Jerry Manuel Foundation,Sacramento,CA,
72,Jordan Greenly,IF/RHP,5’11”/156,L/R,2020,Del Oro,Loomis,CA,
72,Nathan Lee,RHP/1B,6’1”/185,R/R,2020,La,La,CA,
73,Chase Davis,OF/LHP,6’4”/189,L/L,2020,Franklin,Elk Grove,CA,
90,Leonardo Martinez,RHP,6’0”/189,R/R,2018,Lincoln,Lincoln,CA,
99,Jake Kinney,1B/3B,6’1”/190,R/R,2019,Whitney,Rocklin,CA,
[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#42 William Beaufore – RHP 2019
Big frame that can add muscle, FB: 80-83, good extension over his front side, some arm side run, CB: 74-76 with good depth and good arm speed, fields position well, competitor on the mound, will add velocity with added strength

#24 Landon Wallace – IF 2020
Lean frame, compact stroke at the plate, direct to the baseball, middle/pull side approach, good speed, good lateral movement in the field

Chase Davis LHP 2020

#73 Chase Davis – OF 2020
Tall, athletic frame, middle pullside approach with power to pullside, quick bat through the zone, moves well for his size, FB: 80-84mph, good downhill plane, sharp breaking ball

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So Cal Bombers White

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So Cal Bombers White Roster

1,Jeremiah Duran,RHP/SS,5’11”/140,R/R,2018,Chaffey ,Ontario,CA,
2,Nathan Loughridge,IF,5’8”/170,R/R,2019,Ontario Christian,Ontario,CA,
3,John Borden,2B,6’0”/130,R/R,2019,Etiwanda ,Fontana,CA,
4,Michael Avila,2B,5’7”/125,R/R,2019,Damien ,Chino,CA,
5,Dylon Furseth,OF/RHP,5’7”/155,S/R,2019,Roosevelt ,Corona,CA,
6,Matt Scarpelli,RHP,6’2”/195,R/R,2019,Los Osos ,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
7,Ian Zepada,C/IF,5’5”/155,R/R,2018,Northview Hich School,Irwindale,CA,
8,David Martinez,C,5’8”/135,R/R,2019,Ayala ,Chino,CA,
9,Andrew Longoria,OF/RHP,5’6”/150,R/R,2018,Arroyo ,El Monte,CA,
10,Maverrick Briseno,IF,5’5”/143,R/R,2019,Upland ,Upland,CA,
11,Joshua Avila,C/RHP,5’10”/185,R/R,2018,Palmdale ,Ontario,CA,
12,Alex Espejo,3B/SS,5’10”/170,R/R,2018,Warren ,Ont,CA,
13,Joey Hartill,RHP/1B,6’1”/165,R/R,2019,Damien ,Rancho Cucamonga,CA,
14,Robert Medina,SS/3B,6’0”/145,L/R,2018,Northview Hich School,Covina,CA,
15,Adrian Mercado,RF/CF,5’10”/195,R/R,2018,Brea ,Ontario,CA,
16,Daniel Antunez,C/OF,6’0”/190,R/R,2019,Chino Hills ,Chino,CA,
17,Robert Maldonado,LHP,5’11”/200,L/L,2018,St. Pauls ,Commernce,CA,
18,Logan Granados,1B/C,6’1”/205,R/R,2019,Damien ,Chino,CA,
23,Erik Lewis,INF,5’8”/144,R/R,2019,Temple City,Temple City,CA[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

Dylon Furseth OF 2019

#5 Dylon Furseth – OF 2019
Exceptional range in the outfield, showed the ability to go back on a baseball to both sides. Also, showed college level arm. Solid athletic frame.

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So Cal Diablos

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So Cal Diablos Roster

0,Isaiah Agundez,3B/SS,5’9”/160,R/R,2018,Gahr Hs,Artesia,CA,
0,Michael Guerra,RF/RHP,6’2”/225,R/R,2018,Schurr – Montebello,Montebello,CA,
1,Drashawn Smith,3B/SS,5’5”/142,S/R,2020,Gahr Hs,Bellflower,CA,
4,Robert Aragon,2B/RHP,5’7”/195,R/R,2018,Artesia Hs,Cerritos,CA,
5,Ismael Diara,OF/2B,5’6”/135,R/R,2018,Cerritos,Cerritos,CA
6,Elijah Marquez,3B/SS,5’11”/175,R/R,2019,Lakewood,Los Alamitos,CA,
7,Manuel Zuniga,2B/SS,5’4”/120,R/R,2019,Millikan Hs,Norwalk,CA,
9,Patrick Diaz,3B/OF,5’10”/200,R/R,2018,La Serna,Whittier,CA,
10,Peter Tagle,3B/RHP,6’0”/175,R/R,2019,Valley Christian,Long Beach,CA
11,Nicholas Broshears,2B/SS,6’0”/165,R/R,2019,Cerritos Hs,Cerritos,CA,
13,Samuel Rodriguez,1B/C,5’9”/165,R/R,2019,Gahr Hs,Lakewood,CA,
21,Joey Lopez,C/LF,5’6”/174,R/R,2019,Gahr Hs,Bellflower,CA,
22,Anthony Gonzalez,RHP/2B,5’10”/180,R/R,2019,Gahr Hs,Artesia,CA,
24,Joseph Tustin,3B/1B,5’9”/182,R/R,2018,Arroyo,Duarte,CA,
25,Jake Hammond,C/1B,6’2”/215,R/R,2019,Rolling Hills Prep,Lomita,CA,
28,Michael Campos,C/SS,5’9”/135,R/R,2019,Whitney Hs,Norwalk,CA,
34,Cristian Barrera,SS/RHP,5’11”/135,R/R,2018,Cerritos Hs,Lakewood,CA,
50,Conner McKinney,RHP/1B,6’5”/255,R/R,2018,Gahr Hs,Las Vegas,NV,
61,Kaleb Ferrer,3B/RHP,5’9”/190,R/R,2018,Cerritos Hs,Cerritos,CA,
81,Mike Fletcher,RHP/3B,6’0”/217,R/R,2018,Saint Anthony’s – Lakewood Ca,Lakewood,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

Conner McKinney 1B 2018

#50 Conner McKinney – RHP/1B 2018
Big bodied player with physical and athletic upside. Balanced approach at the plate with quick hands and good pop. Stays inside the ball well and gets through it to get true flight. Could develop into a legit power guy in the future. On the mound he sits 83-85mph with loose arm from 3/4 arm slot. Raw on the mound and could develop into a power arm with better drive towards the plate. An imposing figure on the field.

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So Cal Giants

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So Cal Giants Roster

16,Charlie Fick,C,5’10”/165,R/R,2021,Rancho Bernardo,Rancho Bernardo,CA
4,Pierson Ohl,RHP/SS,6’2”/180,R/R,2018,Grace Bretheran,Newbury Park,CA,
5,Jake Miller,RHP/3B,6’2”/190,R/R,2018,Newbury Park,Nebwury Park,CA,
7,Max Miller,RHP/IF,6’1”/160,R/R,2021,Cathedral Catholic,Newbury Park,CA,
13,Gunner Hellstrom,C,6’4”/215,R/R,2017,Grace Bretheran,Newbury Park,CA,Nebraska
13,Lucas Johnsen,RHP,6’2”/190,R/R,2018,Thousand Oaks,Newbury Park,CA,
17,Jet Bond,RHP,5’10”/165,R/R,2017,Newbury Park,Newbury Park,CA,
21,Desmond Gates,OF,5’10”/175,L/L,2017,Bishop Montgomery,Newbury Park,CA,Cal. St. Northridge
23,Scott Sheehan,IF/C,5’10”/170,R/R,2018,Thousand Oaks,Newbury Park,CA,
25,Brandon Lewis,OF,6’2”/190,R/R,2017,St. Francis,City,CA
30,Michael Snyder,SS,6’0”/170,R/R,2019,Harvard Westlake,Newbury Park,CA,
31,Roc Riggio,C/IF,5’10”/145,L/R,2021,Chaminade,Newbury Park,CA,UCLA
34,Bryce Hayes,RHP,6’1”/190,R/R,2018,Beaumont,Newbury Park,CA,
36,Garret Clarke,RHP,6’1”/160,R/R,2018,Thousand Oaks,Newbury Park,CA,
38,Alex Mueller,IF,5’10”/165,R/R,2018,Thousand Oaks,Newbury Park,CA,
39,Robert Sharrar,LHP,5’10”/160,L/L,2019,Newbury Park,Newbury Park,CA,
44,Tim Scarlette,RHP/1B,6’4”/190,R/R,2020,Jserra Catholic,Newbury Park,CA,
44,Victor Vodnik,RHP,6’0”/185,R/R,2018,Rialto,Newury Park,CA,
45,Brad Smith,2B,5’6”/140,R/R,2020,Newbury Park,Newbury Park,CA,
46,Trent Packard,OF,5’11”/160,R/R,2018,Newbury Park,Newbury Park,CA,
48,Baylor Tovar,SS,6’0”/160,R/R,2018,Royal,Newbury Park,CA,
50,Shaun McHale,SS,5’10”/160,R/R,2020,Valencia,Newbury Park,CA,
51,Chris Russel,OF/IF,5’9”/160,R/R,2019,Moorpark,Newbury Park,CA,
67,Justin McHale,C,5’10”/180,R/R,2017,Valencia,Newbury Park,CA,Mt. SAC
70,Cade Kritsch,OF,6’1”/175,R/R,2019,Westlake,Newbury Park,CA,
71,Andrew Grieder,RHP/OF,5’11”/180,R/R,2018,Newbury Park,Nebwury Park,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#44 Victor Vodnik – RHP 2018
Athletic build with long levers, FB sits 88-91 touched 93, max effort delivery, drives the ball downhill, breaking ball showed slider action at 76-78 mph, flashed CH 79-81 with late fade, projects as a reliever with higher ceiling if he improves command.

#16 Charlie Fick – C 2021
Compact athletic build, good footwork behind the plate, quick release, very good arm, defense projects, middle approach at the plate

Bryce Hayes RHP 2018

#34 Bryce Hayes – RHP 2018
Strong, max effort, quick deceptive motion, pitches with fastball, 85-88mph, best pitch is put away slider, can throw for a strike, also showed a changeup at 78-79mph, and curveball at 68-69mph

#36 Garret Clarke – RHP 2018
Tall, lean frame, room to fill out, loose arm, easy motion, FB: 83-85, touched 87mph, fastball had good life, SL at 71-73mph, mixed in CH at 69mph

#7 Max Miller – RHP 2021
Fluid Delivery. Over the top arm actions that is very loose. Very promising upside showed fast ball command at 77-82mph and sharp 12-6 curve ball that is a legitimated out pitch. Works at a quick pace and effectively in the zone.

#4 Pierson Ohl – SS/RHP 2018
Athletic build that has room to fill in. Plays light on his feet with good angles to the ball and soft hands. Shows multiple arm angles with above average carry across. Shows a compact swing that is mostly direct and flat through the zone. Spray type hitter with some potential gap strength. Good foot speed.
7/2: Short, quick arm action, FB sits 82-84, touches 86 with some movement, CB: 65-68 with slurve action, flashed CH 72-75 with fade

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Solana Beach Cardinals

[peekaboo_link name=“19”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes[peekaboo_content name=“19”]

Solana Beach Cardinals Roster

0,Nick Sando,LHP/OF,6’0”/155,L/L,2019,San Dieguito Academy,Carlsbad,CA,
1,David Ayala,IF,5’6”/145,R/R,2019,Vista ,Vista,CA,
2,Logan Matherly,IF,5’9”/150,R/R,2019,San Dieguito Academy,Encinitas,CA,
3,Cade Remy,RHP/3B,5’9”/180,R/R,2018,Santa Fe Christian ,Del Mar,CA,
4,Jake Gutierrez,IF,5’7”/160,R/R,2019,Sage Creek ,Carlsbad,CA,
6,Josh Arm,OF,5’10”/135,R/R,2019,San Dieguito Academy,Carlsbad,CA,
7,Wyley Sharp,C/OF,5’9”/160,R/R,2019,San Dieguito Academy,Cardiff By The Sea,CA,
8,Aaron Placak,OF/RHP,5’6”/130,R/R,2019,Sage Creek ,Carlsbad,CA,
9,Pete Gagne,C/RHP,6’1”/180,R/R,2019,San Dieguito Academy,Encinitas,CA,
11,Jonathon Scalzo,IF/RHP,6’0”/170,R/R,2019,Vista ,Vista,CA,
14,Ryan Crain,OF,5’8”/140,R/R,2018,San Dieguito Academy,Encinitas,CA,
15,Preston Buscher,IF/RHP,6’2”/185,R/R,2019,Sage Creek ,Carlsbad,CA,
17,Reid Gohlke,3B/OF,5’9”/170,R/R,2018,St. Augustine ,San Diego,CA,
17,Bobby Zajonc,1B,6’1”/190,L/L,2019,Coronado ,Coronado,CA,
18,Spencer Davis,IF/RHP,6’0”/155,R/R,2019,Torrey Pines ,San Diego,CA,
19,John Paul Kraus,OF/IF,6’0”/165,L/R,2019,Jserra Catholic Hs,Carlsbad,CA,
19,Ethan Sakata,RHP/IF,5’9”/150,R/R,2019,Sage Creek ,Carlsbad,CA,
21,Connor Barry,RHP,6’0”/170,R/R,2018,Saint Augustine ,Rancho Santa Fe,CA,
27,Christian Wood,IF/RHP,6’0”/150,R/R,2019,University City ,San Diego,CA,
28,Eric Lu,OF,5’6”/120,R/R,2020,Canyon Crest Academy,San Diego,CA,
31,Brandon Depperschmidt,OF,5’10”/185,R/R,2018,Coronado ,Coronado,CA,
43,Ryan Blakeman,RHP,6’1”/180,R/R,2018,Canyon Crest Academy,San Diego,CA,
44,Nathan Geiser,3B/1B,5’9”/165,R/R,2018,Santa Fe Christian ,Encinitas,CA,
66,Troy Grossman,C/2B,5’7”/140,R/R,2019,Vista ,Oceanside,CA,
92,Shane Hofstadler,C/RHP,6’0”/160,R/R,2018,Rancho Buena Vista ,Vista,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#4 Jake Gutierrez – SS 2019
Athletic frame, good hands, quality glove angle, plus arm, good range in the middle, line drive hitter, middle-oppo approach, plus speed

Preston Buscher 1B 2019

#15 Preston Buscher – 1B 2019
Tall, athletic frame, good footwork, soft hands at 1B, gap to gap hitter, level stroke, plus power, projectable swing

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Solana Beach Redbirds

[peekaboo_link name=“23”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes[peekaboo_content name=“23”]

Solana Beach Redbirds Roster

2,Ian Coykendall,2B,5’11”/150,R/R,2019,Santa Fe Christian,Encinitas,CA
0,Joe Foss,RHP,6’7”/200,R/R,2018,Scripps Ranch Hs,San Diego,CA,
0,Ivan Luna,1B,5’11”/185,L/L,2018,Vista Hs,Vista,CA,
0,Ethan Paulson,1B/RHP,6’3”/190,R/R,2018,Santa Fe Christian,San Diego,CA,
0,Jack Shimkin,OF,5’11”/170,R/R,2019,La Jolla Country Day,San Diego,CA,
2,Devan Padua,2B,5’11”/160,R/R,2018,Madison Hs,San Diego,CA,
4,Briley Knight,C,5’11”/180,L/R,2018,Corvalis Hs,Corvalis,OR,Utah
5,Vincent Martinez,C,6’2”/180,R/R,2018,San Marcos Hs,San Diego,CA,
8,JD Pinion,2B,5’10”/190,R/R,2018,Corvalis Hs,Corvalis,CA,
12,Bryson Hashimoto,SS,6’0”/170,R/R,2019,Santa Fe Christian Hs,San Diego,CA,
13,Graiden Kregar,3B,6’3”/190,R/R,2018,Scripps Ranch Hs,San Diego,CA,
15,Garrett Bevagua,RF/3B,6’2”/170,L/R,2019,La Costa Canyon Hs,San Diego,CA,
15,Parker Williams,RHP,6’3”/195,R/R,2018,Torrey Pines Hs,San Diego,CA,
17,Colin Beaver,2B,5’9”/140,L/R,2019,Scripps Ranch Hs,San Diego,CA,
25,MJ Metz,3B,5’5”/190,R/R,2018,Canyon Crest Academy,San Diego,CA,
27,Bruno Coimbra,C,5’10”/160,R/R,2018,Scripps Ranch Hs,San Diego,CA,
27,Matt Schlesner,1B,6’2”/180,R/R,2019,Torrey Pines Hs,San Diego,CA,
28,Jack Lafaro,RHP,6’4”/200,R/R,2018,Torrey Pines Hs,San Diego,CA,
32,Tim Carlson,RHP,6’4”/190,R/R,2018,Serra Hs,San Diego,CA,
40,Jack McAllister,LHP,6’0”/180,L/L,2018,Sage Creek Hs,San Diego,CA,
51,Jackson Bolitho,OF,6’0”/170,R/R,2018,Scripps Ranch Hs,San Diego,CA,
67,Caden Childress,LHP,6’1”/180,L/L,2018,Vista Hs,Vista,CA,
67,Nate Tholl,RHP,6’3”/160,R/R,2017,Vista Hs,San Diego,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#58 Cooper Foss – RHP 2018
Tall, lean frame, long legs and arms, FB: 84-86mph, easy motion, slide step, a lot more in the tank, slight arm side run, lots of upside, SL: 70-72mph

#5 Vincent Martinez – C 2018
Strong, athletic build, broad shoulders, wide base behind the plate, quality framer, quick release, consistent 2.00 pop times, quick hands at the plate, good power, good speed for size

#4 Briley Knight – C 2018
Stocky, athletic build, good power to all fields, easy line drive stroke, produces backspin, plus arm behind the plate, good speed

#22 Ivan Luna – OF 2018
Smooth easy swing, good for average and power, shows ability to hit ball where its pitched, barrel stays flat through the zone, above average speed, projectable swing

#12 Bryson Hashimoto – SS 2019
Tall, athletic frame, flashed pull side gap power, uses the whole field at the plate, plus defender with sure hands, pure athlete, tools play at the next level

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South Pasadena Astros

[peekaboo_link name=“15”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes[peekaboo_content name=“15”]

South Pasadena Astros Roster

0,Lorenzo Moreno,1B/3B,6’3”/200,R/R,2019,Cathedral High,Los Angeles,CA,
0,Christian Diaz,OF/RHP,6’0”/190,R/R,2018,Franklin,Los Angeles,CA
1,Jagr Proiette,2B/OF,5’10”/150,R/R,2018,Crescenta Valley High,Montrose,CA,
2,Jacob Luevano,3B/RHP,5’10”/160,R/R,2017,South Pasadena High,South Pasadena,CA,
6,Prince Alex Leon,LHP/CF,6’1”/165,L/L,2019,Franklin High,Los Angeles,CA,
7,Dustin Williams Jr.,2B/OF,5’8”/155,R/R,2019,Temple City High,Temple City,CA,
9,Isaac Luevano,SS/RHP,5’11”/165,R/R,2018,South Pasadena High,South Pasadena,CA,
11,King Phillip Leon,RHP/3B,6’0”/180,R/R,2017,Franklin High,Los Angeles,CA,
13,Matthew Granados,OF/RHP,5’9”/175,R/R,2017,Glen A Wilson High,Hacienda Height,CA,
15,Kendall Moran,1B/RHP,6’1”/200,R/R,2018,Marshall High,Altadena,CA,
20,Wyatt Walorinta,CF/RHP,6’2”/160,R/R,2018,Pacifica High,Camarillo,CA,
44,Oscar Diaz,C/1B,6’0”/195,L/R,2020,Cathedral High,Los Angeles,CA,
55,Jared Hunter,IF/CF,5’9”/140,R/R,2020,Arcadia High,Pasadena,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

Isaac Luevano SS 2018

#9 Isaac Luevano – SS 2018
Lean athletic build, short direct swing with extension, uses the middle of the field well

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WBA Dirtbags

[peekaboo_link name=“3”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes[peekaboo_content name=“3”]

WBA Dirtbags Roster

4,Paden Riley,SS/RHP,5’9”/165,R/R,2020,Simi Valley High,Simi Valley,CA,
5,Alex Blyburg,2B/OF,5’8”/150,R/R,2019,Chatsworh High,Simi Valley,CA,
7,Marcus Padilla,OF/LHP,5’11”/175,L/L,2018,Simi High,Simi Valley,CA,
10,Manuel Munoz,C/1B,6’0”/190,R/R,2019,Thousand Oaks,Simi Valley,CA,
18,Kobe Monahan,RHP/OF,6’0”/165,S/R,2020,Simi High,Simi Valley,CA,
30,Hunter Myers,RHP,6’2”/175,R/R,2019,Oaks Christian,Malibu,CA,
35,Sebastian Serabia,C/OF,5’11”/225,R/R,2020,Simi ,Simi Valley,CA,
37,Chase Araund,OF/RHP,6’0”/150,R/R,2020,Simi High,Simi Valley,CA,
38,Manny Gutierrez,OF/LHP,5’11”/150,L/L,2019,Kennedy High,Sun Valley,CA,
58,Steven Cornell,RHP/OF,6’2”/175,L/R,2019,Canyon High,Newhall,CA,
60,Justin Nunez,RHP/OF,5’11”/150,R/R,2018,Royal,Simi Valley,CA,
62,London Britton,2B/SS,5’6”/130,R/R,2020,Simi High,Simi Valley,CA,
75,Morgan Smith,RHP/SS,5’7”/150,R/R,2020,Simi High,Simi Valley,CA,
88,Jake Attencio,OF,5’6”/135,S/R,2020,Simi High,Simi Valley,CA,
99,Brendan Kluggman,RHP,6’1”/170,R/R,2020,Simi High,Simi Valley,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#4 Paden Riley – RHP/SS 2020
Paden pitched 5 innings, giving up one run and notching the win for WBA. He also collected 2 hits and finished off the game at shortstop for the Dirtbags. A tough player with a good competitive mentality on the field.

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West Coast Baseball 16

[peekaboo_link name=“20”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes[peekaboo_content name=“20”]

West Coast Baseball 16 Roster

1,Cole Friend,C/2B,5’6”/140,L/R,2021,Carlsbad Hs,Carlsbad,CA,
5,Everett Kennedy,RHP/2B,5’10”/150,R/R,2021,Carlsbad Hs,Vista,CA,
7,Stephen Pierson,LHP/1B,5’11”/150,L/L,2019,Santa Fe Christian,Solana Beach,CA,
8,Eddie Campos,LF/RF,5’11”/160,R/R,2019,La Costa Canyon Hs,Vista,CA,
10,Max Gibson,OF/RHP,5’10”/160,R/R,2020,Carlsbad Hs,Vista,CA,
14,Jake Schenk,2B/SS,5’10”/150,R/R,2019,La Costa Canyon Hs,Vista,CA,
19,Max Gruber,C/C,5’10”/160,R/R,2019,La Costa Canyon Hs,Vista,CA,
20,Nicolas Allmond,OF/OF,5’11”/160,R/R,2019,La Jolla Country Day,Carlsbad,CA,
22,Jake Kentner,SS/3B,5’11”/160,R/R,2019,Vista Hs,Vista,CA,
23,Troy Anderson,C/3B,5’10”/165,R/R,2020,Carlsbad Hs,Vista,CA,
24,Troy Mills,OF/RHP,6’0”/165,R/R,2020,Carlsbad Hs,Vista,CA,
27,Dino Barhoum,LHP/LHP,5’10”/160,L/L,2020,Carlsbad Hs,Vista,CA,
28,Skylar Rosie,IF/OF,5’9”/145,R/R,2019,Carlsbad Hs,Carlsbad,CA,
35,Austin Smith,LHP/1B,5’10”/160,L/L,2019,Carlsbad Hs,Vista,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

Troy Anderson C 2020

#23 Troy Anderson – C/3B 2020
Strong athletic build, good fundamentals behind the plate with a strong arm, good set-up at the plate, loose hands, pull side pop with plus bat speed

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West Coast Baseball 17

[peekaboo_link name=“16”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes[peekaboo_content name=“16”]

West Coast Baseball 17 Roster

46,Michael Knorr,RHP,6’6”/210,R/R,2018,Carlsbad,Carlsbad,CA
4,Ard Jamito,3B/C,5’8”/160,R/R,2018,Carlsbad Hs,Vista,CA,
6,Colbie Vargas,2B/SS,5’6”/150,R/R,2018,Carlsbad Hs,Oceanside,CA,
11,Nick Hays,SS/2B,5’8”/145,R/R,2019,La Costa Canyon Hs,Carlsbad,CA,
16,Max Stanley,CF/LF,5’11”/180,L/R,2019,La Costa Canyon Hs,Carlsbad,CA,
17,John Mayberry,LF/LF,5’11”/165,R/R,2018,Carlsbad Hs,Vista,CA,
18,Jackson Garrett,LHP/1B,6’1”/160,L/L,2019,Carlsbad Hs,Carlsbad,CA,
21,Dylan Bergman,C/RF,6’2”/175,R/R,2018,Vista Hs,Vista,CA,
25,Zach Santillian,2B/SS,6’1”/190,R/R,2018,Carlsbad Hs,Carlsbad,CA,
30,Max Labauve,RHP/3B,5’11”/168,R/R,2019,La Costa Canyon Hs,Carlsbad,CA,
41,Joseph Hahn,RHP/3B,6’2”/188,R/R,2018,Carlsbad Hs,Carlsbad,CA,
43,Korey Loberg,RHP/RHP,6’4”/180,R/R,2018,Carlsbad Hs,Carlsbad,CA,
46,Michael Knorr,RHP/RHP,6’5”/180,R/R,2019,Carlsbad Hs,Vista,CA,
48,Ross Goldschlag,RHP/3B,6’0”/185,R/R,2019,La Costa Canyon Hs,Encinitas,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

Michael Knorr RHP 2018

#46 Michael Knorr – RHP 2018
Tall, lean pitcher with good levers. Frame could easily add another 20-30lbs. Fastball sits 87-89mph and touches 92. Breaking ball 69mph. Easy delivery with good life and action when he gets downhill. With some more lower half drive, could develop into a mid 90’s arm.

#16 Max Stanley – OF 2019
Strong athletic build, smooth LH swing, good bat speed, pull power, runs well

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West Coast Blackdogs 2018

[peekaboo_link name=“28”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes[peekaboo_content name=“28”]

West Coast Blackdogs 2018 Roster

1,Johnny Virgen,SS,6’0”/180,R/R,2018,Cathedral ,Chino,CA,
2,Fabian Moran,2B/C,5’9”/155,R/R,2018,Diamond Bar,Chino,CA,
5,Tristian Williams,IF,5’7”/160,S/R,2018,Corona,Chino,CA,
6,Jonathan Alaniz,C/OF,5’10”/170,R/R,2018,Don Lugo ,Chino,CA,
8,Michael Caldera,RHP/IF,5’9”/145,R/R,2018,Schurr Hs,Chino,CA,
10,Curtis Nagel,LHP,5’11”/225,L/L,2018,Ayala ,Chino,CA,
11,Derek Wilson,C/OF,6’0”/170,R/R,2019,Santa Margarita,Chino,CA,
12,Alfredo Ruiz,LHP/OF,6’2”/170,L/L,2018,Sante Fe Hs,Chino,CA,
15,Sammy Murphy,RHP,6’3”/170,L/R,2019,Trabuco Hills Hs,Chino,CA,
18,Gabriel Gonzalez,IF,6’1”/160,R/R,2018,Cathedral Hs,Chino,CA,
24,Kellen Mendez,3B/1B,5’8”/170,R/R,2019,Ayala,Chino,CA,
25,Arturo Felix,IF,5’10”/140,R/R,2018,Arcadia ,Chino,CA,
27,Tyler Liebe,OF,5’10”/170,R/R,2018,Diamond Bar,Chino,CA,
29,Joshua Miranda,1B/RHP,6’2”/180,R/R,2018,Pacifica Hs,Chino,CA,
31,Nolan Nankervis,RHP,6’3”/160,R/R,2019,Trabucco,Chino,CA,
42,Sebastian Ibarra,3B,5’6”/180,R/R,2018,Servite Hs,Chino,CA,
66,Albert Luevano,SS,6’1”/180,R/R,2018,Don Lugo Hs,Chino,CA,
70,Beau Korthals,RHP/IF,5’11”/160,R/R,2018,Trabucco Hills,Chino,CA,
88,Angel Guzman,OF,5’10”/175,R/R,2018,La Sierra Hs,Chino,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#12 Alfredo Ruiz – LHP 2018
FB 82-86mph with arm side run and sink, simple delivery creates downhill plane

#1 Johnny Virgen – SS 2018
Athletic tall build with room to fill. Compact swing with easy rhythm from a slight leg kick. On time from good plate discipline and quality plan/ cheats at the plate. Uses all fields as a gap hitter. In the infield, he plays light on his feet and shows some quick twitch movement. Works well around the bag and uses multiple arm angles. Soft quick quick hands with a quick release.

Albert Luevano INF 2018

#66 Albert Luevano – INF 2018
Athletic strong body. Easy and early rhythm at the plate with sneaky pop from a strong top hand and in sync lower half action. Gap hitter with some strength to the pull side. Good carry across the diamond with athletic actions and good reads off the bat. Good first step with quality angles. Good foot speed on bases.

#29 Joshua Miranda – 1B 2018
Athletic frame with room to grow. Moves well in the field and covers ground at first. Creates good whip with the bat and has the ability to hit for power. Good bat speed. Keeps the barrel in the zone a long time

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West Coast Blackdogs 2019 Black

[peekaboo_link name=“11”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes[peekaboo_content name=“11”]

West Coast Blackdogs 2019 Black Roster

0,Garret Anderson III,SS/2B,5’10”/145,R/R,2019,Orange Lutheran Hs,Chino,CA,
3,Kyle O’Rourke,OF,5’11”/155,L/L,2019,Santa Margarita Catholic H.s.,Chino,CA,
9,John Pappas,C/1B,5’10”/150,R/R,2019,Ayala ,Chino,CA,
10,Jalen Galvanoni-Peatry,OF/RHP,5’10”/162,R/R,2019,Trabuco Hills Hs,Chino,CA,
13,Robbie Weiskittel,3B,5’11”/215,R/R,2019,Trabuco Hills Hs,Chino,CA,
16,Bradley Mullan,LHP,6’1”/155,L/L,2019,Damien ,Chino,CA,
17,Omar Munoz,1B/3B,6’1”/215,R/R,2019,Costa Mesa Hs,Chino,CA,
20,Cole Abbott,LHP/1B,6’1”/170,L/L,2019,Santa Margarita,Chino,CA,
21,Ryan Rutter,2B,6’0”/160,R/R,2019,Mission Viejo,Chino,CA,
22,Vinny Rodriguez,SS,5’10”/130,R/R,2019,Norco ,Chino,CA,
23,Alex Marquez,CF,5’9”/120,R/R,2019,Don Lugo Hs,Chino,CA,
26,CJ Burnette,1B,6’4”/210,R/R,2019,Mater Dei Hs,Chino,CA,
32,Jimmy Monahan,OF/RHP,5’10”/155,R/R,2019,Trabuco Hills Hs,Chino,CA,
36,Nathan Casbier,RHP,6’2”/165,R/R,2019,Trabuco Hills Hs,Chino,CA,
38,Miguel Rodriguez,C,5’11”/160,R/R,2019,Costa Mesa,Chino,CA,
39,Ryan Virata,OF/C,5’9”/155,R/R,2019,Chino Hills Hs,Chino,CA,
44,Kiefer Hartwig,3B/2B,5’11”/165,R/R,2019,Ayala ,Chino,CA,
47,Justin Bailey,OF/IF,6’2”/170,R/R,2019,Trabuco Hills Hs,Chino,CA,
60,Angel Najar,RHP/3B,5’10”/160,R/R,2019,La Seirra,Chino,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#26 CJ Burnette – 1B 2019
Strong body, good rhythm, good lower half, smooth separation, plus bat speed, line drive pop to all fields

John Pappas C 2019

#9 John Pappas – C 2019
Lean athlete, quiet receiver and athletic to block, loose hands at the plate, good bat speed with ext thru the middle

#17 Omar Munoz – 3B 2019
Physical body that can tighten up. Relatively strong, raw swing that creates some backspin when on time. Average range at 3rd but has good carry across the diamond.

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West Coast Blackdogs 2020 Black

[peekaboo_link name=“4”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes[peekaboo_content name=“4”]

West Coast Blackdogs 2020 Black Roster

#,Matthew Workman,POS,HT/WT,B/T,GRAD,HS,City,St
5,Riley Mitchell,IF,5’6”/128,L/R,2020,Costa Mesa,Chino,CA,
6,Nico Corrales,OF,5’9”/160,R/R,2020,Chino Hills High,Chino,CA,
9,Kyle Crivelli,IF/C,5’7”/140,R/R,2020,Ayala Hs,Chino,CA,
17,Ryan Ball,SS,5’7”/150,R/R,2020,Trabucco Hills,Chino,CA,
19,Mitchell Iwasaki,OF,5’8”/135,R/R,2020,Ayala ,Chino,CA,
20,Zach Garber,OF,6’0”/135,L/L,2020,Edison,Chino,CA,
29,Sean Boskovich,1B/3B,5’10”/135,R/R,2020,Don Lugo Hs,Chino,CA,
34,Jimmi Welsher,OF,5’7”/130,L/L,2020,Costa Mesa ,Chino,CA,
46,Marcus Weinzimer,1B/C,5’10”/160,R/R,2020,Trabucco Hills,Chino,CA,
77,Youngbin Kim,RHP/CF,5’10”/159,R/R,2020,Woodbridge ,Chino,CA,
87,Noah Rezner,1B,5’9”/150,L/L,2020,Notre Dame Hs,Chino,CA,
92,Matt Sagmit,,6’0”/177,R/R,2020,Pacifica ,Chino,CA,
93,Ryan Leonardo,,5’10”/130,L/R,2020,Pacifica ,Chino,CA,
94,Justin Santoyo,IF/OF,5’11”/140,R/L,2020,Pacifica ,Chino,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#77 Youngbin Kim – OF 2020
Youngbin had a solid day at the plate for the 2020 Blackdogs, notching 4 hits on the double header, including a big double to center field to power the blackdogs to a victory over AABA Revolution White

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West Coast Blackdogs 2020 White

[peekaboo_link name=“24”]Show / Hide Roster[/peekaboo_link] | Submit Roster Changes[peekaboo_content name=“24”]

West Coast Blackdogs 2020 White Roster

1,Tommy Castillo,CF,5’11”/150,R/R,2020,Cathedral ,Chino,CA,
2,Connor Burns,C,5’9”/150,R/R,2020,Don Lugo Hs,Chino,CA,
3,Isaiah Leal,3B,5’7”/140,R/R,2020,Pacifica ,Chino,CA,
4,Kieran Sidebotham,IF,5’7”/135,R/R,2020,Corona Del Mar Hs,Chino,CA,
7,Jared Casebier,2B,5’8”/145,R/R,2020,Trabucco Hills,Chino,CA,
11,Brady Malpass,2B/OF,5’8”/150,R/R,2020,Hunington Beach,Chino,CA,
21,Nathan Petrutis,1B,6’1”/210,L/R,2020,Pacifica ,Chino,CA,
22,Adam Axtell,IF,6’3”/170,L/R,2020,Calvery Chapel,Chino,CA,
23,Adam Moylan,1B/LHP,5’11”/195,L/L,2020,Woodbridge Hs,Chino,CA,
24,Nathaniel Min,C/3B,5’8”/160,R/R,2020,Bishop Amat,Chino,CA,
27,Blake Niemi,2B/OF,5’6”/138,R/R,2020,Santa Margarita Catholic Hs,Chino,CA,
35,Nick Davidson,RHP,6’5”/165,R/R,2020,Santa Margarita Catholic Hs,Chino,CA,
51,Damien Torres,SS,5’9”/160,R/R,2020,Corona,Chino,CA,
84,Trevor Ruiz,POS,5’9”/145,R/R,2020,Chino Hills,Chino,CA
99,Daniel Cruz,OF,6’0”/180,L/R,2020,Corona,Chino,CA,[/table] [/peekaboo_content]

#1 Tommy Castillo – OF 2020
Athletic build, great feel to hit for contact, simple actions with direct path, uses middle well with line drive, ability to drive middle gap

Nathan Petrulis 1B 2020

#21 Nathan Petrutis – 1B 2020
Broad, big frame, has above average bat speed with good leverage, good extension through, creates good back spin with pullside home run pop, good oppo potential with growth

#4 Kieran Sidebotham – INF 2020
Lean, athletic frame, level controlled stroke, gap to gap line drive hitter, plus bat speed for size, plus arm, good glove angle

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Top Fastball Velocities




93,Victor Vodnik,RHP,2018,So Cal Giants
92,Michael Knorr,RHP,2018,West Coast Baseball 17
91,Jacon Robertson,LHP,2018,AABA Red
88,Garret Clarke,RHP,2018,So Cal Giants
88,Kelly Hawkshaw,RHP,2018,OC Premier
88,Bryce Hayes,RHP,2018,So Cal Giants
88,Cole Sowyrda,RHP,2018,NorCal TKB
88,Ben Ziv,RHP,2018,Saddleback Cowboys
87,Chase Davis,LHP,2020,Schutt Sac
86,Greyson Barrett,RHP,2018,AABA Red
86,Dawson Beard,RHP,2019,LV Patriots
86,Daniel Colwell,LHP,2018,California Warriors
86,Mitchy Dowd,RHP,2019,Hardtke 17
86,Cooper Foss,RHP,2018,Solana Beach Redbirds
86,Jonathan Guzman,RHP,2019,OC Premier
86,Oscar Lepe,LHP,2018,NorCal TKB
86,Pierson Ohl,RHP,2018,So Cal Giants
86,Alfredo Ruiz,LHP,2018,WC Blackdogs 2018
86,Gabrial Ulloa Jr.,RHP,2018,AABA Red
85,Samuel Hoeven,RHP,2018,Hardtke 17
85,Leonardo Martinez,RHP,2018,Schutt Sac
85,Conner McKinney,RHP,2018,So Cal Diablos
85,Steve Ramirez,RHP,2018,Saddleback Cowboys

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Top 60 Yard Dashes

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”100|250|250|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
Sec,Name,Team Name,Pos,YOG
6.60,Arden Walcott,Raptors Baseball,OF,2019
6.81,Lucas Senatore,Raptors Baseball,OF,2019
6.85,Derek Bos,Bullpen Academy,1B,2018
6.87,Logan Coons,LV Patriots,OF,2019
6.89,Matt Calhoun,California Warriors,INF,2018
6.95,Eddie Campos,West Coast Baseball 16,OF,2019
6.95,Shane Martin,Oakland Immortals,C,2020
6.99,Christian Arcilla,ABD Bulldogs,OF,2019
6.99,Jonathan Combs,Bullpen Academy,C,2019
6.99,Chris Giles,California Warriors,OF,2018
6.99,Jeff Harmon,Raptors Baseball,SS,2019

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Top Raw Velocities

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”100|250|250|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
MPH,Name,Team Name,Pos,YOG
92,Conner McKinney,So Cal Diablos,1B,2018
90,Tyler Williamson,LV Patriots,INF,2018
89,Jonathan Alaniz,WC Blackdogs,C,2018
89,AJ Baldwin,Raptors Baseball,RHP,2018
89,Dawson Beard,LV Patriots,1B,2019
89,Lalo Mata,MVP Scout,OF,2019
89,Dirk Tharpe,Inside Pitch Prospects,OF,2018
88,Dylon Furseth,So Cal Bombers,OF,2019
88,Josh Glazewski,Foresters Baseball,3B,2018
88,Teddy Hoxiw,California Warriors,1B,2018
88,Michael Morgan,Raptors Baseball,3B,2019
87,Logan Coons,LV Patriots,OF,2019
87,Tyler Quintanilla,California Warriors,OF,2018
86,Rory Brown,Raptors Baseball,C,2018
86,Matt Calhoun,California Warriors,INF,2018
86,Martin Cole,California Warriors,INF,2018
86,Trevor Curl,Raptors Baseball,3B,2018
86,Dylan McCarty,Bullpen Academy,OF,2020
86,Joseph Rush,LV Patriots,OF,2018
85,Edwin Caliz,ABD Bulldogs,OF,2019
85,Jake Hammond,So Cal Diablos,C,2019
85,Adam Morrison,Raptors Baseball,RHP,2018

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Top Bat Exit Velocities

[table width=”600″ colwidth=”100|250|250|100|100″ colalign=”left|left|left|left|left”]
MPH,Name,Team Name,Pos,YOG
95,Conner McKinney,So Cal Diablos,1B,2018
94,Cooper Thieme,Raptors Baseball,1B,2019
92,Jonathan Combs,Bullpen Academy,C,2019
90,Mike Fletcher,So Cal Diablos,3B,2018
89,Tyler Quintanilla,California Warriors,OF,2018
88,Rory Brown,Raptors Baseball,C,2018
88,Hunter Sullivan,Raptors Baseball,1B,2018
87,Dawson Beard,LV Patriots,1B,2019
87,Andrew Gallegos,LV Patriots,1B,2018
86,Martin Cole,California Warriors,INF,2018
85,Edwin Caliz,ABD Bulldogs,OF,2019
85,Jeff Harmon,Raptors Baseball,SS,2019
85,Cole Miller,Bullpen Academy,3B,2019


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Merced College
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