Fall Schedule

September 16,UA Futures East Showcase,Jupiter-FL,Itinerary,Rosters
September 16-17,UA Fall Classic,Jupiter-FL,Schedule & Scores,Rosters
October 14,UA Futures South Showcase,Peachtree City-GA,Itinerary,Rosters
October 14-15,UA Invitational,St. Petersburg-FL,Schedule & Scores,Rosters
October 20-22,UA So Cal Classic Underclass,Southern California,Schedule & Scores,Rosters
October 27-29,UA So Cal Classic Upperclass,Southern California,Schedule & Scores,Rosters
October 28,UA Futures West Showcase,Monterey Park-CA,Itinerary,Rosters
November 4,UA Futures Texas Showcase,Dallas-TX,Itinerary,Rosters

Spring / Summer Schedule

April 1-5,Ryan Lemmon Invitational,Irvine-CA,Schedule & Scores,Rosters
May 26-29,UA Memorial Day Classic,Jupiter-FL,Schedule & Scores,Rosters
June 3-4,UA National West Showcase,Azusa-CA,Itinerary,Rosters
June 6-7,UA National Texas Showcase,Katy-TX,Itinerary,Rosters
June 10-11,UA National South Showcase,Peachtree City-GA,Itinerary,Rosters
June 14-15,UA National Florida Showase,Sarasota-FL,Itinerary,Rosters
June 16-19,UA Father’s Day Classic,La Verne-CA,Schedule & Scores,Rosters
June 22-25,UA Classic,Bradenton-FL,Schedule & Scores,Rosters
June 29-July 3,UA 4th of July Classic,La Verne-CA,Schedule & Scores,Rosters
July 7-11,UA Firecracker Classic,Jupiter-FL,Schedule & Scores,Rosters
July 21-25,UA Southwest Championships 2019,La Verne-CA,Schedule & Scores,Rosters
July 28-August 1,UA Southwest Championships 2018,La Verne-CA,Schedule & Scores,Rosters
August 18-20,Kelly Kulina Classic,Bel Air-MD,Schedule & Scores,Rosters

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