2016 Under Armour National West Showcase – Event Hub

Wednesday, June 29 – Thursday, June 30
Azusa Pacific University – Azusa, CA

Event Itinerary | Team Assignments
Top Performers | Rules & Directions

Event Itinerary

Wednesday, June 29

See below for report time by team, and report to:

Azusa Pacific University
901 E. Alosta Ave
Azusa, CA 91702
Directions & Map

Wednesday, June 29

– (2) rounds of (8) swings
– Run home to 1B (timed) on last swing of first round
– Pitcher Only (PO) DO NOT hit

Teams #1 & #2

9:15 am – Teams #1 & #2 arrive at AZUSA PACIFIC
10:00 am – 60 Yard Dash
10:20 am – Batting Practice (Team #1)
10:55 am – Batting Practice (Team #2)
11:30 am – Loosen Arms / Field Prep
11:45 am
– Team #1 (Visitor) vs. Team #2 (Home)
– Team #1 Pitchers: Snyder, Neff, Brooks
– Team #2 Pitchers: Rios, Cornish, Luevano

– PO report only on the day of scheduled outing
– PO report approx. 1 hour prior to start of scheduled game
– PO are free to leave upon completion of outing

Teams #3 & #4

1:15 pm – Teams #3 & #4 arrive at AZUSA PACIFIC
2:00 pm – 60 Yard Dash
2:20 pm – Batting Practice (Team #3)
2:55 pm – Batting Practice (Team #4)
3:30 pm – Loosen Arms / Field Prep
3:45 pm – Team #3 (Visitor) vs. Team #4 (Home)
– Team #3 Pitchers: Eden, Seymour, Lopez
– Team #4 Pitchers: Kuhn, Rustad, Horton

Thursday, June 30

– Players may workout at ONE POSITION ONLY
C (6) catch & throw pop-pop times to 2B
OF (6) throws to home
MIF (from deep SS): (2) at you, (2) glove side, (2) backhands, (2) double play off bag, (1) slow roller
1B (2) at you to 3B, (2) at you to 2B, (2) double plays holding runner, (1) slow roller
3B (2) at you, (2) glove side, (2) backhands, (2) double plays, (1) slow roller

Teams #4 & #1

9:15 am – Teams #4 & #1 arrive at AZUSA PACIFIC
10:00 am – Defensive Workout (Teams #4 & #1)
11:00 am – Field Prep
11:15 am – Team #4 (Visitor) vs. Team #1 (Team)
– Team #4 pitchers: Estrada, Westrope, Pera
– Team #1 pitchers: Alvarez, Peters

– PO report only on the day of scheduled outing
– PO report approx. 1 hour prior to start of scheduled game
– PO are free to leave upon completion of outing

Teams #2 & #3

12:45 pm – Teams #2 & #3 arrive at AZUSA PACIFIC
1:30 pm – Defensive Workout (Teams #2 & #3)
2:30 pm – Field Prep
2:45 pm – Team #2 (Visitor) vs. Team #3 (Home)
– Team #2 pitchers: Nuslein, Diaz
– Team #3 pitchers: Sylk, Pierce

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** Last updated 06/27 @ 3:35 pm Eastern **

Team 1

[table width=”400″]
Alvarez, Andres,RHP
Becker, Tyler,SS
Bejjani, Alexander,3B
Brooks, JD,3B  RHP
Burton, Grant,OF
Delsangro, Alfred,C  1B
Hanson, Chase,OF
Jackson, John,SS  2B
Neff, Briggs,RHP  OF
Peters, Austin,RHP
Snyder, Michael,LHP
Spiegel, Tyler,SS
Terrell, Jordan,OF
Troye, Christopher,C
Watters, Austin,OF [/table]

Team 2

[table width=”400″]
Boortz, Alex,SS
Cachola, Sam,OF
Cornish, Jonathan,OF  RHP
Diaz, Dylan,RHP
Hamilton, Nick,SS  OF
Kendall, Kevin,2B
Luevano, Jacob,3B  RHP
Nisbet, Cody,C
Nuslein, Cameron,RHP  OF
Owens, Clayton,3B
Rios, Daniel,RHP
Shanks, Jacob,C
Turner, Caleb,OF
Vargas, Colbie,SS
White, Cameron,1B[/table]

Team 3

[table width=”400″]
Cassinelli, Colton,C
Eden, Aaron,RHP
Faddoul, Blake,SS
Fein, Jaden,OF
Kelly, Tyler,3B
Liniak, Kingston,OF
Lopez, Jake,1B  RHP
Molz, Mark,2B  SS
Park, Derek,OF
Pierce, Jonathan,RHP
Presno, Zach,C
Seymour, Carson,3B  RHP
Sylk, Augie,LHP
Watson, Aaron,OF
Watt, Ethan,SS[/table]

Team 4

[table width=”400″]
Horton, Kyle,RF  RHP
Kuhn, Johnny,RHP
Mazzone, Justin,C
Pera, Sage,1B  RHP
Perez, Gustavo (Gus),2B
Pokershing, Brice,3B
Risnes, Deagan,SS
Rustad, Carter,RHP  1B
Steel, Coy,OF
Vandenbelt, Steven,C
Wagenseller, Blake,OF
Westrope, Clayton,LHP
Wezniak, Sam,SS
Wicks, Ezele,CF[/table]

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Top Performers | Top 60 Yard Dashes | Top FB Velo | Top Pop Times | Top Raw Velo | Top Exit Velo | Back to Top

Top 60 Yard Dashes

Sec,Name,Pos,YOG,High School,ST
6.45,Blake Wagenseller,OF,2017,Poway,CA
6.68,Kevin Kendall,SS,2017,La Mirada,CA
6.75,Coy Steel,OF,2017,Sheridan,WY
6.75,Ezele Wicks,OF,2017,Cypress,CA
6.81,Blake Faddoul,SS,2018,Yorba Linda,CA
6.88,Sam Cachola,OF,2017,Northwood,CA
6.90,Kingston Liniak,OF,2018,Mission Hills,CA
6.90,Sam Wezniak,SS,2017,Sage Creek,CA
6.91,Grant Burton,OF,2018,Mater Dei,CA
6.94,Nick Hamilton,SS/OF,2017,Liberty,CA
6.95,Tyler Kelly,3B,2018,Mingus Union,CA
6.96,Caleb Turner,OF,2018,Corona Centennial,CA
6.99,Clayton Owens,3B,2018,Norco,CA
6.99,Jordan Terrell,OF,2017,Armijo,CA
6.99,Zach Presno,C,2017,Buchanan,CA


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Top Fastball Velocities

mph,Name,Pos,YOG,High School,ST
93,Jeremiah Estrada,RHP,2017,Palm Desert,CA
89,Augie Sylk,LHP,2017,Palisades Charter,CA
88,Aaron Eden,RHP,2018,Westchester,CA
88,Johnny Kuhn,RHP,2017,St. John Bosco,CA
87,Jake Lopez,RHP,2017,Villa Park,CA
86,Jonathan Pierce,RHP,2017,Freedom,CA
85,Carson Seymour,RHP,2017,Great Oak,CA
85,Cameron Nuslein,RHP,2016,Saint Monica’s Catholic,CA
84,Clayton Westrope,LHP,2017,Livermore,CA

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Top Pop Times

Sec,Name,Pos,YOG,High School,ST
1.78,Christopher Troye,C,2017,Heritage,CA
1.83,Zach Presno,C,2017,Buchanan,CA
1.87,Colton Cassinelli,3B/C,2018,Queen Creek,AZ
1.88,Justin Mazzone,C,2017,Fountain Valley,CA
1.94,Jacob Shanks,C,2018,Santiago,CA
1.98,Kyle Bowser,C,2017,Oak Creek,CA


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Top Raw Velocities

mph,Name,Pos,YOG,High School,ST
91,Christopher Troye,C,2017,Heritage,CA
90,Kingston Liniak,OF,2018,Mission Hills,CA
90,Sam Wezniak,OF,2017,Sage Creek,CA
86,Jordan Terrell,OF,2017,Armijo,CA
86,John Jackson,SS/2B,2018,Serra,CA
86,Kevin Kendall,SS,2017,La Mirada,CA
86,Blake Faddoul,SS,2018,Yorba Linda,CA
86,Cameron Nuslein,OF/RHP,2016,Saint Monica’s Catholic,CA
84,Caleb Turner,OF,2018,Corona Centennial,CA


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Top Exit Velocities

mph,Name,Pos,YOG,High School,ST
94,Derek Park,OF,2017,Santa Margarita Catholic,CA
94,Blake Wagenseller,OF,2017,Poway,CA
92,John Jackson,SS/2B,2018,Serra,CA
92,Clayton Owens,3B,2018,Norco,CA
92,Carson Seymour,3B/RHP,2017,Great Oak,CA
92,Kingston Liniak,OF,2018,Mission Hills,CA
92,Sage Pera,1B/RHP,2018,Mission College Prep,CA
91,Kevin Kendall,SS,2017,La Mirada,CA
90,Christopher Troye,C,2017,Heritage,CA
90,Jake Lopez,1B/RHP,2017,Villa Park,CA
89,Grant Burton,OF,2018,Mater Dei,CA
89,Briggs Neff,RHP/OF,2017,Madison,ID
89,Jacob Shanks,C,2018,Santiago,CA
89,Sam Cachola,OF,2017,Northwood,CA
89,Caleb Turner,OF,2018,Corona Centennial,CA
89,Jonathan Cornish,OF/RHP,2017,Quartz Hill,CA
89,Justin Mazzone,C/OF,2017,Fountain Valley,CA
89,Sam Wezniak,SS,2017,Sage Creek,CA
88,Tyler Kelly,3B,2018,Mingus Union,AZ
88,Jaden Fein,OF,2018,Royal,CA

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Rules & Directions  |  Back to Top

Team One Showcase Game Rules:

– Each half inning will feature between 4-6 hitters to the plate, with variance allowed for AB equality
– Total numbers of innings each game depends on availability of pitchers, goal is equal number of AB for position players (not necessarily number of innings)
– In case of BB or HBP, same hitter stays in box, keep strikes & reset balls, pitchers throw FB
– All games will played with a 1 out scenario
– Lineups are preset to give each player equal amount of playing time
– Players will be placed in their primary or secondary position in the field
– Umpires will be there to call ball, strike, safe, and out
– All players are encouraged to use WOOD BATS
– Make sure that you have all of your baseball equipment
– Please wear your Under Armour Team One Jersey and Under Armour hat when on field
– Any dark colored belt or socks are okay
– Grey or white baseball pants


If you are just a PITCHER, you will throw 2 – 3 innings. Running the 60 yard dash is optional. You will not take BP, defensive workout or game at bats. You are free to leave after you have finished pitching.


If you are a primary fielder only, you will run the 60 yard dash, take part in the defensive showcase, batting practice, and receive a fair and equitable amount of defensive time during the game at your primary position and play your secondary position as needed.


If you are a primary fielder and secondary pitcher, you will run the 60 yard dash, take part in the defensive showcase, batting practice, and receive a fair and equitable amount of defensive time. Pitch 1 – 2 innings. Please make sure that PITCHING is something you will do at the next level. This is no time to experiment. Please be honest with your abilities.

Driving Directions to APU:

Azusa Pacific University
901 E Alosta Ave
Azusa, CA 91702

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