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Saturday, August 15 – Sunday, August 16

Harford Community College – Bel Air, MD

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Alleghany Pirates

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#6 Mike Turconi
Quick player with advanced feel defensively. Sure glove, bounce to his step, picks it easily and plays through to throw with present strength. Solid LHH, contact guy that runs well – 4.3 with slight turn
Mike Turconi, 2018 SS/2B

#14 Daniel McCauley
Big/strong/thick catcher with a powerful lower half, sure glove, present arm strength, pops 1.9-2.0 range. Hit a triple in his first game of the day, moved well around the bases

#5 John Matthews
Smooth quick actions at short, heads up ball player with next level instincts. Always ready, looks the part, quick feet. On the mound, from high 3/4 slot – FB 85-86, tight/sharp 11/5 CB from 71-73, SL 73-74, CH 80-81 with arm side run. Drops down to side arm very efficiently, nothing is straight, 83-84 with his FB when drops down, tremendous arm side run
John Matthews, 2016 RHP/SS

#24 Joe Sibeto
Easy sitter, athletic body, strong/durable frame. Good rhythm behind the plate to catch and throw, sure hands, 1.9 pops. Showed an ability to hit, with strength through contact. Hit a 2B to right center, ball jumped at contact with easy swing

#25 Matt Tarabek
Strong body, plus frame. Presence in the box with good hand rhythm, selective. Good base running ability and instincts ready for next level play

#32 Jake Miknis
Worked downhill on the bump, throwing his FB from 81-83, spun an 11/5 CB with some depth from 66-68, stayed low in the zone, had a good pace of delivery, and pitch to pitch tempo. Big/long frame that projects
Jake Miknis, 2016 RHP/2B

#45 Jake Sniegocki
Plus plus body, high pockets, athletic, strong lower. Looks the part in the box, has good hand rhythm and takes unrestricted hacks with hand/hip coordination. Nice easy swing, ball jumped off his bat, as he got good front side extension – hit a HR in game 2 Saturday
Jake Sniegocki, 2016 OF/RHP (triple to right center above)

#61 Ryan Okuda
Low 3/4 slot to side arm LHP that throws nothing straight. FB sat from 79-81 and he missed barrels in the zone. Commanded the entire dish with all of his pitches, threw his SL from 64-66, came in hard on righties, disappeared to lefties. Extremely effective guy that has next level ability, presently

#80 Jon Dignazio
Easy/smooth lefty that sat 86-87 with his FB. Repeated nicely, spun two types of breaking balls, a 1/7 CB with tight/sharp spin at 73-74, and one with more gradual action that sneaks in the backdoor against righties. Advanced feel to pitch with great upside

#88 Chris Eisel
Athletic OF that moves very well around the bases. Decent jumps and arm plays well, projects in CF or LF. Hit a bomb to left center on Sunday with a stale wind – roughly 375, runs a 4.2 H-1st

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Arena Starz

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#1 Alec Shenning
Power hitter that hit a mammoth shot to left field in game one. Big body that generates excellent bat whip. Moves well for his size, and has more power in the tank

#8 Mark Lopez
Athletic, in his legs with his swing, went 1-3 with a HR this morning. Runs well, smooth feet in the infield, versatile guy that also pitches, throwing strikes.

#15 Luke Trainer
Good box presence, simple move to hit, barrels balls up with ease. Behind the dish, tracks well, receives with a firm wrist, flashed pops in the 2.0 – 2.1 range. Active, sees the field well, commands the game

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Bloomsburg Storm

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#4 Andrew Malone
Simple, repeatable delivery to pound the zone with FB from 79-82, spun 2/8 CB from 66-67, showed good pitchability and has strong upside, as he enters his junior fall.
Andrew Malone, 2017 LHP

#5 Randy Pineda
Quick twitch middle guy with a sure glove and quick/clean transfer. Clean turns with arm strength. Compact LHH with some upside, contact type guy, situationally strong, moves well around the bases
Randy Pineda, 2016 2B

#10 Tevin Murray
Tall/lengthy pitcher’s body. Loose arm, high deceptive leg kick, keeps hitters off balance. FB from 80-83, CB in lower 70’s, lots of upside

#44 Evan Steele
Sat 87-89 with his FB, decent feel around the dish, threw strikes, wasn’t afraid to run it in on hitters. Good athleticism and upside
Evan Steel, 2016 RHP (87-89 MPH)

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Diamond Skills Dodgers

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#8 Myles Mensah
Athletic MIF frame, high pockets, runs well, lead-off type hitter with body coordination to hit. Soft/sure glove at short, clean footwork with lateral quickness
Myles Mensah, 2016 SS/2B

#37 Ethan Forbes
Tall pitcher’s body with projection (6’3/180). FB 82-84 downhill, tough on lefties, 1/7 CB 67-69, CH 67-68 arm side. Easy delivery with more velocity in the tank

#17 Josh Simon
Solid defensive catcher, blocks/receives well, low 2.0’s, back picked a runner at 2B in his first game. Drives the ball to all fields, showed plus upside with build and aggressiveness
Josh Simon, 2016 C

#33 Jake Steinberg, attacked the zone commanding two pitches. Aggressive nature, with good rhythm, strong thick build, 84-87 with his FB
Jake Steinberg, 2018 RHP (84-87 MPH)

#44 Zeke Gongola
Physical 2018, with extreme upside. FB sat 83-85, topped out at 86, with a clean arm swing and front side extension. Good feel for his CB, missed down, with good action and tilt (10/4 shape). Worked low in the zone and didn’t miss his spots
Zeke Gongola, 2018 RHP

#6 Jack Roberts
Defensively sound 3B with sure hands and clean footwork. Present arm strength across the diamond. Hits to all fields from the left side with a line-drive plane
Jack Roberts, 2017 RHP/SS

#18 Kyle Johnson
Runs well, athletic frame. Gets in his legs in the box, has good balance and takes good hacks. Hustles on and off the field, and has good instincts on the bases

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Maryland Orioles

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#1 Chase Ragsdale
Quick/athletic OF with plus instincts defensively, lead-off type hitter with line-drive path and feel for the barrel

#34 Paul Nixon
Big bodied sophomore with present tools. Projects at 1B, presenting large target. Generates good bat speed and will be a plus plus power guy down the line
Paul Nixon, 2018 RHP/1B

#14 Nick Brown
Strong RHH with good presence in the box, solid bat speed with potential to be power guy in bulk of the line-up
Nick Brown, 2018 1B/RHP

#23 Damond Nixon
Big/strong corner guy that looks the part on both sides of the baseball. Strong left handed swing with present pop and more to come. Moves well for his size and projects in a corner spot, INF or OF, with his offensive prowess
Damond Nixon, 2016 INF/OF

#2 Zeke Maldonado
Looks the part at SS with good instincts a sure glove and swift feet. Plenty of arm strength to remain there as game continues to speed up
FullSizeRender copy
Zeke Maldonado, 2017 SS/2B

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Mid-Maryland Red Sox 16U

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#1 Joseph Melancon
A 2018, quick twitch middle infielder with smooth actions, fluid arm stroke with present strength. Good setup at the plate, athletic, contact guy with feel for the barrel. Runs well around the bases, good instincts
Joseph Melancon, 2018 2B/OF

#24 Garrett Matheny
Solid defensive backstop, low 2’s consistently with pop times, communicates well. Looks part at the dish, good feel to hit, disciplined. Strong projectable build

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Mid-Maryland Red Sox 17U

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#11 Dalton Stewart
Strong/sturdy frame CIF that showed smooth actions defensively with a clean transfer and had good presence in the box with potential to hit for plus power

#44 Isaac Porter
Thick/strong frame with more fill potential. Plus plus bat speed with present pop and feel for the barrel. Good body coordination to whip through the zone. Big target, sits well, 1.98 – 2.0 pops, quick strong arm, relaxed comfortable
Issac Porter, 2016 C/1B

#15 Gavin West
Strong RHP with 3 pitch command. Low-mid 80’s with his FB, upper 60’s with his 10/4 CB. Strike out arm with gamer attitude

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Rookies Baseball

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#2 Matt Shatto
Athletic catcher, sits easy, receives with a sure glove, pops in 1.9-2.0 range. Durable frame with room to continue to grow
Matt Shatto, 2016 C

#3 Drew Miller
Lengthy southpaw that was an easy 82-84 with some arm side run. Threw 11/5 CB from 65-66 for strikes, mixed well, repeated and got outs

#7 Nate Fassnacht
SS with good actions, sure glove, and plenty of arm strength. Anticipates the games with plus instincts and has tools that will play at the next level. Body strength present, with room to get stronger
Nate Fassnacht, 2016 SS/2B

#25  Jake Wapinsky
FB from 82-83, commanded lower half of the zone, worked downhill and was tough on hitters. Athletic frame with shoulder width

#27 Mitchel Hoon
FB from 80-83, 71-72 10/4 CB. Feel for the zone with both pitches. Athletic 2017 frame with ability to get stronger

#40 Tyler Burchett
Long limbed 2018 hurler that showed 80-82 with his FB, worked downhill and stayed low to induce ground ball outs


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Top Fastball Velocities

89 Evan Steele Bloomsburg Storm Baseball RHP 2016 Williamsport Williamsport PA
87 Jon Dignazio Allegheny Pirates LHP 2016 North Allegheny Baden PA
87 Jake Steinberg Diamond Skills Dodgers P GRAD HS CITY ST
86 Zeke Gongola Diamond Skills Dodgers P 2018 HS CITY ST
85 John Matthews Allegheny Pirates RHP/SS 2016 Punxsutawney Punxsutawney PA
84 Ethan Forbes Diamond Skills Dodgers P GRAD HS CITY ST
83 Gavin West Mid-Maryland Red Sox 17U RHP 2017 Millbrook Frederick MD

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Bridgewater College
Chesapeake CC
Detroit Tigers
Harford CC
Mount St. Mary’s University
Shenandoah University
Virginia Military Institute

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