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Dalton Guthrie Is A True “Baseball Player”

Venice senior shortstop Dalton Guthrie (Univ. of Florida commit) can really play the game. He is cut from the same cloth as Regis Jesuit shorstop Max George, but Guthrie is a much more capable defender with a lesser bat. His defensive awareness is impressive, as is his ability to catch and throw on plays ranging from routine to difficult. He appears to me to be capable of playing at a high level defensively, I don’t see increasing speeds of the game causing him any trouble at all. He handles the bat well and runs the bases aggressively, for me relying more on feel to hit than the natural skills like he has defensively.

Max George Quickly Making A Name For Himself

I know I wrote about him yesterday, but it’s impossible to watch Regis Jesuit play and not be impressed by senior infielder Max George (Oregon State commit). He is 7 for 11 through three games with a couple of loud outs, and plays a solid and dependable shortstop. I wouldn’t say there was as much buzz about him coming in as there was about some other guys, but in an environment like this you are never that far from an adjacent field and over time can’t help but hear from someone that has seen him do something. He may be playing himself into some sort of decision with his performance at this event, his feel for the game is undeniable as apparently his hitting ability is becoming.

Regis Jesuit INF Max George and Matt Schmidt

Regis Jesuit senior middle infielder Max George, an Oregon State commit, collected three hits in three at bats and added in a sac for good measure. He is an instinctual player with usable hit and field tools. He has a knack for finding the barrel in game at bats, and has awareness necessary to play in the middle of the field.

Junior third / first baseman Matt Schmidt featured natural talent both with the glove and bat. His hands worked defensively and his actions were athletic to allow for glove side range to complete a tough play at third base. Offensively, he showed good hands to hit and made solid contact to the opposite field. At 6-foot-2 and 190 pounds he has a frame to get bigger and stronger.