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2018 Ryan Lemmon Invitational

Saturday, March 31 – Wednesday, April 4
Windrow Sports Park – Irvine, CA

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Schedule & Scores

Rosters & Scouting Reports

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* Published rosters represent the information provided by the responsible coach or official for each team

* PLEASE NOTE: Players written up on the scouting blog were identified by our scouting staff based on the demonstration of notable tool(s) and/or skill(s). While WE DO NOT KEEP STATS, we are watching for standout performers on the mound, at the plate, in the field and on the bases. However, a performance WITHOUT the presence of requisite tool(s) and/or skill(s) IS NOT considered standout — we are looking for players with the tool(s) and/or skill(s) to play beyond the high school level.

Ayala High School

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#12 Ethan Rivera – RHP 2020
Has good feel for all pitches in any count with downward action. FB: 85mph. Lives on the bottom part of the zone. Stays in line very well with a repetitive motion.

John Pappas C 2019

#9 John Pappas – C 2019
Has a slim athletic build. Soft but firm with his receiving. Blocks very well all pitches and very soft back to the plate.

#3 Kyle Velazquez – SS 2018
Quick twitch player with good first step reads/ angles and solid hands. Shows good carry across the field. At he plate he possesses natural lift without effort that has strength in swing from a LC approach from behind the ball. On field leader.

#6 Joe Naranjo – 1B 2019
Plus pop from the left side of the plate that uses all fields. Quiet, simple, patient approach that recognizes pitches early and stays in his plan. Advanced hitter.

#7 Daniel Mendez – OF/C 2018
Flat, quick, direct path at the plate that uses all fields from behind be ball in a gap approach that shows strength to all fields.

#26 Curtis Nagel – LHP 2018
79-82,83. Flashes arm side run.  Works both sides of the plate. Breaking ball with 2/8 shape for strikes. Under control actions on the mound with good tempo. Competitor on the mound that does not get rattled.

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Bountiful High School

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Brea Olinda High School

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Andrew Ryan CF 2019

#30 Andrew Ryan – CF 2019
Strong, tall, athletic build. Gap-to-gap power. Aggressive at the plate, handles the inner half of the plate well. Good speed and instincts on the bases. Gets good reads and jumps in the outfield and covers a lot of ground.

#12 Eric Walker – RHP 2018
Lean athletic build – Complete Game shutout, scattered 4 hits, mixed pitches very well commanding FB, slider and change to both sides of plate. 69 total pitches with 51 of them for strikes.

#15 Scott Gackstetter – INF 2019
Athletic build, aggressive approach, flashes pull side hard contact. Moves well around bases with good instincts.

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Canyon High School

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#32 JT Kwary – RHP 2019
Tall a slender frame with loose and easy delivery. Showed fastball command at 84-85mph.

Troy Melton RHP 2018

#7 Troy Melton – RHP/C 2018
Pop time of 1.94, with quick actions and a loose arm. Off the mound he has downward action, 85-87 with the FB topping at 88 & 76-81 with a sharp slider with 10-4 action. Big competitor. SDSU Commit.

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Capo Valley High School

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#9 Matt Comnos – LHP 2018
Lean athletic build, FB 82-86mph with a good 1/7 tilt CB and a very good firm change-up that looks like a slider at 78mph

#15 Blake Fitzgerald – C 2018
Athletic receiver with a quick release to throw, good set up to LH swing that is on plane through the middle and uses the whole field

#1 Jack Haley – SS 2020
Lean athlete with easy actions and a strong arm at SS, easy bat path at the plate and flashed pull side pop, also runs really well

#11 Danny Tiotuico – 2B 2019
Good athletic build, strong lower half, good actions at 2B, strong set-up in the box, good rhythm to easy bat path, uses the whole field

#22 Ryan Daugherty – LHP 2018
Smooth delivery with some fastball command at 83-86mph with some late movement to the arm side. Flash a changed up with good arm speed that kept hitters off balanced at 72–73 mph.

Nathan Manning OF 2019

#14 Nathan Manning – OF 2019
Lean athletic frame, plus range in the OF with good angles. At the plate works to stay inside with a flat path and good extension. Flashes leverage to both gaps. Nice frame with upside.

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Centennial High School

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#12 Caleb Bennett – RHP 2020
6’4 slender frame with rm to grow. Loose and easy arm speed. FB 84-86 with slight run along with a power curve.

#26 Jacob Riddle – 3B/OF 2019
Solid frame. Flashed next level bat speed along with some opposite field pop from the right side.

#10 Shawn Hepler – RHP 2019
Athletic smooth delivery, 85-87 FB with arm side run, a plus CB sharp 12/6 73mph and flashed a good CH… all pitches in any count

Steven Diaz RHP 2019

#1 Steven Diaz – RHP 2019
Fastball 79-82 with downhill plane to both sides of plate. Breaking ball: 12/6 shape and flashes 11/5 shape as well. Change-up: 67-71 with sink. Ability to mix all pitches with feel for the count at same arm speed. Loose arm actions with easy tempo.

#6 Dallas Haggerty – OF 2018
Balanced, patient approach with loose hands to extension from a direct, compact swing. Middle to opposite field path that is on plane. Quiet rhythm.

#32 Randy Collado – SS 2019
Rangy quick twitch actions from a good first step read. Good angles to baseball that reads hops. Plays low and athletic as he shows multiple arm angles with good strength. Patient approach at the plate with feel from a compact/ direct path that looks to use all fields. Stays balanced in base and hits from behind the ball.

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Dana Hills High School

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#16 Dante Jackson – LHP 2020
Lean and tall frame with room to fill out. Chris Sale type build/arm angle. FB: 78-82 with arm side run and sink SL: 68-71 with 2-8 break. Holding Canyon HS hitters to 1 hit and 0 runs through 4 innings of the championship game. Striking out the side in the 4th.

#7 Zach Waters – SS 2019
Lean athletic frame with sound actions at SS, moves well laterally with soft hands and plus arm strength. Offensively smooth on time rhythm with ability to stay inside the baseball and good feel for barrel.

#18 Thomas Buckanavage – OF 2020
Lean athletic frame – Good balance and feel for barrel, aggressive path with hard contact to pull side. Flashes good extension with a pair of extra base hits.

CJ Zwahlen RHP 2021

#8 CJ Zwahlen – RHP 2021
Slim athletic build, good arm side run with FB 83-85mph. Breaking ball is sharp with downward action at 66-68.

#14 Logan Gallina – C 2019
Strong athletic build, very good blocking pitches in the dirt. A little stiff receiving, but solid overall defensively. Throws well to all bases with an average pop time.

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El Modena High School

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#17 Nick Hansen – 3B 2018
Strong, flat swing with good extension and lower half action that works in a middle approach. Ball jumps off of bat with back spin. Consistent 3b with soft hands and good reads. Good carry across.
4/2: Clean easy delivery with a good downhill plane, 82-86mph, with good feel for a change up at 71-72mph

#5 A.J. Esperanza – C 2018
Flat, whole-field approach swing that has some feel for the barrel and can spray the ball from a line drive path. Sure receiver behind the plate that sticks and beats ball to spot. Soft to block and shows some range laterally.

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Irvine High School

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#7 Marc Filia – 2019 C/OF
Strong athletic build with a plus arm in the OF. Moves well and covers ground.

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Laguna Beach High School

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#22 Blake Burzell – RHP 2018
Tall lanky build, very protectable pro body, FB: 90-95mph with clean easy delivery and showed a tight slider at 78-79mph

#12 Jack Loechner – RHP 2018
Tall slender frame with fluid mechanics. Loose and easy arm action with FB at 84-86 with some downhill action along with some late movement has a feel for his secondary pitches lots of room for growth at the next level.

#15 Eric Silva – RHP/INF 2020
Wiry athletic frame, on the bump quick arm with life. Good direction and effortless delivery. FB has late run sitting 86-88. At the plate simple easy rhythm with good balance and direction that stays through middle of field. On the mound, fastball touched 90mph, slider at 75, good arm speed, 10/4 action, late deception and break, can throw for a strike and put away pitch

#8 Cutter Clawson – LHP 2019
Long lean frame with room to fill. Committed to BYU easy arm swing with a compact delivery. FB has natural arm side run. Cb 72-74 with 1/7 action and can throw for strike and put away pitch. Loose arm that will continue to get stronger.

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LB Millikan High School

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#16 Kelly Hawkshaw – RHP 2018
Slender frame with room to grow. FB 82-86 with slight downward moment command is still developing flashed slider and change up with the slider 11-4 action at 72-74 and change with some depth at 74. Good upside for Hawkshaw at the next level.

#2 Christian Yogi – SS/C 2020
Quiet middle approach from an on plane swing that is flat, simple, loose swing that’s in rhythm. Good feel in approach and pitch selection

#15 Julian Aguilar – RHP 2019
Fastball at 88-90 early in putting with slight run. Worked both sides of the plate. 70-72 breaking ball with 11/5 shape at medium to late break. Change up at 75-78 with good, deceptive arm speed. At the plate: flat oath that stays inside the ball that can use all fields in a line drive approach. Stays simple in swing with good feel for the barrel.

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Los Alamitos High School

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#35 Zachary Locke – RHP 2020
Lots of room for growth, fluid motion, late downward action with the FB at 84mph. Sharp and late break with his slider (11-5). Battles, competes and shows no emotion up or down.

#23 Lucas Gonzalez – SS 2018
Loose quick actions with soft hands. Good range with quality angles and routes to ball. Shows multiple arm angles and reads hops/ makes adjustments. Simple approach with compact, quick, direct path.

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Marina High School

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#21 Austin Hallman – OF/RHP 2019
Tall, athletic build. Smooth delivery from the mound. Fastball sat at 82-84, topping at 85. Commanded both sides of the plate with fastball. Mixed in curveball that sat between 67-69.

#8 Rocco Peppi – SS 2020
Lean wiry frame sure handed SS with good lateral footwork. Offensively short compact stroke works to spray the ball on a line.

#27 Cory Lewis – 1B 2019
Big strong frame committed to UC Santa Barbara – good extension to pull side gap. Big target at 1B with plus actions around the bases.

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Pacifica High School

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#3 Hagen Foreman – CF 2019
Lean athletic frame, plays a sound OF with good closing speed and angles made a diving catch early in game. Short compact swing with good balance. Ability to spray ball on a line to all fields.

#5 Joshua Miranda – OF 2018
Solid frame, middle to opposite field approach, flashed college level bat speed

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Roosevelt High School

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#20 Anthony Corrales – RHP 2019
Tall, lean athletic build, quick arm swing and gets downhill with FB: 83-89mph, repeats delivery well, small tight break on the slider 70-75mph, really good upside

#22 Jack Drury – C 2018
Smith left handed oath that is direct from a middle of field approach as a line drive hitter with loose hands. Stays in base and uses lower half well and head stays quiet.

#26 Jake Skipworth – 3B/RHP 2019
Fast bat speed with whippy, hands/ bat path and good extension.  Strong swing with middle approach and a good lower half trigger that. Reads hops well with solid hands and picks through hops. Above average carry across.
4/2: Pitches downhill at 84-88mph with a good tight slider, 10/4 tilt at 75-77mph… closed out a win with ease

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San Juan Hills High School

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#20 Grant Vurpillat – LHP 2018
FB: 83-85mph, keeps hitters off balance

#5 Matt Alexander – RHP 2018
Smooth delivery. Straight over the top with a fastball at 82-84 with good late movement. Flashed good command of FB.

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Trabuco Hills High School

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#14 Bronson Yager – LHP 2019
6’1 190 solid frame. Fastball 82-86mph likes to work downhill command looks to be still developing flashed a sharp 1-7 curve with some feel.

#34 Dylan Tanner – C 2019
Strong athletic frame, SDSU commit. Strong wrist and soft hands, blocks well and moves laterally quickly. Strong arm to go with quick feet showing a 1.79 in game pop time.

#10 Robbie Weisskittle – 1B 2019
Strong framed corner INF, who was DH’ing. At the plate short compact swing as works to hit the ball on a line with good balance. Flashes some leverage to pull side.

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Tustin High School

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#18 Matthew Elizadale – C 2018
6’4 Physical frame, showed in game blocking abilities, smooth receiving skills, quick transfer & arm strength. 2.09, 2.08, & 2.10(from knees) in between innings.

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University High School

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Jake Rome OF 2019

#6 Jake Rome – OF 2019
Jake has a strong solid build with above average speed. Doubles to the opposite field gap well. Runs very well around the bases and covers ground in the OF.

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Valencia High School

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#16 Ryan Kysar – RHP 2020
FB Velocity: 87-89 with late arm side run BB: 75-76 with sharp 12-6 break. Has great feel for both pitches and keeps same arm speed with both. Definitely a plus arm.

Davis Cop 3B 2019

#1 Davis Cop – 3B 2019
Lean athletic frame with quick defensive actions and plus range. Arm plays well with some carry and a quick release. At plate line drive type hitter with good balance and good barrel awareness. Spark plug type player

#9 Sam Stulman – RHP 2018
Pomona Pitzer commit, Compact delivery with good direction and balance. Works to both sides of plate with some run on his FB that sat 82-85.

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Valencia High School (Placentia)

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#24 Cole Seward – RHP 2021
Strong broad frame with lots of room to grow as a freshman. FB is 80-82 range topping out at 84.  BB at 76 with 11-5 action. Even keeled with his emotions on the mound and continues to compete with bad defensive play behind him. Keep an eye on this guy as he develops.

#44 Kyle Crane – RHP 2018
Complete game 1 hit shutout, mixed pitches very well working both sides of plate. FB sat 82-84 and using his off speed efficiently. Hides ball well from a compact delivery.

#16 Niko Santamaria – OF 2019
Athletic frame with good closing speed and angles in the OF and quick release with some carry. Good feel for barrel and stays inside well with good balance. Hands are quick through zone on a flat plane with gap to gap leverage.

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Woodbridge High School

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#2 Jackson Lyon – CF 2018
Flat path from an easy leg kick rhythm that can use all fields from hitting behind the baseball. Good reads in the outfield with good angles, closing speed and arm strength.
4/4: FB 86-87mph

#23 Will Rudy – SS 2019
Plays smooth and light on his feet with loose actions. Good range laterally and holds good carry across the field and from the hole. At the plate, he is quick to contact with some loft. Aggressive to middle part of the field from a gap approach.
4/2: FB: 84-86mph, complete game

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Yorba Linda High School

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#25 Ricky Lane – OF 2019
Slim athletic build, moves very well in Center. Has a nice flat bat path creating some backspin. Middle opposite field approach, can drive the ball to opposite field gap.

#4 Blake Faddoul – SS 2018
Smooth and slick middle infielder with exceptional range, outstanding arm, and soft hands from SS

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Top Fastball Velocities

Velo First & Last Name High School POS GRAD
95 Blake Burzell Laguna Beach RHP 2018
90 Julian Aguilar LB Millikan RHP 2019
90 Eric Silva Laguna Beach RHP 2020
89 Anthony Corrales Roosevelt RHP 2019
89 Ryan Kysar Valencia RHP 2020
89 Jake Skipworth Roosevelt RHP 2019
88 Troy Melton Canyon RHP 2018
88 Hayden Merda San Juan Hills RHP 2018
87 Shawn Hepler Centennial RHP 2019
87 Cory Lewis Marina RHP 2019
87 Jackson Lyon Woodbridge RHP 2018
86 Scott Armstrong Woodbridge RHP 2018
86 Caleb Bennett Centennial RHP 2020
86 Matt Comnos Capo Valley LHP 2018
86 Ryan Daugherty Capo Valley LHP 2018
86 Nick Hansen El Modena RHP 2018
86 Kelly Hawkshaw LB Millikan RHP 2018
86 Jack Loechner Laguna Beach RHP 2018
86 Will Rudy Woodbridge RHP 2019
86 Andrew Sojka Marina RHP 2019
86 Rhys Stevens Capo Valley RHP 2019
86 Grant Vurpillat San Juan Hills LHP 2018
86 Bryce Willits Capo Valley RHP 2018
86 Bronson Yager Trabuco Hills LHP 2019
85 Austin Hallman Marina RHP 2019
85 JT Kwart Canyon RHP 2019
85 Ethan Rivera Ayala RHP 2020
85 Sam Stulman Valencia RHP 2018
85 CJ Zwahlen Dana Hills RHP 2021
84 Matt Alexander San Juan Hills RHP 2018
84 Kyle Crane Valencia RHP 2018
84 Zachary Locke Los Alamitos RHP 2020
84 Cole Seward Valencia RHP 2021
83 Curtis Nagel Ayala LHP 2018

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Houston Astros
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Pepperdine University
Philadelphia Phillies
New York Yankees
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Saddleback College
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2014 Under Armour So Cal Classic (Underclass) – Team Capsules

Teams are organized alphabetically in the menu at the top of the page. To view associated content, either click on a team name or scroll down.

* PLEASE NOTE: Players that are written up on the scouting blog were identified by our scouting staff based on the demonstration of notable tool(s) or skill(s). While we do not keep stats, we are watching for standout performers on the mound, at the plate, in the field and on the bases.

UNDERCLASS DIVISION          (Go to Upperclass Division)

ATH Academy

#1 Ryan Roche – SS/OF | 5’9/165 | R/R | 2017 | Chatsworth HS | City, ST
10/26 – Hits to contact, good hands at the plate, good pitch recognition, above average defender, smooth hands, good arm

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Athletics Black

#32 Danthony Johnson – INF 5’7/150 | S/R | 2016 | Aquinas HS | Etiwanda, CA
10/26 – High energy player, competes, defensively smooth and covers ground. Offensive is spray type hitter, stays simple, early easy separation.  runs bases aggressively with 3.99 down to first base.

#3 Mikey Guererro – OF | 5’10/165 | R/R | 2016 | Chino HS | Chino, CA
10/26 – Tall setup, quiet head, good extension with raw power the pull side gap to line

#24 Dylan Borges – LHP | 5’10/165 | S/L | Grad | Bloomington Christian HS | San Bernardino, CA
10/26 – Good tempo, stays over rubber, free easy arm swing, compact delivery, lower 1/2 extends thru target. Fb 78-81 with slight arm side run. Cb 67-70 and 2-7 action . Athletic off mound and competes.

#7 Andrew Landaverde – LHP | HT/WT | L/L | 2016 | Chino HS | Chino, CA
10/26 – Long lanky frame with room to fill, projectable body, FB: 80-83 with late life, good extension, slider had 3-7 sharp action.

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Blue Wave Baseball

#5 Malone Wright – 1B/3B | 6’2/210 | R/R | 2017 | Capo Valley | Mission Viejo, CA
10/26 – Good potential, good swing with gap power

#22 Chris Buting – C/OF | 5’11/150 | R/R | 2017 | Northwood HS | Irvine, CA
10/24 – Plus defender behind the plate, quick feet with short release, 2.05 pop time, arm strength with good carry, controls the game, works well with pitchers, short swing at plates, moves ball around field

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CA Dynamite

#21 Christian Heflin – C/3B | 5’9/155 | R/R | 2018 | Glendora HS | Glendora, CA
10/25 – Gap to gap power, good hands, above average runner, strong behind the dish, hustles, Pedroia comp

#27 Kenny Jimenez – RHP/SS | 5’10/150 | R/R | 2017 | Glendora HS | Glendora, CA
10/25 – Pounded the zone on the mound, good command of fastball and curveball, FB80-81mph, 3/4 arm slot, good run on the ball

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Caira’s Black Dogs

#3 Tanner Bibee – IF | 5-10/140 | R/R | 2017 | Mission Viejo (CA) HS
10/26 – Well proportioned frame. Showed feel for hitting, let the ball travel and hit the ball well to the opposite field.

#51 Patrick Ise – SS/IF | 6-0/148 | R/R | 2018 | Ayala HS | Walnut, CA
10/26 – Versatile infield defender, worked well around the bag at 1B and showed arm strength from SS. Has length to frame at 6-foot and 148 pounds, got the bat head thru the zone with some speed.

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CBA Highlanders

10/26 – Very active behind the plate, raw, centers well, clean exchanges, on-field leader, works to stick

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CBA Marucci 2017

Ezele Wicks – CF | HT/WT | B/T | 2017 | Cypress HS | Whittier, CA
10/26 – Above average speed, above average arm, gap to gap, good range and lateral movement

#10 Nick Morales – RHP 5’11/185 | R/R | 2017 | St. John Bosco HS | Bellflower, CA
10/25 – Long limbs with room to fill, on the mound very clean actions, stays on top and works down hill. Fb Sat 82-84mph and touched 86, curveball had 11-5 shape and throws consistently for strikes

10/25 – Strong arm with good accuracy, soft hands and good first step, At the plate loose hands good rhythm and takes aggressive swings, good balance and good extension

#3 Raul Salazar – RHP | 6-0/180 | R/R | 2017 | Cypress (CA) HS
10/24 – Fastball 78-81, topped at 82. Spun upper 60s breaking ball. Strike thrower with FB and breaking ball. Projectable frame, arm worked well.

#32 Chris Jimenez – C | 5-7/170 | R/R | 2017| Etiwanda HS | Fontana, CA
10/24 – Advanced defender behind the plate. Sat well, sure handed receiver with natural actions. Spun the ball easily thru the bag, release times as low as 1.96.

2017 RHP Chad Plant

2017 RHP Chad Plant

#16 Chad Plant – RHP | 6-0/170 | R/R | 2017 | Upland (CA) HS | UCSB commit
10/24 – Simple delivery, clean low effort arm stroke. Ball jumped from his hand. Pounded zone with 81-84 fastball. Breaking ball had 11 to 5 shape in low to mid 70s, and was consistently thrown for strikes. Lean frame with length. Projectable young right hander.

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CBA Victory

#21 Kyle Velasquez – SS | HT/WT | R/R | 2018 | Ayala HS | Chino Hills, CA
10/26 – Smooth actions, changes arm angles, with quick release, covers ground, and good glove extension. At the plate compact stroke , simple approach stays thru the middle, stays inside well and stays connected

#72 Anthony Villegas – RHP | HT/WT | R/R | 2017 | Carter HS | Rialto, CA
10/26 – Raw powerful arm, loose arm swing, loose delivery, ball comes out well. Fb – 80-83 with late life. Cb – 10-4 sharp action

#15 Joey Boetto – C | HT/WT | R/R | 2017 | Palm desert HS | Palm Springs, CA
10/26 – Raw power to pull side gap, good extension

#33 Ryan Penalber – C | HT/WT | R/R | 2017 | Academy for Academic Excellence
10/26 – Raw catcher with strong arm, pop time ranged 2.03-2.15. Good game instincts, likes to throw behind runners, soft hands, blocks well

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Colton Nighthawks

2017 C Sean Tovar

2017 C Sean Tovar

# Sean Tovar – C | 5’7/160 | R/R | 2017 | JW North HS | Riverside, CA
10/25 – Agile behind the dish, solid setup, athletic and centers balls, soft under control body, sticks well with strong firm wrists, spray hitter with line drive approach

#6 Justin Martinez – INF | 5’5/135 | R/R | 2017 | Aquinas HS | Fontana, CA
10/25 – Spray line drive hitter, solid and smooth defender, clean actions, good rhythm, active feet and confident glove, good feel for the game, quick twitch actions, godo carry acros the diamond, good tools

#29 Jesse McGonigal – SS/OF | 5’9/170 | R/R | 2017 | Summit HS | Fontana, CA
10/24 – Has strength in hands, ball jumps of bat, athletic body with quick twitch body movements, baseball aptitude, aggressive style on the bases

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Crew Baseball Club

#24 Mike Peterson – RHP | 6’4/185 | R/R | 2017 | Pullman HS | Pullman, WA
10/25 – Tall, lanky frame with over the top delivery, 12/6 rotation on curveball, big body, will develop strength and create velocity as he matures

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Dynasty Athletics

1B/OF Fernando Rojas

1B/OF Fernando Rojas

#21 Fernando Rojas – 1B/OF | 5’11/170 | B/T | Shadow Ridge HS | Indio, CA
10/26 – Picked a couple balls, showed food footwork, quick hands at the plate, some pop, will develop as he gets stronger

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Garciaparra Baseball Group

2018 SS Anthony Ramirez

2018 SS Anthony Ramirez

Anthony Ramirez – SS | 5’6/120 | R/R | 2018 | Monrovia HS | Covina, CA
10/25 – Quick active feet, plus range, gets rid of, very quick, direct, smooth exchanges. Good carry across, quick hands at dish, short, compact, with a good lower half, spray, line drive guy

#34 Jacob Baldauf – OF | 6/170 | R/R | 2017 | Los Alamitos HS | Los Alamitos, CA
10/25 – Strong build, good Oppo strength, oppo pop, good lower 1/2, good bat speed, middle, Oppo approach

2017 RHP Hunter Cooper

2017 RHP Hunter Cooper

#14 Dennis Hildebrandt – 1B | 6’2/185 | R/R | 2017 | Esperanza HS
10/24 – Athletic frame, projects well, showed plus bat speed, line drive pop, gap to gap power, quiet at the plate, good rhythm, good actions around first base, sure glove and quality digs at 1B

#27 Hunter Cooper – RHP | 5’9/170 | R/R | 2017 | Canyon HS
Medium frame, smooth repeatable delivery, easy arm action, FB: 81-83mph, works well on downward plane, 70mph curveball, good depth, commands both pitches for strikes, good game tempo

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GBG Renegades

#29 Trevor Cadd – CF | 6’2/170 | R/R | 2018 | MLK HS | Riverside, CA
10/26 – Strong, athletic CF, good range, good first step, good baseball instincts, plays well, good upside at the plate

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IHN Warriors

#99 Trevor Sliney – 1B/RF | 6’2/175 | B/T | 2018 | Los Osos HS | Alta Loma, CA
10/26 – Good feet around the bag, quick reactions, good pre-pitch, picks it well at 1B, good size, athletic, good approach, good balance, good speed, gap to gap power

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Inland Invasion Baseball

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Lamorinda Spartans

Daylen Xavier Carter – LHP | 6’2/WT | L/L | 2019 | Capital Christian | City, ST
10/25 – Nice Loose actions, lanky kid, controls the zone, pitches inside, good angle on fastball at 76-79mph, will progress as he matures

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Menifee Baseball Academy

2017 OF Michael Fritchman

2017 OF Michael Fritchman

#5 Angelo Capolupo – SS | 5’8/150 | R/R | Grad | Paloma Valley HS | Menifee, CA
10/24 – Quick twitched, soft hands, works through the ball, quick release with good accuracy, light on feet, covers ground well laterally, short stroke, stays flat through the zone, uses middle of field

Michael Fritchman – OF | 5’8/145 | R/R | 2017 | Paloma Valley HS | Menifee, CA
10/24 – Defensively quick twitched, covers ground, soft hands, flashed quick release with good accuracy, offensively is a spark plug, competitive at-bats, nice compact stroke, stays inside the ball, line drive type hitter, very aggressive on base paths, good turns

2017 3B Kevin Moscoso

2017 3B Kevin Moscoso

#27 Kevin Moscoso – 3B | 6/200 | R/R | 2017 | Paloma Valley HS | Menifee, CA
10/24 – Strong frame, broad shoulders, hits for power, good balance, quiet head, creates backspin, line drive to CF, good power with carry

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MVP Red Sox

Michael Weisburg – RHP | 5-11/145 | R/R | 2017 | Agoura HS
10/26 – FB 77-78 with slight cut. Breaking ball 68-70 with gradual break and a little bit of sharpness. Starts bats, induces ground balls. Delivery has some deception.

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North Coast Reds

#7 Nick Simmons – SS | 6/165 | R/R | 2016 | Northgate HS | Concord, CA
10/25 – Tall, athletic, room to fill, generates good bat speed, line drive type hitter with middle to pull side pop, extends thru baseball and moves well around base paths

#3 Santiago Cantu – 3B | 5’11/145 | R/R | 2017 Patterson HS | Patterson, CA
10/23 – Long limbs, with room to fill. Soft hands, works through ball, arm stroke fits position, works to get around ball if he can

#2 Gio Diaz – SS | 5’9/155 | R/R | 2017 | Heritage HS | Brentwood, CA
10/25 – Long, lean muscle, athletic, has good feel for the game, great reads and aggressiveness from SS, good on double plays, above average arm with quick arm action, 4.5 runner down the line, moves well first to third, good feel at the plate, works count, good two strike approach

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OC Premier Grey

-#2 Arthur Ibarra – Ss 5’7/140 | R/R | 2017 | Canyon HS | Anaheim, CA
10/26 – Quick twitched, good reactions, recovers well, covers ground, soft hands, works through ball and accurate arm

#8 Trevor Worden – OF | 6’1/160 | L/L | 2017 | Foothill HS | Santa Ana, CA
10/26 – Long, athletic body, easy early separation, flat bat path, good extension, stays in middle of field. Good instincts on bases projectable frame

#7 Camden Cougnet – RHP | 5’8/165 R/R | 2017 | Foothill HS | Foothill, CA
10/26 – Mixes pitches well, smooth compact delivery, throws all 3 pitches for strikes, pitches to contact. 6 IP 0 earned runs

#33 Connor Montgomery – OF | HT/WT | R/R | 2017 | Canyon HS | Anaheim, CA
10/26 – Tall setup, good balance throughout swing, delivers  barrel consistently, confident aggressive hitter in early counts

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OC Premier Navy

#7 Alex King – C | 6/145 | R/R | 2018 | Villa Park HS | Orange, CA
10/24 – Good actions on defense with short arm stroke, above average arm taht carriers across infield, quick feet and exchange with rhythm, good glove skill with low profile fielding posture, athletic frame that will fill out, projectable body with arm strength

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Phenom Baseball

LHP Andrew Aguilara

LHP Andrew Aguilera

#22 Andrew Aguilera – LHP | HT/WT | L/L | 2016 | Esperanza HS | City, ST
10/26 – Displayed an ability to pitch, moves the ball in and out, change up and breaking ball kept hitters off balance, FB: 82-84mph

#11 Tyler Vargas – SS/2B | 5’9/155 | R/R | 2018 | Joe Walker HS | Palmdale, CA
10/26 – Good bat speed, line drive approach, good extension thru the middle, good instincts on the bases

#16 Austin Wells – C |  6’2/170 | L/R | 2018 | Bishop Gorman HS | Henderson, NV
10/26 – Lean, tall athlete, smooth LH swing with gap to gap power, good plan at the plate, strong arm, 2.15 pop times

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Phenom Baseball 16

10/25 – Good approach, good size, line drive hitter, patient at the plate, knows the zone, pullside power, good speed on the bases

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Play Hard Angels

1B Jason Ajamian

1B Jason Ajamian

#95 Noah Bode – RHP | 6’2/185 | R/R | 2016 | Los Ojos HS | City, CA
10/26 – FB: 86-87mph, moved the ball around, showed good mechanics and command

#8 Omar Larranaga – RHP | 5’11/175 | R/R | 2016 | Etiwanda HS | Etiwanda, CA
10/26 – Got ahead early, used his change up effectively, FB: 85-86mph

#27 Jason Ajamian – 1B | 6/180 | R/L | Grad | Francis HS | City, ST
10/25 – Picks well at 1B, good lateral movement, strong arm, good load, good approach, good balance, line drive hitter, pull power, sound mechanics

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Saddleback Cowboys

#35 Noah Dettman – 1B | 6’7/245 | R/R | 2017 | Saddleback Valley Christian | City, CA10/25 – Big body, strong, line drive pop, open stance, strong hands, big time power, very raw

#43 Michael Cramer – RHP | 6-0/170 | R/R | 2017 | Tesoro HS | Ladera Ranch, CA
10/26 – Repeatable delivery and arm stroke. Arm had some quickness out front. Fastball 78-81 with arm side run. Spun upper 60s breaking ball with some depth to downward action. Strike thrower, started bats.

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SGV Arsenal

#2 Karlos Morales – LHP 6’1/170 | L/L | 2017 | South Hills HS | La Puente, CA
10/25 – Tall, lanky frame, high 3/4 delivery, short arm swing, loose extension, and good balance throughout delivery. Fb sat 82-85 with late run, Cb 2-7 rotation, with sharp break, Changeup is deceptive with good FB arm speed

#33 Andre Alvarez – C | 6/175 | R/R | 2017 | Walnut HS | Rowland Heights, CA
10/25 – Defensive very low center of gravity, handles ball down, capable of smothering when blocking and moves well laterally, at the plate very loose and in rhythm, take aggressive swing and flashes good extension to the pull side and ball jumps off bat.

#26 Joshua Bozoian – RF | 6’1/175 | R/R | Ayala HS | Chino Hills, CA
10/25 – Tall, strong frame, smooth separation, flashed raw power to the pull side and good extension

#6 Jacob Dominguez – MIF | 5’11/160 | R/R | 2017 | South Hills HS | Covina, CA
10/24 – Very quiet/consistent approach at the plate, very good pitch recognition, barrels the ball consistently, plus present defender, great footwork to stay at SS, knack for the ball, gets in good position

#13 Jacob Jablonski – SS | 5’10/160 | 2017 | Paraclete HS | Lancaster, CA
10/24 – Slick fielder, combines great footwork with a consistent glove, strong arm, has ability to make throws from the hole, shows good plate discipline, good plate coverage, line drive swing

#27 Jayson Gonzalez – 3B | 6’2/205 | R/R | 2017 | Bishop Amat HS | Azusa, CA
10/24 – Physically built, athletic infielder that exudes confidence at the plate and on the field, moves well laterally, good arm strength, very disciplined approach at the plate, uses quick hands to turn on balls on the inner half, power to drive balls to all fields

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So Cal Select Baseball Underclass

10/25 – Physical body, hand speed through the zone, turns on fastball on inner half, loose hands at the plate, good rhythm, stays on ball and hitting plane

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So Cal Birds

#14 Grant Askins – 1B | 6/165 | L/R | 2017 | Canyon HS | Anaheim Hills, CA
10/25 – Tall, lanky, loose hands at the plate, good bat whip, reads balls off bat well, picks ball in dirt, big target at 1B, good footwork around the bag

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So Cal Bombers 2017

#25 Jorge Murrillo – C | 5’10/WT | R/R | 2017 | Temecula Valley HS | Temecula, CA
10/25 – Great catcher’s frame, low profile set up with flexibility, receives ball with soft hands, above average arm behind home plate, good carry on throws, works well laterally, short compact swing, uses the whole field

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So Cal Elite 15

#10 Stephen Gomez – SS 5’11/145 | R/R | 2016 | Granite Hills HS | Apple Valley, CA
10/26 – Athletic build, soft hands, covers ground, works thru ball, clean actions, changes arm angels if needed. At the plate good rhythm, loose easy swing, line drive type, stays thru middle. Aggressive on base paths.

#7 Kyle Benjamin – RHP 5’11/155 | R/R | 2017 | Jurupa Hills HS | Fontana, CA
10/26 – Long limbs with room to fill,Loose delivery Fb sat 78-80 with slight run, gets downhill, and completes rotation thru target.

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So Cal Phillies 16

Casey Horvat – LHP | 5’9/165 | L/L | 2017 | Alemany HS | West HIlls, CA
10/26 – FB: 75-77mph with arm side run, 67mph curveball with good depth and gradual break, easy delivery, attacked hitters, mixed both sides of the plate, kept off speed pitches down

Jake Selco – RHP | 6’1/190 | 2016 | El Camino Real HS | Woodland Hills, CA
10/26 – FB: 78-81mph, arm side run, attacks early with fastball, lives in the zone, contact/ground ball type guy, showed a tight slider at 72mph, kept it down

#90 Chris Sandoval – SS | 5’10/150 | R/R | 2017 | Alemany HS | Sylmar, CA
10/24 – Field actions with glove skill, athletic body with first and second step explosiveness, gap swing, good plate discipline, firm contact, good two strike approach

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So Cal Renegades

Andy Garriola – CF | 6″0/135 | B/T | 2018 | Damien HS | City, ST
10/26 – Tall, thin with upside, flashed bat speed with extension and some gap pop to pullside

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So Cal Waves 16

#40 Albert Robles – MIF | 5-7/150 | R/R | 2017 | San Fernando HS | Sylmar, CA
10/26 – Hard nosed player with versatile defensive ability in the infield. Showed some rhythm to hit, and got the barrel thru the zone with speed. Hands work well to hit, and the ball gets off his bat with life.

#33 Ryan Buto – C | 5’8/150 | R/R | 2018 | Oaks Christian HS | Camarillo, CA
10/26 – Projectable build for a freshman, good extension, pull side gap power

#48 Victor Gonzelez – MIF | 6-0/155 | R/R | 2016 | Cleveland HS | Arita, CA
10/24 – Long limbed, slender build. Instinctual defender with versatile ability. Gained on ball and generated momentum to target. Athletic and quick actions. Showed arm strength and ability make throws from different arm angles and on the run. Excellent body control. Good presence in batters box. Hands worked to hit. Talented all around player.

#40 Albert Robles – MIF | 5-7/150 | R/R | 2017 | San Fernando HS | Sylmar, CA
10/24 – Baseball player type with usable hit and field tools, along with surprising pop. Showed rhythm to hit along with bat speed and short, quick stroke. Compact, lively actions in the infield with ability to make plays ranging into the OF grass.

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Southern Nevada Baseball

#28 Drew Wilcox – C | 5’10/160 | R/R | 2016 | Bishop Gorman HS | Las Vegas, NV
10/25 – Tall, lanky frame, has gap pop to left center, max effort swing, strong hands, aggressive early in the count, quick hands

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Team California Outlaws

Brandon Gutierrez – SS | 5’6/150 | R/R | 2018 | Roosevelt HS | Eastvale, CA
10/26 – Has a combination of actions and soft hands, receives ground balls out front, good exchange, light on his feet, explosive first step, short swing at the plate, opposite approach, good two strike approach
10/25 – Very good angles, plus range, especially to backhand side, smooth with good instincts, spray guy at plate, compact

Daniel Mendez – INF | 5’10/155 | R/R | 2018 | Ayala HS | Chino Hills, CA
10/25 – Pickabilty, confident smooth glove, feel for position, very athletic, carry across diamond, compact swing with gap to gap approach, very good balance and shows plus approach, shows strength and pop potential, ball jumps.

#42 Dante Williams – OF | HT/WT | L/L | 2017 | Legacy HS | Las Vegas, NV
10/24 – Good short swing, hits to all fields, good rhythm and timing, good action on defense and on the bases, good instincts, runs above avg.

#14 Johnny Pacheco – C/INF | HT/WT | R/R | 2017 | Bonita HS | La Verne, CA
10/24 – Good swing, Gap to Gap hitter, good actions, good rhythm and timing, good receiver, soft hands, good arm, blocks well, good instincts behind the plate. 2.00-2.10 pop times

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Team California Titans

#6 Cole Francis – CF | 5’9/155 | L/L | 2017 | South Hills HS | West Covina, CA
10/26 – Good athlete, confident, looks the part, direct LH swing with extension, runs well

#22 Blake Hunt – C | 6’2/170 | R/R | 2017 | Mater Dei HS | Costa Mesa, CA
10/24 – Double and triple with gap power, projectable strength, hits from an open stance, strong hands

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The Lot Eveland Athletics

2016 RHP Justin Holy

2016 RHP Justin Holt

Justin Holt – RHP | 5’10/150 | R/R | 2016 | Lancaster HS | Lancaster, CA
10/26 – FB: 77-78mph, works both corners, rap around slider with some depth, mixed pitches well as a contact pitcher, lived in the zone, 5 innings pitched – 1 run

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Thunder Sox Baseball Club

#16 Christian Amador – 3B | 5’11/175 | R/R | 2017 | Dublin HS | Dublin, CA
10/25 – Physical player, athletic, vocal, leader on the field, good makeup, aggressive at the plate, good bat speed and hand path, shows gap power to all fields, consistent barrel accuracy, good instincts, hustles on the bases

#27 Chris Horton – MIF | 5’11/155 | R/R | Grad | Dublin HS | Dublin, CA
10/25 – Early easy load, short stroke, bat accelerates thru zone and squares ball up consistently, defensively quick twitched covers ground and good glove extension

#31 Cody Nisbet – C/OF / 5’8/155 | R/R | 2017 | California HS | San Ramon, CA
10/25 – Small, athletic frame, spark plug type of player, has quick hands at the plate with raw pop to the pull side

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UC Lookouts 2017

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Vicious Elite 15

#22 Garret Beltran – SS | 5’11/135 | 2018 | Corona HS | Corona, CA
10/26 – Athletic, thin, good instinct at SS with proper footwork, flashed bat speed with on plane barrel, ability to hit with pop to gaps

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Top Fastball Velocities

Velo Name Team Bio (College Commitment)
87 Noah Bode Play Hard Angels RHP | 6'2/185 | R/R | 2016 | Los Ojos HS | City | CA
86 Omar Larranaga Play Hard Angels RHP | 5'11/175 | R/R | 2016 | Etiwanda HS | Etiwanda | CA
86 Nick Morales CBA Marucci 2017 RHP 5'11/185 | R/R | 2017 | St. John Bosco HS | Bellflower | CA
85 Karlos Morales SGV Arsenal LHP 6'1/170 | L/L | 2017 | South Hills HS | La Puente | CA
84 Andrew Aguilara Phenom LHP | HT/WT | L/L | 2016 | Esperanza HS | City | ST
84 Chad Plant CBA Marucci 2017 RHP | 6-0/160 | R/R | 2017 | Upland (CA) HS | UCSB commit
83 Hunter Cooper GBG 16 RHP | 5'9/170 | R/R | 2017 | Canyon HS
83 Andrew Landaverde Athletics Black LHP | HT/WT | L/L | 2016 | Chino HS | Chino | CA
83 Anthony Villegas CBA Victory RHP | HT/WT | R/R | 2017 | Carter HS | Rialto | CA
82 Raul Salazar CBA Marucci 2017 RHP | 6-0/180 | R/R | 2017 | Cypress (CA) HS
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